What’s The Difference Between Dragon’s Crown’s Fighter, Amazon And Dwarf?

By Sato . July 26, 2013 . 3:30pm


Atlus’ upcoming 2D fantasy action game, Dragon’s Crown, will feature six different characters, all with unique play styles. However, you may wonder the difference is between some of them, such as Fighter and Dwarf, or Wizard and Sorceress. Dengeki recently took the time to play about 10 hours of each character and summarized their notable features, along with their in-game stats.


* STR = Strength, CON = Physique, INT = Intelligence, MGR = Magic Resistance, DEX = Technique, LUC = Luck



Recommended for beginners.

STR: S   CON: A   INT: D   MGR: C   DEX: B   LUC: B


The Fighter is a balanced character with plenty of physical abilities to go with defense that can guard most attacks. He specializes in power and is an easy-to-use orthodox character. While he is recommended for beginners due to his simple actions, he has skills that can be used to protect his teammates, so he has plenty to offer players who prefer to play a tanking role.


In addition to being able to defend allies using his shield, he’ll also have other useful abilities such as “Attract,” which allows him to momentarily keep the enemy’s attention, and “Sacrifice,” a cover skill that allows him to take damage on behalf of his friends.


After playing as the Fighter, Dengeki felt a sense of freedom, as he can freely move around, hit with powerful attacks and defend himself from enemies; however, he lacks in long-ranged attacks, so most of his action will be face-to-face with his foes.



Recommended for intermediate players.

STR: A   CON: B   INT: C   MGR: C   DEX: B   LUC: A


According to Dengeki, the Amazon is a “Berserk” style character with continuous attacks. She boasts high power and the reach to go with it. By pulling off consecutive hits, you can activate a Berserk Mode of up to three stages that further increases her speed. Once it reaches its peak, her combo attacks will be much quicker; however, if you don’t keep attacking, she will revert back to normal.


In addition to having class skills that enhance the Amazon’s Berserk ability and support allies, she’ll also have the “War Paint” skill, which momentarily allows her to pull off multiple attacks, and the “Immortal” skill that boosts for a short while in exchange for some HP.


During their playthrough as the Amazon, Dengeki felt a sense of ease for doing aerial attacks. She also has the ability to to change direction from left and right for some attacks, making her a great character for crowd control. She is more of an offense-minded character, and lacks a little in the defense department, so you might need to play a hit-and-run style from time to time.



Recommended for intermediate players.

STR: S   CON: S   INT: E   MGR: D   DEX: C   LUC: B


The Dwarf is a specialist when it comes to close-ranged combat, boasting excellent power in addition to an ability called “Pump Up” that allows him to increase his defense simply by holding down the square button. The fun part about playing as the Dwarf is being able to attack enemies without having to concern yourself much with their attacks.


His class skills come in many varieties, with effects such as increasing his attack and throwing moves, defense boost, ability to use bombs, and being able to add a fire-attribute to his attacks. He’s a versatile combatant with many skills that allows for various play styles.


His most powerful attacks are his grab moves. He can grab enemies that are on land or in the air, and can follow up by smashing them into other foes or exploding bombs on the ground upon impact, which can also be followed by further combos.


The only downside to the Dwarf’s powerful grab moves, is that it requires having to approach enemies, which isn’t always an easy task. A good tactic which most Dwarf players will be using is by starting out with “Pump Up” to increase defense, then grabbing enemies while taking less damage. This will often be followed by throwing them into a mob of enemies. According to Dengeki, the Dwarf was one of the most fun and offensive characters in the game.


Dragon’s Crown will be available on August 6th in North America from Atlus. NIS America will publish the game in Europe.


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  • Demeanor

    Pleeeeease give us a rundown of the other 3!!! Those are the ones that interest me the most!!! This article was very enjoyable and informative!!! ^ ^

    • TheExile285
      • Brion Valkerion

        that article has been proven to be super wrong soon as it was put out

        • TheExile285


          • EtroAnime

            I think he is referring to how Colin at IGN stated how LUCK determined rank treasure drops. Also he keeps stating that this game is $39.99 for PS3 and $29.99 for Vita lol.

    • The Watcher

      Calm down.

  • Dominic Hunter

    This is a great and thorough explanation of these character classes. For more information, including a rundown of the other 3 characters, I’d suggest people check out IGN’s “Dragon’s Crown Week” videos.


    • Igneel

      Except the part when they say that the luck stat affects the loots drops, which is a complete made-up bullsh*t! The rest of the video is not that bad, I guess.

  • TheExile285

    I’ll most likely be maining Amazon. What about everyone else.

    • Jaeger Knighty

      So far I think it’ll be the Elf for me.

    • Demeanor

      Still undecided between Wizard and Sorceress.

      • The Watcher

        Dwarf is better.

    • Go2hell66

      Wizard and elf, the least freakish looking characters in the cast

      • The Watcher

        Dwarf is legit

    • SigX

      Love grappler mechanics in 2D fighters (potemkin, tager, kanji, and Solomon Grundy were all my mains in GG, BB, P4A, and Injustice). Although it’s a different genre, still going with the dwarf :D

  • Learii

    what Physique, Technique and Luck stand for?

    if I not wrong Str is for physical attack and int for magic attack right?

    • 60hz

      physique is constitution which affects HP probably. Technique is dexterity which affects evasion (and/or defense???) Luck is probably just that, affects drops, critical hits etc… would be my guess…

    • Wappuli

      Physique affects the dmg you take.
      Technique affects the minimum dmg you do.
      Luck affects critical hit and critical avoid chance..

  • MrTyrant

    If we think of those stats using the nasuverse of Fate series then…

  • Here’s a pic of the controls.

    • Learii

      I hope we can change the control so I can change R to L

  • Sorceress for me

    • Dwarf for me. He’s got his *GIGANTIC TAGER*

      • Jaeger Knighty


  • elf for me i cant resist such beauty

    • ShadowDivz


  • d19xx

    Assmazon all the way…

    • SlickRoach

      Dem aerial twerk combos

  • KingGunblader

    Me and the Wizard are gonna be bros.

  • SlickRoach

    Dwarf: “Do you even pump bro?”

  • Go2hell66

    Whats the difference between the Fighter, amazon and the dwarf? Easy. One has a huge ass. The others do not :p

    J/k pretty interesting read, havent seen too much covered on each classes skills, hopefully the wizard has some interesting ones too as i plan to do my 1st playthrough with him. august cant come soon enough

  • Kelohmello

    Is there any in-depth info like this on the other three characters? I was most interested in them and would love to hear more about them.

  • I was initially expecting the Amazon to be a slow, heavy hitter. I was glad when the first gameplay trailer revealed her to be fast with crazy ass kicks. Excited as hell for Dragon’s Crown.

  • Abysswalker90

    Dwarf looks like a super fun character. Plus, he’s design is so ridiculous, I just might pick him up.

  • Looking forward to playing with that Amazonass =^_^=

  • Testsubject909

    So. I’m still set with my list here but very happy with the info.

    Still going: Main Sorceress. Sub: Amazon, Dwarf, Elf.

  • Yan Zhao

    Im liking the Dwarf. Grabbing mobs and tossing them at other mobs while being a physical powerhouse always sounds fun :D

  • InsertOffensiveUsernameHere

    Dibs on the Fighter. You can never know.

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