Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers Shows Off Its Golden Side

By Spencer . July 28, 2013 . 11:42pm

Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers brings together over 50 characters from the series including the powerful Gold Saints. Players will have to knock out Leo Aiolia and dodge Aquarius Camus’ freezing attacks.


Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers is scheduled to come out this fall in the U.S. and Canada as a PSN title. Japan gets the game as a retail title on October 17.

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  • Nice

  • AxionAzure

    Brings me good memories from my childhood. I may get this one for the sake of nostalgia!

  • OkamiKing

    Wait… There are 50 confirmed playable characters?

    • Vash bane

      ikr? only about 3 trailers and we already have… -re-reads sentence-

      wait OVER 50 characters?

    • Koibito888

      Yup. In interview (which I’m surprised Siliconera didn’t post the videos of) a developer or whoever he was on staff said himself (and I quote) “there will be over 50 playable characters in the game”. Considering it’s the same company who made the last game (Sanctuary Battle) where alternate skins did not count towards the overall character count and were in the same slot with the character (save those with actual alternate moves), I doubt that that means “50 counting skins and alternate costumes”.

      • OkamiKing

        ……. Wow….. But the amount of characters could mean little if the gameplay isn’t all that. I’m more concerned about how it plays for the moment then how many people are in it….. Kinda because I can’t find a way to finish the original series.

        • Koibito888

          Well the manga is out there but from gameplay vids on the web now it looks awesome. It’s made by the same people as Storm 3 and seems to play similar which is fantastic because that game rocks. With something similar to that with this many characters and this much thought put on the story, this game will be all that, I’m sure of it.

  • Aoshi00

    The handrawn animation’s actually quite good, maybe just the intro, hope more cut scenes like that throughout.. Glad they use the Old Cloths for Sanctuary after all.. Hm.. guess we probably won’t see too many Marine generals and Specters.. hopefully the other arcs would be covered in the same depths too which has never been done, and there’s going to be over 50 chars.. wonder how much the US digital ver would cost, thinking if should import..

    • Koibito888

      I think no matter what you should get the US version (Assuming that’s where you’re from haha). Every sale helps show that there are people who like Saint Seiya and the entire point of bringing this game to us is to test the waters and see if anyone cares over here. It’ll kill me not owning a physical copy but if we don’t prove that we do in fact love Saint Seiya, this could be the last chance to finally be a country who gets quality Saint Seiya products without having to import. Hell, one day we might even get a dubbed Saint Seiya game!

      I too hope the stories are covered, but I think we will be seeing Marine Admirals and the like because if you sit and count the Saint Seiya cast, it’s really hard to get to over 50 without them. In my post above I got up to only 53 counting characters who would most likely be skins haha. So I think the stories will be fully covered, even more so that Kuromada himself is working with Namco Bandai.

      • Aoshi00

        yeah, just wondering if the digital is much cheaper, like maybe $30-40 instead of $60? I wish I could support the US release, but I don’t like buying full games digitally, hog too much HDD space.. I imported Okami HD thinking I could have it on disc, turns out it still installs the whole game on PS3 and you need a disc to play it *.*; There’s like no Saint Seiya fans in the US.. and the newer fans only got familiar w/ Lost Canvas or Omega instead of the original. I have all the Jpn Box sets for the TV series, actually got the US DVDs too when they released up until part of Sanctuary..

        Definitely looking forward to seeing all the Marina Generals, and I hope they would get most of the old seiyuu cast back.

        • Koibito888

          It probably will be cheaper. I don’t like buying things digitally because I like physically owning games and I love box art but I have to at least try and support it. There are US fans though, I mean with the merchandise in US alone is enough proof. In fact, online comment boards for Omega online are littered with americans saying “I was a fan of this back when, and now watching this blah blah blah”. There is a fandom over here, and things like this can help revive it. I mean when I go to conventions the Saint Seiya merch is bought out almost every time. There are people who like it here, it just took the one piece hit so the fandom was hit in the nuts over here. It just needs to catch its breath and stand up again haha.

  • fairysun

    Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken !!

  • Jesse Torres

    Really excited for this game, it will be my first saint seiya game even though i have been of fan for almost 12 years.

  • ShadowDivz

    This was back before the moe overload in anime today.
    Not saying, i don’t like moe anime girls. Just saying, you know overload…

    Never really got into this,there was so much anime YTV back then. Was probably too young to grasp the story anyway, i remember it being somewhat cool. Anyway, games looks nice and god damn that’s alot of characters.

  • AverageGamers

    So… about the over 50 characters. The (obviously) confirmed ones are:
    – 5 Bronze (Seiya and friend)
    – 12 Gold Saints
    – Poseidon
    – Hades
    – Aries Shion
    That’s already 20 characters. Now if (and only if) they add:
    – Marin & Shina
    – 7 Marinas
    – 4 Underworld Judge (Rhadamantys and gang)
    – Thanatos Hypnos
    That’s only 35 so far…
    I really hope they won’t count the Surplice Gold Saints (Gemini, Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces & Cancer) or Gemini Kanon as new characters. Those can simply be made as alternate skins. There are other better characters they could put in the game, like the other Bronzes (Jabu, Ichi and others) or some other Silvers (Orphe, Misty and others). It would be more awesome if they add the new Bronzes from Omega along with the new Gold Saints.
    Anyway, looking forward to know the rooster list.

    • Aoshi00

      Several 2nd tier Bronze Saints like Jabu, God Warriors like Siegfried, and Marinas like Kanon and Sorento were DLCs for Battle Sanctuary, I didn’t buy any of them, so it’d be great if they’re playable in this one from the get go. I think Surplice Gold Saints would probably be counted as separate ones. I don’t think this game includes chars other than from canon though. Up until now the games (NES & PS2) and drama CDs mostly covered Sanctuary. If they do the other arcs more in depth like Asgard, Poseidon, & Hades, that would get up to 50 easily. I just want them to cover the other arcs more, since Sanctuary feels like deja vu in every game.. as great as it was.

    • Slayven19

      I’m pretty sure that all the bronze saints that were main characters in omega will be in. They’ll maybe throw in a few other side characters that were in the omega psp game like peacock(yuna trainer) and that pink haired female saint(forgot her name. Its over 50 characters so maybe 55 would be the max number.

      • Koibito888

        Considering this game is specifically focusing on the main series with the actual mangaka working on the game with them, I highly doubt we’ll get any Omega or other series characters. Not only is that a whole other set of rights to gain, they wouldn’t pull in like multiple characters, Pegasus Koga at most. This is a Saint Seiya Knights of the Zodiac game.

        • raymk

          Koga is already shown to be in the game,so it goes without saying that omega characters other than him will be in the game. It would also make sense to have omega characters since the anime was successful in japan.

          • Koibito888

            Where has Koga been shown in the game? Please provide the link or at least an explanation if you’re going to state something that isn’t common knowledge (especially if it’s not on anything I’ve been able to find). Also no, it doesn’t “go without saying” that all of the main characters from Omega would be included because in response to your last sentence, that would NOT actually make sense. This is a main series Saint Seiya game worked on by Kuromada himself (while Omega was not touched by the original writer of Saint Seiya) and is base solely on the main cannon of the story. When games like that are the case, they never go and just throw all the main cast in from a non-cannon spin off, especially when it’s as much as seven more characters, so no it’s not nearly normal enough to go and say “it goes without saying” because that’s just not a thing. Plus, just because the main character is hypothetically in the game (because I’m sure it’s not true) that doesn’t automatically mean that the entire rest of the main cast is going to be in. If we are to base this solely on popularity (which is your only statement that makes sense) they would throw in a nod to Omega or an easter egg so to speak, a small mention that would at the very, very most amount to one character who would be Koga, but even then there hasn’t been news stating he’s in the game. That is unless of course you can come up with some factual proof to your claim (and ‘I heard it from a friend and or someone who works for Namco Bandai is not a good enough answer lol).

          • raymk

            Well I saw it here but it could be wrong
            Still there was no need for that last sentence like your some no it all or something. Regardless if they aren’t in and the big man said they aren’t in maybe they aren’t. People have been known to tell stories as to not reveal all the info they have on a game.

          • Koibito888

            Well see there thanks for providing proof of where you at least saw it but I still highly doubt it. First off, this article and all other articles saying that there will be lost canvas and or Omega characters playable have no sources sited and no interviews so far have stated such nor have any scans been shown. In fact, more interviews say that it’s not a thing at all. It’s not even on the official site whereas all the other info is. I really think someone just spouted some false information and some sites are taking it as true. Plus even if they did, like I said it would not make sense to put in more than Pegasus Koga from Omega or Pegasus Tenma since he is in the actual canon series (Next Dimension). More characters from either though? No way. Chances are they’ll use up the rest of the slots for specters and the 5 main characters in God Cloths. If we’re lucky maybe even some canon stuff like Apollo, I’d love another God in there but I doubt it.

          • raymk

            Honestly it doesn’t really bother me anymore. I honestly just want more than just clone characters in the game which I know will be the case. They are going to have some minor characters as well so if they are hopefully they have some females besides the main 3 that are 100% without a doubt going to be in the game. Females like Mermaid Thetis would be nice as she was important enough in the posiden arc and maybe Chameleon june would be nice as well.

          • Koibito888

            Considering the game is done by the people who did Storm 3 which focuses on character individuality, and the last Saint Seiya game where each character did play differently, plus what we’ve seen so far, most characters here should be different enough to not be clones. Yeah we’ll get Marin and Shaina for sure (though I can’t think of who you mean for a third unless we’re talking Athena which would be cool), I would love if we got Tethys, and Chameleon I doubt but it would still be really cool. Any other minors would probably be specters really, though I would love if they used up those 10-15 spots we can’t figure out for some of the lesser used but still major cannon characters. Like Apollo and or Artemis from the once canon movie (since those characters remain cannon in next dimension) or what if since Kuromada is working on it too he finally gives us that full concept of Zeus as playable? XD Would never happen but a man can dream lol.

  • Slayven19

    I’m hyped! And i’m at least happy they are attempting to bring it to the U.S.

  • Koibito888

    Here’s the way I look at it:

    – 5 Main Bronze Saints

    – 5 Side Bronze Saints (Jabu at least as they have his model but theres a reason for over-assumption here which I’ll get to).

    – 4 Silver Saints that matter (Marin and Shaina, Orphee or however you spell it matters in the Hades chapter, and Lizard Misty was a fightable character in the last game).

    – 13 Gold Saints with Gemini ‘???’ and Gemini Saga probably being separate like the last game.

    – 1 Odin Seiya (I highly doubt anyone else from the Asgard arc and or movie).

    – 7 Marine Admirals

    – 1 Posiedon himself

    – 6 Surplice Deathmask, Aphrodite, Shura, Camus, Saga, Shion (I know you’d all be mad but hear me out in a minute, plus Shion is a must as not only was his a pivotal part of the series but thats probably why a Gold Saint skin for him is in the game for dlc/first copy rather than say a skin for Mu).

    – 3 Judges.

    – 2 Thanatos and Hypnos.

    – 1 Shun (Hades possessed).

    – 1 Hades himself.

    – 5 God Saints (most likely skins but I really want them in the game. I mean without that power they could never defeat the end villains like they did with the power of the God cloths and I feel it would be a real cop out if they didn’t include them).

    My point here is that this here is over-assuming and we’ve hit 54. This is like every possible character and we’ve hit the realistic number. Lets look at it with using some logic for what would be easier (like making some characters skins).

    Take away 5 of the 6 surplice characters because chances are Surplice Shion will be the base character without the dlc bonus of Aries Shion and we have 49.

    Another 5 for God Saints because either they’d be skins or unfortunately we might not get them (I will be pissed), and we have 44.

    It’d be a cop out but Shun possessed while necessary to the plot could just be skipped so under-assuming we have 43.

    If we be realistic but hopeful by attributing the necessary cloths/character forms as skins and add Possessed Shun we have 44 characters here with at the very minimum 6 that we need filled. While I highly, highly doubt we’ll get any non-cannon side series characters such as Omega or Lost Canvas, things from the heaven chapter movie or even Next Dimension are completely possible since they are part of the cannon and are considered a continuation. Apollo could be a secret final boss maybe? Maybe even that concept of Zeus finally gets detailed since Kuromada IS working with Namco Bandai on this game? Okay I might be jumping the gun there but I would be the most excited ever if we got some cannon Kuromada plans in this game (since he barely got to do the things he wanted to do after the Hades arc in the manga).

    Sorry for the long post but I just wanted to point out how great this game could actually be, and considering it is coming to america in some format, if it sells well enough this could mean the resurrection of confidence in the Saint Seiya fandom in the rest of the world and could get a full revival as a popular series!

    • Koibito888

      New list idea:

      – 10 Bronze

      – 5 Silver (Misty, Marin, Shaina, Orphee, Chameleon)
      – 14 Gold (counting Saga and Gemini ??? as separate and that Saggitarius Seiya might be different like before)
      – 1 Odin Seiya
      – 1 Mermaid Tethys
      – 7 Marine Admerals
      – 1 Poseidon
      – 1 Specter Shion (chances are the rest of the revived Golds will be skins)
      – 3 Judges
      – 2 Thanatos and Hypnos
      – 1 Shun (Hades possessed)
      – 1 Hades

      And with that we have 47 with minimally 3 spots to fill. I could see them all being Specters sadly but like they would probably use the known nine circles of hell guardians which I think are only like 6 for a reasonable 53. That probably will be the case but I would absolutely love to see a final character that is rarely used in games within the canon of Saint Seiya. Like it would be great to see Apollo or (while it’d never happen) that full concept of Zeus we never got. Some secret unexpected badass powerful character to mark something from the canon after the Hades arc.

      Either way I really just want the God saints as skins for the 5 mains. I mean they just get stronger, never gaining new moves so if they were just skins that would be fine but I really want the aesthetic at least. Not only would it be great to see them in high definition shiny glory game graphics, but that is how they are able to beat the final villains, that is in fact strictly how they were able to beat Thanatos so if they just ousted that from the plot it’d be really lazy and sort of wouldn’t make sense.

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