Watch Aksys Discuss Sorcery Saga And Other Upcoming Titles At Anime Expo

By Ishaan . July 29, 2013 . 10:30am

Aksys games have shared recorded video of their panel held at Anime Expo earlier in the month, where they discussed their upcoming slate of titles and also announced Compile Heart’s curry-making roguelike, Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God. Watch the footage below, split up into two parts:




Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God will be released later this year. Aksys’ other upcoming games include Hakuouki: Memories of the Shinsengumi, Sweet Fuse and more.

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  • This was like the biggest disappointment at AX.

    If NISA hadn’t stepped in with the Danganronpa announcement I’d expected from Aksys, the whole thing would’ve been a writeoff.

    • wat_wat

      I heard there were audible groans when the Idea Factory logo popped up during the reveal and some people even left the panel. Despite being a Compile Heart/Idea Factory game, I haven’t heard anything too bad about the game. Probably because development was outsourced to ZeroDiv, the Class of Heroes/Mind Zero guys.

      But yeah, Nisa totally stole the show. It’s like they switched panels or something, lol.

      • I wonder if anyone at Aksys was like, “I think we need to work on our priorities” after that reaction. XD

        • wat_wat

          Eh, I wouldn’t say that. They’ve published Agarest War, which is also from IF. This is nothing new for them. If they’re publishing another IF game, they must make decent to good money on them, so they’re probably satisfied.

      • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

        I’m honestly quite fascinated by Idea Factory. The only game I liked of theirs was Hakuoki, which had no gameplay to speak of. And yet, they have a notable following in the east and west. Possibly moreso in the west.

        • wat_wat

          They get trashed a lot for making so called “Kusoge” games. I admit I don’t like a lot of their stuff, but I can kind of see why they’ve gained somewhat of a following, especially in recent years. Stuff like Neptunia and the upcoming Fairy Fencer F appeals to a very specific demographic with very specific tastes, so the small niche of folks interested in those types of games tend to be loyal to them. I’d say it’s definitely mostly due to their Compile Heart subsidiary.

          “The only game I liked of theirs was Hakuoki, which had no gameplay to speak of”

          Well, yeah. From what I can tell, Hakuoki is a series of Otome visual novels. Idea Factory is the undisputed king of Otome VN in Japan.

          • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

            I always thought they were the king of exasperating menu navigation and arcane overly-complicated mechanics that take hundreds of hours to work out.

    • supervamp

      Ummm how?

      • Aksys teased they were going to be unveiling a new big-name release at Anime Expo. A whole bunch of people, myself included, expected they were going to announce Danganronpa. Nope. It was some no-name RPG from earlier this year that they got everybody so hyped about.

        Then NISA turned out to have licensed Danganronpa instead, and all was good.

        • supervamp

          Lol like danganronpa wasn’t a no name, it wasn’t getting a fan translation no one would know about it.
          There are plenty of things they could have choosen besides that and this lol that would have been just as good

          • Lemon

            I completely disagree Danganronpa was a ‘no name’ game. It had established quite a fanbase with 2 games and even novels in Japan prior to it even getting a fan translation. Besides, people had expectations it would would be Danganronpa because it’s similar to 999 and VLR, in that they are mystery/puzzle VNs. So you can’t really blame the fans if they were let down by the announcement that Sorcery Saga was the ‘big-name’ release.

          • supervamp

            The keyword there is japan and fan translation.
            It had a fanbase in japan and without that fan translation we wouldn’t even know about it here.
            Untill maybe when people watched the anime.

            Yes yes i can getting disappointed at your own failed prediction that wasn’t even hinted at by aksys and then throwing a hissy fit when it doesn’t turn out how you want.
            Also I’m sorry but compile heart has a better standing here then danganronpa does so yes it is the big name release compared to danganronpa.

          • Lemon

            “Yes yes i can getting disappointed at your own failed prediction”
            I won’t say it was a “prediction”, but more of an expectation (that several factors played a part in raising)

            “wasn’t even hinted at”
            Even though Aksys didn’t say it would localise Danganronpa, when they made the announcement that they had an exciting new game, naturally some would hope it’d be another murder/mystery VN in the same vein as 999 and VLR that had become a cult hit here in the west. Sure, the fan translation and anime probably helped garnered interest in it in the first place, but that is why I said people were *expecting* it to be Danganronpa and NOT Madou Monogatari, precisely because Danganronpa is getting a lot of attention now.

            Also I’m sorry but Compile Heart having a ‘better standing’ here doesn’t mean much when people don’t view Sorcery Saga as a ‘big name’ release when it was announced, thus the disappointment. Hell, I think I even read somewhere some people were hoping the announcement would be for Fate/Extra CCC and actually, that would have been more preferable.

            Don’t assume I was one of the fans who threw a ‘hissy fit’. I’m not as disappointed as some of the other vocal ones, but I was still interested in seeing an “official” translation for dialogues/conversations and how they compare the fan translation which I thought was pretty good.

          • supervamp

            Yeah I’m sorry but wishing and hoping that the title would be that isn’t their fault.It’s your own.
            You can’t get mad at them for your baseless expectation.Do you know how many murder/mystery vn there are? and you think danganronpa would take the spot just because you hoped it would?

            The disappointment came from it not being the “big name” they wanted .Compile heart having the reputation it does already gives it’s big spot.
            Fate/extra CCC is going to come over there’s nothing to suggest it won’t so getting angry it won’t be announced is really stupid.

            I wasn’t expecting anyone to pick up danganronpa and if anything i’d put my hope more in xseed even if i did.

          • Lemon

            It’s natural people get frustrated when their expectations aren’t met, and it wasn’t exactly baseless. Like I said, maybe they interpreted the various events such as an anime announcement, a fan translation, a Vita port etc as possible signs that the Danganronpa series may finally pave its way to the West officially since it has been picking up steam *over here*, and to them (keyword: to them) Aksys felt like the most suitable/likely candidate to fulfil that role (Because they did a fine job with 999 and VLR).

            You have to also take into account the timing of Aksys’ announcement, the previous works by Aksys that have made them popular among VN fans etc, there are definitely many other possible factors as to why such expectations might arise and they are not entirely without reason.

            The trigger for the disappointment wasn’t because Madou Monogatari wasn’t the “big name they wanted”, but rather because it doesn’t even register as a big name title to them in the first place. So for Aksys to say that they had a ‘big name’ title to announce, only for that to turn out to be Madou Monogatari (Instead of another alternative such as Fate/Extra CCC, for example), those people would feel like they were deceived.

            So yes, they can get mad at Aksys because the words they used misled them, be it intentionally or not. Does it mean they should start raising pitchforks against Aksys? Of course I think not. Does it mean Aksys is not wrong to call Madou Monogatari a ‘big name’ title? There’s no right answer to that. Maybe to Aksys themselves, Madou Monogatari is considered a big name title. However, apparently to other people/fans, that is not the case; hence their disappointment in Aksys for labelling it as such.

            All Madou Monogatari has going for it is that it was developed by Compile Heart, who are more widely known for their Neptunia series. Besides that, I don’t think Madou Monogatari exactly did spectacularly in terms of sales or had raving reviews by its own merits. So you are saying Madou Monogatari gets a ‘big spot’ simply because it is developed by Compile Heart? What? Is Compile Heart like King Midas or something? that everything it touches turns into gold or something? Or are you trying to downplay the reputation of Spike Chunsoft as well?

            Whether Madou Monogatari is ‘bigger’ in name than Danganronpa, I’m pretty sure Danganronpa has Madou Monogatari beat in both sales and reviews. If we were to talk about the fanbases in their home country (Japan), I’ll venture to say that the fanbase for Danganronpa is also therefore likely bigger, if we assume the size of the fanbase scales with the number of sales. So from a business perspective, Danganronpa seems like a better bet as well.

            Obviously you weren’t expecting Danganronpa to be picked up by anyone, but clearly some people were hoping it would be Aksys. As to why Aksys and not XSEED, it’s probably because Aksys also did 999 and VLR. Also probably because Aksys were the one making a ‘big announcement’, so it got everyone’s attention.

            And do you work for Aksys or something? How are you so sure Fate/Extra CCC is going to come over? Sure, there’s nothing to suggest it won’t, but similarly, what is there to suggest it will? If it had been announced in place of Madou Monogatari, wouldn’t there, in fact, be more fans rejoicing right now?

            Bottom line, Aksys is still going to translate Madou Monogatari and NISA is going to handle Danganronpa. Some fans are disappointed, not with who ended up being in charge of which project, but at Aksys’ unveiling of their upcoming game.

          • supervamp

            You know it’s only their opinion that it didn’t and it was offset of their expectation not being met that they stupidly build up without proper confirmation anyways.
            If anything i’d say a otome game would have been likely.
            Compared to danganronpa in america compile heart has a bigger stand point then it because they’ve had more games here and it hasn’t been over here yet.
            It may have had better sales(i need figures)but we’re talking about a likely to be known and sell in america not japan.
            Do you work for aksys since you can apparently tell based on 2 games that they would pick this up? lol
            Because fate/extra of course it’s like asking will a new disgaea game will be picked up by nis duh is all that’s needed to be said/

            No there’s no reason for them to meet unbased expectation that they didn’t even hint at just to please fanboys.
            fanboyism is bad

          • Lemon

            Nobody ever said Aksys had to meet the expectations of fans. I’m sure they try their best to bring over games that they hope their fans will enjoy, but of course they are in no way obligated to bring over games their fans ‘demand’. I wasn’t talking about ‘fanboyism’ being good or bad. I only spoke up in the first place since you said “Lol like danganronpa wasn’t a no name”.

            That statement is wrong, so I will of course call you out on it. To reiterate, Danganronpa has a bigger presence in Japan compared to Madou Monogatari. Let’s not talking about their presence in the West for now because as it was mentioned, sure both are relatively ‘no-names’ in the West, but it’s still very reasonable to assume that Danganronpa will have an edge over Madou Monogatari in terms of presence (in the West) based on their respective performances in Japan.

            “but we’re talking about a likely to be known and sell in america not japan.”
            You really think a roguelike game, developed by Compile Heart who is known for their ***RPG GAMES***, has a higher chance of doing better here than a murder-mystery/adventure VN (that has established an enormous fanbase from similar titles such as the Ace Attorney/Phoenix Wright series and 999 etc) developed by Spike Chunsoft who is *known* for their cult hit VN??? I seriously, seriously doubt that. In fact, I’m willing to bet Danganronpa (by NISA) will sell more copies than Sei Madou Monogatari (or rather, Holy Sorcery Saga) once they are both out.

            Of course, since both were ‘new’ titles, who the developer was doesn’t automatically determine it is/will be a ‘big name game’ unless they are powerhouse developers such as Square Enix who is known worldwide by the mass market. Compile Hearts and Spike Chunsoft are considered to be very niche game developers. I’d say their statuses in the west are roughly the same. Compile Hearts was made famous here for their Neptunia RPG series, while Spike Chunsoft established their presence with 999 and VLR. It’s more far-fetched to assume a roguelike developed by a company made popular (in the West) for a different genre of games will do better (in the West) than a VN developed by a company made popular (in the West) for the same genre.

            Also, there is such a thing as using statistics and data to make a forecast of how well a game will do, which brings me to the focus – how well exactly did Danganronpa and Madou Monogatari do respectively?


            This was how well Danganronpa did in 2011 when it launched. It sold 25,564 copies in its first week (as a brand new franchise, mind you) and reached an impressive 85,000 figure while Madou Monogatari (Holy Sorcery Story) sold only 16,050 in the week that it launched, also to only slip off the charts the succeeding weeks (meaning it is less than likely to reach Dangonronpa’s milestone)


            Moreover, Danganronpa received an impressive Famitsu score of 10/9/8/9 and 88 on 4gamer while Madou Monogatari received a Famitsu score of 8/9/8/7 and 60 on 4gamer.
            I would like to use this time to also request for you to not put words into my mouth. I didn’t “apparently tell based on 2 games that they would pick this up”. I looked at the merits and potential of both games before deciding their chances of being a ‘success’ over here, because even an idiot can deduce that Danganronpa is likely to do better here compared to Madou Monogatari, based on how well they did in their home country AND the ever increasing popularity of VN/puzzle/adventure games such as 999, Phoenix Wright, etc. When was the last time a roguelike received much praise and attention here?

            Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to defend fanboys who are upset Aksys isn’t the one to bring Danganronpa over. I’m defending their initial belief that Danganronpa qualified as a candidate for the ‘big name game’ that Aksys had to announce, while Madou Monogatari does not. I’m defending Danganronpa from statements like yours, lumping it with Madou Monogatari and saying that it was also a ‘no name’.

            “Because fate/extra of course it’s like asking will a new disgaea game will be picked up by nis duh is all that’s needed to be said/”

            You are basically saying, Fate/Extra CCC will get translated because it is Fate/Extra. That is rather naive and over-optimistic line of reasoning. Sure, I’m definitely all for Fate/Extra CCC being localized, but that in no way guarantees it will localized. For one, the PSP is all but almost dead in the US since the Vita is out, unlike in Japan. The fact that piracy is rampant on the PSP is also another factor why most developers/publishers are moving to the Vita as well. I could go on but that’s beside the initial point of this conversation so I’ll leave it at just this – if even Final Fantasy Type-0 didn’t manage to secure a localization, nothing is ‘guaranteed’. People have different opinions and expectations and that’s fine, but these expectations should preferably be based on actual facts/figures/data/current trends to be worth anything concrete.

            Now if Fate/Extra CCC received a vita port or something, THEN I’ll be more confident that it has a higher chance of getting localized, just like how Danganronpa was.

          • supervamp

            Lol because the vita is doing so well over here right?
            It’s not naive to think they will bring over something that did well when brought over the first of the series.
            They did it for 999, so why wouldn’t it happen to ccc?

            If square enix says they are going to localize type 0 they will likely bring it over you know how long versus took to finally become a solid thing many people gave up hope because it was taking way to long

            Also there’s a big different between something being big in japan and it being big here

          • Lemon

            I see you were not able to comprehend the things I’ve said to this point.

            “They did it for 999, so why wouldn’t it happen to ccc?”

            Please tell me you are joking. Aside from them being games for completely different platforms, 999 was released for the DS in 2010. The 3DS was only released in 2011. And the sequel to 999 (VLR) was released on the 3DS and Vita. That’s a completely different situation than Fate/Extra CCC. It was released for the PSP this year even though the Vita is already available. As I’ve said, there’s a much higher risk in localizing a game for the PSP when piracy is so rampant, and on a dying platform (in the West) no less. Sure, the Vita is not doing well here at the moment, but it is still a technological improvement of the PSP nonetheless. History has shown that new technology will replace the old eventually. So even though Fate/Extra may have sold well, nobody but the business analysts working for Akysy will know the actual opportunities versus cost for localizing CCC. What the layman can deduce on his or her own, however, are possible reasons for it to not have received a confirmation for localization until now, such as it being perceived as too risky, licensing costs etc. In the end, every company seeks to make a profit.

            Saying Fate/Extra CCC will get localized just because 999’s sequel got localized is an extremely weak argument and doesn’t prove or support your point in any way. Your example is a fallacy of composition.

            “If square enix says they are going to localize type 0 they will likely bring it over you know how long versus took to finally become a solid thing many people gave up hope because it was taking way to long”
            It’s exactly because SE did not ever mention bringing over Type-0 that until today, the West does not have a chance to play it despite its pretty decent reviews. Again, you completely missed the point. Aksys didn’t say they were going to localize Fate/Extra CCC for sure, either. You bringing up FF Versus is a red herring. There’s a difference between publishing/developing a game and localizing a game. Futhermore, they are completely different platforms! The PS3 still has a longer life expectancy in the West (even with the PS4 coming) compared to the PSP that is dying.

            “Also there’s a big different between something being big in japan and it being big here”
            Scroll up and actually read my post, please. I already explained that statistics, figures, and trends are far more accurate than your opinions. I substantiated why I believe Danganronpa will do better than Madou Monogatari with actual facts, sales, reviews, and data. I’m still waiting for you to show me why you think Madou Monogatari has a chance of even becoming ‘big’ in the West with actual data/valid reasons (or at least a feasible, logical explanation) to back it up.

          • supervamp

            Lol so your saying that vn puzzler was more likely to get localized because it was on the 3ds and the vita which i have to remind you isn’t doing well here nor in japan. While fate/extra ccc doesn’t stand a change desipte being apart of a popular series and a rpg because it’s on the psp? I guess they didn’t get that memo when they took the risk of localizing another vn puzzler sweet fuse that has an even limited target audience then 999 had. Not to mention virtue’s last reward was almost a no go.

            I’m sorry but SE had announced that long ago they just never followed up on it afterwards much like when they announced verses.

            And again no amount of statistics change the fact that the us and japan have different attitudes on games.

          • Lemon

            Dear lord. Your argument is both going round and round in circles and changing comparisons that it’s exhausting and getting excruciating.

            “Lol so your saying that vn puzzler was more likely to get localized because it was on the 3ds and the vita which i have to remind you isn’t doing well here nor in japan. While fate/extra ccc doesn’t stand a change desipte being apart of a popular series and a rpg because it’s on the psp?”

            When did I say Fate/Extra CCC doesn’t stand a chance of getting localized? I said localization isn’t GUARANTEED. And being on the PSP doesn’t increase its chances. That doesn’t mean I said it has NO CHANCE. And to begin with, I didn’t compare its chances of getting localized to 999’s sequel getting localized, YOU did. I just POINTED OUT that saying X will happen (X being CCC getting localized) because Y happened (Y being VLR getting translated) is a fallacious line of reasoning. Doesn’t mean it has no chance, but it means that you can’t say it’s guaranteed either, which you so vehemently and zealously believe is going to happen 100%. And I quote “Because fate/extra of course it’s like asking will a new disgaea game will be picked up by nis duh is all that’s needed to be said/” end quote.

            Also, I only brought up the DS/3DS and PSP/VITA thing to emphasise even more why comparing apples to oranges doesn’t work or support your case at all.

            “I guess they didn’t get that memo when they took the risk of localizing another vn puzzler sweet fuse.”
            Sweet Fuse is of a completely different genre and targeted towards a different market. Again, apples and oranges. Stop bringing in red herrings to use as examples that only serve to convolute the conversation further. The only thing I’ll concede is that it was indeed a surprise that it secured a localization. HOWEVER, the fact is, IT RECEIVED AN OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT, WHILE FATE HASN’T. Don’t just bring up any convenient example you can find. Unless you want to tell me you knew Sweet Fuse was guaranteed to be localized prior to it being announced?

            “And again no amount of statistics change the fact that the us and japan have different attitudes on games.”
            Why do you keep parroting this statement thinking it means something new each time you say it? It doesn’t. Yours is a subjective statement while I gave an objective one in response to it in my previous posts. That’s simply it. While subjective statements hold some truth to them at times, in a debate it’s the lousiest defence you can come up with.


            If you are not going to re-address the original issue for this whole debate at all, then continuing it is really pointless.

        • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

          Hey bro, Madou Monogatari isn’t a no-name game, it’s the series Puyo-Puyo spawned from.

          Of course, they no longer have the license to use the original characters…and it’s a roguelike instead of a straight RPG/dungeon crawler… and… and… oof

          • Wait. It’s related to THAT Madou Monogatari?…

            …I wish we’d gotten one of the REAL ones with Arle and Carbuncle. THEN I’d have had reason to be excited. :(

          • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

            Yeah, for real. Shocking, huh? It’s unfortunate, I think all those characters are owned by Sega now. Suketoudara will be missed.

  • Anna Scruton

    I want a release date for Hakuouki.

    @[email protected]

  • SMT

    So, nothing about the iOS version of 999?

    • Daru Titor

      I wouldn’t mind seeing a vita version,
      since ZE2 made it over there

  • chibiwall

    sorcery saga <3

  • Zikrayrus “Zikk” Dis Pear

    Oh yes~ I tried the demo for Sorcery Saga and it was pretty fun so this is one more vita release to look forward to~

  • RichyGaming

    Where can I see the trailers?

  • ZekeFreek

    As a long time bitter disappointee of Compile Heart, I look forward to tearing a new hole in another one of their games.

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      Save your bankroll!

      • ZekeFreek

        I ain’t got no backroll.

        • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

          Holy frijole!

  • NeoStrayCat

    I don’t have a Vita, so I can’t dwell much about SeiMadou/Sorcery Saga, yeah, I know it was a bold move like that, even people in the BG were expecting Fate/CCC, but nope, just another title I’ve never heard of, but hey, Aksys is swell and all, and BB:CP is coming soon, so yeah. Better than nothing I guess.

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