Here’s a Quick Recap Of Dragon’s Crown Features With A New Trailer

By Ishaan . July 30, 2013 . 11:35am

Atlus USA have shared a new trailer for Dragon’s Crown, a week ahead of the game’s launch in North America. The trailer provides a quick rundown of the game’s features alongside in-game footage, and you can watch it below:



Dragon’s Crown is slated for release on August 6th in North America. NIS America will publish the game in Europe, but have not announced a release date yet.


While you wait, you can catch up on a recent report detailing Dragon’s Crown’s different playable characters. You can read about the Fighter, Amazon and Dwarf here, and the Elf, Wizard and Sorceress here.

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  • “NIS America will publish the game in Europe, but have not announced a release date yet.”

    Of course.

    • The Watcher

      Your picture suits your comment well.

      • Of course.

        • xavier axol

          let me lick those tears.

          • That’s just creepy now.

          • xavier axol

            i was gonna say, let me dry those tears and i even had a picture of two best buds comforting each other. but i accidently deleted it while in the process, this was the next best thing i had (as for the lick thing, DC video was too intense for me).

      • Learii

        lol I agree

    • Abysswalker90

      Gamefaqs and various online store listed the release date as early October.

      • No confirmation, no date.

  • TheRealMalek

    My pre order has been shippeds today :p (, guess i will have it on release date :p

  • Go2hell66

    The longest week ever…

    • TheExile285

      Ikr? Lol

    • X_Bacon

      One week plus shipping for me… >_>

      • TheRealMalek

        Some people have their order already shipped :-p (but their game won’t arrive till 1 or 2 week >_<')

        • X_Bacon

          I’m not that lucky apparently, Play-Asia haven’t sent me the invoice yet. :/

          Well, back to waiting…

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist


    Only 1 week remaining! August 6th, ho!!


    • xavier axol

      who are you gonna be playing as? for me, i will play either the elf or amazon and then sorceress. she have two major compelling reasons to be playing as her (gravity and levite)

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        My first play will be with the Dwarf. Seems a lot of people are underestimating him a bit, so I feel like sticking with the off beaten path for the first part.

        Also, the mana is strong in the sorceress to maintain those spells constantly. ;D

    • Ramengeddon

      you mean 1 week + 8 hours of solo before you can go online, 3 if you rush.

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        I’ve heard some early reviewers were able to unlock the online mode in about 5hrs. So a happy medium.

        • TheExile285

          5 hours? I heard you unlock after the tutorial? >_>

        • X_Bacon

          Wait, you have to unlock it? I thought you could just jump in. D:

          • Ramengeddon

            No, couch co-op is unlocked from the start but online multiplayer needs to be unlocked by completing the first 9 stages.

  • xavier axol

    hopefully, the game does well and we get dlc. i want to play as tinkerbell, she has her charm too.

  • xavier axol

    quick question! will amazon ship the game with the 64 page art book, just for the ps3 version? or both?

    • TheExile285


      • xavier axol

        seriously! so if i pre-order the vita version now, will i also get the art book?

        • Herok♞


          • xavier axol

            are you 100% sure? cause last time i pre order something from amazon, i got burn (it happen with the psp persona3 and god of war chain of Olympus)

        • TheExile285

          Unlike FFX/X-2 HD, the pre-order bonus has always been for both Vita & PS3. Check Amazon’s listing but they should say its a pre-order bonus.

          Keep in mind, its “Limited Edition” pre-order bonus so there is a rare chance that they made not have anymore. Just make sure you check to be safe.

  • TheExile285

    One MOAR WEEK!!!!!

  • Josué

    Can’t. Wait.

  • TheExile285
    • X_Bacon

      Oh god, those last 10 seconds…!

    • WingsOfEternity

      those moans

    • Hinataharem

      You can poke the muscly guy too?


    • ShadowDivz


  • Joshen McEwen

    I’m so pumped for this. I’m disappointed that the community will be split between versions but hopefully the winds of faith will blow more players towards the vita.

    • TheExile285

      well, 3rd party games are never going to be cross buy so this was to be expected. I just hope a lot of Vita owners and PS3 owners buy the game!

  • AnimusVox

    Folks… body….I don’t think it’s ready.

  • Hype meter on this is going critical

  • ShadowDivz

    I was really surprised by the skill part. I was SURE it was gonna be a button mash like Golden Axe.
    Also, god i hope that dark elf girl with the 2 panthers becomes DLC she’s so sexy.
    And the fairy gets cuter everytime i see her.

  • Kurow Akutenshi

    Is this gonna be disc only, or also on PSN store?

  • Beautiful artwork indeed!

  • MewkaKazami

    You guys should do some live plays at like games radar did today.

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