Meet The Members Of Blood In God Eater 2

By Sunjun . August 1, 2013 . 2:10pm

Namco Bandai has revealed a new trailer for their upcoming monster hunting game, God Eater 2, introducing the story and showcasing some of the cinematic cutscenes.



God Eater 2 takes place three years after the events of the first God Eater, when a plague is caused by the mysterious Blood Rain. You play as the members of the special forces Blood, an affiliate of the anti-Aragami group Fenrir. In this video, you see the members of Blood unleash the new Blood Arts, as well as get some glimpses of their personal histories.


God Eater 2 will be released for the PlayStation Vita and PSP on November 14. The game will feature cross-platform multiplayer, and people who have played God Eater Burst will be able to import their save data.

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  • Luke Blackwood

    No more badass anime opening =(?

    Well, lookin awesome anyway xD

    • Abyan Haidar

      I think demo version, will have no badass animu opening, I hoped it for the glorious full version though..

  • Spider-Man

    I want to play this so bad, especially for the story. God DAMN.

  • Magnolia Compass <3

  • ZEROthefirst

    Gotta stop watching these videos, my excitement for this game keeps getting higher and higher. On a side note… Where’s that GE2 themed Vita!? I wanna see and probably get it!!!

    • Cheesy04
      • Norbert Gespenst

        Kota’s look nice but what about Soma?

      • TheExile285

        They modeled it after Kouta? Should have done Soma OR made a silver one with the GE2 Logo/design.

        They could have modeled it after an Aragami too.

      • ZEROthefirst

        Please… no more… I don’t think my pants can be cleaned after seeing how beautiful that Vita looked.

  • cloudcaelum

    Sound of Luna!!! Now i want this game with also Japanese dub!

  • Ryujin

    After playing the demo, I can officially say that only death will stop me from playing this game. Even if I have to import the Japanese version, I WILL experience its glorious over the top action.

    • Ferrick

      same here XD, ah btw there IS a storage in game, its in the terminal and chose the first option twice which will open up a new box named “Deposit” and “withdraw”

      • Ryujin

        Ah, how convenient. Thanks for the heads up!

    • neogeno


  • TheExile285

    Said it once, will say it again: Vita version better get localized.

    After playing the demo I have concluded that this will not be a fun import for non-japanese speakers

    • Bigabu Beaze

      Say it again!!!

    • supervamp

      Actually if you play the original the menus are pretty much the same so it wouldn’t be hard to figure out what to do

      • TheExile285

        The menus are similar. Problem is equipment/items and mission descriptions.

        • supervamp

          That’s just trial and error really it’s not that hard

          • Ferrick

            until you accidentally sold the one last material you needed for making strong weapons with

          • Dexward

            First rule of RPGs: Never sell anything unless specifically mentioned.

          • supervamp

            If you can’t tell the difference between icons you probably haven’t played he game enough

          • Ferrick

            which is true… until all of the material’s icons are the same

          • supervamp

            Why would you sell any of the material unless you were super desperate ?

          • Ferrick

            because i didn’t know the storage exists (always thought that it was greyed out in the demo), and i needed space

          • supervamp

            If you didn’t notice that then you didn’t play the first game enough

          • Ferrick

            right, because all of the menus in the terminal between the two games are the same right ?

          • supervamp

            Just about yes i was playing it and had trouble getting through it but when i started up burst after a long while i felt stupid for just not look at this in the first place
            There are some differences but with some common sense those aren’t hard to figure out like how to change clothes for instant, in burst its in the menu with other equipment changes but in 2 it’s at the bottom along with changing you hair and hair color

            So if you play through the first game it’s rather easy to find your way around menus and such. That and if you have even a decent amount of common sense to put two and two together

          • 栗場 江理久

            I’ve been taking Japanese for a while with minor previous knowledge, I have played through GEB, and the DLC missions, and have played through other various games imported. For me, I don’t understand EVERYTHING they’re saying or what’s on screen, but still, as much as I know, the game is fun, but i’d still like to see the game in English of course. Even though it’s good practice one way or another, not everyone enjoys this, despite playing it still. In any case, I agree with him still. I played the demo on vita for about a day and switched back to my US PSN account. Why? Because it’s still a lot of stuff I don’t understand. Not knowing what the mission is, not knowing what most of them are talking about, not knowing what item is what, is “not fun”. I feel like saying “you probably haven’t played the game enough” is a little biased since you don’t know that, which would be a little different if you asked him/her to find out :I

          • supervamp

            I never said anything about the story, that’s a whole nother matter but being able to actually play the game and get through is rather easy especially if you’ve played the first game

          • 栗場 江理久

            I~ was talking about the story, using it as an example. Even so, playing through the first game still doesn’t guarantee a 100% fun experience, especially for some non-Japanese speakers.

          • supervamp

            It guarantees that you’ll know your way around the system.
            If nothing else

          • TheExile285

            I never said “hard”. I said “not fun”.

  • konsama

    I have a question on this game, i know it will import your GEB and GE2 demo saves to the main game, but:

    Can you move your GE2 PSP save to GE2 Vita?

    Can you import your GEB save from PSP to Vita without having to buy the digital GEB game cuz stupid OS needs the orb with game installed there?

    Lastly, the game is really promising, what i’m especially loving is the blood arts system, makes the use of a specific weapon a lot more rewarding and fun, taking out the tedium of the game by a certain margin.

    • Ferrick

      no idea about the first one, but i think you can ? (i transferred my GEB psp save file from psp to vita)

      yes you can, you should read up online on how to do it because you have to download some software to connect between vita and pc and you will need a card reader to read the psp’s mem card and transfer that save to your pc

      each BAs will make your favored weapon to be versatile, but other weapons have their own BAs that make them good in their own right

    • Syn

      You can transfer your PSP save to Vita, that I know for sure cos I did it recently when GEB was free on PS+, and the save works just fine so you should be ok, the only downside is no DLC weapons will carry over..if you had any that is. If you backed your PSP saves on ps, simply ,move them to your vita save game folder and place them in the PSP specified one and youre good to go, simple as pie.

  • Shinobikens

    Too bad Scamco will never give it to us seeing as how half of the DLC for Burst was never given to us

  • I need this so bad! >_<


  • Erina = Tsundere

  • Katboy

    really not interested…I don’t see this getting localized at all…

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