This Week In Imports: The Fruit Of Grisaia On Vita, More One Piece For 3DS

By Spencer . August 5, 2013 . 4:30pm

image The One Piece RPG, One Piece: Romance Dawn, will be on Nintendo 3DS this week in Japan and Namco Bandai modified the game a tiny bit. On 3DS, the game has a map on the bottom screen, Luffy can dash, and the difficulty has been tweaked for younger players. Namco Bandai will also release a Kyoryuger game on Thursday and Prototype has a PlayStation Vita port of The Fruit of Grisaia.


But, why import when Dragon’s Crown, Pikmin 3, and Tales of Xillia all come out this week in North America?


Nintendo 3DS
Hot Blooded Tough Guy Kunio: Fighting Concerto
I’m an Air Traffic Controller: Airport Hero 3D – Naha Premium
Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger: Game de Kaburincho!!
One Piece: Romance Dawn
Simple Series for 3DS Vol. 1: The Mahjong 


PlayStation Vita
The Fruit of Grisaia


PlayStation 3
Resident Evil 6 Special Package


Xbox 360
Resident Evil 6 Special Package


Wii U
Yakuza 1&2 HD for Wii U


Key European Releases
Tales of Xillia (PS3)


Key Domestic Releases
Dragon’s Crown (PS3, Vita)
Guacamelee (PC)
Pikmin 3 (Wii U)
Spelunky (PC)
Tales of Xillia (PS3)

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  • KingGunblader

    Welcome, Tales of Xillia. Hard to believe it’s actually happening.

    • fairysun

      Lol, yea.
      I hope Tales of starts gaining momentum here and they start releasing more Tales of games and perhaps localized the DS version that we did not get.

      And better damn sure to localized that One Piece or I will ask Zoro to cut you.
      You saw what happened to the last sea train, right?

      • Kevin Schwarz

        Chances are better for all the R series on Vita than the DS games though.

  • Michael Connell

    One Piece and The Fruit of Grisaia in the same article…all of a sudden I’m trying to imagine the latter game as a Devil Fruit…

  • Jesse

    Ugh, some people got their copies of Xillia already. DX

    • dvanteman345

      I did~ :p

  • DesmaX

    “Yakuza 1&2 HD for Wii U” They’re really calling it that? lol

    Tales of Xillia, here I come. Dragon’s Crown is nice, too

  • School Idol Addict

    Wohoo, just a few hours more before i get my hands on Tales of Xilia.

  • mojack411

    “But, why import when Dragon’s Crown, Pikmin 3, and Tales of Xillia all come out this week in North America?”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Although I’ll have to wait until I meet up with my suitemates who have the PS3 again to play Tales of Xillia.

  • TheHolypopeofgaming

    If my Wal Mart doesn’t have Dragon’s crown tomorrow I riot.
    Or just buy it on Amazon

  • Haseyo

    I totally forgot Xillia comes out tomorrow. Part of me wants to get it but I know I won’t have the time to play it right now ._.’

  • Junko Enoshima

    For some reason, games like Fruits of Grisaia creep me out. I just can’t handle all that dirty stuff in games :(

    • supervamp

      They always take out the 18+ content when putting it on consoles. There’s only so much you can get away with on system but sex is not one of them, well full blown sex anyways.

  • hazelnut1112

    Already have my copy of Dragon’s Crown pre ordered and gonna ick it up along with that sweet artbook.

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