New Atelier Rorona Has Plenty Of Surprises For Fans Of The Series

By Sato . August 6, 2013 . 5:30pm

In our previous post,  we got a look at Gust’s upcoming remake of Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland, titled New Atelier Rorona: Origin Story of the Alchemist of Arland, which will be released for PlayStation 3 and Vita this November. The latest reports in this week’s Dengeki PlayStation magazine shares additional details on the new features.


In addition to the revamped character models (pictured to the right), New Atelier Rorona will offer plenty of new content. You’ll have a private vegetable garden that allows you to cultivate veggies. There will be benefits for using displayed items for decorations. The time capsule will work by putting items inside, and sending it through space-time, which results in a different item altogether.


Players who have save data for either Atelier Totori Plus and Meruru Plus will be getting special benefits, too, which have yet to be revealed.


Additionally, those who have save data of Atelier Ayesha and Atelier Escha & Logy will also have something fun to look forward to.


According to the magazine, Gust wants New Atelier Rorona to be considered more of a new release, rather than a “plus version,” as the 3D modeling and everything else are being developed within Tecmo Koei.


Mel Kishida, who illustrated the original character designs for the Arland series, will be supervising the work on character models. Dengeki PlayStation mentions that there will be one change to a particular character that will surprise many fans. Furthermore, there will also be some unexpected characters who’ll join your party during the end-game parts.


Additionally, the battle system in New Atelier Rorona will use Atelier Meruru as the base, so it will be quite different from the original Atelier Rorona. The addition of finishing moves will be one of the bigger changes to the system, where we’ll be seeing the likes of Tantris and Sterk pull off flashy moves.


Finally in addition to the new character models, the background and maps will also be seeing a makeover. Certain parts of maps felt too wide in the original game according to the developers, so Gust will  be making changes accordingly accordingly.


New Atelier Rorona: Origin Story of the Alchemist of Arland is slated for release this November on PlayStation 3 and Vita.


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  • All i want is a town with more life, MORE NPCS… MOVING, a town where i dont get depressed as i play the game in a lifeless machine people town T_T

  • Andrew Arndt

    so can´t wait for this sooo buying it

  • CirnoTheStrongest

    “. Dengeki PlayStation mentions that there will be one change to a particular character that will surprise many fans ”
    Please don’t mess with Cordelia ._.

    • KuroNathan

      this time around, she’s taller then Hom!

    • Dokuro

      I bet they are talking about Sterk.

  • WhyWai

    I’m confused… wasn’t this game already released on PS3? now remake for PS3?

    • KuroNathan

      It happens, Persona 3 got a ps2 remake, as did DMC3. There’s also Ragnarok Odyssey and Dragon’s Dogma, infinite SF4s, etc etc

      • Jordan Coleman

        Those aren’t remakes. Those are just expanded editions. Are they actually remaking the game here?

        • I believe they’re actually redoing the game, yes, since they’re gonna be making new graphics and expanding the time span of the game, as well as adding new elements. The previous Plus games were just basically “With DLC for portable” versions.

          • aquagon

            They are also doing a full overhaul of the game’s engine, so it’s indeed a full remake.

        • KuroNathan

          Hmmm… ah I got one! dead rising 2 and off the record

        • Yes, and at least this is an actual near full overhaul of the original came instead of the hack job that was UMvC3.

          Now I used to be a SF fan myself but after so many remakes and remakes etc. and now another is incoming afding 4 more characters to SF4 arcade a-la SSFII TNC style… yeah.. it just isn’t worth it anymore.

  • KuroNathan

    Oh thank god, the battle system in original rorona was so boring. I mean I don’t expect an intriguing system every time but when it starts to feel like a chore…

  • A fool

    I skipped Rorona, played Totori but it was not much better. They shouldn’t call the atelier RPGs anymore. Their last real good jRPG was most likely Mana Khemia the first.

    I don’t see why they would release the Arland saga twice. There is absolutely no reason. The games were graphically pleasing, the farming was (complete) tedious enough so adding more doesn’t make much sense.

    Yes the combat was dull, but I doubt anyone who didn’t like the first release would buy the second one.

    • KuroNathan

      Different people different strokes, though just because you didn’t like it doesn’t meant it can’t be called an RPG. its very much an RPG in both the literal definition and the traditional one (unlike some of the grey areas like Phoenix wright)

      • A fool

        I guess you can call anything an RPG nowadays, still- anyone who played and liked Mana Khemia the first or Atelier Iris 1 and 2 will be really disapointed if they are looking for something similar.

        This is a farming game without any hero, it’s a “girl” game. You make friends, you farm stuff, you beat up some wolf and slimes but all for the purpose of crafting stuff to save your alchemy shop. No great goal here. No depth.

        They are aiming at mass market over jrpg fans. MOE lovers, girls and social game players.

        They shat on their old fans who followed them for the good mix of epic battles and bomb crafting.

        • Wolfs_Rain

          The pre-Iris Atelier games are a lot like the Arland & Dusk games. It was actually the Iris and Mana Khemia games that changed things by taking the series in a more combat-focused direction.

          • aquagon

            Pretty irritating that someone that doesn’t even know anything about the history of the series goes around throwing vitriol at it, doesn’t it?

          • A fool

            I guess you must be japanese, because I certainly never got to play Salburg or Gramnad.

          • aquagon

            I’m not, but I still could play Atelier Marie and Atelier Lina, and I’m currently playing Atelier Elie, all of which use the traditional Atelier format.
            And your excuse doesn’t work given that there thousands of ways for learning about games that were never released here. Likewise, stating that they changed the format of the series from the Iris and Mana Khemia games, which aren’t actually representative of the gameplay for which the series is known only makes you come off (and sorry for saying it) as ignorant. That’s also shown by how you say that Rorona is a clone of Marie, when actually Rorona’s gameplay systems are much more advanced than Marie’s primitive crafting and gathering systems.

          • A fool

            I just don’t know what you gain from calling me an ignorant yet again- maybe you’re trying to discredit my opinion. The fact I don’t read Japanese and can’t get my hand on the old Atelier games is still a valid argument. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be.

            My wild guess would be that having a cute girl as the main character is the way to go to sell your games. And that you love this idea. Having girl do silly cute insignificant always the same shit things. If it’s your kind of game… ok. But a game where you run an alchemy shop is not for me. I also don’t see the point in creating a second – and third one if that’s what you’re looking for – same goal, same items, same characters.

            If you are looking for more teen girls exchanging about pointless things. Yuri scene, moe stuff, 10~20 new echi artworks. IF THAT IS your thing. Then go ahead and buy these fucking games. Watch 90% of the animes japan released this year. And wonder why I’m here complaining.

            Well it’s because the things I like are disappearing because you guys buy the same game three time for more echi pictures.

          • Wow, you’re extremely assumptive as to the games and the appeal of them.

            I personally enjoy the alchemy portion of the Arland games. I like collecting all of the different items, being able to create new things, adding different attributes to those items and making it the highest quality you can muster, while also looking at the characters and their backrounds and motivations. It’s not that it’s “oh, it’s cute girls doing cute things”. Heck, I’m very much looking forward to Escha & Logy because it has a male character and dual-story set up.

            Yeah, there’s gonna be people who are into the Atelier games because of the moe factor, and it’s no secret that there’s appeal to that to a large audience, especially in Japan, but just because you don’t like the type of game that the Atelier series is, doesn’t mean you should be complaining that games are made focusing on that. There’s many games that have a focus on combat. It just wasn’t to your liking, and that’s it.

          • A fool

            You are but one of the few. Character development is really weak in those games, so I highly doubt this is what you are really looking for. I knew pretty much everything I had to know about Totori even before setting out on my first mission. While I respect those who like simple things, I doubt it is the main reason why you would play more than 3 hours.

            If you like crafting and getting the highest grades.. then aren’t you bothered by the timer and restrictions? Do you play following guides to make it easier to achieve? I myself don’t like when a game become a full time job- when I have to write down a schedule, reload 10 time to get quality ingredients.. if that is your thing, and you buy one game a year- I might understand, and I respect that somewhat.

            I didn’t even get the good ending in Totori, and I doubt it is possible for someone who “play” to actually achieve it in the first play through.

            And don’t say there are many rpg focusing on combat – there WAS, many rpg focused on good combat – and even more important – compelling story and real character development and interactions. The last I played was Lost Odyssey. In early Xbox360 days.

            I think only SMT/Persona and Fire Emblem are left. Everything else died.

          • Maybe I am simple for liking it, but while there isn’t a lot of depth to the characters, I enjoyed the scenes that resulted for them. Like say, Sterk. Sterk is humorous, especially in his gradual downfall throughout the Arland series. I liked the interactions between the characters, even if they were simple and relatively cliche. Perhaps it just worked for the type of game they were in?

            While the time limit can be somewhat, well, limiting (heck, when I first started playing Totori, I was basically shocked as to the fact that gathering actually took time, since it was such a difference from Rorona), it’s why I really enjoy the Vita versions, namely Totori, since that’s the one I got to play. I feel that games with that type of set-up actually fit well to a portable system. Also, to be honest, time limits in practice over a span of time like that… Don’t bother me. I know a lot of people get up in arms about them (like with Majora’s Mask. I know there were people who felt the three day limit was strenuous and a black mark against the game), but it’s still possible to play. Also the time limit actually increases the value of the New Game+ mechanic.

            I will admit, I didn’t get the normal ending for Totori when I first played it. But that was purely out of my own fault and misconception as to the ship portion of the game– I mistakenly thought that it would trigger an ending if I went out to sea, and proceeded to only do so on the very last day of the game. Needless to say, I managed to get the normal ending (and Rorona ending, since that’s generally the most basic one) on my second playthrough, and was right before the big final endgame dungeon when my second playthrough ended. I haven’t played it again in a while, but I intend on cracking my knuckles and aiming for the true ending, and perhaps a character ending with a bit more flavor.

            I play a lot of games through the year– heck, I just got Dragon’s Crown and Xillia today, and am currently waiting for my Vita to charge so I can finish Muramasa before I work on DC. I don’t follow a guide constantly, or do reloading and reloading in terms of the Atelier games to get the best ingredients, but I get picky and work with what I can discover, which is a part of the appeal of it. There’s a lot of different attributes and items you can find, especially when it comes to weapon synthesis, and it can allow a somewhat unique feel to each time you’d play the game.

          • A fool

            Sterk was indeed the most interesting character. I also liked Rorona in Totori (but not in rorona weirdly enough).

            But yeah… while I like to see more type of game, I hate to see my favorite one disappear in profit of more social and “light” games.

          • Hmm, I can understand that feeling. There’s a lot of games I like that sometimes will never get looked at again, and it’s why I go out the way to make sure to purchase for games that I want to see supported– and I’ll admit, among more actiony games, Mana Khemia has to be one of my favorites in terms of story, battles, and characters. But it’s like I said down there too… Mana Khemia didn’t feel like an Atelier game as a result, and even it’s expression of alchemy didn’t feel like it fit in, given what the actual trend of them were. I do agree with the one who replied to me below, it would’ve been a lot more successful had they separated Mana Khemia from the Atelier line.

            Sadly, that’s just how businesses work. The Arland series sold quite a bit in Japan, and that’s where Gust and Tecmo Koei will, sadly, look first.

          • FetusZero

            If you somewhat enjoyed them but ditched the series mainly due to the time constraints, you should give Ayesha a try. Same kind of game, but the “timer” nearly felt non-existent. It’s still there, but if you ask me, they could of removed it and it would of done the same thing. Unlike Rorona and Totori, I ended up with the true ending without trying. The story somewhat reminds me of Totori in the way that both characters leave on an adventure in an attempt to reunite with a loved one.

            I’m not sure you’d enjoy it since based on your comments, there’s a lot more that you dislike about them, but I thought I’d mention it just in case.

          • A fool

            I might consider giving them a try. If they bring a strong female/male lead. I didn’t really check to see if they had one. I just don’t relate to innocent sheltered kids. And all Arland game lead were like that. I just miss the good old suikoden/wild arms days.

          • I can at least say just from the first half hour of Ayesha, there’s a definite difference in terms of Ayesha herself compared to say, Rorona/Totori. Maybe it’s me picking up on the subtleties, but I like that there’s a level of “masking the pain” as it were, from keeping herself under control even when it feels like her synthesis is gonna screw up, or how she’s coping with the disappearance of her sister and continuing life despite it, even if it’s hard. I’m gonna have to play more on it.

          • A fool

            I can’t help but feel like I’ve seen this before sadly. This is pretty much the beginning of Totori all over again isn’t it? (replace sister with mother)

          • Well, they said above that, yeah, it’s pretty much Totori in terms of basic plot. But having played Totori through, I can already see a marked difference in tone and how the main character has dealt with it– and unlike Totori, there is actually a very evident chance of finding her sister, and gives a purpose to studying alchemy.

          • Funnily, this whole conversation has made me decide to finally start playing Ayesha, since I got it last month but it got pushed to the side due to… A lot of other things. The Dusk series does seem more like it’d be his cup of tea in terms of what he’s looking for– a darker tone and more serious feeling to the games.

          • Dude, saying this in the nicest way possible: just quit talking, you’ve already buried yourself enough as is >.<, the atelier series isn't for you, since you seem to prefer the mana khemia games.

            Sad fact is, those games aren't getting sequels and/or more iterations for a reason and these games are.

            Sadly for you, there's not much of a counterargument to make for that.

          • aquagon

            And you just proved my point for me with making these assumptions, considering the ecchi and yuri stuff never were what the Atelier games were about. In fact, if you say those things to an longtime fan of the series, you’re only setting up yourself to get flamed. And blaming those who like these games for what they in such an immature way are is not going to bring back the things you like, no matter how much you dislike it.

          • A fool

            Meanwhile, I’ve been having a very interesting conversation with a fan of the games. You’re making just as many assumptions about me I fear… Your excellency. The fact you like these kind of stuff (ecchi/moe) is pretty obvious. I’d just like if japan would start Creating again and stop recycling. Is that a sin?

          • M’iau M’iaut

            No more or less a sin than someone thinking differently than you. Point has been made, so this game and series isn’t your kind of fun. Move on.

          • A fool

            You should still consider that there was indeed people who liked Iris and would like to see one atelier in a while that follow its style. I’d really like if you’d stop thinking I don’t consider other people opinions.

            To be honest, it’s all about the gray zone. That’s what I’m aiming for. I’m not asking for every one of your favorite pedo game to disappear. I’m simply asking japan if it’d be possible to make something else than this. They could’ve made a new game instead of remaking one. One that would have pleased their other fans, those who liked Iris and Khemia. But instead, they remake one that they didn’t like. I think you guys got enough “pure” atelier games. I’m just asking for one “Epic” atelier game for my ps3.

          • aquagon

            And you see, calling them pedo games and thinking they are bought only for the ecchi and yuri factor is not giving absolutely any help to your cause. In fact, it only does the opposite, as with that you’re only going to get hated by those that like these games for other reasons.
            And as it was said before, Gust has already seen that full-on RPG-styled Ateliers don’t sell, and thus they won’t make them anymore.
            If anything, they would just push that style of games into a different IP in order for their best selling series to not get again through the tough times it had during the PS2 era.

          • A fool

            Any reasonable human being would have said : Yes there is yuri/ecchi/pedo friendly content but there is something else to these game : And I totally agree.

            I’d just like you to stop talking for others. Why do YOU like this game. Why do YOU care for a remake?

            I’m speaking my own opinion, you are trying to tell me how other people feel about it and about sales numbers you don’t provide.

            The main difference in Iris / Khemia and the other that made me like them better was the care put in the story and the characters. Where I found Khemia 1 main character was a bit lacking, the cast made up for him. Where I found Raze and Lily quite fun in Mana Khemia 2, the others were quite bland and I didn’t enjoy the game as much as the first one because the story was weaker and the battle more “simple” and for me “lacking”. The best / most unique music pieces in Atelier history for me ; Khemia 1 and Iris 3. They made you FEEL something. That’s what I’m looking the most in a RPG. A game where you feel things, where you relate to a character. I simply wish the new Atelier could deliver and please both of their fan bases.

            I’m still waiting to hear what you as an individual like and dislike about these games. But you seem more interested in trying to make me think nothing I say is worth shit because I didn’t play untranslated games that were trying something fresh and new. Something that isn’t so fresh and new anymore after around 10 games in the same style, using the same formula.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Sir, the community concern was that you opened by throwing down the moe gauntlet. Of course some one was going to pick that up. I can tell you are more than knowledgeable enough not to recognize otherwise. If this post had been the starting point and not the end, several hours of unneeded drama could have been avoided.

          • A fool

            Anyone with an open mind can look past one word and actually take time to understand the whole thing. Linka did. I don’t see why others prefer to attack me personally. I attacked a morally disgusting trend, they attacked me, an individual.

            With Final fantasy jumping in the fan service trade- the market is now saturated with these kind of games. Yes they all offer something else behind these superficial shells, – but I just can’t look past it anymore.

          • aquagon

            Sales numbers, huh? Here you have them:

            Marie: 212,307

            Elie: 161,351

            Marie and Elie (Gameboy): 59,226

            Lilie: 90,203

            Judie: 66,925

            Viorate: 58,566

            AI1: 80,969

            AI2: 57,642

            AI3: 45,418

            Mana Khemia: 46,563
            Liese: 40,542

            Mana Khemia 2: 48,394

            Rorona: 75,063
            Annie: 38,103

            Totori: 104,711
            Judie (PSP): 25,802
            Lina: 22,404
            Rorona (the best): 8,617

            Meruru: 137,764
            Totori (the best): 21,049
            Viorate (PSP): 15.685

            Ayesha: 102,145
            Totori+ :30,956
            Elkrone: 7,360
            Meruru (the best): 2,648
            And the reason why I personally like these games are for the day-to-day style it has to its character interactions, the fun on experimenting with the ingredients to get items with good properties and quality, and finally, the sensation of having over a year remaining once I have accomplished all objectives the game requires for the standard ending while also having everything (or at least a great part of) what I need to trigger other endings. And considering that Rorona was the first game they made for PS3, I’m personally excited to see the result from the overhaul they are doing to it to get it up to par with the games that came after it. I have also loved the music for the series from Marie and until its most recent offerings. However, I have to disagree: although Iris 3 and MK1 had several good pieces, other games in the series, like Iris 1, Iris 2, Marie and Elie have better music. This is without even factoring Ar tonelico in the equation, which with its music blows all other games out of the water.

            And you aren’t trying to make me think that what I say has no worth too? Considering the way you post and the way you’ve made assumptions about me and others, that’s the only impression I can get from you.

          • A fool

            uhm… Tonelico isn’t part of the Atelier brand so I didn’t consider them for the music comparison. To me, there is still nothing that beat what Wails of Rain or Lorelei or Criss Cross made me feel. I feel like these two games are Nakagawa best work. Calling Tonelico ost vastly superior is a bit of a statement. I felt like Tsuchiya didn’t bring anything refreshing in the second and third game.

            The sales number are less overwhelming than I thought. I think all iris games did fairly well considering how many good jRPGs there was on ps2 at the time. Remember that you can count on your fingers the number of jRPGs that came out for the ps3, and Atelier will fill a complete hand. I’m not saying they weren’t good, I’m simply saying we musn’t forget about things that happens around the game release too.

          • aquagon

            Interestingly enough, I didn’t really like Criss Cross, while I thought that Flowers Blooming in the Empty Sky impacted me much more than Laments of the Rain, and the feeling of urgency that Decisive Battle in the Blue Sky give me are second to none, excepting maybe for Ar tonelico’s EXEC_FLIP_ARPHAGE/. and EXEC_LINCA/., but these two aren’t really part of the point for this discussion. And I don’t think I’m exaggerating, considering the Hymmnos song themselves are the stellar part of the soundtracks to these three games, combining music with storytelling in three different dimensions: their storyline purpose, the in-game history for the songs, and the stories told in their lyrics.

            Actually, Tsuchiya didn’t really took much part on the soundtracks for any of the three games due to being the director and creator of the setting for the series (leaving outside the Hymmnos, AT1 and AT2 were scored by Nakagawa and Achiwa, while AT3 was scored by Nakagawa and Yanagawa): he was only in charge of the opening themes and the ending theme for the first game, as the ending theme for the second was co-written with Akiko Shikata, while the ending theme for the third was made by Akiko Shikata alone.

            However, the numbers indicate that sales dwindled a lot since Lilie (their first PS2 game) was released and up to the second Mana Khemia. That’s why they decided to go back to the origin of the series, noticing how large was the difference between their most recent games and their most successful games. That’s without mentioning the several experimental games they made on the side, but which were all failures.

          • A fool

            uhm… it surprise me. It didn’t feel like Nakagawa work at all. Maybe he was composing and not arranging? Rorona wasn’t his best work that’s for sure… Totori was a bit better, but I was really sad they reused the same town song…

            The hymnos weren’t bad, but only two or three really caught my attention because of how I simply can’t stand the childish voices and overuse of distorted voices.

            I liked :
            EXEC_with.METHOD_METAFALICA (beginning)
            EXEC_SPHILIA (Melancholy)

            I still prefer suikoden when it comes to choirs. But yeah- it’s a completly different style.

            Flowers Blooming in the Empty Sky made me think of baiten kaitos somehow.

            Decisive Battle in the blue sky really feels like it’s a diluted FF tactic (ogre) song until the choirs start.

            I don’t know. I just feel like Iris 3 and Khemia 1 were really unique. (Like Ar Tonelico 1)

          • Zeonsilt

            I suppose you should try Atelier Esha & Logy,when it will be released in english(spring 2014,probably).I’m also a big fan of Mana Khemia,and latest installment feels much like it.(/w male character lead and new combat system a.k.a 6-players switch).

          • aquagon

            No, he did compose and arrange in all of them, according to the liner notes of the soundtracks. It’s especially notable in the tracks where he used synthesized voices (the famous “I shall give you endless earth” ones), as neither Achiwa or Tsuchiya ever used them.

            And I don’t see how you can say they used childish voices in the Hymmnos, given that they are pretty much sung in operatic, choral or folk styles. Likewise, distorted voices are really only found in EXEC_DESPEDIA/. and EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION/. ~ ee wassa sos yehar (all of the previous if we just limit ourselves to the first two games themselves and if we ignore the third game and the songs that were released apart of the games). And can I ask you if you did read the lyrics to the songs? Considering how important the songs are to the storyline and how the lyrics also serve as a piece of character development for the in-game singers and worldbuilding for the setting, that’s something that shouldn’t be overlooked.

          • A fool

            Distorted/tuned/modified/warped voice are present in every single hymmnos, I doubt any of them has even one unmodified voice. I won’t lie, I dislike vocaloid, auto-tune and the likes.

            Yes I’m a fan of Iwadare! Pure music.

            I like to play a game sadly, not to study it. So no, I did not look up translations.The world didn’t draw me in enough for me to actually spend time trying to find more about it. And to tell the truth, to me it doesn’t matter how many words you use or how beautiful they are, it’s all about how it feels like, how you act. I don’t know why you’re asking me this though… I think how they evolve throughout the game is pretty obvious without needing to understand the lyrics.
            Just think about how many words Ark(Teranigma) and Chrono had to say/sing to be that memorable… yeah.

            Tsuchiya and Nakagawa have been working together for a long time now and Khemia and Iris 3 are one of the few where Tsuchiya didn’t have a say in it. Maybe it’s all BS and he didn’t have any influence on how they both(Nakagawa + Achiwa) worked on AT, but I highly doubt it.

            As a closing note… I think you like Japan a lot, correct me if I am wrong. It doesn’t really help you be objective about all this. I like some things about it, I hate others. I am not one to be blinded by love. I don’t say the west is any better, there is a lot of things I hate about how things work here too. You’ve written a lot like I have, but I have yet to hear you say one bad word about what’s happening with Japanese Games and animes. Maybe you like genuinely like everything that is happening right now, but I hope you’ll understand how annoying it is for me.

          • aquagon

            Err, no. Leaving the exceptions I said out, the songs do use overdubbing, which is the vocalist recording several separate vocal lines to then fuse them and give the appearance of a large chorus, but they don’t warp, autotune, modify or distort their voices in any way. Shimotsuki, Shikata, Mitose and Ishibashi are all using the entirety of their vocal registers (which range from contralto to lyrical soprano) in these songs, and it shows in the way they change tones. And considering that Shimotsuki usually employs the Bulgarian chorus techniques and it’s a classical/folk singer, Shikata is a classically trained vocalist, and Mitose started out singing for a church choir, that says a lot about how they can control their voices. In fact saying these aren’t them using their natural voices is quite a disservice to all the work they put into these songs, considering that recording over 100 different vocal lines for each song is quite the daunting task.

            And quite honestly, you are missing out on a lot for not knowing what the songs mean. Particularly what does Sphilia portray on its lyrics, or how the myths told in the lyrics to all the versions of Metafalica, and in Implanta and Hibernation, relate so well to their plot purpose. Likewise, playing the games without reading at least what the lyrics to the opening and ending themes are you’re missing a great part of the experience of playing them. There’s a reason after all why Tsuchiya repeatedly asked everyone to read the lyrics to each song as soon as they encountered it in the game, particularly in the cases of Harmonious and Chronicle Key in the first game.

            And finally, yes, I do like Japan, but I won’t stop liking the things I like from it just because of trends or what others say about it. I like what I like, and what I don’t like, I simply ignore it, as there’s no point in screaming everywhere when I dislike something. And likewise, I’m unable to understand your annoyance because I simply can’t see it from your same point of view.

          • A fool

            *shrug* You must be a real fan to know that much- or maybe you did some research before posting? I won’t take time to check if all what you say is true, because it wouldn’t change much.

            There is so many things to see and learn- I’m not one to dig as deep as you do. It feels like I’m getting dumber the more I focus on something (because I then have less time for much more important aspect of life I could be missing on).

            I’m still 100% convinced that the hymmnos are a lot less than what you make them to be. In the end, it’s all a matter of taste. While they may have superb voices and lyrics, I sadly can’t hear them really well. They are all very similar as of how they are built and that makes it harder for me to appreciate them. What I consider a childish voice might be different, because of how you’re used to it by now. Maybe their voices is indeed not modified in any way and it’s the (over)use of synthetic sounds that makes it feel that way for me.

            I’m a curious person, but I’m not a scholar in any domain. I look at the big picture, how it progress, and form opinions based on how it impact on society overall. Everything would be rainbow and butterfly if everyone took time to understand each other instead of only scratching the surface- but it won’t happen. Here’s what your game looks like, how it affect the market, and why it makes me angry as an individual.

            What started this debate is that I felt Atelier was getting further away from the RPG genre and that Atelier Rorona didn’t need a remake, because people who didn’t like the lack of combat and story in the first edition (me) won’t buy it. Remake is not what we need right now. Especially of games that were released on a console that support DLC (dlc that could have been used to patch the game flaws instead of simply using them for easy cash useless stuff)

            The last original game they made that sold for the RPG elements over the crafting / friendmaking / visual style stuff is indeed Mana Khemia 1. I don’t know why you’re so angry about me saying Arland games weren’t RPG when what you liked about it is the crafting part and dating sim part.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Ar Tonelico Quoga was the epic game in the family for the PS3. More than one of the folks on the other side of your debate has flat out said they too would like an MK3 or that they enjoyed Iris. But when the target audience for the production of these games has spoken otherwise, there is not a whole lot that can be done about it.

          • A fool

            Quoga was sadly a big letdown for me for multiple reason. They literally destroyed the combat system that made the first two so interesting.

            They also made the Pervert part the center of the game instead of keeping it inside the girl dive parts. They actually were mostly optional now that I think about it.

            I sadly never found the courage to play it more than an hour, so I can’t say if the story and character development is just as good as in the first two- but after seeing a couple of character, I have my doubts.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Agree with you on all parts about AT3 — the effective naughtiness of 1 and 2 became all about the tropes and ecchi. The only thing that the combat was about was the stripping and even that meant not a damn thing. None of it was as cute as Aurica rocking a bear suit.

          • aquagon

            Yet the game still kept the same level of deep worldbuilding the previous two games had (its companion setting guide was as thick and filled with information as 2’s) and its characters still got enough development, so you could still see how they changed from the beginning to the end of the game. Likewise, the story was on par with AT2’s and it served as a good conclusion for the trilogy.
            As far as I know, everyone who liked 3 was for its characters, music and worldbuilding, but likewise, the consensus is that the combat was the weakest in the series. And that’s something I agree with.

          • As a note, which of the AT games would you say is best? A friend of mine pretty much says I should start with 2 (and to be careful of the Gamebreaking Bug).

          • aquagon

            I’d tell you to begin with the first one. While the second game is indeed the best one, it has a few returning characters, several references to 1 and its plot, and the unique concepts to its world aren’t as well explained in 2 and 3 in comparison to AT1.

          • Hmm, alright, thanks!

          • A fool

            I’d say the second is best at everything except when it comes to Luca and Cloche vs Aurica and Misha. They make up for it by adding Cocona and Jacqli though.

          • A fool

            I realize that. Rorona was indeed a return to the roots for them. It was a clone of Atelier Marie, pretty much. We didn’t get that game though. As a north american, my first atelier was iris.
            It had everything Rorona and Marie had, but added even more.

            The problem is that they are getting “lazy”. They don’t want to hire someone to create a good story, they don’t want to create memorable characters, they just use the same formula again and again. Every Iris title was trying something fairly different. Even the music was 10x superior.

            Now they are simply milking the franchise, making more money while spending less. They have to redo the game twice to make it “good”? Why not think things through the first time around? Seriously. They now release ALMOST 2 Atelier Game a year. This is insane. How can they be unique?

            I’m pretty sure Gust created an alchemy machine where they throw random ingredients to decide what the next title will be.

          • aquagon

            No, the Atelier Iris games had nothing from the traditional Atelier games sans a watered-down version of the synthesis systems found in the five games that came before them. It’s true that they had better combat systems, but that’s because the focus was on combat, not on actually synthesizing items with specific properties and managing a shop.

            And the reason why the Iris and Mana Khemia games aren’t getting remade nor other games in their style are getting made is because they weren’t liked in the slightest in Japan, this considering that Iris 3 was the worst-sold console game in the series.

            And milking the franchise? Hmph, considering the games are still good and are what keeps Gust afloat, no one actually has a problem with it. 2 Atelier games per year is an exaggeration when we take in account that one of them is usually a Plus version or a spin-off game instead of a mainline game.
            And they had to redo it because Rorona was their first attempt at a PS3 game and turned out less than stellar due to their lack of experience with the hardware, but now they have improved so much in all aspects, they want now to go back and remake the game as it should have been in the first place.

          • Actually a little sad that Mana Khemia wasn’t really liked. I really enjoyed those games, but I’ll admit, I actually somewhat don’t think of them as Atelier games– and if it weren’t for the fact that they’re considered to be part of the Atelier project, I’m sure others would be surprised too. They have quite a different feel to them, and feel more like magic with the inclusion of the Mana than just fantasy alchemy.

          • aquagon

            Indeed. And most likely they would have fared better if Gust had given them their own development line instead of treating them as part of Atelier, which was the main reason for which they weren’t so liked in Japan. Well that, and the fact that in Mana Khemia 2 they seemed to be struggling to find good ideas, given how its characters and plot turned out to be in comparison to Mana Khemia 1 (IMO, really weak, despite having massive improvements on the gameplay department).

          • aquagon

            Indeed. And most likely they would have fared better if Gust had given them their own development line instead of treating them as part of Atelier, which was the main reason for which they weren’t so liked in Japan. Well that, and the fact that in Mana Khemia 2 they seemed to be struggling to find good ideas, given how its characters and plot turned out to be in comparison to Mana Khemia 1 (IMO, really weak, despite having massive improvements on the gameplay department).

        • Brandonmkii

          Yeah man, the “old fans,” as you put it, want more stuff like this. Because, this is more like how the Atelier series started. Mana Khemia and Atelier Iris were a bit of a departure, but sometimes you just wanna relax, do some farming, and make some items over BATTLEBATTLEBATTLEBATTLE.

          • A fool

            Mana Khemia was much more about school life and alchemy than it was about battle. Still- it had a story, and it had good combat mechanics. You can have both.

            I find having to manage the “friendship” level and hundred of recipe to maybe get a decent ending much more stressful than simply beating the shit out of a couple monsters while listening to some kick-ass music.

          • supervamp

            Actually it was more about learning alchemy and battling then it was about school life.

        • supervamp

          I liked mana khemia, ar toncole and the iris series but the point of these arland like the older ones isn’t to be combat heavy, it’s an rpg because the battle system is an what a lot of rpgs have, turned base.Just becuase it’s not combat heavy doesn’t lesson the fact that it is an rpg.
          These games are light affairs that have a similar feeling to i don’t know harvest moon or animal crossing in terms of the alchemy system. They aren’t supposed to be heavy overall really just something to play when you have time and easy to get into.

          Also it’s really silly to call this a pedo game or that it has pedo content considering none of the characters actually look like real people.If you think this;

          Looks like a person I’ve got news for you might be hiding something inside.

          Anyways it’s not even highly fanservicy besides a the bikini scene there weren’t any panty shots or bra shots or boob shots. If all your going of fanservice is well mel’s outfit then that’s nothing compared to most anime. And yuri or well yaoi is always played for laughs in japanese comedy.
          That crazy lesbian that shakes up the normal day to day go about just to make everyone laugh. It’s common.

          Well I’m not saying i wouldn’t want a more actiony arland or something but I’m not gonna down on these games for not being like mana khemia.
          They are fine in their own right and it’s not for everyone.

          • A fool

            I’ll say it again, the problem is exactly what you describe. You’re used to it ; You don’t realize how disgusting the character design is overall. Girls that look 11 years old in mini-skirt, half-naked adults : You’ve seen worst yes, but that doesn’t make it right.

            The problem is that I can’t get past it. I can’t even play games when people are watching because mainstream mentality, which happens to be right if you ask me, think half-naked character kids in video game is a tasteless fashion. They don’t care if the story/system is good, what they see is you playing a “pedo” game.

            And that’s exactly how I feel like when I play these games. I feel like a fucking stalker.

            It doesn’t matter to anyone if they aren’t real humans. They act and look like humans. They tease you. Japanese developers are aware and know what they are doing and who they are aiming for. I’ve read enough artbook artist comments to know they have to strip down their characters or they don’t get a job. This isn’t right. People should vote with their wallet and bring back real art / character design.

            I asked a lot of people (who don’t waste their time posting on the Internet like us) what they think about the current overflow of “sexualized” character, be their kids or adults. Most of my close friends agree with me obviously, because we all have the same background- but I noticed people from other countries and younger gamers who started playing games more recently tells me they don’t even “notice it anymore”. Then there are those who simply love young looking characters and would like to rape them, but they will never admit it, even if they are posting anonymously on the internet.

            I know kids can teach a lot to an adult, but I doubt kids created and written by adult could entertain me. Imagine if the mains character in home alone acted like a real kid. It would be fucking boring- and that is what I feel like playing these games.

            The RPG therm has been twisted over the years too. Old school RPG lovers will tell you a classic RPG is where you mainly beat up monsters, gain level, save the world. Some new gamers will call Mass Effect or Borderland RPGs. But yeah. No. Arland had the beating and leveling up part, but as you said, it was more about crafting and wanted to appeal to those who love these things. I certainly don’t. I read RPG, I expect something, I get a crafting game. Just like I would never buy Recetear or Bar story, I stopped buying atelier games. I don’t like farming and crafting in rpgs. I loved Harvest Moon on snes, but I didn’t see the point in buying the second one when it came out.

            It’s just that I don’t see the point of coming back from my job to work again- where harvest moon felt fun and light, Atelier felt like grinding ; writing schedules down, taking note on where to find each material… It’s really hard for me to understand what you like in this. “Getting” good items and such. It’s not why I play a game. It feels like I am working.

            I also don’t see how they are easy to get into. They need a lot of effort if you want a particular ending (if you want 90% of the plot).
            Totori started to get good when you get the boat, but it is also when the game ends. I didn’t have enough time left to learn how to open the gates to the final dungeon, I got a really plain and boring ending and simply gave up. I don’t feel like going through the grinding again to maybe get to have some fun.

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            Newgame+ is there to help that second playthrough run easier.

            Also, RPG means “Role Playing Game”, not “Game where you have to save the world”, or “Beating up and stuff game”. It merely means that you’re playing a role. It began with games like Monsters and Mazes (which is now known as “Dungeons and Dragons”), but began expanding more and more as time went on. You need only to be playing a role.

            In Rorona, this is achieved quite well.

            Also, Rorona wasn’t exactly ‘laying on the service’ >.> And the ‘yuri’ wasn’t exactly a big theme. There were light nods here and there to subtext, but you could also just take that as friendship. In fact, if you aren’t looking at it as friendship, then that means you want it to be yuri. There’s nothing wrong with that of course. I’m just explaining that it is what you see it as.

            Astrid…was meant to be creepy. This is quite true. But all the same she was just teasing Rorona, and never really meant to go anywhere with it. She just liked watching Rorona squirm.

            And if it feels like you are “working”, then it obviously just isn’t the game for you. Which there’s nothing wrong with that. But continuously insulting the game isn’t all that nice.

            The games are meant to be cute visually. Nothing more, nothing less.

          • A fool

            I don’t know why you’re still talking about girlxgirlxboysxweird romance and stuff. It is part of the grand scheme to lure “that” kind of player. It’s not only one thing, it’s when you put everything together that you realize how much it is saturated with fan-service. This is not a creative game. I doubt it was meant to be. I don’t like when they re-use things that “work” and bring nothing new. It goes against what an artist is. Japan investors and devs are blocking innovations right now. It is a fact. They don’t have a lot of creative freedom. I want that back. I want Japan to surprise me with something else than more Jonas Brothers Disney tactics. I don’t want a dress-up game when I play final fantasy. I don’t want a Persona turning into a dating sim only.

            Back in the days, Gust stated that they wished Atelier to be more social from now on. I’m here saying that this isn’t an rpg anymore. By your definition, any game you play a role would be a RPG- meaning every FPS would be RPGs. They aren’t because you don’t feel like you are the one changing things. In atelier Arland you are looking at someone who change insignificant things. It’s a game where you stalk a little girl. It is a visual novel with crafting elements. I guess young girls could relate. But I’m not a young girl anymore.

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            when do you stalk a little girl? I don’t remember that being in any of the Arland games. I guess when you were investigating Keina in Meruru that would be one case of that. But that was only one tiny event.

            “They aren’t because you don’t feel like you are the one changing thing”

            I think this would really depend on who you’re asking. It’s hard to explain without it sounding too weird, but I become the characters I play as if I find them interesting enough. This isn’t always limited to the main character either. It’s how I play games, and how I watch anime. I don’t play the role of the ‘observer’, I laugh with the character, cry with the character, and feel the same sort of betrayal the character feels. I know I’m not the majority, and probably a super tiny minority, but that’s likely a huge influence on how enjoyable something is to me.

            “This is not a creative game” Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it less creative.

          • A fool

            The main Character is a girl. Seen from a top down view (and sometime an under the skirt view). You stalk the main character in all these games.

            The main Characters are underage innocent girls, with innocent underage girls way of handling things moving their arms around when running like innocent underage girls.

            I fail to see how you were able to laugh along with the character of these games. I’ve had my share of childish sex jokes and innuendo in tons of Japanese games that came before and used the same situations.

            The game wasn’t creative at all. The fact I didn’t like it is an effect of it and not the cause.

            There are very few games where I actually felt like I was part of the story. Where I was sad when the game ended because it was time to come back to reality again. Arland games are definitively not part of these.

            The first Star Ocean, Fire Emblem (NGC/WII), Growlanser, Suikoden, Baten Kaitos, Lost Odyssey, Lunar, Grandia, Wild Arms, Soul Blazer…
            Steins;Gate, FMA;B for animes.

            They told a story. Were innovative for their time. (Or were extremely nostalgic)

          • supervamp

            You are the main characters in all the games, how do you stalk.Yourself?

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            “The main Character is a girl. Seen from a top down view (and sometime an under the skirt view). You stalk the main character in all these games.” You stalk her because that’s how you want to see it. You could apply this “stalking” to many many other games if you wanted to. Suikoden, Baten Kaitos, Lost Odyssey, Grandia, and Wild Arms would all be this “Stalking” you mentioned, or at least have games in their series that fell under it. Some of the times it’s a boy/man you’re “stalking”, but what makes that different from stalking a girl/woman?

            “I fail to see how you were able to laugh along with the character of these games. I’ve had my share of childish sex jokes and innuendo in tons of Japanese games that came before and used the same situations.”

            implying that’s all that was said in the game -_- What about the jokes about Cory’s height? Are you going to twist that into some sort of innuendo? Or the jokes about how Sterk’s got a scary face, but actually is a really nice guy? Is that some sort of “childish sex joke”? I’m not saying these are the best examples of comedy in the games, I’m just saying that the game is really not filled with this. They are in there, I would be ignorant to deny as much. And a few of them are purely the work of NISA, and weren’t even in the games originally (Esty’s last name was Erhard, and wasn’t ever meant to be any sort of dull joke). But they hardly make up the majority of the game’s entertainment.

          • A fool

            The main Character is a girl. Seen from a top down view (and sometime an under the skirt view). You stalk the main character in all these games.

            The main Characters are underage innocent girls, with innocent underage girls way of handling things moving their arms around when running like innocent underage girls.

            I fail to see how you were able to laugh along with the character of these games. I’ve had my share of childish sex jokes and innuendo in tons of Japanese games that came before and used the same situations.

            The game wasn’t creative at all. The fact I didn’t like it is an effect of it and not the cause.

            There are very few games where I actually felt like I was part of the story. Where I was sad when the game ended because it was time to come back to reality again. Arland games are definitively not part of these.

            The first Star Ocean, Fire Emblem (NGC/WII), Growlanser, Suikoden, Baten Kaitos, Lost Odyssey, Lunar, Grandia, Wild Arms, Soul Blazer…
            Steins;Gate, FMA;B for animes.

            They told a story. Were innovative for their time. (Or were extremely nostalgic)

          • supervamp

            Mini skirts?The I swear when ever someone says totori has a miniskirt on I’m like how can you tell?It’s so puffy and big it’s like not even what i think of when i imagine a mini skirt. Also they are all pretty much 14 and older but that’s nethier here nor there.

            If you can’t past something simple the problem is really on you, if all you see is that you should defintally look at yourself a little more before you go after others.

            I don’t think being desenstived to things is a bad thing i think it actually makes you realize how uptight most opinions are about these things and just how subjective they are.

            They don’t tease me hun, they may tease you which again you should probably look at yourself. That isn’t true and unless you can actually provide a source it’s a baseless statement. They do it because that’s their style and because they want to do it that way. No one pushes artist into doing it that way in japan they do it because unlike us they don’t get their panties in the bunch and make things more then they are.

            And that proves what exactly?

            The kid in home alone doesn’t act like a real kid? What? Are you saying kids can’t be crafty? or they can’t smart?

            You get a rpg game with simulation elements. I think you should defintaly look up different kinds of rpgs because if the battle system is a standard rpg system then it’s an rpg no matter how focused on it is.

            Unless it’s one fight but totori defintally isn’t based on one fight and you really can’t avoid combat all together ethier.

            Well atelier does have grinding but that comes from it being a jrpg in general any jrpg has a fair amount of grinding.

            I play it because it’s addicting i like time managment in games and i like the alchemy system, i also am fine with the battle system it’s totally new user friendly.I have to admit there are things this game really needs improvment on but i heard that meruru fixed problem from both totori and rorona and added in best of both worlds.

            Well the lack of explations of things is it’s downfall and i agree trying to beat that sea boss and then getting almost no info on it from the game and players was just ugh, but by easy to get into i mean at least the first parts of the game it’s easy enough to understand at least the basic princpal of the game.

            It’s not like harvest moon had much explantion ethier even though it’s easy to get into at it’s core it didn’t make any easier to get the right kind of ending with which every character you were going for.

          • A fool

            *shrug* I give up.
            It ain’t about being uptight. Thinking it is disgusting doesn’t make me a pedo myself- it that’s what you are trying to say. It’s like saying every feminist are sadist woman who love a good beating.

            Anyway- They themselves comment about the damn skirt through all game. “Rorona force me to wear it”. No. The game director forced the artist to draw her that way.

            Do you really think all japanese like the moe, lolicon trend and little sister bullshit? Do you really believe all of Japan agree with this? Do they really want FF13-3 to be a dress-up lightning game? wow. No. It’s simply the E Z way of making money right now.

          • supervamp

            Ohhh no seeing more then there is in the characters might be a need to reconsider yourself. If you think any of these characters are coming on to you then you might want them to come on to you. Atelier is as innocent as it gets.

            She didn’t say she forced she said rorona said it was standard alchemist wear and they’ve never commented on the length it’s always been either it’s just a weird outfit or it’s cute. No they didn’t force them to draw them anyways you honestly think the game industry is like a sweat shop and artist can’t have make outfits like this on their own?

            No most of japan doesn’t like these kinds of games just because they are games and that’s been going on for a long time. And no not all fans like it when moe characters are most of the cast or the main characters.FF13 lightning returns having costumes isn’t any less different then any other ff game with costumes.

            I’m sorry but your problem is you think your opinion is a fact and it’s just not

          • A fool

            If it really is a cultural thing anyway – we shouldn’t care about middle east women getting beat when they “lack” respect either, because it’s part of their culture.

            Portraying children as playthings is completely normal and I shouldn’t be here telling people that we shouldn’t support such normal things. It is only fiction anyway right? Japan and American youth is certainly not intoxicated by the desire to be respectively cute and sexy.

            That’s my opinion right? Totally not facts. What do I know about Japan or how they make their games- I totally didn’t read about how it evolved over the years. I certainly don’t play games since the nes era. Lust and “I don’t care” vs Reason. That’s what it is. That’s my last sentence, and I hope you’ll see someday that there is a limit to what we should accept, a reason to be uptight about some things.

          • supervamp

            If by cultural thing you mean my comment on the fact that the japanese who like and create this kind of stuff or less prone to getting their morals in a bunch i don’t see what that has to do with middle eastern abuse.

            Again if you see the characters in atelier as playthings you might wanna look at yourself first.You may want them to be playthings but anyone actually following along with the story in a healthy state of mine will see that they are not.

            Yes it is your opinion a slightly disturbing a opinion that your entitled to.

          • A fool

            It’s not about how I see things, it’s about how they create things. It’s their goal. It is what they intend to do. They know what they are doing.

            My state of “mine” is an objective one. I explained it. Again and again. You keep asking me to look at myself. I did. Maybe I am indeed the fool for seeing things where there might be nothing. Hypersexuality is most likely something I invented myself. And no one else raised concern about it before after all.

            Irony : To me you are the one who need to look in the mirror if you don’t see anything wrong with how they depict women in those games.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            A second night of round and around on this topic does not need to continue. The article is about the things being added to the latest version of Rorona, not whether or not playing as a young adult female (yes that is what she is in the world being referenced) equates to stalking said avatar.

            There are plenty of places where games as political and social footballs are central topics, here we just prefer to note whether or not we have a smile on our faces while playing. Thanks.

          • A fool

            Sorry sorry, it doesn’t happen often anyway, just like to remind people once a year that they influence how the world will turn out to be for their kids more than they think.

            Mostly with their wallet.

          • supervamp

            I don’t see anything wrong and as being a woman I’m quite fine with it, I’ve honestly never played a game that suggest I should be a lower status then the male characters.
            Damsel in distress has never given me a”I’m only supposed to a trophy one by a male.” it’s always been”Ohh i have to save her because she’s important to me or the state of the world”

        • CirnoTheStrongest

          You say this like those of us who love the Arland and now Dusk games didn’t like the Iris/MK games…

          I personally loved Mana Khemia, have a bit of a rocky relationship with Mana Khemia 2. Loved Eternal Mana, wasn’t too into the second one, and really enjoyed Grand Phantasm but gave into Peer pressure and got rid of it because everyone was saying it was the worst of the Iris series.

          I felt nowhere near betrayed by Gust for Rorona. I actually even imported it from Japan immediately because I am a huge fan of Gust. And I loved every minute of it~ The music was AMAZING! I could just sit there and listen to the background music for hours..The gameplay was pretty great too! The only real qualm I had with it was that newgame+ was pretty useless. I loved the character models, combat was fun, all the gameplay was fun. I never understood the hate people gave for its systems. I also enjoyed the story!

          Many say it had no story, but I think people just don’t know what story can encompass. A story doesn’t have to have a conflict that is about the world ending or a loved one dying or something like that, a story CAN be about trying to keep yourself from being forced from the town and people that you love. That’s still very much a conflict. And there are goals as well. It’s a story in every sense of the word.

          Anyway, Totori then one-upped Rorona in many ways and also put together a really great story~ And then Meruru happened, and I found it my favorite of the Atelier project~! I felt it was a great conclusion to an amazing trilogy! I was sad that Lionella wasn’t in it even though they put her in the Op though…

          Though, I will say the Dusk series is probably more to your liking, as they are much more story-focused, and from what I’ve read/heard Escha&Logy is in many ways a spiritual successor to Mana Khemia.

  • Malon

    I’m french, and I hope they’ll keep the french translation they already made and translate new events and dialogues instead of ruining the work previous translators made and give both US and Europeans players the english translation only.
    It’s not that I don’t like playing games in english, I’m used to it and I don’t have any problem with that, but it’s always better playing in your native langage.
    Anyway, english or not, this is a welcomed remake, but I bought Atelier Rorona last month haha… No matter what, I’ll buy it day one if this is getting localized, and THIS MUST BE. I believe in Tecmo Koei. Look, we’re getting Toukiden on PSVita. In a logical order, we should be getting Atelier Rorona which has already 80% (I don’t know if there will be TONS of news event, this is just guessing) of the texts translated.
    I’m impressed the game will be released in november in Japan, I’m praying for a 2014 summer release.
    I’m also waiting for Atelier Escha & Logy, I fell in love with the 3D models at first sight.

    I’m really glad the Atelier series made it to the west, it’s the kind of series which has his own charm despite of not having the same budget as AAA games.

  • Suriel Cruz

    I’m happy about this! :D

    “Why?”… I never get to play Atelier Rorona and the graphics, FOR ME, were not friendly, so with this NEW version… “Count me in!” ^ ^

    Can’t wait for more Sterk’s AWESOMENESS!(I did play Totori and Meruru!)

  • Joshua Myers

    Still going to buy it even though i got the first one as collectors

  • aquagon

    And I just bought the original version after so much time of waiting for it… Oh well, I’ll also buy this one if it does get localized, as Gust deserves all support it can get. Now, if we could also get them to negotiate with Namco Bandai and do a remake of Ar tonelico 3, considering the original had several budget and time constraints placed on its development…

    • And an artonelico 1&2 in one …cassette thingie, for vita! *dies*

      • Kai2591

        THAT’S EVEN BETTER!!!11
        But PS3 for me ;)

    • Kai2591

      I’d play a remake of Ar tonelico 3 :)

  • Very much looking forward to this! I liked Rorona, but after playing through Totori (twice even), I’ll admit Rorona was very lacking. I’m glad they’re gonna be applying the techniques they learned and using Tecmo Koei’s materials (at least that’s what’s implied here) in order to make this a better game.

  • JohnNiles

    Yes! The return of Kishida Mel! After what they did to Rorona in Atelier Meruru, she deserves a comeback. *dat bosom*

  • ah this sounds great, im looking forward to the final execution

  • brian

    This may be a stupid question but:
    Can data from Totori or Meruru on PSV be used for this game on PS3?
    And can data from Ayesha or Escha be used for it on PSV?

    • I believe I’ve read that the game will be cross-save compatible with Rorona Plus itself, so I imagine it’ll be more likely that you’d activate the bonuses on one system, and then bring over the save and activate them on the other. Of course, this would mean buying the same exact game twice.

  • s07195

    So this is a remake, huh… I thought they might have decided to do a continuation instead considering Rorona’s situation in Meruru.

    • aquagon

      They added an ending in Meruru’s Plus version that deals with that directly. It was also added as an update in the PS3 version in Japan, but considering Gust’s current situation, I don’t think that update will reach us.

      • At least we are definitely getting Meruru Plus. And they actually announced it this time…!

      • s07195

        Really? What was that ending like?

  • pimpalicious

    I really hope TK continues to support Arland in the West. Torori/Meruru Plus and Ayesha were a given since NISA already did the localization work so I’m not convinced yet.

    • Tincho Kudos

      They will launch Toukiden here, and that’s a new IP, in a niche genre here in a almost dead console, so I think New Rorona will be localized

  • Nitraion

    Hmm Astrid as party member?

    • I’m actually crossing my fingers and hoping this is the bonus character.

  • FetusZero

    With all of these Atelier announcements, all that’s missing is a word from Tecmo regarding Escha & Logy.

    • Milla

      Expect it next year, early to summer 2014.
      it always been like that i guess..

    • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

      It will be a late announcement with no marketing whatsoever, just like they did with Atelier Ayesha.

      Expect English audio only too.

  • leingod

    The only thing that prevents me from enjoying these games fully is the calendar thing. And I believe Rorona is the most unforgiving in that department…

    • Well, they’re apparently fixing that for this version of Rorona, so. Good news!

      • leingod

        That sounds alright then :)

      • LM009

        did they? i saw a screen of rorona in a field for this new release and there was no bar under the date like in totori and meruru. I figured it was going to be same as old rorona time system w/ updated battle system

        • I doubt they’d change it to the Totori/Meruru way of time, in which everything passes time, but it’s apparently going to be extended since people found the three year limit to be too fast.

          • LM009

            ah i see, well i thought 3 yrs was fine it was fun squeezing day for day while doing platinum :P

          • Funnily, a more recent post proved me wrong– they ARE going for the Totori/Meruru way of doing time, given recent screenshots.

            I was personally fine with the three years, but it was definitely short compared to Totori, for instance.

  • LM009

    i wonder if they’ll keep the tera bomb as it was haha man that was fun stuff using it on gio

  • Xerain

    Why does Rorona have a bunch of Companion Cubes….?

    • JohnNiles


      What the heck?

      The pie is a lie. ._.

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    I just wish saves from the original will work on this one.

    • I’d imagine that would be hard. They’re making a whole new engine for this– a little hard to make saves of a different game entirely work on this.

      • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

        Aren’t they using the Dynasty Warriors engine for this one? Well, it does make sense not to have the original game saves work on the new game, but it would be a treat for us who got the first game.

  • Zeonsilt

    “one change to a particular character that will surprise many fans”.
    As someone suggested,i also think it will be a complete remake for Cordelia,since even her art-style will not fit in new Rorona.I think her design will be Atelier Totori version-like,but younger or somewhat different.

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      Her art style would fit just fine in this. I’m not sure how that conclusion was reached…

  • Demeanor

    You mean… there is a chance for the monster, Astrid-sama, to be PLAYABLE in the last dungeon? O_O omg I couldn’t take in all that awesomeness…

  • artemisthemp

    I really looking forward to Atelier Rorona getting release in the west :) and looking forward to hearing, what my bonus for having a Atelier Totori and Meruru Plus + Atelier Ayesha save is.

    This news also kinda confirm a Western release of Atelier Escha & Logy :)

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      Because Gust Japan are working on the Rorona remake it confirms what TK NA/EU are working on…? I’m not following ._.

      • artemisthemp

        Atelier Escha & Logy is all that is left for Tecmo Koei to work on, when Atelier Meruru Plus releases on September 4, 2013.

  • Rogerrmark

    I really like Rorona,it’s probably the best developed character on this series(although Totori/Meruru/Sterk are great as well. However,I always felt the first game lacked too much content,specially if compared with previous/next installments.

    So I’m hyped for this since the director mentioned Atelier Meruru wasn’ the last time we would see her.

    Hopefully the characters taxes won’t be so high on this game….there’s even a dialogue on Atelier Totori that Rorona argues with Sterk because he was one of the most expensive characters to contract,lol

    • supervamp

      >Most developed character
      >Totori great as well
      >Totori is just a copy and paste personality of rorona wth some tweaks

      • Rogerrmark

        I liked her as well.She was more responsible than Rorona,and much less dumb when manipulating alchemy. :x

        Kinda prefers Totori’s plot over the other 2 games as well.

        • supervamp

          I said with some tweaks
          I like the look of meruru’s story a lot more then totori if only because she has her own personality

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            Another one who prefers Meruru!!

  • Presea

    Sterk and Tantris doing flashy moves sounds super awesome. <3 At any rate, these improvements are really fantastic I really can't wait for this to be released. Rorona needed a remake for awhile, and all these improvements sounds like it will be fantastic! (Also Mel Kishida's art is super fantastic as always.)

  • Prohibitoriu

    Will there be a collectors version of the game?

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