Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Toughest Content Is The Great Labyrinth of Bahamut

By Ishaan . August 8, 2013 . 2:30pm

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn producer Naoki Yoshida held another video Q&A panel for the game today, answering a number of questions from fans. One of these was regarding the toughest content in A Realm Reborn.


“The Great Labyrinth of Bahamut will be the hardest content at the start of ARR for a while,” Yoshida shared. “It will contain a lot of things such as what happened after the Seventh Umbral event. While I can’t really say too much about the mechanics, there will bosses that can only be defeated by performing certain actions and that have different phases. Without having a party that can deal the proper amount of damage, you won’t be able to move past certain phases.”


He continued, “Additionally, there will be shared damage type of attacks that you will need to have 4 people get hit by, as well as have a certain character act as a channeler for the damage. There will be a lot of different elements present.”


Yoshida also touched upon another environment in the game, called The Crystal Tower.


“The Crystal Tower is content that can be undertaken by a 24 person party. I don’t think that difficulty is really that hard, and we’ve adjusted it so it’s something that can be enjoyed by everyone.”


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will begin its final phase of beta-testing on August 17th and will continue until August 19th.  The full game will be available starting August 27th, and everything you do in the final beta phase will be carried over to the full game.


Additionally, in the event that you pre-ordered Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, you’ll be able to begin playing early on August 24th. Finally, if you played the original Final Fantasy XIV, you’ll get free access to A Realm Reborn until September 9th.


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  • leingod

    I’m cautiously optimistic about this game. Hope it’s good! FF can’t take more flops.

    • whatinthewolrd

      When has Final Fantasy flopped? It sells 3 times the total of the next 3 JRPGs LTD. Even this MMO sold well enough to be remade after all the negativity.

      • leingod

        Well the original XIV was a flop, their mobile incursions have flopped, and XIII is a flop – not commercially but with longtime fans.

        • Zeik56

          There are plenty of games in the franchise that were a “flop” depending on who you ask. Commercial profits are the only thing that matter in the end.

          • leingod

            You may be right, but the point is SE can’t afford to fail with FF XIV again. The good thing is the game actually looks promising!

          • whatinthewolrd

            I think both of you are incorrectly using the word “flop.” It has nothing to do with being bad or good. Critically acclaim or bombing with the critics. Its when a product does not perform to a level that makes it pass the red line and into profit and passed satisfactory NET profit. Like that Disney movie, John Carter, which made back its production cost WW but not its marketing costs. So its a flop, and a major one at that.

  • Longsun_Zhao

    The beta has been great so far. I’m ready to see how the end game content looks, just 9 more days.

    Also, remember, pick a Lalafell. friends don’t let friends play Miqo’te.

    • James Williams

      I hope the amount of miqo’te get cut down after the beta, sick of seeing them!

      • MogCakes

        b-but I like my kitty…

      • Wiccan1109

        My goodness, I hope so. Every website i go to where people are showing their characters its just non stop cat pictures and “Look at my kawaii neko nyan!”

        I’m thinking of posting feedback requesting that a unique BGM begin playing in an area where 100 or more of them congregate, to alert the rest of us. Maybe Wagners ‘Ride of the Valkyrie.’ Or maybe the sky could just get really dark and ominous.

    • LightGenx

      Where is the Roegadyn love? Anyone?

      • James Williams

        Chose a female roagadyn during the beta, haven’t looked back since.

      • Longsun_Zhao

        I feel that.

    • Zeik56

      Well now I just want to pick a Miqo’te out of spite.

    • kool_cid414

      Miqo’te pride!

    • Crevox

      all content above level 20 is locked in beta

  • NewestType

    All info in the letter was fairly positive. I have been enjoying testing and can not wait to resume my adventure. My only complaint: The Early Access offer is quite lacking. I understand that it is being wedged between Phase 4 and the official release date. I can see this as an opportunity for all those players to register Cloud Strife’s and Claire Farron’s.

  • James

    This live letter has caused a nightmare on the forums. I do agree with the uprising over challenge. They need to come out and give more information on this. The OB and early access dates however is not worth the breath.

    • James Williams

      What arguments has it caused?

      • James

        That square is creating content around the lowest common denominator (crystal tower being nerfed for duty finder), and that they lied about beta dates. Also some arguing over transfers and what not.

        • James Williams

          Ah i see, the crystal tower sounds really cool but i’m guessing for Vets it’s going to be annoying if low level/clueless people can join and potentially mess things up.

          • James

            It’s more of the fact that the game is quite easy. It really doesn’t put up much of a fight for any content that’s been released thus far, and the developers have pretty much confirmed that. The issue at hand is that end game with CT/BL is the only “real” challenge, and now even that’s being taken away. They really need to make a post and address this issue further to provide clarity.

          • riceisnice

            It sounds like they’re trying to appeal to everyone. Which is just going to make everyone angry.

          • veruses

            So it was not just me that found everything too easy. I really hope they step it up or I’m out in just the first few months.

          • James Williams

            Can i ask a question, those complaining of it being too easy, is this your first MMO too?

          • James

            I’m a longtime MMO player. I’m all for accessibility for new MMO players. You need a new breed to come in to keep MMOs healthy, but to sacrifice all source of challenging content for this reason is not the way I want too see it go.

          • Epitome

            This will be my 1st MMO sure WK1 and 2 doesn’t count. Played in the beta the content was not really hard get way easier after I figured out how to play.

        • Yuta Takemoto

          To be fair, they never lied about beta dates. I got my predictions right for how the rest of this month is going to go. I even posted on a FB group earlier today and said that I don’t know why everyone is disappointed/expected phase 4 to start this weekend. They never said it would or hinted that it would.

        • AndyLC

          That’s kind of ridiculous, considering that Final Fantasy titles aren’t known for being balls bustingly hard like Shin Megami Tensei gets, or quite as ‘grindy’ as Dragon Quest.

  • I watched the Live Letter and I thought the stuff they introduced and said was just fine. One more week and we can immerse ourselves in this beautiful game once again =^_^=

  • Ferrick

    “difficulty has been adjusted so that everyone can have fun”
    since when does setting the difficulty to easy been anything but fun =/, Yoshi really needs to set things out straight because if its too easy, its not worth it

    edit: so there will be difficulty tiers in ffxiv, that kinda makes it better i guess

    • AndyLC

      There’s already difficult tiers in missions in XIV. For example you get a “Fight the Bandits” quest, you can choose to adjust it up 5 ranks of difficulties (they just level up the monsters further).

      So if I want a challenge for my level 10 Lancer, I can set the difficulty level at “level 15” and barely survive the fights.

      Or I can leave it set at “level 10” and get something that I can beat without losing 50% of my hitpoints.

      • Ferrick

        i know about the difficulty slider on levequest, just wasn’t sure about the dungeons part

  • Christopher Nunes

    About the Pre-Order… for the PS3 version? How do I get early access on the 24th?

    And wasn’t the 4th and final phase of the Beta suppose to be on the 8th? Unless that was a rumor to be discarded?

    • Crevox


      • Christopher Nunes


  • Pyrofrost

    Soooo, adding hard/extreme modes to instances isn’t enough?
    If you want balls-to-the-wall difficulty, you have the OPTION for it.
    However, the option is also being left open for casuals to be able to participate in ALL the content. I fail to see the problem in this.

    At least the QQing here isn’t as bad as it is on the beta forums.

    • I’ve been staying away from the beta forums myself. I just check the developers stuff now. After seeing topic upon topic of complaints I just distanced myself from even opening the threads lol.

      • Pyrofrost

        Agreed, and I do the same thing. I just check the dev tracker every couple of days.
        The English general discussion forums drive me absolutely crazy. It’s like people are bored as hell, so they have nothing better to do than bitch, whine, and create an innumerable amount of duplicate topics. xD

        • LOL! Agreed so very, very much. Got to feel for the poor devs/moderators ( >_<)

          • Ferrick

            and poor yoshi p, the guy hadn’t had a decent amount of sleep since project ARR started =/

          • OMG Yes! Very true.

  • Draparde

    Im not sure why everyone’s getting all hot and bothered. they said there would be hard and extreme modes for stuff.
    (i would imagine that would include Bahamuts Labyrinth, at least a hard mode since i remember them saying Primals would get extremes but don’t remember if they said dungeons would)

    I want to also think that Crystal tower would also have a hard mode. since it, too is a dungeon.

  • AndyLC

    The Crystal Tower is a Final Fantasy III homage! But it’s not the first time it’s shown up in a FF title other than III. In FFIII, the Crystal Tower is not only a deadly dungeon frought with peril, but also leads at its spire to new dimensions of darkness…

    What’s really great about XIV is they’re throwing in elements from EEEVERY FF, to make it a unifying experience.

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