Criminal Girls Invitation Adds A New Playable Character

By Spencer . August 15, 2013 . 1:14pm

criminv18 criminv03

Criminal Girls Invitation is an expanded port of Nippon Ichi Software and Imageepoch’s PSP game for Vita. This version has a new playable character, Himekami, shown in these screenshots. The story in Criminal Girls Invitation is you have to rehabilitate girls that were semi-sinners by having them climb through the Tower of Hell. When they get to the top floor they will be ready for reincarnation.


What’s unique about the battle system is you don’t control the girls directly. Players suggest commands each turn and the girls may not listen to you. Other times they will suggest an alternate battle command.


criminv12 criminv13


Criminal Girls’ infamous "punishment" system has been expanded with touch screen mini-games and Live2D animated character models.


criminv17 criminv16 criminv15 criminv14


Criminal Girls Invitation is slated for release on November 28.


criminv01 criminv04 criminv11 criminv10 criminv09 criminv08 criminv07 criminv06 criminv05

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  • alixraen

    I neeeeed this game in my life…

  • Andrew Arndt

    so hyped :D

  • KuroNathan

    localize etc etc NISA, Arksys, xseed, spongebob whoever is listening etc etc

    • Arcana Wiz

      i want it too but did you saw the ruckus cause Xseed (my heroes) it’s localizing a light hearted brawler with boobs jiggling? If someone tries to localize this the media (kotaku, polygon, etc…) searching for easy hits will feast on this.

      • KuroNathan

        Actually a quick google search of the previous DC suspects show nothing about SKB at this time. I’m assuming they’re waiting till they’re about to ship out first before making controversy out of molehills

        • Arcana Wiz

          Kotaku already did a article and there is some people trashing on Xseed in twitter. And the worst will come with the reviews.

      • Lester Paredes

        Aint that the truth. lol.

      • ShadowDivz

        God, the game isn’t even out yet.
        THey’re like roaches. You see one, there’s bound to be others.

  • Anesia Hunter

    Localization of this plea~s~e!! >.<

  • anarchy_panty

    “Players suggest commands each turn and the girls may not listen to you. Other times they will suggest an alternate battle command.”

    That…kind of sounds really awful.

    • Highasthesky

      And that’s why there’s a punishment system…

      • Pyrotek85

        That…actually makes sense lol.

      • anarchy_panty

        Gross. I didn’t want to make any assumptions (even though I kind of figured), but that’s really gross.

        • Highasthesky

          Really? i kinda want Pokemon to adopt the system….damn traded Pokemon…

          • anarchy_panty

            I don’t know, man. I usually try not to sound like some kind of tumblr-tier social justice warrior, but a game system where you literally beat women if they don’t listen to you is pretty repugnant.

            That’s if I’m understanding it right. Maybe they’re all BDSM chicks who are totally into it, which is better, but still not all that great considering how the screenshots seem to be portraying it.

          • supervamp

            Where did it ever say that you beat them?
            You can hardly see whats going on in the pictures and looks more like your removing fog and trying to get a clear picture then any sort of reacting.

          • anarchy_panty

            Both girls are clearly crying.
            One of the pics has a whip.
            The other pic has a fucking electrified prod.

            EDIT: Well, there’s the one where she’s getting whipped but not reacting to it. Don’t really know what to make of that.

          • supervamp

            One has a whip and a electric prod being taken to some kind of monsters? particles?
            If you’re zaping and whipping the icons of the girls until the picture goes into fog and then you zap and whip whatever those things are to get a clear picture, that sounds more frustrating to me then damaging to my womanhood

          • anarchy_panty


            You’re clearly beating this girl. Maybe she’s into it, I don’t know. It seems icky to me. I have no idea why you’re being so antagonist toward me when I haven’t tried to shame anyone for liking this game or wanting it to be localized or whatever. I find the punishment system offensive. That’s all I’ve really said.

          • supervamp

            I already saw the trailer for it so i understand now, it looks pretty nice.
            Especially if they add in live 2d, those erotic pictures will look so nice.

            Well it’s fine if you fine fine offensive but don’t think all women will feel that way nor should you think it’s problem just because it’s your opinion it’s a problem

            Edit: All you did was tap her 3 times while she called you stupid and then it didn’t even show the pic. I’m disappointed

          • anarchy_panty

            When did I claim all women will or should feel the same way I do?

            And I do think this is a problem. It doesn’t seem like a very positive representation of women, and it definitely doesn’t seem like a positive representation of BDSM relationships. I am completely entitled to think that this is a problem, much as you’re entitled to think it’s erotic or fun or however you feel about it.

          • supervamp

            It’s just something happens when people go on these self righteous moral trips for “women’s rights”.

            Well like i said you can find it offensive but when people start talking about how their opinion of something problematic makes it an actual problem they usually start trying to change the thing they find problematic.

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            They’re human forms of the 7 deadly sins and criminals. The place is practically hell or jail. Stop trying to bring real world issues into places it doesn’t long.

          • Duo Maxwell

            People should learn the difference between 2D and 3D. Surprisingly, the feminists are actually the one who can’t distinguish those 2 things. I treat women with my utmost respect, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy games like this.

          • anarchy_panty

            “this person objects to a game where you beat women into submission to make them preform better for you fucking feminist 3DPD am I right LOL”

          • Final Agent

            You can see the entire pic should you perfect the punishment at the highest difficulty.

          • Final Agent

            It’s certainly not for everyone, the RPG and fighting is fun and the minigames (punishment) are actually a lot of fun too but yeah, a punishment is a punishment, the first punishment is spanking, the 2nd is shock treatment (which is more like you poking them with a hand buzzer from their CGs), the third was… umm, err, slime torment? Water torture? I was never really sure, the girls kept complaining about how slimy it felt. The fourth was… I forgot, the mini game was actually more memorable for the 4th in that it was nightmarishly hard to perfect lol.

          • Anesia Hunter

            Crying where? If you meant that sweat drop, that’s not a tear.

          • Highasthesky

            Came for boobs and got boobs, i’m happy. It’s Japan try not to take it too seriously, i’v seen much worse.

          • anarchy_panty

            So have I. I just…I don’t know dude. This game is just getting under my skin, for whatever reason.

          • supervamp

            Because your morals are overreacting

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      He’s not really explaining it right. Plus, they almost always do listen. I don’t think I ran into situations when they didn’t. Depending on who you have out on the field at once, they may end up doing a team attack. You’re are in plenty of control.
      That is, assuming they drastically changed it in the Vita version which I doubt.

      • supervamp

        Then what’s the point of the punishment system if they listen to you all the time? and by not being in control he meant you don’t control the characters directly

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          In battle, you gain Oshioki Points (Punishment Points) and use that in the bedroom to punish the girls and increase their stats/gain new skills/open up new skill trees. Its the game’s EXP system basically.

          • supervamp

            I liked the idea of reforming them but that just sounds like sadism for the sake of sadism and exp sharing-cough cough-

        • Final Agent

          Directly speaking, there punishment system is a glorified Skill trainer. Each punishment raises the girls stats slightly and gives them access to new skills to suggest. For example, Tomoe (the huge boobed one) gets access to AoE physical moves and powerful self buffs while Shin (green haired one) gets access to chain moves that will force other girls to use some of their better moves one after the other and can recover MP for the entire team.

          The further along the girls are, the more reformed they are, the more inclined they are to not be as annoying. Meaning, they’ll agree to team up with others, support each other and use their stronger abilities more often.

          Essentially, there’s no real customization so the team you’ll have in the final dungeon will always be the same but it’s a funny way to prevent the girls from being too OP.

          Technically speaking, the punishment system is unnecessary but it’s not entirely for nothing either. The fighting system is pretty good too, with 4 suggestions per turn, you can select whichever seems turn appropriate, or you can switch in a character from the sidelines, which resets EVERYONE’S suggestions and gives you a sort of mulligan.

          The AI is decent, the healers will suggest healing spells pretty often should a teammate be low and the tank will suggest Provoke commonly should it not have been casted yet. Seriously, it’s fun.

          • supervamp

            Ahhh, it makes me wanna play. I’m looking up what the punishment looks like just so i can finally see what’s up

    • AndyLC

      It’s like Digimon or Monster Rancher in that regard.

    • ShadowDivz

      Sometimes you just see the character resting instead of having an attack listed. I think that’s what the author meant.

  • TheExile285

    Aaaaaaaaand never coming to America lol

    • mike dickson

      imports imports everywhere

  • Arcana Wiz

    second game jrpg news that will never leave Japan. *sigh.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Loving those new HD portraits but it doesn’t seem like they upgraded the sprites – which is a shame because they’re great. I just hope the new touch screen mini games aren’t as RAGE INDUCING as the PSP’s originals. Those things literally got me frustrated.

  • This game is wanted for stealing all my want =P

    I think NISA needs to arrest them =^_^=

  • harmonyworld

    can I get a crimnal boys maybe?

    • xXDGFXx

      Criminal Traps. I want it.

    • DyLaN

      I think there HAD to be an otome/BL VN with similar topic somewhere in Japan. I dunno.

  • mojack411

    The punishment system is the single reason this will never leave Japan. I had other reasons before Senran Kagura was announced for localization that nullified all of them.

    • ShadowDivz

      A miracle no?

  • AkuLord3

    Oh cool i always liked Himekami from before so now i really want this game

  • almostautumn

    Jesus; the bruises in that team-picture are really kind-of brutal. To be honest, that actually just turned me off quite a bit from being a “localizer” shouter; it’s kind-of fucked up that beating on these girls is the gameplay. Seen too much of that shit in real-life already, and those bruises, even as drawings, really bring back some dark memories of when I worked at a hospital for a little bit…

    • Anesia Hunter

      it’s supposed to be sort of s&m instead of abuse… (and yes s&m and abuse are not the same.)

      • almostautumn

        Have you played this game? I had the PSP copy for a little while (Language-Barrier was too tough). I mean, I do not know Japanese, but from playing it there was no S&M; it’s called Criminal Girls, and the point is that they are serving you. When they “act out,” you’re not pleasuring their fetish; you’re beating them.
        I see a lot of people saying that in this comment section; I can assure you that No, it is not the case. The intention is to inspire the gamers own S&M sexual-incentive, sure, but the actual point of it inside the game-world is to beat, to punish— there is nothing sexual about it in-game, and that’s why there is so much dissentry about it.
        I mean, this might be the one time I just bail from any discussion, because, quite honestly, I think I genuinely do not want this to be localized, no differant than Rapelay or any of Japan’s other rape stuff— I really find this stuff disgusting and awful, but particularly because, again, I’ve witnessed beaten women, and yes, even a raped woman once. Broke my damn heart to see that damage…

        • seiya19

          It’s a videogame. It’s not real. No woman was, or will ever be harmed because of it. It’s perfectly fine not to like it (I’m barely curious about it), but to bring up real life issues as a reason to not localize it makes no sense, specially given how nonsensical it is.

          Personally, I’m against killing people, to the point of being against the death penalty which many countries still have, including the US. I would only consider it as a last resort to save my life or someone I care about, and only in that hypothetical moment. And yet, I have no problem with killing in gaming, which is far too common in it… The difference between reality and fiction changes everything. Doesn’t the same apply to you ?

          Let’s not forget that in GTA you can beat up innocent people to death, including women. All this with a much more realistic visual style. And these games get highly praised by critics and end up selling millions in the West. So, how is this game any worse ? In my book, GTA is on the same level as Rapelay content-wise, so the fact that one is not only accepted, but praised, while the other is banned and demonized is pure hypocrisy to me.

        • ShadowDivz

          Okay, i don’t know where the fuck that came from, but it’s pretty obvious you are not the intended audience.

          Seriously, what the shit dude? Anyways, i actually played the first one and loved it. And i wouldn’t even call it abuse. It’s spanking at best. If this is your reaction(im assuming you are at least a casual gamer) imagine the rants that will ensue, if this gets localized.

          And by the way those aren’t abuse marks, it’s just the way the artist colors.

          And please, try to differentiate reality and games.

    • Mr_SP

      …What bruises? You mean the group pic with all of them, right? Isn’t that natural skin tone colouration? It doesn’t look like bruises at all.

  • Vash bane

    live2d? that sounds .. really familiar(possible ive seen it on youtube with android or something) this sounds interesting.

    • ShadowDivz

      A guy posted a video explaining it on the last Criminal Girls article.

  • ShadowDivz

    It’s gonna be fun to play criminal girls again. AND YOU GET TO USE HIMEKAMI THIS TIME AROUND!

    Fighting the last boss again on the other hand…

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