Dragon’s Crown for PS3 & PS Vita $5 Off, Xenoblade Chronicles is… $75?

By Viet Do . August 17, 2013 . 11:00am


While not exactly a runner-up for the biggest savings of the year, last week’s release of Dragon’s Crown for the PS3 and PS Vita can be had at GameStop for a flat $5 discount. The new coupon on Dragon’s Crown stacks with the free shipping coupon SAVER, giving you a chance to save a trip to the local GameStop. The PS3 version is $44.99 after discount, while the PS Vita version is $34.99.


If you’re planning to grab more than one title, use the $15 off coupon GUST15 – valid for in-stock games and accessories totaling $59.99 or more, and yielding a much higher discount than the flat $5 coupon GUST5. Check out the full list of console game deals on the table below.


On the other GameStop “deals” front, they’ve somehow magically restocked “limited quantities” of the out-of-print Xenoblade Chronicles at a hefty price of $89.99. I guess when you slap a “vintage classic” tag on an out-of-print game, you can just call it an exclusive classic (2012 release) and charge above market price?


Word on the forums is that GameStop most likely just re-printed new Xenoblade Chronicles copies and called them “pre-owned” so they can charge the higher price. We’re not too surprised.  A quick search on eBay reveals that street price for the game is currently around $80-90. If you have no choice but to grab it from GameStop, at least the aforementioned coupon works, reducing the ridiculous price tag of $89.99 to $74.99.


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) $89.99 17% $74.99
Dynasty Warriors 8 (PS3, 360) $59.99 17% $49.99
Pikmin 3 (Wii U) $59.99 17% $49.99
Tales of Xillia (PS3) $59.99 17% $49.99
Angry Birds Trilogy (Wii U) $49.99 10% $44.99
The Last of Us (PS3) $59.99 25% $44.99
Dragon’s Crown (PS3) $49.99 10% $44.99
Phineas & Ferb Quest for Cool Stuff (360, Wii U) $39.99 13% $34.99
Angry Birds Trilogy (Wii) $39.99 13% $34.99
Dragon’s Crown (PS Vita) $39.99 13% $34.99
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (3DS) $39.99 13% $34.99
Project X Zone (3DS) $39.99 38% $24.99
Phineas & Ferb Quest for Cool Stuff (Wii, 3DS, DS) $29.99 17% $24.99


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  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    GameStop gives my a massive headache. I think Nintendo should start selling some wii games digital

    • Foxeh Shihōin

      would be nice if they did that to gamecube games as well!

      • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • “Word on the forums is that GameStop most likely just re-printed new Xenoblade Chronicles copies and called them “pre-owned” so they can charge the higher price.”

    When i worked at gamestop(just left recently), they just bought xenoblade chronicles for nearly 40 bucks and advertised such in stores. certainly people who didnt know how much they could sell it for online, sold it to gamestop and gamestop sells it back for an inflated price.

    i highly doubt that there was in-house reprinting going on.

    • Romancer Ecclesia

      Thing is Gamestop has exclusive rights to distribution or something like that. So they effectively have a monopoly on the sale of the game.

      • but does that give them the permission or the resources to basically bootleg a game?

      • Soma

        GameStop only had rights to distribute the title, not rights to manufacturing. They cannot make another pressing of the game.
        In the past, third part companies have been able to arrange deals with publishers to make additional pressings of out of print games, but it’s rare these days.

        This whole quote bothers me: “Word on the forums is that GameStop most likely just re-printed new Xenoblade Chronicles copies and called them “pre-owned” so they can charge the higher price.”

        Word on the forums? Really? Do you think that word is reputable? Did the original forum post give any sources as to where this information was obtained? Why is this being posted on Siliconera?

        • ugh, this is exacly what i felt when reading this.

    • HilariousNPC

      It’s always crazy to me how far Nintendo fans will go to absolve the Big N from having any blame whatsoever.

      Think (objectively) about it for half a second. Who do you think would have to sign off on an official printing of a game for the Nintendo Wii on official Nintendo media of a game that Nintendo published? Did you say Nintendo? Because that’s the only way more copies of this game got printed.

      I don’t know how some people have gotten in their heads that there’s actually some back-alley shenanigans that don’t somehow involve submitting a purchase order for discs to be printed that goes through BOTH Nintendo of America and NCL in Japan, but that isn’t actually a scenario that exists in real life.

      GameStop probably approached Nintendo and asked for a reprint that they’d be reselling as “used”. Nintendo was like, “Ok, we’ll totally do that for you.” And that’s the story of how Nintendo and GameStop tag-teamed people who wanted to play Xenoblade.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Let’s keep the posts on topic and end the assumptions. The poster you responded to at no point said a thing about defending the Big N. Most of these sold as used reprints in the past were of PS2 or PS1 games meaning Sony also has seen involvement with the practice.

        • HilariousNPC

          I’m sorry for responding to the wrong person, as my original reply should have been attached to Romancer Ecclesia’s post. However, in this situation the absence of inclusion is absolution. You have people furious about the situation, and Nintendo’s name isn’t mentioned anywhere, it’s simply “Gamestop did this or Gamestop did that”. Especially as evidenced by Viet’s quote from the article here:

          “Word on the forums is that GameStop most likely just re-printed new Xenoblade Chronicles copies and called them “pre-owned” so they can charge the higher price.”

          GameStop absolutely CANNOT reprint copies of games without the publisher’s permission. That isn’t assumption or speculation. It’s fact. Gamestop doesn’t have the source code to the game. If they did, they’d be a co-publisher. As evidence, I cite every retailer relationship in existence. Wal-Mart can’t go print more copies of Star Wars. If you want to “end the assumptions” I’d suggest approaching Viet to change his line to something that wasn’t citing anonymous internet sources, or if he still wants to keep this, Viet should acknowledge that Nintendo has to be involved in any reprint of Xenoblade.

          “Most of these sold as used reprints in the past were of PS2 or PS1 games meaning Sony also has seen involvement with the practice.”

          No, this doesn’t. It’s an entirely different situation, unless the PS2/PS1 games you’re referencing were Sony published games. Nintendo owns the publishing rights to Xenoblade, which is precisely what makes them culpable in this situation. The publisher is the one that has to put the order through to print more copies. (BTW, I don’t even know why you’d bring this up. If Sony’s responsible for doing something similar with Gamestop that raised as much fury, and nobody bothered pointing out that Sony was party to the affront, I’d be on them, too. SItuations like this won’t get resolved by allowing one of the primary offenders to keep their name out of the mud.)

          The only reason I pointed out that Nintendo controls all the pressing of their own media on the Wii was to end all incorrect speculation that there’s some way that Gamestop did all this without Nintendo’s compliance. Every point of the supply chain in this situation is either partially or wholly under Nintendo’s control.

  • Chaos_Knight

    *sees Xenoblade Chronicles price*


    • AnimusVox

      I know….

  • Junko Enoshima

    I sold my used Xenoblade for $98, so that’s a good deal if it’s new.

    • Dokuro

      That’s price is insane! O_o

    • That’s despair inducing price !

    • Slayven19

      Your avatar shows how happy you are for doing that.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    It’s stupid pricing like this that makes me feel sorry for people who are yet to play Xenoblade.

    • Chaos_Knight

      I regret not being able to play this any time sooner. T.T

    • 하세요

      Another huge factor is many have USB Config and homebrewed Wii’s so many have played for the good ol price of $Free.99

      People have played it definitely. I admit I haven’t but I blame Monster Hunter Portable 3rd ._.’

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      I have the same problem with Panzer Dragoon Saga, I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, Operation Darkness, Siren: New Translation, Skies Of Arcadia (And Skies Of Arcadia Legends on the GC), Crimson Gem Saga, Radiant Historia, Metroid Prime Trilogy, a few of the Fire Emblem games and many more. Great games that are so rare and overpriced that only a few persons might play it.

      I do own a few of those titles and I have to wonder why are collectors so insane at times.

      • Your Face

        Radiant Historia isn’t rare anymore.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    I hopped on that Xenoblade train right away and put mine up on Ebay.

  • SolarisSpell

    Well, I remember a time when games like Final Fantasy VI, Xenogears, Symphony of the Night and others were more expensive than their consoles.

    It’s pretty rare nowadays, but I’m not really shocked for Xenoblade price.

  • Omikuji

    Hrm, so is Xenoblade really that rare so suddenly? I mean, it’s story does remind me of how Radiant Historia was suddenly over one hundred in less then a year, but then it got a reprint. I know it’s supposed to be a good game, but there must be a serious demand for it if the price shot up like that, or a serious lack of numbers was printed.

    I got the game for Christmas but I remember seeing it at the store for $25 around then, I wouldn’t dare sell it because I’m a collector not a trader/seller.

    • Kamakuma

      You’d best hang on to your games seriously. I painfully and dreadfully had to sell some of my gems for some quick cash not too long ago I remember crying myself to sleep as well… x’D

      Point is certain game stores will solidly rip you off and basically laugh it off with that in-store credit crap. Which I want nothing to do with seriously…

      Btw brought in my entire .hack (G.U and originals) collection to see how much I’d get and they wanted to give me $15 with a crap load of in store credit… -___- (My finger was never flipped so quickly in my life and I went home. >___>)

  • TheExile285

    $25 for Project x Zone is a steal IMO.

    If I had some more money, I’d buy Dragons Crown on PS3 since I already have the Vita version and love it.

    Xenoblade price is ridiculous. This is why we have DD stores….


    49,99 or 34,99 for angry birds? wow

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      I wouldn’t pay 1 dollar for it, let alone 50. Unless they fixed the physics (Which are horrendous).

      • Testsubject909

        I’d just go on Newgrounds.

        Angry Birds is just another clone of an age old game that’s been around the internet ever since Flash has been a thing.


          when I was younger a friend of mine used to play a game identical to Angry birds except that we used TNT instead of birds, it was like 6-7 seven years ago

        • HilariousNPC

          You’re talking about Crush the Castle. Angry Birds straight up copied some of their level designs, too.

  • Tiramii

    I forever regret not preordering this back then. ;___;

  • Demeanor

    Angry birds? Full priced? Wasn’t that a 1$ cash cow mobile game? O_o I’m lost.

  • Wondering_Zero

    I would have been fine with buying Xenoblade Chronicles at $50 to $60, used. But for $90? Yeah, no thanks. $75 is still a little too much IMO, I might as well ask around my friends and see if they’ll sell it for $50.

    As long as the Wii U Xeno game isn’t connected to Xenoblade Chronicles I’m in no hurry whatsoever.

  • brian

    I noticed something weird about their pricing.
    I got the Sly Cooper collection at K-mart (a department store without much emphasis on games but they do have a decent selection) for $15.
    Amazon has it for just over $15, and gamestop has it for $30 the past couple times I checked, and I think it started out at 30 or 40.

    • Solomon_Kano

      That’s odd. Especially since they sell Thieves in Time for just $20 new.

  • Solomon_Kano

    If only I’d waited a week. Ah well.

  • Skye Johnson

    The Xenoblade price is ridiculous. It’s a great game. But that price… Nintendo needs to just do an official reprint. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance is pretty expensive, too. But if you want to buy it, use that coupon, and take advantage of the buy 2 used wii games get 1 free that they’ve got going on until Tuesday. That would help (technically) offset the cost.

  • Jordan Coleman

    Not in store I assume?

  • Ali

    My lord……I have both Xenoblade and Metroid Trilogy and never realised its selling for this much. Im so lucky considering I bought the mentioned games and also own Valkyria Chronicles (PS3), Folklore (not that rare), Zelda TP for the Gamecube (which goes for quite a penny), Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes (Gamecube) which was a gift, Skies of Arcadia(GC), ICO (ps2) Valkyrie Profile (psx) and wait for it………..Suikoden II. Don’t I have an eye for rare gems AND killer taste in vidya games!!

    • Aunna Terrell

      Unfortunately, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus aren’t going for much either. XD I know for ICO, my store (a retro video gaming store) sells it for $9.99 and that was with the original cover and manual too. But it’s currently sold out. XD

  • katamari damacy

    I feel mega ripped off for buying the limited edition of Project X Zone. It seems it won’t sell for much in the end

    • 하세요

      You act like getting the Limited Edition was more money, unless you imported it from Japan where they indeed had to pay more. It was a pre-order bonus; essentially free.

      • katamari damacy

        It is more money. I spent $39.99 on it originally. Now the game can be bought for 25 dollars a month after release. The Limited Edition aspect isn’t enough to justify a 15 dollar increase.
        Had I waited a month, it would have been $25. The fact that it is a limited edition apparently does nothing for its resale value considering that it’s going dirt cheap instead of exhausting it’s print run.

        • almostautumn

          Dude, you need to pay attention. There are an exceptionally few videogames that do not recieve $10-20 price-cuts within the first two months anymore. There’s too much competition, and honestly paying “New” for a game is something you should do, at this point, only if you are genuinely invested into what it’s offerings.
          And i’m talking retail with that 10 or 20. On Ebay, I find games out within a month for half-off all of the time. Really, if you haven’t noticed the way videogame prices work, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

  • xxx128

    I played dragons crown today and i have to say its every bit as awesome as it shaped up to be. If you are a fan of real videogames apart from the mass market products that are being force fed down our throats these days you will be in gamer heaven. It is that good…

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