Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z Has Full Power Form Frieza, Captain Ginyu, And More

By Spencer . August 21, 2013 . 3:06am


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z will have over 70 playable characters including Super Saiyan God Goku. "Super Saiyan God Goku is a very important character in the movie [Battle of Gods]. In terms of character balance, I am trying to make God Goku a little bit stronger than the other characters, but we are still working on balance," producer Shuhei Sekii said to Siliconera.


ss03_1b ss03_3b ss03_2b


Sekii also explained characters in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z are split into four different types: fighting, ki blast, support, and interference. These 23 characters are confirmed for the game:

Fighting Type


Super Saiyan Goku



Burter (also Interference)

Frieza Second Form

Full Power Frieza

Super Saiyan God Goku


Ki Blast Type

Picollo (also Interference)



Frieza Soldier

Captain Ginyu (also Support)

Frieza First Form (also Interference)

Frieza Third Form

Frieza Final Form (also Interference)


Support Type

Kid Gohan


Krillin (also Interference)

Yamcha (also Interference)


Interference Type





Concept art hints that Bills, the main antagonist in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, will be in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z too. You can also see Future Trunks, Kid Trunks Super Saiyan Kid Gohan, Boo, Broly, and Cell too, but we kind of expected those characters to be in the game.



Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z will be released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Vita in 2014.

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  • Rini11

    Looks promising:)

  • Demeanor

    70+ characters and the like (looking at you as well, Ninja Storm) means they’ll all play the same with minor, flashy differences. Sigh. Still won’t be able to hold a candle to 10-30 characters fighting games imo :P actually, I should consider this a different genre altogether, a “flashy brawler”.

    • Dragard Kaos

      I hope you’re wrong, but you’re probably right. I wish they’d go to Arc System Works or even Capcom to make a real fighting game. Or hell, just make Budokai 4.

      • Kaihedgie

        No company can really do Dragon Ball Z justice since everyone really does fight the same with very minor differences in between in the source material

        • 하세요

          I agree here. There’s just not enough differences in the characters themselves. They have a few moves but besides that, it’s Dash / Instant Transmission + ATATATATATATATATTATA WACHAAAAA!!

        • Crimson_Cloud

          I don’t know, my favorite DB game is still Tenkaichi 3. It was really fun and if they just needed to upgrade that a bit further, not scrap away and made the new one with Ultimate Tenkaichi..

        • Fox

          Artdink will do it justice.

          Mostly because they don’t make fighting games. So, yeah, it probably won’t be a good fighter… but fighting games don’t really do a great job of replicating the DB experience. Action-combat games do, and guess what Artdink’s forte is?

      • Joshua

        If you’re looking for serious fighting games based on the Dragonball franchise, you’re looking for the Japan-exclusive Shin Butoden games on Sega Saturn.

        • Seraph

          Which was based off Ultimate Battle 22 on the PS1

    • Hines Green III

      Actually the genre is “Arena Fighter” since huge stages and moving about in them is the main deal.

    • Koibito888

      As long as the characters have different combos and forms and attacks (like storm) who cares? It’s an anime game, it’s main goal should be representing how the characters fight in the anime while making the gameplay fun and epic. Flashy is what these series are about and the closer they get to realism relative to the fictional series the better. That’s most important, as long as the differences are seeable how in storm everyone has their own unique epic combos and supers and ultimates.

  • leingod

    So the enemy in Battle of the Gods is some kind of Anubis dog?

    Anyway… I just hope the fighting’s good. The gameplay of the last DBZ game was like an interactive movie thing… and it got old really fast.

    • Kaihedgie

      It’s actually a cat.

      Here’s a bit of a demo of just what Goku is up against: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imiryMHYPB0

    • Sardorim

      Dunno… Bills was defeated rather easily by his master and they haven’t touched the paint yet on what a SSJGod can do considering Goku still couldn’t fully master it in the end and his actions as SSJGod pale in-comparison to SSJ4 Gogeta by a wide margin.

      • leingod

        Guess fans will debate forever on which is the true follow up to SSJ3

        • Koibito888

          Considering one is not canon, the only follow up could be SSJG. Plus, SSJ4 is a branch form anyway that you only need SSJ1 to get so it’s not even progression as much as it is a ‘true form’ type of deal. God form is the same way just makes more sense so neither are a follow up exactly, just one is canon while one never happened in the universe of DBZ or DB.

          • Syn

            Man this cannon crap is getting annoying, so we sayng Broly isnt canon either?? cos from what I know he isnt in any manga, and was designed by someone else, youre everywhere bout this GT nonsense, SSJG doesnt even seem all powerful at this point in terms of feats seen in the movie either.

          • Sardorim

            He’s just trying to dismiss GT because “canon” yet all the movies prior to GT get a free pass because they’re DBZ and not GT. Fact still remains that SSJG, while powerful, was too weak to beat Bills whose even weaker than Weiss as well as the fact that SSJG Goku didn’t do anything that would set him above SSJ4 or SSJ4 Gogeta by a long shot.

          • Koibito888

            I’m actually not. The movies aren’t canon either. The only movies actually canon to the series are Battle of Gods being written by the author, Yo! Son Goku and Friends Return! because Battle of Gods mentions this movie, and only sort of History of Trunks as the basis was in the manga but some details were messed with. And I just already explained to you why SSJG is in fact stronger.

          • Koibito888

            We ARE saying Broly isn’t canon. He’s not in the manga and was designed by someone else, that’s the definition of non-canon. The reason we aren’t touching on the movies as much is because Goku is being discussed, a character displayed in both canon and non canon things. Why we are discussing GT is because you cannot take things applied to GT Goku and apply them to Z Goku, you have to treat them as two separate characters because they are two stories that have little to no barring on each other.

            Plus, by feats yes he does seem all that powerful due to feats in the movie. SSJ3 Goku can punch (without energy blast) a hole through the mass of 10 Earths while SSJ4 Goku had trouble with the weight of a car and the weight of a city. Both things being consistent aside, even at the maximum of that, barely being able to tilt a city, SSJ3 Goku by feats is already stronger than SSJ4 Goku, and Bills took that power casually without flinching. Then SSJG nearly closes that gap, that IS hugely more powerful than SSJ4 by feats right there.

          • Sardorim

            Fans that actually care for the series would disagree with you. Furthermore canon doesn’t change that those characters are popular and were granted approval before their creation. Which means that Toriyama himself allowed them to have the power they had as they didn’t say they couldn’t be as strong as they are. Than there’s also the fact that Toriyama absolutely loved SSJ4, even if he had issues with other parts of GT, so he does acknowledge its existence, their popularity, and how powerful SSJ4 is compared to anything in DBZ or the DBZ movies by far.

            And no, none of SSJ3 Goku’s feats even come close to SSJ4 Goku’s feats. Especially considering that SSJ4 Goku had to fight far stronger opponents like Baby, whose ritual was copied for SSJG, Super 17, or Omega Shenron who would all eat Bills for breakfast.

          • Koibito888

            I do care for the series, I’m not saying that non canon automatically makes it bad. In fact, I love most non canon things, the Bardock movie was awesome, the first two Broly movies are great, they are popular for a reason and are awesome and I love them. I just accept that they did not happen in the DBZ universe and that if Goku or another canon character does something in that universe, that I can’t assume that they can in the main, canon universe. Like in Bio Broly, Trunks uses Kamehameha. I can’t assume that just because he did it there that he can in DBZ, do you see what I’m saying?

            I do thing GT was bad, it was poorly written and they wrote out the use of every single character save Goku and Vegeta. But this is besides the point, the fact that it’s non canon does not make it bad, that is not the reason at all. I just know that for non canon and canon you can’t fit it all together. Like take the Broly movie which claims to take place between the days before the Cell Games. This is impossible considering Goku and Gohan never once left Super Saiyan during that time, that right there is a contradiction and cannot fit in the canon, doesn’t make it bad, it was a great movie, it just is in another universe as a what if. This is further stressed by Toriyama himself who views the movies as in another universe. GT is the same. You can’t assume that GT Goku can do what Z Goku can and vice versa, they are two different interpretations from the character.

            Now as I explained that, something came to mind. Since the movie add the plot of multiple universes, if Toriyama uses that to place the movies (as in saying yeah, Goku and Gohan left SSJ and fought Broly just in another universe) then that makes it canon. They could do the same with GT and make that canon. Would GT originally still be written bad if the only change it was given was canon status? Yes. And if in that canon thing there they make Goku SSJ4 stronger than God Goku, then yes you would be right, but that would be a retcon as SSJ4 has shown nothing of the sort. But as for power I’m leaving that to the other discussion we’re having on this page lol. My point to make here is that yes, those characters are great, and they should definitely be under the DB title, I personally love them, they are great. What I am saying is that when you take a character that is in both a movie and the canon series and they do something they had never done in the canon series, that does not automatically give them the ability to do the same thing in canon such as Trunks using Kamehameha or Goku absorbing the Spirit Bomb into himself or anything like that. That has nothing to do with the characters created especially for said movies, only the comparison of canon characters to their movie counterparts. They are all good, canon does not effect that, but what it does determine is character ability in certain canons.

        • Sardorim

          Not really.

          SSJ1 -> Ascended -> SSJ2 -> Majin -> Legendary -> SSJ3 -> SSJ3 Legendary Broly -> SSJG -> ??? -> SSJ4

          SSJG is merely a stepping stone before SSJ4. Hell, maybe even much weaker than Baby Vegeta since the SSJG ritual was just an altered version of what Baby had done as well as being a merely recolored uninspired Kiao-Ken.

          Obviously fusions would break through this. Such as SSJ2 Goku/Vegeta fused being much stronger than SSJ3 Goku by a long shot for example.

          • Koibito888

            You can’t just shove forms in there like that. First off, Majin isn’t even a Saiyan form so I don’t see why you’re adding it as such. Legendary SSJ is non canon, and LSSJ3 is even less canon, only being a hypothetical in the game so you can’t even apply it to real DBZ forms, and 4 is just as non canon.

            As such, in the central DBZ actuality it goes:

            SSJ1 -> branch forms Ascended SSJ1 and Ultra SSJ1

            SSJ1 -> SSJ2 -> SSJ3 (because branch forms go off to the side, not in a straight line, they are unnatural forms brought on by pumping one’s power)

            Then SSJG is it’s own thing. It’s not a stepping stone for anything, you don’t need Super Saiyan to get it, only 6 pure hearted Saiyans to feed their power to one which unlocks this form. It’s not a branch, a stepping stone, just something that surpasses the Saiyan’s greatest strength and brings that greater strength up to it’s level.

            You’re adding not only non-canon things that have no bearing on the central canon into this, but then you’re speculating and just getting facts wrong and you just can’t do that if you’re to be giving any sort of valid points.

          • Sardorim

            Not shoving forms, that’s simply the way it is. SSJ4 is still the established strongest form in the DB franchise. Also, if we were going for canon than anything that isn’t in the manga shouldn’t be considered at all which would in turn take away what makes DB franchise great as much of its popularity and great characters came outside the Manga in the first place.

            Which means SSJG, which yo seem to love so much despite how weak and uninspired it is, shouldn’t be considered either.

            Furthermore, canon or not. They were still granted t he right to make those forms, such as SSJ4 Goku which the main guy himself absolutely loved. Or SSJ3 Gogeta which is extremely popular and far more powerful than anything established in DBZ by itself.

          • Koibito888

            No, written by the author and mentions in that writing are what make things canon. Toriyama made this movie so it is canon and so is SSJG which you would actually see how inspired it is if you would pay attention to detail and what Toriyama’s writing is all about as far as DB is concerned. Power is another conversation but it is very powerful.

            What I’m saying is you’re trying to force non canon things into the canon like LSSJ and even more ridiculous LSSJ3 when those are both just awesome what ifs but can’t be put in the line of SSJ forms as if it’s one large canon. You can’t just say SSJ3 Legendary is a part of it like you posted above, that’s an awesome yet illogical what if for fun, not canon (no matter how awesome it actually is).

      • Koibito888

        Well first off there is no “mastery of God form”. It just is, it’s a peaceful form that Goku can hold to a time limit. Goku full power could not beat Bills and Weiss is leagues above both of them. Bills by feats should very well be stronger than anything that happened outside of the realm of canon (meaning GT) and SSJG Goku alone is more than likely much stronger than SSJ4. Vegeta most likely will be getting the form too so if SSJG Gogeta is possible for more than a few seconds it’d be eons above SSJ4 Gogeta.

        • Sardorim

          Doubtul. From what I saw in the movie Bills was actually very weak compared to what SSJ4 Gogeta was able to do against Omega Sheron. A real fight would be SSJ4 Gogeta vs Weiss who is already established being many times stronger than Bills.

          SSJG also being stronger than SSJ4? Doubtful. Nothing SSJG Goku did even compared to how ridiculously powerful SSJ4 Goku still is.

          • Koibito888

            Considering what we’ve seen in the series (we can only go off what we’ve seen, remember that, no speculation here) Goku had trouble taking the weight of a car and in another scene could barely lift a city (which in of itself is inconsistent) while SSJ3 Goku beginning of movie punches a hole in the density of about 10x that of earth. This would literally put canon movie SSJ3 Goku above GT SSJ4 Goku already considering feats. These are not opinions, these are facts based on what we have literally watched with our own eyes in the series, there is no interpretation needed. Goku uses this same force to punch Bills and not only does Bills catch it, but there is no destruction around him, Bills literally tanks all of this damage with no splash over. Furthermore with a mere flick to the head is that same SSJ3 Goku sent flying and blood flows from his lip. This is the largest gap in power we have ever seen in Z or GT concerning Goku or another character of importance. Considering actual facts about each series, Goku is already stronger in SSJ3 than GT suggests SSJ4 is (remember, we’ve seen the examples of this) which means Bills is already leagues above SSJ4 Goku yet SSJG clears that huge gap in power yet is still not able to beat Bills, he’s only strong enough to wear Bills out to the point where he doesn’t feel like destroying the earth.

            So with pure facts we’ve established that SSJG is stronger than SSJ4. Then here’s another little additive to that: After obtaining the SSJG form, Goku legitimately gains a power up. When he leaves SSJG and remains in SSJ1, Bills notes that Goku did not actually lose that much power. This means that now, SSJ1 Goku at the end of the movie is stronger than SSJ3 Goku at the beginning of the movie (to what extent we don’t know, just that it’s almost the gap between SSJ3 Goku and Bills) which was already stronger than SSJ4.

            This also means that because Super Saiyan forms are always consistent multipliers rather than things to be surpassed and unused, now SSJ2 is twice that strength of end of movie SSJ1 and SSJ3 is four times that power of SSJ2. This puts Z Goku eons above SSJ4 Goku.

            I don’t know where you’re getting this ‘ridiculously powerful’ nonsense when SSJ4 Goku’s feats have him inconsistently having trouble with the weight of a car and the weight of a city, both of which SSJ3 Goku in Z would have no trouble with judging by proven, on screen feats.

          • Sardorim

            Pretty big bloat of text. There are inconsistencies in all shows. The issue is that in all of SSJ4 Gogeta’s scenes he’s literally manhandling a Godly being without breaking a sweat while SSJG Goku could barely keep up with Bills whose already established as being far from the strongest after Wiess easily takes him out.

            I also disagree. SSJ3 Goku is nowhere near as powerful as SSJ4 Goku. Especially when SSJ3 Goku couldn’t even make Baby sweat while SSJ4 Goku was making Baby desperate and ultimately lead to his overwhelming defeat.

            Also, that isn’t a fact as even with all that going for DBZ SSJ3 Goku he still proved extremely weak against Bills who himself ias actually weak due to Wiess – now that’s a fact. SSJ4 Goku on the other hand was shown to be extremely powerful in all his appearances.

            So going by facts SSJ3 DBZ Goku has already been shown being much weaker than Bills, Weiss, Nova Shenron, Baby, Syn Shenron, SSJ4 Goku, SSJ4 Vegeta, Super 17, Omega Sheron, and SSJ4 Gogeta. Especially compared to SSJ4 Gogeta wose feats and powers as well as what he can do easily putting him above SSJG by quite a bit.

          • Koibito888

            Now first off you’re right. SSJ4 Gogeta was way too strong to be able to figure out how strong he is, so we’re talking SSJ4 Goku here for the moment.

            But see you’re missing the point again of canon and non canon. You cannot take SSJ3 Kid Goku from GT and compare him to SSJ3 Goku from Z, that’s where you’re messing this up, they are two different characters as two different writers took different paths in showing their power so GT Goku cannot be scaled off of Z Goku. Yes, SSJ4 Goku is stronger than SSJ3 Kid Goku from GT. First off, Kid Goku GT was already stated weaker than adult Goku from GT. Second, what I’m saying is that SSJ3 Goku from Z (just from Z, no GT) at strongest before SSJG was able to punch a hole through the mass of 10 Earths. On the flip side, SSJ4 Goku from GT had trouble at most lifting a city.

            You’re again trying to compare two different canons. DBZ SSJ3 Goku was not proven weaker than Nova, Super 17, Baby, Omega, or anyone from GT. SSJ3 Kid Goku from GT has, who are two different characters. SSJ3 Kid Goku has not been shown to punch holes in 10 Earths and you can’t just assume that because Z Goku did it that GT Goku can because Goku punching through planets in the movie never happened in GT so GT Goku does not have that feat. On the contrary, GT Goku’s greatest feat was having trouble but still lifting a city in SSJ4 which puts him weaker than DBZ SSJ3 Goku who is a different character that was shown punching through something as dense as 10 planets.

            These are their feats, this puts Z Goku at SSJ3, stronger than SSJ4 Goku from GT. Bills was even stronger than that by so many leagues that it’s similar to the gap between Vegito and Buu but SSJG not only cleared that gap, but boosted Goku’s power so much so that now his SSJ1 transformation is not that much weaker than SSJG. This means now at a minimum SSJ1 Goku is now stronger than SSJ3 Goku at the beginning of the movie who by feats is stronger than SSJ4 Goku in GT. Then you add the SSJ2 and SSJ3 forms that Goku should still have and then that Goku would be eight times stronger than that.

            Bills is not weak because of Weiss, Weiss is strong because he is so much stronger than Bills to be able to have a gap as wide as SSJ3 Goku was to Bills (maybe more) and just knock him out like that, but this is besides the point. The point is that Goku SSJ3 in Z is proven stronger than Goku SSJ4 in GT and by the end of the movie is that much stronger than that. Whether SSJ2 and 3 at the end surpasses Bills or not IS speculation, but the hard facts is that SSJG cleared that huge gap and is leagues above SSJ4 Goku from GT (again, a separate character, a different version of Goku).

  • Spirit Macardi

    Krillin is a support type? Please tell me that his “support” is to toss a Senzu Bean at people XD

    • Pockystix

      only if Vegata can toss dog biscuits

  • ssj3gokou24

    Wait, it got pushed backed to 2014!? Oh well.

  • Sergio Briceño

    :3 Which we get a next gen DBZ too someday. Who am I kidding. It’s probably happening by 2015. XD

  • Lloyd Christmas


    P.S.: Who is Boo?

  • Sardorim

    So… I’m assuming we wont be getting awesome SSJ4 Gogeta after all.


    I’ll be passing on this game than. Less content and characters by a wide margin isn’t what I consider a good investment when I still have BT3.

    • Crimson_Cloud

      Well, with the new movie they technically scrapped the whole SSJ4 thing.

      • Sardorim

        Not really. Super Saiyan God Goku seemed extremely weak compared to what SSJ4 Gogeta was able to do. That and it looks like an uninspired Kiao-Ken. They also seemed to tease a sequel to the movie in the future, that would still take place before GT starts, so Super Saiyan God is getting an upgrade anyway.

        • Mysterious Figure

          Toriyama said it a long time ago. GT isn’t Canon. Together with this movie he said it again and made it officially: GT isn’t Canon. It’s just a spin-off, kinda a “What-If” Story that doesn’t come from Toriyama.

          GT destroyed the credibility of the Series because almost everything in there was nonsense.

          If there’s coming more new stuff after the Movie, GT is still just a spin-off, because the OFFICIAL Ending for the Dragonball Series is still the 10 year timeskip where Goku meets Uub. Nothing else comes after that as long as Toriyama doesn’t want it.

          Here again for you …
          GT isn’t canon, it’s not an official continuation of the Dragonball Series… It’s not.
          Got it?
          Not Canon… Remember that, okay?

          • Koibito888

            Oh my god thank you. Literally first person on the internet to say this in a conversation I’m in.

            GT was garbage and you’re right, everything was nonsense.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Okay guys, let’s try to stay on topic and not get personal, alright.

        • Koibito888

          Not really. SSJG is way stronger than anything SSJ4 Goku was shown to do (being hindered by the weight of a car…) so sure, a fusion would be stronger but that said, SSJ4 Gogeta would pale in comparison to SSJG Gogeta.

          Also SSJG looks nothing like Kaioken so that’s just wrong lol. It’s completely unique to DBZ entirely. Also SSJG probably wont get an upgrade. Goku himself got a power up so SSJ1 is now only a little weaker than SSJG (meaning even SSJ1 Goku end of movie is now stronger than SSJ4) and then double and quadruple for SSJ2 and 3. Goku has his own power ups to go through so yeah.

    • Koibito888

      What’s bad about no GT? Plus we knew this many interviews before.

  • Niyari

    just play the HL1 mod

  • Brian Carty

    Super Saiyan God Goku really is a terribly unimaginative design…

    • Never

      Not really. It fits perfectly in line with the continuity.
      Goku goes to a God for training and comes back with Kaio Ken, so it’s only natural that when Goku becomes a God he would look similar.
      Plus it’s the first in a long line of transformations “if the movies are liked” so it’s not surprising how basic this form would be.

      • Brian Carty

        Well, if in a future movie there’s a SSG level 2, yea, I could agree with that last part.

        That it’s a natural progression from the Kaiouken? In terms of design, like as a homage to that technique/design, yes, I could see it. But as a part of the show itself where the Super Saiyan forms are somehow connected to Kaiouken? Eh, I think that’s stretching a bit.

        I will admit that part of my issue with the design mostly comes from that bottom picture where his hair color is much more pink. It just looks very silly there.

        • Fox

          Of course Goku’s SSJ forms are connected to his KK form, as both are transformations undergone by… a Saiyan. Why wouldn’t they be related?

          Also, design-wise, the idea of transformations getting bigger and badder as they get stronger, only for the ultimate level to be much smaller/simpler/understated is a hallmark of DB translations. See USSJ to SSJ2, Frieza, Perfect Cell, Kid Buu, etc. It makes perfect sense that beyond SSJ3 would be a form like SSJG.

          And it certainly makes more sense than GT’s stupid monkey SSJ4.

          • Brian Carty

            Related in the sense that Goku does both of them, sure. He also does alot of other techniques, but that doesn’t make them connected to the Super Saiyan form.

            In the end, I just think the new form looks kinda silly. I’m hoping the very pinkish haired look in that picture is a mistaken representation of it. And also, I will admit that after so many years of watching the show and playing the games, it’s a little weird seeing a power-up form where the hair doesn’t spike up.

          • Koibito888

            It does spike up, it specifically gains like 2-3 spikes and all the existing spikes are more defined. It’s just not as much as SSJ1.

            The hair is not pink, it’s clearly vibrant red.

          • Koibito888

            You’re right on everything except the point that Kaioken is a Saiyan thing. It’s not.

          • Fox

            That’s kind of what I was saying, kind of not. We only ever see what the Kaioken looks like when a saiyan is doing it… Kaioken is a godly technique, therefore it makes sense that a godly transformation would have similar elements to the Kaioken.

          • Koibito888

            Possibly. Either way it looks far different from Kaioken.

          • Sardorim

            And it makes sense that SSJ4 would be the final form after the SSJG stuff since it actually looks like a true final form like Kid Buu, “Perfect” Perfect Cell, or Full Powered Frieza.

        • Never

          No, Kaio Ken is a technique of the Gods so when Goku becomes a God it’s only natural that he look similarly to Kaio Ken. Throughout the whole series no one but Goku ever masters Kaio Ken so there’s no knowing whether its effects are the same per race, and we don’t see any of the other Gods ever turning red do we? Even when they fight.

          Much like how the “Legendary” Saiyan’s hair was green “God” Saiyans are red as opposed to the pure yellow of mortal/normal Saiyans. The color changes depending on class and Kaio Ken, being a technique taught by a god, was just a feeble emulation of SSG showing what a Saiyan would look like if he were a God.

      • Koibito888

        Thats not exactly why it fits in with the continuity, i point you to my big post below explaining what exactly it is.

    • Koibito888

      Actually it’s probably the most imaginative design.

    • Sardorim

      Agreed. Compared to the SSJ4 reveal I was very disappointed that they just made SSJG a reused Kiao-Ken.

  • Dexward

    Kid Trunks? You mean Gohan, right?

  • Fox

    So if each transformation is counted as a separate character, does that mean there won’t be in-game transformations?

    • British_Otaku

      Not necessarily, it is more of a habit of how we think given that transformations often have different movesets ranging from just a different/extra ultimate (see Budokai) to all of the properties being thrown around and a completely different moveset (see Tenkaichi to an extent).

      We also count as it is a way of measuring how much content a game is trying to cover.

  • D3Seeker

    Despite the gt shenanigan, I loved ssj4. skewer me at the steak or what ever, I don’t care. I loved that form and the likely hood that this form wont be used ever again is saddening. and sorry but after tenkiachi 3 the games all went downhill. Hope this will change that.

  • Calintz YT

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