Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward Joins Nintendo eShop For $25

By Ishaan . August 22, 2013 . 9:30am

In case you’re still trying to figure out what to do with your $30 eShop credit, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward is now available on the 3DS eShop for $25. Find the rest of this week’s eShop details below:


Nintendo 3DS eShop Update (NA):

This week’s 3DS eShop update adds the following games:

  • Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos (NES) – $4.99
  • Fish On 3D – $9.99
  • Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward – $24.99
  • Funfair Party Games – $19.99


Wii U eShop Update (NA):

As previously reported, the Street Fighter II series is available on Wii U Virtual Console today (more details here). Until August 29th, you’ll be able to buy any one of the games and get the other two for 50% off until August 29th.


This week’s North American eShop update can be viewed in its entirety here.


Nintendo 3DS eShop Update (EU):

This week’s 3DS eShop update in Europe adds the following:

  • Cut the Rope – €4.99/£4.49
  • Funfair Party Games – €14.99/£13.49 until Sep. 5th
  • Arc Style: Football 3D – €4.99/£4.49
  • Fish On 3D – €8.99/£8.09
  • Boulder Dash XL 3D – €4.99/£4.49
  • Solomon’s Key (NES) – €3.99/£3.59


Wii U eShop Update:

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist is available on the Wii U eShop starting today, while The Wonderful 101 will make its debut tomorrow. Also available today is Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams for €14.99/£12.99.


Also available this week is the Street Fighter II series on Virtual Console. In Europe, you can buy any two of the three games and get the third one for free.


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  • bloogeyz

    That’s surprising, been on the eu shop for months

    • British_Otaku

      It happens, I find all sorts of curious deals on the Japanese and European e-Shop which aren’t in any other region even if the games were localised… Demos even have different trial numbers depending on your region ranging from 3 to Unlimited (only the FF Rhythm Game).

  • British_Otaku

    My recommendation to anyone who has a 3DS is that you can get the first game (999) really really cheaply now, thank you to Aksys for doing a reprint and Gamestop for not monopolising on them like Xenoblade.

    Get that before you get this, especially as there are unlimited copies here with digital sale.

    Just getting it out there before people push others into the sequel despite the experience being better (still great without it I’ll bet) if you play in order.

    • mojack411

      I agree 100%. Even though ZE can be played by itself, you really wouldn’t get the full experience if you haven’t played 999 first. Do yourself a favor and go pick up 999 first. You won’t be disappointed.

      • But it looks…. so…. boring….

        • SlickRoach

          That’s what I thought until I actually played it and games like that aren’t even up my alley.

        • PreyMantis

          It’s not a game for action junkies, I tell you that much. It is, however, a game for people who wants to blow their minds. I would trade this game over any fps games out there.

          • Why does any criticism of a non-FPS game automatically make you an FPS fan?

          • PreyMantis

            Never said you are one. I think you’re thinking too deep on this. All I said was that I — me, not you — would rather get this game over any other fps games out there. I never assumed you are an fps fan.

          • To me, it’s just an odd dichotomy ; there’s Zero Escape on one side, and FPSeses on the other. Maybe I’m weird, I find FPSsess and explosions dull.

        • mojack411

          You play this game for the mind-bending story, not for the gameplay. Sure the puzzle rooms are slightly entertaining but they’re more meant to break up the story segments than anything.

          If you are into hard core action games and FPS’s that require fast twitch reflexes and constant awareness, then no, this game might not be for you. If you’re willing to sink your teeth into one of the most finely crafted stories the past decade, then give it a shot. That’s all I have to say about that.

          • When did I say anything about action games or FPSeses? I don’t think I’d be reading siliconera if I was into hard core action games.

            Is it the most finely crafted story in the past decade, or the most finely crafted video game story?

          • mojack411

            I never accused you of playing FPS’s or berated them in any negative way, for that manner. They require fast twitch reflexes and awareness and a lot of people like that, nothing wrong with that. Your comment about it looking like it was boring implied that you thought the gameplay looked boring. I’m sorry if that’s wrong but you need to elaborate if that’s the case.

            I guess a better way of describing it is the most finely crafted “experience” of the past decade. And I’m not talking about when reviewers say a video game was a great experience, I mean it in a more abstract way. The story would not have even been feasible in any other format. That’s all I can say without spoiling.

    • dragoon_slayer12

      Thanks, I was just about to ask if 999 was necessary. Hopefully I can find a copy at my local shop, if not, amazon

      • British_Otaku

        Good luck, I would comment on how easy it is for me to find it in stores, but the game was never localised in the UK even if it was in English, so it’s as hard to find it as High School DxD 3DS in Argos.

        Amazon has pretty good prices if you can’t find it at the very least.

      • SNF

        If you can’t find 999, I think it’s available on iOS now (or is it only on iOS in Japan?).

        Although the iOS version apparently took out the puzzle segments and made it 100% a visual novel.

  • MikeTxn

    They sure took their time to release it digitally.

  • greg_67

    Did Aksys ever fix that save bug from Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward?
    I would get if they patched that issue.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Its not really a big issue and it doesnt affect everyone, but I believe they have fixed it

    • cirE

      That’s what I want to know. If they copypasta’d it onto the eShop without fixing that big, then there’s no way I’m going to give them my money.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Its a save bug that occurs in one room late in the game.

        I happened to save in that room and my data didnt get corrupted before they issue was addressed so I dont think its very prevalent..

        Im not sure if they fixed it yet but the game is fun

    • komiko12

      Dunno. The game would be saving on the SD card but I don’t know if that would change things.

    • redhood56

      Never mind what I said they did fix it in the eshop version

    • Scissors

      According to a comment the made on their Facebook Page they did.

    • SNF

      From what I understand, the bug hasn’t been fixed but the eShop version has some sort of multiple save feature, so you can backup your save file.

  • Maxwell3000

    I recommend all 3Ds owners check this baby out if you haven’t.

    Just got the Platinum in the Vita version of the game. I tried it out first when It came to PS+ so this was a total hidden gem for me.

    • 3PointDecoupage

      what kind of game is it? I do need something to tide me over till October.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Puzzle based horror story game.

      • PreyMantis

        If you want to blow your mind with a crazy story and puzzle, get the game.

      • no one

        Part visual novel, part room-escape adventure game (e.g. Crimson Room).

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      3DS owners pretty much knows about about this game and 999.

      But yeah maybe some don’t know. If you don’t like reading then don’t get it.

  • benhofb

    I am getting really impatient waiting on Flipnote Studio 3D… It was supposed to come out at the beginning of the month but was then delayed by server usage… But how long does it take to create a new server or two?! I am pretty pumped about VLR on the eShop, but I already have it on Vita so…

    • Nintendo probably has just one IT guy.

      And he just wants to die.

      And they won’t let him.

  • DarthSithZero

    What a great game, If you have a Vita or 3DS get this game you won’t regret it

  • Demeanor

    Played this on Vita, awesome game, I recommend it to anyone inclined to enjoy puzzles and a visual novel full of tension! The puzzles are fair too, I only remember one whose solution did not make sense at all :P
    Once started I forsake everything from life to console backlog until I got the Platinum.

    • Zero_Destiny

      I remember the puzzles all being pretty fun, which was a pleasant surprise. The only one I had a problem with was the random number generator lock door. lol That thing was just a pain. X___X

      • Demeanor

        I had problems with the dart board colors (choose three numbers whose total is…), I remember writing down every single combination and brainstorming for days about a possible logical solution, in the end I had to give up and try every valid triplet until I got the right one (that STILL didn’t make sense to me). Was so hyped for the game that looking up guides was out of the question. :P

        • Zero_Destiny

          I remember having trouble with that one. lol Was able to figure it out though, phew. The Num Pad lock I just did for hours on end at random until it finally worked. >___>

          • redhood56

            I hated that puzzle. I spent about 40 minutes on it. I was like ” How is this fair! This is so hard!” I replayed it on my vita and it wasn’t as hard that time though.

  • Minos

    Na, I am gonna get Phoenix Wright.

  • homogenized

    Weird, Ninja Gaiden II didn’t show up under “New Arrivals” this morning so I thought Canada got screwed again, but checking it again it DOES show up under “Virtual Console”.

  • ParrotProphet

    Does this come with a patch? My game crashed over 3 times. :S

    Here’s the kicker, I didn’t save during a puzzle room.

  • No9

    Quick question, vita or 3ds?

    • British_Otaku

      My personal choice is 3DS.

      The interface is better and consistent with the original title (999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors – Cheap to find) on the DS. I suppose if you really want trophies or somewhat nicer visuals, you could go with the Vita version. Given that the first game NEEDED two screens for the end of the game more or less, I would stick with that interface.

    • porkiewpyne

      Why not both? :P

      • No9

        Munnies… I don’t have them D:

    • SNF


      The game seems to have been made with Vita in mind and ported to 3DS. That’s probably why one of the secret text logs is chopped off, and why the physical 3DS version has that save file bug.

  • HassanJamal

    People do yourself a favor and buy it and play it to the end. Im more into actiony type of games and not interested in this kind of genre but after playing it thanks to ps+, im hungry for more. Shame on me for not buying it day one.

  • Virevolte

    I like this game. It made me feel I have a brain.

  • Göran Isacson

    Alas, that the game is only available for reduced price in the US… also the more I think about it, the more I believe that the US got a better Street Fighter deal. I can see myself buying Super SF2 for the new chars and Turbo for the fastpaced fighting, but to get 2 for free after that feels… meh. I’d only play it for nostalgia, not gameplay.

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