Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Muses About Being A Final Fantasy Creator

By Matt Hawkins . September 2, 2013 . 3:35am


While Naoki Yoshida is the producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, he didn’t start his career with the series. In fact, Yoshida came from the Dragon Quest team and moved over to Final Fantasy when the game needed a reboot.  How did Yoshida feel about joining the ranks of Sakaguchi, Kitase, and Nomura?


"That feeling that this Final Fantasy feels like this creator, that Final Fantasy feels like that creator, it’s pretty much up to the players," Yoshida said while speaking to Siliconera. "For example, Final Fantasy VII… a lot of creators in Square Enix who can say ‘I made Final Fantasy VII!’ But from the fan’s perspective, they go, ‘That’s Tetsuya Nomura’s Final Fantasy.’ And so, it depends really on who is looking at it."


Since taking on the role as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s director, Yoshida incorporated many elements from previous Final Fantasy titles such as using the idea of Materia from Final Fantasy VII as a base for the game’s weapon upgrade system and adding Magitek Armor from Final Fantasy VI.


"With Final Fantasy XIV, one of the things that we’ve tried to do is bring in a lot of aspects from a lot of different Final Fantasies. It’s what we feel is a Final Fantasy. We think to ourselves Final Fantasy has this in it, and that in it. So we’re gathering from the whole series," Yoshida explained.


"Whether that’s turned into something players will declare has the feel of Yoshida feel on it, we won’t know until I make [another] Final Fantasy! Right now there’s only one. Maybe when I make two, people will go ‘Oh, that’s a Yoshida Final Fantasy. Because we joined this project, halfway through, when there was already a foundation, this is not something I created 100%. But then, having fans coming up to me and say, ‘We want you to make another Final Fantasy, from the ground up’, makes me very happy," said Yoshida.


We will have more Final Fantasy XIV coverage soon and for readers that managed to login and play Final Fantasy XIV, what do you think a "Yoshida Final Fantasy" is?

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  • Anime10121

    I would like to see what Yoshida could bring to the table with an offline FF! The bit I’ve played of XIV’s beta had me thoroughly impressed, so I’d definitely be game :D

  • Monterossa

    I’ll choose Yoshida’s games before Nomura’s games anyday.

    • guin10


      [0:45-1:15] -> Naoki Yoshida cries because the server’s problems. Great human. Great director.

      • o_O He really did kinda cry there… Tells you how serious they take their jobs and audience.

      • Wait what

        He wasn’t crying because of the server problems. He was crying in the same way someone cries at the academy awards when they win. It’s more about dedicating several years of your life to something and then presenting that something to people and it being well received. If you read the translation of what he was saying, he only briefly apologizes for the sever issues at the beginning, then he starts getting emotional when he talks about how long he’s been working on the project, how much he loves Final Fantasy and MMOs, and how impossible he felt the task was.

        For reference, here is what he was saying during the part where he was crying:
        “From here on out is a long journey. It has almost been 3 years since I took over development for FFXIV. At the time I hadn’t been involved with the game that much, and I thought that it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to remake it. I have always loved Final Fantasy and have always loved MMOs. At the time, I gathered the team together and told them that we were going to remake the game just two days before we announced it to all of you on December 2nd. I still remember it now, but at the time, we were in a studio like this one, and Souken was in the background checking my mic levels. I clearly remember him standing there give me a guts pose but at the time I had the same kind of worries as the players; how is this really going to turn out? Isn’t this going to be impossible?”

    • NewestType

      When it comes to ff, variety is essential in my opinion. And when you say Nomura’s it makes it seem as though he has done a hefty amount of games when in reality, he has only been the main man behind kh and the upcoming 15.

      • I agree. Though I’m all for Nomura, the fact that he doesn’t do ALL FFs is great. They aren’t all supposed to be the same, they’re supposed to be different. There’s so many different things that one director could make.

        • NewestType

          I have never had an issue with Nomura. I usually find that people extend his credits beyond what he has done in a given project. But the mix of available characters, stories, lore etc. Gives ff an ever changing experience.

    • Surgeon of Death

      Just choose both.

  • AndyLC

    >>what do you think a “Yoshida Final Fantasy” is?

    I refer to FF’s by the artists, so for me that’s Tactics and XII hahah.

    • frumpus

      It helps that the core team from FFXII is working on FFXIV.

  • Syltique

    The thing that stands out most to me about a “Yoshida FF” is his open communication with fans and the press. He’s more interested in a two way conversation.

    Other than that, I don’t see a ton of stuff yet that makes him stand out, besides the project largely being completed in an efficient amount of time.

    UI work is someone else. Battle system is somone else. Story, artwork, music, all someone else. And as he said, this was all made previously by Tanaka and his team, and even he based a lot of XIV 1.0 on XI, like the look of the races, and the equipment and architecture styles.

    So no, it’s too early for me to have much sense of what a Yoshida FF is like. But if he makes another, I’m sure I’d probably be into it.

    • NewestType

      This is a great point. The games is very much still square. And once you start playing, you begin to see it takes influences from all ff titles.

    • Brion Valkerion

      Thing is, compare him to any dev around the world, and yes he does not “stand out” compare him to any dev in Japan, hes like SSJ5 Goku in a fight with a sesame street character.


      Seriously though. In Japan I feel like Yoshida is… the only guy/maybe 2 others who gets modern gaming and what needs to be done to not only make a good game, but like you said make it efficiently. Squeenix definitely needs to put this guy on a higher position in the company to make decisions because if not, hes going to go rouge/join someone like Platinum where he can really shine.

      • Göran Isacson

        You know, I can’t say I’m an expert on Japanese devs or whose good and what they’re skills are and so forth. but if Yoshida is good at actually communicating with the fanbase? If he’s good at being a face, a person which you can actually talk too withou receiving the same vague noncommital answers SE have been handing out like candy these past few years? Then by God, he is a TREASURE that SE needs to cherish and value. They HELLA need people who are good at PR right now, to try and break down their image as this out of touch monolith which throws money around like Shadow throws shuriken and says and does nothing to tide the fans over in between their massive delays.

    • frumpus

      Yeah it’s not really fair to compare him with the directors of the other FF games since they created static stories while Yoshida is responsible for a living evolving world. MMOs and single player RPGs truly are apples and oranges.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    A Realm Reborn is really good! It’s way more fun than 11.

    • ElAbuelo69

      As a veteran XI player, and longtime fan of XI…I agree.

    • Wow that is quite a statement. I guess I should try it

    • frumpus

      It’s way more fun than the normal FF games too..

  • Ferrick

    I gotta say, even with all the server troubles, Yoshida’s FF is quite good, i’m enjoying it as much as i did with FF11, and i do hope that this works out for Yoshi P (and i do hope that they fix these problems)

  • Ryomou

    Now let’s get those servers going so I can enjoy this man’s game! :(((((

  • Yoshida is awesome, I like his voice too

  • Surgeon of Death


    • YoshiP is more vocal with his audience than Nomura

      • Surgeon of Death

        Althhough I agree with you on that(doesn’t make him better), I wasn’t comparing them by character(they both respond strongly to the fanbase=good enough for me) but by the quality of their products and they do make good Sh*t. Both are brilliant artist and have AMZAING track records in square. I played the beta of ARR and it was superb. Can’t wait for FF XV. Nomura more than likely will deliver what the fans want. Although the battle system might worry some, it is based off of KH(boasted an amazing battle system) and from the demos it seems to have been incorporated right. All I need to see is an airship. Toriyama is just annoying.I have never seen so much deviation(maybe dragon age 2) from the core of a video game series in my entire life. I can’t fathom what is going on inside his head(time paradox?). Yoshida on online FF and Nomura on single player FF would be ideal.

    • frumpus

      Dude Nomura is on par with Toriyama in terms of how crappy and pandering they are. Nomura just caters to fangirls while Toriyama caters to fanboys.

  • Demeanor

    I felt this yesterday night when my most-beautiful-in-all-Eorzea <333 kitty cat noticed that the young Guildmaster of Goldsmithing in Ul'dah is called Serendipity lol.
    As a matter of fact I got a showdown with Caius waiting for me tonight XD

  • frumpus

    They need to get Hiroyuki Itoh and Naoki Yoshida to team up for FFXVI

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