Super Robot Taisen OG: Infinite Battle Packs 20 Years Of SRT With A Fighting Game

By Spencer . September 12, 2013 . 9:41pm


Namco Bandai is bringing together mecha from the Super Robot Taisen Original Generation series for a PlayStation 3 fighting game. Super Robot Taisen OG: Infinite Battle is a high speed fighting game with up to 2-on-2 battles. Players can remodel and customize robots too.


The game includes originally designed mecha from the Super Robot Taisen series which were featured in Super Robot Taisen Original Generations for PS2, Episode 1: Divine Wars, and Episode 2: The Inspector.


If you prefer classic Super Robot Taisen, Super Robot Taisen OG: Dark Prison, a side-story for The 2nd Super Robot Taisen, comes with the limited edition. Namco Bandai will release Dark Prison as a standalone game in spring 2014.


Super Robot Taisen OG: Infinite Battle

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Super Robot Taisen OG: Dark Prison


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  • Sardorim

    A fighting game without a story…. =*(

    C’mon, there’s so much they could do wit this! Hell you could even make it an alternate timeline where everyone beats the crude out of each other for everyone’s entertainment if they really wanted!


    At least Russel is at the top as we all know he’s the true main character of the SRW franchise.

    And a Shu centric side story? I approve.

    • VenerableSage

      At the very least, Shu’s side-story is just an OG version of his route in SRW EX. They’ve said that the side-story is going to be 25 stages long, and Masaki and Lune’s adaptations of their EX routes were both 17 stages in 2nd OG, so I would expect there to be some additional maps that expand on some of the events covered in the route or that lead up to it.

      (Maybe they’ll let you play OG Gaiden’s finale as Shu (despite that you’d be forced to lose) to set up the event for those that might not have played it?)

      • Mr_SP

        Hm… Shu versus everyone? I can see it now… SR Point: Survive one turn.

        • Kevin Schwarz

          Funny how NeoGranzon is always portrayed as an almost invincible mecha, but whenever you have the chance to use it, without applying one ability, you die easily.

          • MrTyrant

            I didn’t die easily when I used and In fact the neo granzon destroyed everyone easily in the Masou Kishin 1 when I had it.

  • VenerableSage

    If you guys are going to cover this series, at LEAST get someone who actually knows stuff about it to do the write-ups.

    1) The game allows 1v3 battles. (So, still, at most 4 players, but there are other configurations than just 2v2. Note that this was also correctly reported previously, so there’s no reason for it to not be here this time.)

    2) The phrasing of the second paragraph implies that there are three sources for the mechs, when in fact Episode 1: Divine Wars and Episode 2: The Inspector are the “codenames” for the Original Generation and Original Generation 2 portions of the PS2 compilation Original Generations.

    3) It also lacks the fact that there will be a few inclusions from Episode 2.5: Unified Wisdom (Original Generation Gaiden) and Episode 3: The Gaia Saviour (The 2nd Super Robot Taisen OG).

    4) Speaking of The 2nd Super Robot Taisen OG, that’s what the Dark Prison side-game is attached to (and built off of), not The 2nd Super Robot Taisen. The latter was a Famicom game mainly populated by mechs from other series (though it was the first to incorporate original characters).

    Yes, some of these points are nitpicky, but if you consider this site to be journalistic, blog posts and reports should be 100% correct, not filled with errors, however miniscule they might be. This isn’t the first time an article on this series has been put up and been factually incorrect, either.

    • Tiduas

      Of course it’s important to be correct but I’m mostly happy because Siliconera actually reports any Super Robot Taisen news since so many sites doesn’t. We need to spread the word about this fantastic series even more! :D

      But indeed, some modification to the article wouldn’t hurt.

  • Bossjoe

    What does “remodel and customize” mean exactly?? Does this mean I can build my own robot from parts of other robots?? Does it mean I can recolor robots, or add my own guns? WHAT DOES IT MEAN!!! TELL ME MOAR!!!!!

    But alas, you will not. I must wait but 1 more week, then you shall spill your secrets to me………..

  • Milla

    they better let ingram prisken in on the fun again god that guy is HAWT

  • 60hz

    more thumbnails please!

  • Triplicity

    Still laughing that Russell is a representative combatant. “Here’s a bunch of badasses… and Russell. Guess what, that means Russell is ALSO a badass!”

    • WyattEpp

      Dude, have you even seen Russel’s natural defence stat? He’s a total tank.

    • VenerableSage

      Well, Russel did get two nods his way in 2nd OG in the form of a Trophy and being the requirement for unlocking a secret, so…

    • Kevin Schwarz

      He’s not the popular looking guy, but….he’s useful, sometimes. I mean sometimes, okay…

  • MrTyrant

    What is Dark Prison about? an rpg? fighting game? what’s the plot?

    • VenerableSage

      It’s a stand-alone built with The 2nd Super Robot Taisen OG’s engine that assumedly chronicles Shu’s Route of SRW EX. (Masaki’s Route and Lune’s Route from EX were Stages 2-17 of 2nd OG, selected by your choice after Stage 1.)

      Since it’s got 25 stages, that leaves 10 extra stages (assuming that the actual content of Shu’s Route is fit to match the length that Masaki and Lune’s took) for additional story.

      • MrTyrant


        I love Shu, his Granzon and his Dark Prison theme. Looking forward to this more than the actual fighting game.

      • Sardorim

        They may also throw in references for future series getting in the next OG game such as SRW J and possibly W.

        • VenerableSage

          Entirely possible – I wouldn’t be surprised if they have some stages set after the end of his EX content that covers what he’s doing behind the scenes prior to him joining your ranks later in 2nd OG or even an epilogue after the final stage.

          Wasn’t there some fan speculation going around that the attack on the Moon might be what brings the Fury into the mix?

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