• FitzpatrickPhillips

    Man, my life has been so Wayforward filled these past couple weeks. Was listening to the original Shantae soundtrack as this article popped up.
    Love the video and that glorious MSF poster in the back! I want one!

  • Guest

    I always love this behind-the-scenes stuff!

    Really interesting to see how animations are produced for this game; it has to be so time consuming to achieve that smoothness on the characters’ moves. And it’s not even on its final stage of development!

  • KiTA

    I’m glad they realized that white-washing Shantae was a bit… unfortunate, and undid it. She looks great now.

    • alixraen


  • Jeffrey Thrash

    I’m studying Media Arts and Animation at my college, so I could be doing something like this one day. Thanks for showing us this!

    • Hector Velar

      I got a degree in media arts and animation back in 2005. dont recomend it, there is no jobs and tons of competition. currently getting IT certifications like network+ and Linux admin. college is just a waste of cash and time. You can self teach yourself animations tons of great books out there and online tutorials. Else you can join the many animators I known working for FedEx office print center.

  • Aristides

    Thanks! I’ve been working with frame by frame animation using vectors and I was having trouble keeping consistency with each frame. This video game me a missing link I had previously not thought of hehehe. Thanks!

  • Mimi

    this just reminded me how bad i am at using photoshop :-(

  • Mimi

    this just reminded me how bad i am at using photoshop :-(

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