Here Are The First Two Songs From Sega’s Brand New Vita Rhythm Game

By Sunjun . September 18, 2013 . 1:58pm

Sega previously released a trailer demonstrating their upcoming rhythm game Song Builder 575, but their two newest videos focus on mascots Azuki and Matcha’s singing and dancing talents. The game includes songs created by famous Vocaloid composers with Sega’s companion iOS app Song Composer 575. Meanwhile Azuki and Matcha are designed by Hiro Kanzaki of My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute fame.



The first video features the very first song revealed by Project 575, Tobidase Jugyou!, composed by Lamaze-P, who is known for his Vocaloid song PoPiPo.



The second song is GosHicHiGo! from [email protected], the Vocaloid composer whose works include The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku. As you can see from the two videos, the game features different costumes and backgrounds from the girls’ hometown of Kamakura.


Song Builder 575 is scheduled to be released for the PS Vita on January 23. People who pre-order the game also get an art booklet and a CD with the song Tobidase Jugyou! and two other songs.

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  • Pdugna

    after reading so many stories today about SEGA buying Atlus, i read the title and my mind got me excited for no real reason except that it said SEGA.

  • almostautumn

    There they are! There they are!

    Man— these song/dance games with hyper-exciting J-pop songs— I literally get these ‘happiness tears’ when I watch all the little dance moves and what-not.

    So pre-ordered. So so SO pre-ordered!

  • I preferred everything in the second video.

    I love rhythm games, just a shame that I don’t play more of them. SEGA bring this one over, please.

  • notentirelythere

    Ohman, the dance animations are grounded but bouncy in a realistic way… these are motion captured, right?
    I so wish this had any shred of a chance to head Westward.
    On the sillier side: at first, I was 100% team Azuki, but Matcha rocks the winter uniform/knee-highs combo and stands out in harmonies.
    It’s cool Sega is covering all the bases with this, going away from the intense emotional range and theatrical Project games with this… slice of life rhythm action game? Is that a first?

  • My Little Rhythm Game Can’t Be This Awesome.

  • supervamp

    Hmm i wonder miku is the default vocaloid voice for this i hope not

    • Kevadu

      Er, Miku isn’t in this game in any way, shape, or form. Default or otherwise…

      • supervamp

        Umm you do know that her voice is what’s being used in the song right?

        • Kevadu

          Nope, I don’t ‘know’ things that aren’t true.

          Sega created two original Vocaloids for this game. They even had the voice providers give a mini concert when they announced the product. And no, Saki Fujita was not among them…

          • supervamp

            Too original that sound exactly like miku huh?They didn’t even bother to sound like the newer generation by making them sound less synthesized?

  • Anonymous

    The game was out for iOS? I stayed out of touch for a long time lol, I will probably check it out, If it was free

  • Scissors

    The movement is so fluent, seems like mo cap, and the body proportions look realistic-ish. The faces are clearly anime though so to me this inches a little bit towards the uncanny valley, but stops short enough. I do really like the Oreimo artstyle though.

    It’s kinda weird, I really like how it looks visually, but at the same time it’s a tiny smudge unsettling like someone wearing an anime mask while dancing. Anyone else feel the same?

    • Grunwald

      I love the artstyle, but I understand what you’re saying.

      I’m fine with the way it is honestly, but do you think it would look better if the faces were a bit less anime-ish?

      • Scissors

        Not necessarily I actually really like the art direction. I love Hiro Kanzaki’s style I watched Oreimo because I liked the style so much, and one of his Miku drawings was made into a PVC figure by GSC and it’s one of my favorite figures in my shelf. It’s not enough to truly bother me I’d still really like to play this game. It’s just that seeing a body move so realistically with an anime face is a little odd to me. It’s good, just a little peculiar I guess.

    • notentirelythere

      A bit! Though, for me, it’s the voices. I hope the producers spend time to naturalize their voices since they’re not presenting the same way Vocaloids do.

      • Scissors

        That’s probably what it was that bugged me now that I think about it. Rewatching the vidoes again it seemed like a video two friend would upload on the internet of themselves dancing and lip synching to a vocaloid song. The voices don’t really seem to match the character models too much to me, especially since that vocaloid sounds a lot like Miku to me. Not that the voices are bad, just don’t feel they match.

      • DenjinJ

        Same here. I’m really impressed by what Vocaloid software can do, but it’s honestly a bit hard to listen to. It’s like the vocal equivalent of MIDI. So I hope there are songs with real vocalists too.

        • notentirelythere

          I have a feeling the original Vocaloid software was meant to be manipulated to sound more organic later, but people found the default sound really endearing/it’s way less work to leave it as is.
          I dig that sound a bunch, but for a project like this, you should surely switch it up.

  • DyLaN

    Nice. Hope tht it will have more characters in the future.

    Though it feels a bit odd hearing those vocaloid sound coming out of a Hiro Kanzaki designed girl.

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