• zferolie

    Tomb raider AND Sleeping dogs for 14 bucks? I doubt my PC can run them, but I will buy them so I can have them on my steam for if/when my computer can run them

  • Zypharium

    No Love for european Gamers?

  • TheExile285

    Sly Cooper Vita for $12? I may have to jump on this. I would buy Sleeping Dogs if the PS3 version was $14.

    • RaidenElric

      Dude just get a PS+ subscription and you get sleeping dogs, Uncharted 3. Battlefield 3 and tons of other games for free…That includes gravity rush and ninja gaiden on the Vita as well if you have one.

      edit: My bad, some of those offers expired and you now need to pay $9 for Sleeping Dogs if you have PS+

  • almostautumn

    Sly Cooper is attractive at that price, but isn’t there cross-buy with the PS3 version (there’s a download slip in the case)?

    • http://www.dealzon.com/ Dealzon

      Hmmm if that’s the case then no point getting the Vita version by itself. Wait for a deal on the PS3 version?

      • almostautumn

        I believe it’s the same with PS All Stars also, by the way. PS3 version, while costing more initially at retail/release, contains both versions, while the more affordable, but therefore less of content, Vita version does not.

  • http://jesse-dylan.livejournal.com Jesse_Dylan

    I wonder if these Western “AAA” games are part of the reason SqEn has been not doing as well lately.

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