This Week In Sales: Monster Hunter 4.

By Ishaan . September 18, 2013 . 1:00pm

Period: The week of September 9th – September 15th (2013)

Top-seller: Monster Hunter 4 – 1,715,060

Nintendo 3DS sales: 40,092 | Total sales: 8,603,550

Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 236,700 | Total sales: 3,989,793

PlayStation Vita sales: 6,020 | Total sales: 1,829,737

Wii U sales: 5,003 | Total sales: 1,072,902

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Last week, Capcom released the much-anticipated Monster Hunter 4 in Japan. The game was released on Saturday, September 14th, and sold a whopping 1,715,060 copies in its first two days on store shelves. Here’s how that stacks up against previous Monster Hunter games:


(2005) Monster Hunter Freedom [PSP] – 233,783

(2007) Monster Hunter Freedom 2 [PSP] – 705,281

(2008) Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [PSP] – 880,468

(2010) Monster Hunter Portable 3rd [PSP] – 1,950,717

(2011) Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate [3DS] – 521,959


As you can see, the highest-debuting Monster Hunter game to date is still Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. That said, it bears mentioning that Portable 3rd had five days of sales recorded at launch, whereas Monster Hunter 4 had just two.


Additionally, Monster Hunter 4’s 1.7 million figure doesn’t take into account sales of the game through the Nintendo eShop as a download. We know for a fact that the game has sold a significant number of copies through downloads as it is currently ranked #3 on the Nintendo eShop’s lifetime software chart. Since Monster Hunter Portable 3rd had no download version at launch, its 1.95 million figure accounts for all copies sold, meaning that Monster Hunter 4’s total launch sales are likely very close, if not more than Portable 3rd’s within the same span of time.


In the months ahead, we expect Monster Hunter 4 and the upcoming Pokémon X and Pokémon Y to help the growth of other Nintendo 3DS software, too, especially with the holiday season just a couple of months away. New buyers picking up the 3DS hardware will mean further opportunities for popular 3DS games to find new homes, and it should be interesting to see what sales look like between now and the end of the year.


The top-20 chart for the week was as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Monster Hunter 4 1,715,060 New 3DS Capcom
New 02. AKB 1/149: Love Election 27,052 New PS3 Namco Bandai
New 03. Brothers Conflict Brilliant Blue 15,297 New PSP Idea Factory
06. 04. Tomodachi Collection: New Life 10,530 1,431,527 3DS Nintendo
01. 05. Uta no ☆ Prince-Sama: Music 2 10,343 78,758 PSP Broccoli
07. 06. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team 9,428 302,594 3DS Nintendo
03. 07. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle 8,906 454,343 PS3 Namco Bandai
09. 08. Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life 8,822 264,131 3DS Namco Bandai
02. 09. Splinter Cell: Blacklist 8,252 30,677 PS3 Ubisoft
10. 10. Youkai Watch 7,791 172,022 3DS Level 5
13. 11. Animal Crossing: New Leaf 7,348 3,410,090 3DS Nintendo
14. 12. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon 5,352 896,600 3DS Nintendo
08. 13. Killzone Mercenary 4,304 15,356 PSV Sony
19. 14. Mario Kart 7 4,195 2,120,291 3DS Nintendo
11. 15. Ragnarok Odyssey Ace 3,969 44,975 PSV GungHo
04. 16. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate 3,566 22,174 PS3 Tecmo Koei
12. 17. Puppeteer 3,503 12,403 PS3 Sony
22. 18. New Super Mario Bros. 2 3,400 2,094,152 3DS Nintendo
20. 19. Taiko no Tatsujin: Super Splendid Edition 3,390 560,681 Wii Namco Bandai
21. 20. Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies 3,336 339,000 3DS Capcom


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer, Media Create and

  • Kefkiroth

    That’s close to P3rd’s sales, wow. I wonder how much the numbers will increase once Pokemon is out.

  • I think the Uta Prince listing shocked me the most… It’s a side game, not even a game in the main timeline… Then again, I suppose the fact that it’s just a rhythm game makes it easier to jump into, and the anime helped loads…

    • Göran Isacson

      Uta Prince getting a rhythm game IS kind of fitting though considering what it’s all about, so I can see how it would be an easy sell for the fanbase.

      • Not surprised that it has one (I have both Music and Music 2) but that it did so well. It’s basically a side game to a visual novel series, which, unfortunately, isn’t a genre that often generates top hitters sales-wise.

  • Minos

    Bu… but it lacks 2 sticks!!!

    • Suicunesol

      Speaking of, the Circle Pad Pro went up in sales a bit~

    • mojack411

      And that didn’t stop nearly 2million people buying P3rd. MH players are pretty damn used to working with one analog stick by now. If you really want a second one, get a Circle Pad Pro but without one the virtual D-pad on the bottom screen does wonders for camera control.

    • ronin4life

      Funny side not: Slide pad pro sales dubbled the week leading up to MonHun 4.

    • 하세요

      I barely even find myself using the camera controls. With the lock-on feature you don’t even need to use a second stick.


      True Hunters don’t need a second stick!!

      • ronin4life

        I don’t like making my screen messy…
        so I’s needs it….+^+

    • Namuro

      I’ve been playing MonHun with the ‘Claw’ style for so long, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to play MonHun on the 3DS as well as I could on the PSP…

      Boy, was I wrong!

      The Slide Pad is such a god send. Though, I have to spend a few days just to get myself familiarize with having to move the analog on the side of the action buttons, instead of below. After a while, it simply became second nature, and now I kept the Slide Pad on all the time! (though the darn thing is a bit heavy… Once I take it off, the normally big LL just feels so light! Kinda like the feeling when Goku takes of his weighted clothing LOL).

      You can still play MonHun just fine without the Slide Pad, as I did in MH3G, I have no problem whatsoever. But! I highly recommend that you use the Slide Pad in MH4, because of the high and low level designs, you’ll find yourself looking up and down quite a lot (in previous MonHun, rotating the camera left and right is plenty enough).

      Anyway, the option for the twin analog is there, and I must say that it works extremely well. So don’t fret and try it out for yourself!

  • Smooosh

    Woah, great sales for MH (and as a result great 3DS (LL) sales as well)!
    Hope we get it within… half a year?

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Portable 3rds sales is from 5 days no? Not 3. Are these Media create or Famitsu?

    • Oh crap, you’re right! Post updated.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    I think in another article, Capcom wanted to get shipping figures up to 2.8 million by 31st March, 2014:
    I think that target would be reached fairly easily.
    But that is an interesting Top 3 there. A big 1.5 million unit gap between MH4 and AKB 1/149. Damn….

  • mojack411

    Those sale figures are frightening.

  • ronin4life

    I would say it may well have surpassed P3rd: I am certain most of those hardware sales where the monhun bundle, which come with digital copy IIRC.
    Also, if they shipped 2mil by the FOURTH day, then there were likely mass sellouts and could continue to be.

    So, Sellouts leading to digital sales plus digital bundle With hardware… Physical accounts for 1.7mil, more than 200,000 3ds sold with many possibly being Bundles and an unknown amount of High digital sales… of course, how all these figures blend together I am unsure, but that seems very likely to have passed p3rd.

    • Namuro

      Actually, the limited bundle comes with a physical copy of the game. Though, the box is rather thin (to fit better into the package, I imagine?) and the manual inside is just a single piece of folded, illustrated quick guide.

  • Zizal

    AKB 1/149: Love Election is for ps3 not psp

  • PreyMantis

    We could add the digital sales, but ain’t no hunta gotta time foh dat~!

    • ronin4life

      We can’t… unless Capcom comes out and says what they are.

      And they don’t have time foh dat: All their time is now devoted to counting and sorting all the Money.
      @[email protected];;;

  • good lord! i am very pleased ^ ^

  • SetzerGabbiani

    With those sales figures, CAPCOM is going to bring it westward…the risk is mitigated by how strong the Japanese appetite for MH is. Also, they are clearly actively trying to make MH a mainstay overseas as well bit by bit.

    I will willingly double dip for a G + Wii U double pack version at a later date.

    And who knows, they might have G be d/l content in addition to a separate SKU. Having worked on the Wii U and 3DS versions of Ultimate, those hooks might already be in the code.

  • Tiredman

    I kind of hope they announce a Wii U version coming in the first few months of 2014 to spur Wii U sales. That, and I just don’t like games like Monster Hunter on handhelds and would love a console version.

    • 4G will be announced for the 3DS before they consider a console version. MH is more profitable on handhelds.

      • Tiredman

        May be so, but just because it is more profitable on one platform doesn’t mean it won’t be profitable by “also” being released on another platform. I enjoy my handhelds, but for a meaty game like monster hunter, I prefer the console experience. I am an endurance gamer, and staring at a handheld long term kinda hurts after a while, be it either my arms, wrists, thumbs, or neck.

        • I hear you, but due to Capcom’s financial situation right now, I don’t they’re willing to make a console version of MH4 just yet. Who knows, with MHF coming to the Wii U, PS3, and Vita they might localize it.

          • Tiredman

            Capcom’s biggest issues is they have no clue how to take care of their fan’s wants. They manhandle fan wants and try to tell us what we want, and it is causing them to fail on a regular basis.

  • Roberto

    I hope this help capcom

    • Tre W

      Moreover, I hope this helps Capcom be reminded that they don’t have to change their established, beloved series in order to get sales.

      MH4 sold handsomely, in spite of not having a AAA budget and having its focus altered/compromised to try and cater to a “new audience”.

      If that works here, then I’m hoping that they can exercise that ethic for a number of other titles in their catalog…

      • ishyg

        Say, Resident Evil?!

        I just want a new Megaman…

  • School Idol Addict

    Any ideas how big the PSP user base was in japan when MHP3rd was released ?

    • Somehwere around 16 million units.

      • School Idol Addict

        Oh, so the difference wasn’t that big, but it do show that even now MH series is still growing in japan.
        Now i wonder how much the next MH will sell on 3DS.

        • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

          well considering PSP has millions more users at the time of that game release but only manage to pop out 200,000 more units.

        • If they play their cards right, 4G could possibly be bigger. I think they’d need to do something new with a G version to attract more people to it, though. More collaborations, perhaps. More obviously-appealing communication features. It won’t be easy, but I do feel there’s still room for growth.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Have better paintball mechanics and give the game a graphical retuning.

          • ronin4life

            Make all G contentInto DLC/Expansion pack for people that already own 4?

            Well, at least expand on the “Free hunt/randomquest” Mechanics. Other than the obvious extras I can’t think of anything else.

          • What Capcom could do this time around is bring over a few monsters from the frontier series to 4G, that or give us a boatload of elder dragons.

          • Honestly, I don’t think either of those would be nearly enough. Adding more monsters isn’t the solution. They’ve already done that with 4. It’s got to have more impact than that. Something that people who’ve stopped caring about Monster Hunter (or never cared in the first place) can identify with and latch on to.

          • Well the majority of MH games such as FU/P3rd/3G/3U sold well. All Capcom did was throw in a few subspecies, add one or two new monsters, and some new quest. 4G will be the same. I’m not sure what they can do as far as appealing to those who lost interest MH, and for the people that never cared for the series to begin with. The majority of people that stopped playing MH have stated the franchise has become too easy/complaing how about how Nintendo “stole” it from Sony & the Vita. And for the people who have never played it are intimidated to get into MH due to the learning curve.

    • Guest

      There were 15’651.057 PSP and PSP Go units sold the week before Monster Hunter Portable 3rd was released.

    • ronin4life

      I was wondering this too…

      I would imagine it was higher.

  • xAtKx

    MH pretty much did what I expected it to do.

  • Guest

    Sweet Christmas, 3DS! That number!
    But in software everything is down this week due the monster sales :P
    I’m glad for Ace Attorney and Youkai Watch! Hang in there!
    Next week could have a push for 3DS games.

  • Demeanor

    Not a Nintendo fan, but, sheesh, those sales number are scary. 236K units sold for the 3ds xl alone, that’s like 1/8 of the whole Vita install base >_> they really managed to create an ocean of hardcore fans, more like acolytes.

    • ishyg

      And no other “collaboration battle” game can touch that. Toukiden Soul Sacrifice and Ragnarok combined!

      I don’t know if those games aren’t what the Japanese people wanted, or they’re just afraid of change.

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    And once again, Vita is dead in Japan. As somebody who owns one since day one it makes me sad to see so much potential go unnoticed / unexploited~.

    • ishyg

      Imagine if MonHun4 came out of Vita though…

    • The fact the X & Y plus the 2DS are dropping two days after the Vita’s new model I believe, its not looking good for the Vita.

    • Ercoman

      I think you’re use the word dead too loosely. If something’s sales slow down, that doesn’t make it dead. Vita had nothing really going on this week, whereas 3DS had a lot going on. I’m not at all surprised Japan wasn’t flocking to buy Vitas the same week a Monster Hunter game comes to another handheld.This week was all about the 3DS, but with its much trumpeted PS4 integration, a new model, and some exciting upcoming games, (Phantasy Star Nova, Gravity Rush 2, God Eater 2) I think the Vita will do well.

  • Göran Isacson

    Aw man, Puppeteer with measly 12 k sold. hang in there little buddy :( hard as it might be when giant monsters show up to demolish all opposition.

  • Are Idea Factory and Broccoli related at all? I thought they were. . . either way, interesting that those two particular otome titles have games releasing within the same week (not the same time, given the anime status of both, but still).

    MH’s sales are as horrific and fantastic as Animal Crossing’s. Good for Capcom and Ninty~.

  • The power of a handheld that can support it’s self, and a game everyone wants to play! Imagine of you could get a MH game this quality on a Tablet or Iphone. Crazy!

  • Namuro

    Aw yeah! Monhun for life!!

  • Zirixion Zwelt

    Oh, wow. As expected from MH. Now, to hibernate while waiting for Pokemon X&Y’s release..

  • wahyudil

    full of PS3 and 3DS games … where is the others?

    • ronin4life

      There are no others.

  • Exkaiser

    Holy wow. I wasn’t expecting it to beat out Portable 3rd, since that was on a well-aged system with effectively the entire Monhun player base on it… I suppose it’s partly because MH3U already brought over a good part of them to the 3DS.

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