Samus’ Charge Shot Gets An Upgrade In The New Super Smash Bros.

By Ishaan . September 30, 2013 . 10:02am

While it may have looked like something was going on between Link and Princess peach last week, the latest batch of Super Smash Bros. screenshots indicate that Mario has nothing to worry about—Peach looks like she’s sticking with him.


In other Super Smash Bros. news, director Masahiro Sakurai noted on Miiverse last week that the speed and power of Samus’ Charge Shot has been “drastically improved” in the new game. However, he added, this could potentially put her in danger on occasion.


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  • Bunzi

    It was pretty sad that Zero Suit Samus was an all around upgrade for her in Brawl than vice versa, so this is good news.

    • Linhua

      … I agree… while I LIKED being Zero Suit with Sammy over most things… I did secretly loathe the fact that I couldn’t own the way I should with her Varia Suit.

  • Linhua

    … I hope she has even more cool things about her in this game.

    … like, i’m really hoping that EVERYONE has moves like this that, when over used could potentially put you in danger.

    … that kinda makes every character that comes into the battle seem like, if you (the player) were playing their game and then you enter this new area… it wouldn’t feel like you’ve stepped into a new game… instead… this is just another level for your character and you have to, like every other stage… overcome the enemies.

    … for example, if i’m playing a Metroid game, like say… Other M… I want to come to this arena feeling like I just entered a new area IN the Metroid game… and I wanna come there with everything i’ve acquired so far… and use them the very same way i’ve been doing in the Other M.

    … I realize this is nearly impossible since not everyone’s adventure played the same kinda way.

    … I know they’ve pretty much done this already… but i’d like to see it taken to the next level… especially since we’ve finally stepped into the Smash Brothers World in High Definition and this new thing they’ve done with Sammy’s Charged Shot is a step in the right direction. If ALL of her moves and special moves could have potential backfires like this one… it would really feel like you’re playing a Metroid game. No fun in spamming a special or unique ability with no consequences… so i’m really excited about this news here.

    … anyone here understand what i’m trying to say…?

    • J_Joestar

      not sure what you mean,

      I think the statement about the charge shot being dangerous to her is reference to the picture where it is being reflected back at her but because of the increased speed, she wont recover fast enough after firing it to evade.

      • Linhua

        … ahh… then perhaps I have over-analyzed his words… =

  • Go2hell66

    i just want to see that kamehameha-hadoken-laser beam charge shot she did in the first trailer

  • ChiffonCake

    I can’t help but feel like there’s something really off about Toon Link’s face. Just looking at it gives me the creeps.

    • TheGioG

      Hey! You take that back! Just look at this pudgy face!

    • There was an article not long ago about Link’s abnormally large eyes. Something about the team wanting Link to fire lazers from his eyes, but in the end deciding that Link can look at objects as subtle hints to the player as to what to do next.

      • ChiffonCake

        I think people are misunderstanding me. I don’t have a problem with Toon Link himself. I haven’t played Wind Waker, but having seen some videos of it recently, I can say that he’s probably my favorite out of all the Links I’ve seen before.

        What I have a problem with is his face in this game. I don’t know if it’s the non-cel-shaded graphics, his different model, or what, but whereas in WW he comes off as expressive and adorable, here he’s just plain uncanny valley-level creepy.

        • That’s fine. I wasn’t judging you. Honestly, I’m with you on that. A cell shaded character just look out of place in a non cell shaded game.

  • JoJo_649

    The charge shot was ridiculous in Brawl, I mean the other day I fired it at my cousin who was using Diddy Kong and had 180%….. and he was merely sent spinning barely two feets xD, hopefully Samus will be more like her Melee version.

    • KoRLumen

      A partially charged shot kills Diddy at the edge of FD at ~118%, so…

      • JoJo_649

        It was fully charged, altough we were in the temple (upside), dunno what happened, but he couldn’t stop laughing after it xD

  • Virevolte

    Huhuhu… I loooove to send charge shots back in Samus face ~

  • subsamuel01

    Man I’m just waiting for this game to come out, none of the new characters announced are exciting me either seeing how they were pretty much expected to be in the game. Megaman and the villager were awesome debuts.

  • Shady Shariest

    New Blast will be a “Super Smash” for certain bro’s :3

  • glenngunnerzero

    Varia Suit Samus is my favorite since OG so this pleases me.

  • Ony

    I still miss the fins or her bowl shoulders :<

  • Byas

    DK is a cold-blooded killer, just look at these eyes without a single emotion in them while he blows himself up along with innocent Toon Link… D:

  • Chaos_Knight

    “Mario has nothing to worry about—Peach looks like she’s sticking with him.”

    But Link and Peach already had their kid which they named Toon Link.

  • JNT


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