Fire Emblem: Awakening’s Story Still Unfolding With Third Drama CD

By Eugene . October 5, 2013 . 5:00pm


It’s been a while since Fire Emblem: Awakening (And I am shamed to admit that I am only still halfway through the game… Gotta grind that All-Galeforce party!) but in Japan at least, the story ain’t over. The third drama CD will be released this month, fleshing out the tale of Lucina and her band of soldiers as they desperately attempt to re-awaken the dragon God Naga and defeat the Fell Dragon Grima.


*SPOILER WARNING* Players of the game might remember that Lucina and her troops are all the children of your initial bunch of characters in Fire Emblem: Awakening. They tell the story of a dark alternate future where Grima reigns supreme, and their attempt to return in time to stop this history from coming to pass. This drama CD fleshes out that backstory with plenty of spoilers. *END SPOILERS*


If you somehow missed the last two, they’re available on Amazon (Vol 1 and Vol 2)


Volume 3 comes with 10 drama track narrations:


1) Back of the Falchion

2) Deferring the Departure

3) Respective Selections

4) Parting Bonds

5) The Evil Dragon Attacks

6) Iris’s Fall

7) After the Tragedy

8) At the Promised Place

9) The Last Night

10) The Soul is Always Joined


Pretty bleak, so don’t say you weren’t warned listening to the heart-rending storyline. The CD goes on sale October 1st.


And, just for kicks, who was your favorite character in the game? I completely fell in love with the adorable Nowi. Who doesn’t want to be an adorable, thousand-year old kid on the battlefield. Just because we happen to turn into a dragon doesn’t mean anything!

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  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    I’m waiting for someone to inevitably complain about the spoilers of the thumbnail and the image in this article.
    After the fuss that was made about that “Marth” figma article where people were like, “that’s ****** not *****” and others reacted with “omg spoilers liek” it wouldn’t be surprising.

    On topic though, this is the first I’ve heard of these Drama CDs and they seem really interesting. Shame they are only in Japanese though, Fire Emblem: Awakening was absolutely fantastic and is easily one of the best games I’ve played this year and I’d love to hear more about the story. I guess I can always wait for the translations or something :P

  • mojack411

    Would there be a written translation for these anywhere?

    • British_Otaku

      Definitely, I’ve seen full written translations for light novels around, so there is a good chance that Fire Emblem Drama CDs will be translated somewhere on the interwebs if you know where to look.

  • gangrelion

    My favorite character is Owain, because he have powers beyond or comprehension (he is a chuunibyou), and this is pure awesomeness!

    • Sardorim

      Owain is indeed a great son. He’s the only second child that alters his dialogue to fit you being his daddy because Owain cares.

      He cares lots.

      • Kai2591

        He’s a good son :)

      • British_Otaku

        He was the best potential child for Lonqu on my first run, being a skilled swordsman, but one of legend who feels like an overblown hero in an anime in comparison to his stoic woman fearing father.

        Makes me imagine how his childhood must had been to make him act like that. :P

  • This is kind of weird. FE: Awakening is a very good game (though I pretty much abandoned it once I started SMT IV), but plot is not exactly one of its strong points (by which I mean to say it’s total nonsense). I guess these drama CDs are because people really like the characters/voice actors.

    • mojack411

      Non-sense in that it didn’t make sense or was just bad? If the former it was pretty clear to me at least.

    • DeadLineDance

      I totally agree that the story is pretty weak as far as Fire Emblems go. (Total nonsense is apt, as well as “disjointed” and “rushed”.)
      But people LOVE the cast from this game. Like, to an absurd degree. Especially the kids. So I’m not surprised at all.

      • British_Otaku

        Rather the kids love it, pick it up and the next one than the series dies like it could have. At least, they’ll have low standards for when it gets really good even if we may have some people expecting to be able to grind forever, three sagas, multiple generations and such for all future installments. >_>

        • DeadLineDance

          Yeah, I think they may expect every subsequent game to allow you to SHIP EVERYONE AND MAKE BABIES ZOMG. Just like how some people I knew thought that Awakening would have third tier classes because Radiant Dawn did.
          (When I said “kids,” I meant the second gen of characters and that people love them in particular, but your comment raises a good point.)

          • British_Otaku

            Surprisingly, I was spot on and your comment made sense (kids as in newcomers or second generation characters) either way… >_>

            If you go to the GameFAQs board for Awakening, it feels like a dating sim or visual novel board on some level with people going on about their husbando or waifu… I guess it isn’t that far from what they were like before, FE has had relationships for a while on top of permadeath which gets you invested in characters.
            I hope the next FE improves on the map design and objectives on top of reducing the focus on relationships (rather a few well written ships with some people that don’t like each other much than nearly everyone can get shipped and some feel contradictory or poorly written). A more structured and closed sequel will be nice.

    • British_Otaku

      I assume that having Drama CDs are popular as it costs a lot less than animating a set of episodes but still sells for a fair amount and can convey the feeling of a story sequence without any visuals if well done.

      Why they would do it instead of another DLC pack? I don’t know to be sure, I sort of expect developing an extra map or so with created resources and just writing the script would save on calling in the voice actors. Perhaps it’s as you suggest, people like the voices THAT much and maybe DLC wouldn’t sell well over a year after the original release when millions of people are playing Monster Hunter 4 instead.

      • Well also making more DLC would require level designers and so on who might now be working on other games, whereas for a drama CD all you need is writers and VAs. I doubt they’re being worked on much by Intelligent Systems directly, anyway.

      • Suicunesol

        Drama CDs are pretty common in Japan for anime franchises and such. It’s not really special treatment at all.

        It’s definitely higher quality than a DLC map, so I don’t see why anyone would want DLC over a fully-voiced side story with sound effects. They can go all out with plot as well since it’s not filled up with game play. It’s pure plot and characterization..

        And voice actors are popular in Japan, so…

        • British_Otaku

          It is higher quality than a DLC Map, I was musing over how affordable it is to call in voice actors over having lines of text and using some of their old maps to convey things. It wouldn’t be nearly as appealing, like you said though.

  • Sardorim

    If anyone’s wondering..

    The drama CDs don’t reveal any canon pairings so don’t go in hoping to find any.

  • *Can’t wait to hear complaints over who the given parents would be.*

    • My top five males would be:
      1: Henry
      2: Owain
      3: Basilio
      4: Gregor
      5: Gaius

      And females:
      1: Lucina
      2: Noire
      3: Tharja (First wife too if only for Galeforce on a magic Noire)
      4: Tiki
      5: Cherche

  • dynamic-zx

    Call me typical but Cordelia was my favorite girl and Severa with Morgan were my favorite children. A tsun tsun daughter is too cute.

    • Linhua

      … now hold on a second here… why would anyone call you typical…?

      … what trait of her’s is it that would make a person liking her (possibly FOR that trait) that would make someone typical.

      … Cordelia is one of my top girls that I really like… so i’m curious where this typical business comes from and if I happen to like her in that typical way as well.

      … sorry for all the Typicals .-.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Technicallyyyy the thumbnail for the article is a spoiler. I mean I don’t really mind since I’ve already passed the reveal but just sayin’ for those who might not know yet.

    • British_Otaku

      It is, but the game released quite sometime ago everywhere, the game isn’t that spoiler orientated (as in the story is pretty nonsense and you could see it coming, this isn’t like revealing details on an Ace Attorney or Zero Escape which breaks the whole experience) and chances are she may pop up in Smash Bros.

      I knew Sheik was Zelda from the get go when I played it, that’s a more major spoiler given that you assume that she is in hiding or something naturally. >_>

  • I can’t really choose… it’s either Nowi’s daughter Nah or Stahl. I’m trying to complete all their support list before Endgame Chapter… @[email protected] Should I just finish the game (cause I really didn’t)?

    Edit: Severa is also a contender for my fav. It’s either the lolicon, tsundere or the nice guy. LOL

  • Chiupon

    Lucina was definitely my fave. I just have a preference for dark haired girls with swords, i guess.

    2nd fave is probablyyyy Sully.

  • Kilim

    gaius is my waifu

    • JustThisOne

      O-Oh… I g…guess I’m happy for you two then… :’)

  • Croix Zapp

    i married Nowi~~

  • $36598391

    These CDs should be released in English

  • Linhua

    … aww… see what you done started all over again…?

    … welp… i’m in since I didn’t participate last time.

    … i’m not doing a favorite character because there are WAY too many and I like WAY too many the same.

    … so as someone did before me… i’ll list my top five, but by gender because… well… I have to… =

    The Girls:
    1. My Unit (Naomi) [I literally fell in love when she said: “Oh, Poppycock!”]
    2. Nowi
    3. Cordelia
    4. Lissa
    5. Tharja

    The Guys:
    1. Gregor (Favorite guy hands down. I gave him Cordelia because their S-Rank Convo was pretty pleasing to me.)
    2. Donnel
    3. Gaius
    4. Chrom
    5. Stahl

  • Mordina

    Henry is my favorite male and was my first husbando <3

    Then comes Gaius and Chrom… but I quite like them all really.

    When it comes to females I do love my unit and female Morgan :3

  • Göran Isacson

    Ah, so this is the stories of the children in greater detail than the games DLC missions could show? Eh, I’m cool with that. Can’t say I’m superexcite, but it works… also now I wonder if the next character reveal for Smash Bros is going to be a FE character, to coincide with this announcement and create FE hype.

    Also Sully is best girl and Donnel is best guy. I shall hear no libelous slander that suggests otherwise.

  • TrueDefault

    My 5 favourite girls:


    Yeah, I have boring taste.

    • Necr0naut

      I must admit I’m surprised to see Kjelle and Stahl so high up on your lists (or…at all really lol) but I guess that’s FE for you. WIth 49 characters and a myriad of support convos I’m pretty sure they catered to all tastes.

      • TrueDefault

        I dunno how their rankings are so low.

        Kjelle is the comically serious type, her dialogues with Severa always crack me up. Stahl is dorky and it’s fun watching him dealing with eccentric characters.

  • Akemi Homura

    Somehow, in my mind, Chrom developed into this entity independent from the game, where he is the manliest kind of hero possible. The kind whose cape always flows in the wind, charges into battles and takes down everyone, has teh blue hair, and whose name you can’t help but spell in all caps. CHROM. It’s.. strange.

    I still like Lucina more though.

    • DyLaN

      Everytime I see his name I can’t help but thought of the search engine I’m using XD

      • Linhua

        … LOL… CAN’T UNTHINK.

  • Necr0naut

    Oh God… You do realize there are 49 characters right? 49!! I can’t pick JUST one, I can’t, I’m sorry. Here are all my #1 favorites though:

    *Lanre (MyUnit): It’s ridiculous how attached I’ve grown to this little fucker (pictured on my avi). Bringin back MyUnit was definitely one of the best decisions they could have made to bring the series back to it’s former glory.

    *Gregor: Gregor has by far (only rivaled by Lanre) the best support convos of the entire cast. Comedy gold.

    *Lon’qu: His pathological aversion to women and his overall lack of social skills are adorable. His voice acting is superb too.

    *Olivia: Again, adorable.

    *Severa: Best quotes. Superb voice acting. Complex personality. Adorable.

    *Brady: See Severa.

    *Morgan (Female): Cutest thing in the entire game. In every aspect, looks, convos, quotes, voice-acting, she just exudes cuteness (and bad-assery in combat).

    *Owain: I didn’t like him very much at first (too over the top) but he has really grown on me. His “sword hand” still annoys me a little though but that’s part of his charm I guess.

    *Priam: Just the looks.

    • Linhua

      … okay I GOTTA know, buddy.

      … where and what do I have to do to find the customized pictures of the My Units…?

      … as much as I love my Kitten Xiao Mei… she’s on nearly every account I have on the net.

      … i’d like to place Naomi on at least one site.

      • Necr0naut

        I got lucky! This was one of the few designs that Nintendo posted as examples of MyUnit customizations, fell in love with it the moment I saw it and… yeah Lanre was born lol, My female unit though (Trisha) wasn’t so lucky :(

        • Linhua

          … sadness… SADNESS… T^T

          … there has gotta be a way…

          … is there like… some kinda way to screen shot your games on the 3DS…?

          … doubtful, I already know… but I had to ask.

          … i’ve yet to make a male My Unit though. I DO wanna do that… but like Eugene… I too have only made it to the halfway point of the game… = =;; … i’m stuck trying to find out the best candidates for each other before I move on… which means i’m going through like, the entire set of characters for one character… seeing just which fitted the best. Sometimes, I just go with what makes the girl happiest… like for example Nowi… i’m not a Fredrick fan very much at all… and he was the LAST person on my mind for Nowi… but the only reason I went with it is because Nowi had expressed that she really really liked him… so I wanted her to be happy.

          … whenever I finally get past this, i’ll finish on up and try out a male My Unit because I really wanted to see how adorable this (female) Morgan was.

  • Dianatos

    Ummm… define favorite. My faves are constantly changing, but I’ll try. Without the three main characters:

    1st Gen:

    Gregor: “Stay frosting.”

    Tharja: Secretly a therapist

    Lon’qu: Who’s hypocritically every woman’s bff

    2nd Gen:


    Noire: The shy and RUTHLESS PSYCHOPATH

    Special Mention:
    Sumia: Apocalyptic slayer. Seriously, for me, she’s currently the best 1st Gen unit aside from MU. And yet, she’s the clumsy one and her best friend is the one who’s good at everything.

  • JoJo_649

    This game is freaking awesome, got it in June and haven’t stopped playing it since then xD, from someone that preferred Advance Wars to this series in the GBA/DS, I found myself completely engaged by the sheer scope of variables in combat and the characters, Oh good lord, the characters and their convos have such tremendous attention that really made you reset if you lost someone, by the way I absolutely adore Lucina, her looks, her personality and badassery in combat quickly escalated her in my top 5 gaming heroines, and the best part of it, she could become my waifu :3 and gave me an incredibly cute Morgan.

  • DyLaN

    What’s Vol 1& 2 of the Drama CD is abt, I’m curious?

    Fav male characters: Gregor/Owain/Virion/Gauis
    Fav female characters: Cherche/Sumia/Cordelia/Lissa

    • British_Otaku

      Apparently this is what the first one was about:

      “Days after Prince Chrom’s wedding, a battle of love over Robin breaks out! What final words did Queen Emmeryn leave behind? Just when peace has seemingly returned to Ylisse, the shadows of the Risen spring anew…

      The game’s story, which recounts the fate and bonds that intertwine Chrom, Robin and their companions, will at last be told in Drama CD form!”


      And this is what the second one was about:

      “Following the tragic events surrounding Queen Emmeryn, Chrom and company desperately try to escape Plegia. However they’re faced with a vicious storm and Plegian soldiers hot on their heels; their chances of escape falling with each passing moment. And as if to add insult to injury, unexpected disaster strikes… Will Chrom manage to bring all his men safely to Ylisse? Or is it time for Robin to say her final words…?

      The story surrounding the Plegian escape and the untold desperate struggle in the game’s Chapter 10 begins here…!”


      A sample of the second one and a reusable gif is here:

      • DyLaN

        Oi, Oi. Gif are not allowed here anymore. If you really want to post the gif next time, do it like this: link .gif

        That said, thk for the tip & the TL link.

  • I want an expansion >_<

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