Pokemon the Series: XY Anime Trailer Shows Ash’s Encounters In Kalos

By Ishaan . October 5, 2013 . 3:28pm

The Pokémon Company has shared a new promo video for the upcoming Pokémon the Series: XY anime, scheduled to air in Japan on October 17th and in the U.S. at a later date. The video contains footage from various trailers released prior, and you can watch it below:



In the U.S., Cartoon Network will air a preview of the series, with the first two episodes, on October 19th.

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  • Godman

    Why do I feel jealous that Ash managed to make it to Kalos before I did?

    • 3PointDecoupage

      Because you’re more talented than Ash.

      • John Diamond

        most people are more talented than ash

        • 3PointDecoupage


        • Kami nii

          we are all talented than ash I mean all the people who played pokemon demolished the pokemon league :P

          • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

            pokemon league isnt really an accomplishment since their Pokemon aren’t EV trained but BW2 World Tournament is.

          • Kami nii

            well that I may say is hard because you really need to put an effort to EV train your pokemon I remember one time I got pissed and I changed all my 6 pokemon and EV trained them them to hell just for that tournament xD

          • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

            well it took me about a week and a half to beat all region gyms and world leaders in all battle mode. Took me three tries to win one champion

          • John Diamond

            ash probably doesn’t even know ev training exists

          • Kami nii

            What @John said and Ash probably don’t want his pokemon to evolve much -_- when I watched pokemon origins I was Like wft man this guy beats ash in every category I’m not hatin on the guy but the creators of the anime should make ash win. losing is really getting old now he should already have the experience to win.

          • Herok♞

            I have to call bs on that every battle they showed was Red having plot armor, I mean come on even Ash doesn’t need 6 pokemon to beat 2. I enjoyed the specail but it gave the impression Red is just really bad at pokemon

          • Suicunesol

            Red was just starting out. Give him a break. :P
            (Except for Viridian where I’d say Sakaki was the one who had plot armor until the very end.)

            He did complete the Pokedex, though.

          • Herok♞

            I am not being harsh about the first battle I was “ok, this wouldn’t work but at least this is the only time they would pull this stunt” however against Giovanni he had no excuse to be that bad and then have Charzard beat a Rhyhorn without the special just going screw logic and type charts.

          • Suicunesol

            I believe Charizard had used a fighting type move. With Rhyhorn being dual rock-ground type, it was appropriately super effective. Am I wrong?

          • Herok♞

            Yes you are right but this is coming right after he had a whole team of appropriately typed Pokemon get their butts kicked on after another so Red still doesn’t win points there since that would mean his Pokemon are under leveled by far and he only won because plot demanded it. Also every trainer should know one move doesn’t make a battle, and then how do you explain his win against’s Green’s Blastose he clearly had no moves that were strong against it, gets hit with Hydro Pump which should be an instakill but it wasn’t because plot and then he beats it while it still had nearly all its HP with a Fire Blast because you know the special is just bs and not game accurate at all.

          • Suicunesol

            I think plot demanded that Sakaki beat all of Red’s Pokemon until the last moment, so that we could see Sakaki have his little flashback until Red unleashed the big gun. Sakaki was the one with the plot armor. Rhyhorn and Rhydon should have been defeated by the 5 previous Pokemon.

            And one move CAN make a battle.

            Also, Red might have EV trained Charizard to withstand special attacks. :P

            Also, critical hit.

          • Herok♞

            Yeah I don’t buy that Sakaki has plot armor, the way pokemon is supposed to work if you can clearly K.O. 5 Pokemon of various advantages or disadvantages against you the pokemon you have is clearly a lot stronger. Plus his Nidoqueen totally destroyed Charizard just 5 minutes earlier.

            So it really makes no sense that the Rhydon would lose so easily after that good showing by its pre-evolution, also keep in mind Sakaki is supposed to use 5 pokemon and not 2 based on the games. If it were a fair give and take match, then I could easily believe that Red won fairly if he took down 3 more pokemon, which would show their levels were a lot closer. Instead he needed 6 pokemon to take on 2(which was exceptable in pewter city since it was his first gym). I can understand 6 vs 5 but 6 vs 2 shows Red is just horrible in the battles they show. Even in Ash’s gym battles he has to use the same number of pokemon as the gym leader and he still wins without having to use 3X as many pokemon as the gym leader because you know that is more fair and balanced.

            So in other words Red sucks they should have let Sakaki have all 5 of his pokemon to show it was a fair match but when 2 can destroy 6 then you have a problem(when they could have done that easily it shows there was no plot armor only more skill and experience). Just think it he used one more pokemon Red would have lost badly. I really wish they would have showed a match or two in the Origin that showed Red was a legit trainer, instead we have people making excuses for the character who is supposed to be the undisputed the best.

          • Christopher Nunes

            I remember this back in the old with my old friend Roy, with our Gameboys and Pokemon games we battled each other. My Charizard versus his Blastoise… first round his Blastoise attacked first since he was faster and used Hydro Pump on my Charizard.

            My Charizard miraculous survived it with the skin of his teeth (can’t recall if his HP was 1, single digit, or close to 10) and I used Fire Blast and OHKO his Blatoise in the first round. My buddy went “No, no, no! That can’t be right! Do over!” (not exactly his words, he spoke in Portuguese to be honest when he saw it) and wanted to restart from the beginning.

            Second time around my Charizard went down in the first hit from Hydro Pump this time… needlessly to say I wasn’t happy and I eventually lost though I did try my best. But it makes me wonder if we continued where we left off would I have won?

            We didn’t know about EV/IV training in the day (did it exist in the first version? I believe so) so perhaps that’s why my Charizard survived the hit at first so that’s what I believe happened here.

            Then again I haven’t watched Pokemon: Origins yet.

          • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

            it was seismic toss

          • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

            i am talking about the games

          • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

            i stay getting dislike here lol
            then i guess the World Tournament is too hard for some.

        • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

          not really. there are a lot of people who goes online that dont know how ev train or do competitive battles. They most likely call themselves Ash in game.

          • Anesia Hunter

            that’s considered an insult to casual players or those that just aren’t into competitive battling and like other features in the games.

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      uh he going to Kalos week after we play

    • AuraGuyChris

      Alas, this is a preview, and it’s humanly possible everyone in the world will have seen everything Kalos has to offer before Oct. 17/19.

  • Namuro

    Wow, the quality of the animation looks really nice! I sure hope they can keep up the quality throughout the whole series. I haven’t watched Pokemon in a long, long, long time, but this sure got me interested.

    Just one thing though… Has Ash’s skin always been that tanned?

    • Guest


      On the contrary, I see him now… shinier?

    • British_Otaku

      It does look surprisingly good, given that it’s an ongoing TV series I expect to see slip ups eventually though.

      If you haven’t heard of it already… Of course, you have I’m just saying that to open conversation, Pokemon Origins is coming around soon as well, being focused on the original Red and Blue/Green games.

      Did you pick Charmander most often back in the day?

      Here’s a sneak peek: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAdGv89e0sE

      • Pdugna

        now watch as the natural blue turtle devours the flame born salamander in the wild…..
        *that screaming was weird for a pokemon anime*

        • Anesia Hunter

          i think they just wanted to remind people more of why we hated our rival so much back in the day when we all first started.

      • Suicunesol

        I thought that scene was unusually brutal for Pokemon. >_< Really puts into perspective what Pokemon battling would really be like. Felt bad for Charmander, got angry at Red for letting it go through that, and Squirtle got some brutality points. Really sets the stage for the final battle between Charizard and Blastoise though.

        • Christopher Nunes

          Charmander’s scream made it more brutal for me… poor thing! Though it does show what a more “realistic” Pokemon battle would be like… and it does show what Pokemon were like back in the day, in the Pokedex entries we had Pokemon eat other Pokemon.

          Heck in the first anime it was said Krabby were used as food for people, so yeah.

          Still the battle is more intense the current Pokemon anime series.

          I know our Rival back in the day was a jerk, but really that felt going to far! Haven’t see Origins yet (I wonder if they will keep this scene intact for its US debut or edited it a bit) but I hope Blue/Green knows his place in the end and Charizard returns the favor to Blastoise after this battle.

      • Anesia Hunter

        that was just plain brutal!! but i will make sure to watch this when i get the chance to.

        edit: i just realized just how much this is going to get censored in the states.

      • Namuro

        I’m really looking forward to Origins as well. The anime seems to be going back to the basic roots with a more straight forward, and pure raw battles to cater to the older fans, while keeping it updated and relevant to the newer series, like the looks of the protagonist and new Pokemons. But man… I keep seeing that picture of Squirtle eating Charmander’s face off everywhere LOL.

        Also, about the starter we pick back in the day (at least where I’m from), yes, I believe EVERYONE picked Charmander LOL. I mean we were just lil’ kids. We didn’t know squat about elemental advantages or anything, we just wanted to pick the coolest looking Pokemon, and what could be cooler than a mini-Godzilla with a flamin’ tail! It’s only until we got our asses handed to us at the first gym, and suffered humiliating defeats by other kids who knew better and butchered us with Water Pokemons that we started to diversify our choices a little more. It was kinda nice to learn about the game’s mechanic like that back in the day, though. There was no internet, guide book or anything to help out (not to mention we were all playing the Japanese version), we have to sit around and brainstorm together, trying to figure out the game.

        Ahh…the memories…

  • ivanchu77

    Has Ash won a tournament yet?

    • Guest

      Orange Islands and Battle Frontier I believe…

      • Anesia Hunter

        and his mom uses his orange league trophy as a dumbbell for when she’s working out. so she doesn’t considers it as a big accomplishment either.

    • AuraGuyChris

      Nope. Only anime-only Orange Islands (which was just a single normal fight in the end) and Battle Frontier (which was arguably his best performance).

      • Detrimont

        battle frontier is the only thing Ash has ever beaten me in

  • Kami nii

    I’ll be entering Kalos on Oct 12 and I will strive to become a pokemon master faster than ash!! that is my goal to win it all and be the very best! :)

    • Anime10121

      Faster than Ash…well then, you dont really even NEED to try! I mean, you have over 15 years to succeed :P

  • 3PointDecoupage

    Spoilers: Ash catches three starters and a bird, doesn’t evolve any of them. Gets badges, sucks at the league, and ditches all his pokemon and friends to go to Gen 7.

    • Samsara09

      When I saw the title,I though the same thing as you,well,excet fot the starters,birds,and “doesn’t evolve” thing.Man,I understand that they think that Ash’s journey has meaning as long as he does not beat the pokemon league,but…this is starting to get absurd.League after League and he still loses…what a wimp.Now that he has a girlfriend,i hope he is more “inspired”,lol.

      • Ash has a girlfriend now? Or are you thinking because the game has love interests, Ash will, too?

      • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

        it bother you that much lol it aimed for casual pokemon fans not the core who wanted Pokemon Origins to replace it.

      • Senshin

        A girlfriend? Really?

        • Anesia Hunter

          highly, doubtful. ash is quite dense to that stuff. most likely she’s a childhood friend. (i know, i know… he’s still in his but you get what i mean.) the question is: what are the chances of him actually remembering her when they meet up again?

    • Dark Zerato

      No. In fact, his starters usually evolve.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    ash loses and he never mature
    ’nuff said

  • Herok♞

    Honestly people are only going to be upset with the pokemon anime if they expect more then just an enjoyable story about a boy from pallet town traveling around and collecting badges and making friends and rivals and it is a different experience from the games entirely, after all ash can beat all the gyms in the games he would easily have a chance at the elite 4 and champ. In the anime they hold tourneys with everyone who won the badges and I am pretty sure that only one person can win a tournment so most would have a worse position then Ash.

    • Suicunesol

      Is that what she really says? I saw the raw without subs. Did they really just sneak in a reference to the regular anime?

      • s07195

        Well, she says ‘Satoshi’ in that scene, so I guess they kept the reference.

    • Kalis Konig

      If the reference was real, I find it appropriate considering it was referring to something that’s dead lol.

  • Randy Marsh

    After how decent Best Wishes was; yes Pokemon Best Wishes was actually tolerable, I’ll give this a watch when the US gets it.

  • The 15ᵗʰ Angel

    After watching Origins I want them to make it a full series and get rid of Ash

  • Kalis Konig

    Watched Pokemon: The Origin…Now I can’t help but want to punch Ash/Satoshi in his throat every time I come across his face.

  • Fire.fire.kun


  • Masa

    animation is really nice but i cant watch this show, its awful.
    Will stick the superior games.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Less filler and Ash losinng in the end please

    • Renaldi Saputra

      how about the team Rocket?

  • KOTheWorld

    Even one kiss from Serena to Ash will make this anime golden

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