Three Platforming Icons Team Up In These Super Smash Bros. Screenshots

By Ishaan . October 7, 2013 . 10:00am

The latest Super Smash Bros. screenshots are all of the Wii U version of the game, with a heavy focus on Sonic, who was revealed as a playable character last week. The screenshot above, in particular, is rather nice, representing three platforming icons from the 90s. Meanwhile, it looks like the two Links in the game are giving D.K. a hard time below.


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  • FlobotingIt

    Just a stylistic preference, but I wish Young Link from Melee (Ocarina of Time, truthfully) was in instead of Toon Link. Toon Link is… Meh. I’m not a huge fan of the DS games, and for some reason, Toon Link just rubs me the wrong way. Not the same as Young Link.

    • Sergio Briceño

      I wish it was aLttP Link. He’s got the best items tbh.

      • FlobotingIt

        Yeah, and it would totally make sense seeing as LttP2 is coming out. Toon Link is annoying to me. By the time this game comes out, Toon Link won’t be all that relevant. He’s barely relevant now, except for the Wind Waker remake. LttP2 will be closer to the release of this game.

      • Niko Sandwich

        That Link actually had the most interesting items and adventures. ALLTP, OoA/OoS, LA… that Link would have everything from Mermaid suits, Magic capes (multiple), Magic Medallions, to Super Strength Gauntlets and Time/Space altering powers.

    • British_Otaku

      Toon Link is a character from one GameCube game and one DS game, I’m sure he is identified mostly by his appearance in WindWaker here… >_>

      The “Toon Link” design has been used on the box art or in general for some other games though. If I would call back for Young Link again, at least I would want him to draw from his inventory in Majora’s Mask (or to give him a moveset reflecting that he can’t use certain items or has spells).

      • Necr0naut

        Actually Toon Link has been the star of Wind Waker, Minish Cap, Four Swords Adventures, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. That’s 2 GC games, 2 DS titles and 1 GBA title.

        • Fitzkrieg

          Ninja’d me.

        • British_Otaku

          This is the WindWaker Link.

          Spirit Tracks is set 100 years later with a completely different voice actor. Minish Cap and Four Swords are set before OoT and Four Swords Adventure is set in another timeline to WindWaker.

          Technically, I did forget Tetra’s Tracks though.

          My point is that having a similar or identical design doesn’t make it the same character. Otherwise I could say most 3D Links are the Ocarina of Time one.

        • Different Links.
          Toon Link is specifically the hero from Outset Island. He only appears in Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass.

          • Necr0naut

            Wouldn’t that be Wind Waker Link though? I always assumed the “Toon” there made reference to the artistic style used. I mean, No one really calls him “Toon Link” in WW or PH…

          • Literally from his trophy in Brawl:
            “Link as he appeared in The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, with big eyes and an expressive face. He lived peacefully on Outset Island until a bird captured his little sister, and he came to her rescue. In The Wind Waker,
            he had to crawl, press up to walls, and the like. His green clothes
            were worn on his 12th birthday and are the lucky outfit of the hero of legend.”
            It’s not referring to one generic Link, but WW/PH Link. Other trophy descriptions aren’t as specific about characters (like referring to Pikachu as any Pikachu) but Toon Link is most definitely WW/PH’s Link. He doesn’t have Ezlo (Minish Cap) or the Four Sword. All his stuff in-game references only to WW content.
            If you even check “appearances” on the trophy Link and Zelda reference NES LoZ but Toon Link only references Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass.
            As for the title, I’d rather they called him “Outset Link” but it probably wouldn’t have rolled with the tongue that well.

          • Necr0naut

            Good to know. Thanks for clarifying without being a d*ck, I appreciate it.

      • FlobotingIt

        Yeah, I think it would be cool to add in a different set of moves for Young Link. I think it would be cool to see some of the masks from Majora’s Mask, and maybe his final smash could be bringing down the moon. I’d prefer that than to a clone of Link from the DS games I thought were only okay.

        • British_Otaku

          I haven’t finished Majora’s Mask so that may be a spoiler to me… or just a suggestion… >_>

          Anyway, I get the feeling that a Skull Kid Assist Trophy or Majora’s Mask stage (like Termina Bay in Melee) should have that as part of it.

          • FlobotingIt

            Oh, sorry! I don’t think it’s spoiler territory… I was just going off the moon crashing down part, I don’t actually even know what happens. But yeah, there should be some sort of inclusion of Majora’s Mask. I feel like everyone knows it’s coming to 3DS, we just haven’t had a solid confirmation yet.

          • British_Otaku

            It’s been over ten years, Smash Bros told millions (including myself) that Sheik is Zelda and Zelda is usually pretty low on surprises, so it’s alright. :P

            If it really only took Nintendo 6 months to get WindWaker HD ready and out for the Wii U, we should be seeing more remakes and ports soon. There isn’t a chance that they will let a named Zelda with a trailer steal the thunder from another Zelda on the same platform.

            We will have MM3D announced by Early-Mid 2014, maybe out the same year too.

          • FlobotingIt

            God, I hope so. Of all the games I’ve wanted to play and love, Majora’s Mask has always been there. Like, I haven’t even played the game, and once I do, if I like it enough, I’m planning on getting a Majora’s Mask tattoo on one of my arms.

    • I wish they’d do more with Toon Link. He’s got some interesting items but instead they decide to be extremely conservative when it comes to alternate Links. Deku Leaf for recovery? Skull Hammer as a smash? Grappling Hook as a more effective grab? There’s a lot they could do if they tried.

      • FlobotingIt

        Yeah, that could be cool. I might not dislike him as much then. It’s just that Toon Link doesn’t really feel like he fits in the roster. Like, Brawl, I felt like he was the most outstanding character- Even with Sonic and Snake. I feel like if he was given a different move set, then I wouldn’t be complaining as much, but as just a clone of Link, I’d prefer Young Link. Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll give Toon Link new moves to reflect his other games and bring Young Link in to either clone Link or use new items from LttP2.

  • James Enk

    epic times

  • ahaha rush!

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Sonic looks more cocky then ever XD

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Gotta stay cocky.^_^

  • idrawrobots

    I for one have always enjoyed Toon Link.

    • ElAbuelo69

      And I’ve always hated it, even though WW is overall a great game…I just never got into the art style :(

      • TheGioG

        How dare you… >:(
        I jest. I’ve always loved the art style and vivid expressions in Toon Link’s misadventures, but to each their own I suppose.

        • Auvers

          I agree, I think he’s the best Link. I’m not really into the whole silent protagonist thing, I don’t really want to be me in the game with a story I guess. I love Toon link because he’s not just a passive hero he’s in it because of something important to him and not just doing what he’s told. He’s amazingly expressive and shows off more personality than the other versions of him. If it hadn’t been for this artstyle I may never have bothered with Zelda at all.

          • TheGioG

            Oh stop, you’re making me blush…
            But you’re definitely right about that. I did play earlier Zelda games, but Toon Link’s wide array of expressions were so memorable, they got me hooked on his series of games. Dat art direction…

  • TheGioG

    Damn, that Link & Toon Link team up picture is all kinds of ass-kick. So with Sanic back in the fray, Solid Snake’s chances of returning are… Good?

    • British_Otaku

      Predicting odds for fighting game rosters has always been a crapshoot. >_> I hope Snake makes it though.

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      Snake shouldn’t return. I thought him being Brawl means more MGS on Nintendo but on a 3D Remake of Snake Eater.

    • XiaomuArisu

      I think so.
      Nintendo got asked by Kojima,I think,to include Snake in Brawl Just4fun.
      So why should there be issues now?

  • Chaos_Knight

    After seeing the Link and Toon Link pix, I want a Zelda crossover game now.

  • Anime10121

    All dat BLUE!!!!

  • hazelnut1112

    Judging by that Megaman and Sonic picture. We are going to expect for Smash Bros. to have a Spring 2014 release. Looking forward to it.

  • Göran Isacson

    Mario, Sonic and Megaman in the same picture. Rush Coil and Sonics springs in the same picture. I must stay strong. Must not let head explode from overwhelming nostalgia feels.

  • Is the roster complete or there’s still a few more characters to be unveiled? If so, hope the next one is Simon Belmont from Castlevania. So 1/3 of the old Captain N Team will be in the game.

    • FlobotingIt

      The game isn’t coming out until next year, so if this is the full roster, we are getting ripped off, friend. I expect every character from Brawl and a few extra, plus characters that will have to be unlocked. So worry not! There are still surprises in store for us!

      • They already confirmed long ago that not EVERYONE from Brawl will return. So, expect at least 3-5 Characters from the previous roster getting chopped.

        • FlobotingIt

          Oh, did they say that? I missed that part. If I had to take a guess, the first ones on the chopping block would be Lucario and Wolf. I’m assuming Zero Suit Samus will be back, as well as Wario. Pokemon trainer from brawl I think is unlikely… Maybe if he (or I wouldn’t complain if we were given the female pokemon trainer) was given the starters from X and Y.

  • evilmajikman

    Needs more 90’s Sonic.

  • Namuro

    Heh, it’s like Toon Link wanna have a race with Sonic in the bottom right shot.

  • Hector Velar

    that screenshot. It dosen’t get any better than that. 27 years ago thats what my dreams were about…

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