Visit Stonehenge In Ace Combat Infinity. No, Not That Stonehenge

By Eugene . October 8, 2013 . 5:03pm

Namco Bandai gave us a new look at Ace Combat Infinity. In these video, we get to see parts of the story mode as your rookie pilot, a member of Bone Arrow squadron, goes on a bombing mission to take out a facility codenamed Stonehenge – a huge battery of massive railguns capable of mass destruction.



This video shows an aerial dogfighting mission called the Great Migration.



Ace Combat Infinity is a free to play and you get the single player story mode for free. Instead of a versus mode, the game has cooperative multiplayer where you join a squad of four pilots and fight against another team of four to see who can shoot down the most planes. Ace Combat Infinity’s multiplayer mode has an "energy system" with each flight consuming some fuel before you take off. Fuel recovers over time, but players who want to jump right back into the game can purchase fuel and other items.

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  • Chaos_Knight

    Stonehenge? Co-


  • ChiffonCake

    Unless they changed it from AC04, Stonehenge’s not a WMD… it’s just that the railguns are really goddamn good anti-air weapons. Looks like they still can’t do jack shit to you if you get up close and personal, though.

    Hyped for this game, though a little disappointed that they decided to go with those energy mechanics. Oh well.

    • Vesperion

      Yeah i remember the stonehenge mission in AC4. I was looking the article and was like “didn’t they do this already?”

  • Lynx

    Wonder how long single player is.

    Not expecting much.

  • Brion Valkerion

    Makes me hopeful Namco can bring back Ridge Racer as well after burning those fans too. Planning on playing the crap out of this though, thats for sure.

  • d19xx

    and I thout it would be giant stone heads that shoots rings…

    • d19xx

      I just realized that Stonehenge and those Easter Island heads are totally different things. Ugh..

      I admit those heads are the first thing that poped in my mind…

      • neocatzon

        10/10 would like to see gigantic Moai in a game again.

  • ive only played the first 2 ace combat games, still pretty interested in this one

  • KuroNathan

    What if namco just made a remastered HD collection? Its one remake HD I’d totally buy

    • ChiffonCake

      Better yet, a full-fledged remake of Electrosphere.

      • KuroNathan

        A full-fledged remake of every Ace combat game! Give it the AC2 treatment, assault horizon legacy was fun

  • Jah-keem York

    “”energy system” with each flight consuming some fuel before you take off. Fuel recovers over time”


    “Jah-keem York

    • a month ago

    I can see it now. Here’s hoping there’s no Namco rep looking at this post. If there is I apologize in advance if they take this idea.

    I bet It’s going to be a fueling system. Where your fuel runs out and you have to wait for certain amount of real time hours before you can go to flight again or you can pay to be in the VIP Fueling line and get right back into the skies. Please don’t do this please don’t do this please don’t do this.”


    • neocatzon

      Let’s look on the bright side, because it’s F2P nature it means more people have their hand on Ace Combat. Just think Infinity as a big multiplayer demo. When the numbered title comes out, at least there’s more player than before and better multiplayer. It’s not like Gundam: Battle Operation killing Gundam games.

      • Jah-keem York

        Oh no that’s not the point of the post, I knew Infinity was going to be a F2P fsince announcement. It’s that quote is what I said what the Paying mechanic would be for this game. That was over a month ago, like way before this was announced.

  • Houten Lee

    Well as long as the story is free I’m all good. I wonder how they are handling “super planes” in multi-player tho, cause if its avliable imagine everyone flying Nosferatu and release those ADMM macross missiles all at once.

  • >Fuel System

    God damn it, Namco.

    Just when it looked like there was hope for Ace Combat you murdered it.

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