Ubisoft Bundles Everything into Assassin’s Creed IV Gold Edition

By Viet Do . October 9, 2013 . 11:10am


We’re a little over a month away from the release of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, the fourth major installment to the franchise, and keen observers will note that the whole DLC/bonus pack stuff is getting a little bit out of hand.


By our quick count, there are at least 10 “DLC packs” available for Assassin’s Creed IV on day one of release – everything from different ships and weapons to different outfits.  What’s worst is that these different packs are scattered among different retailers as pre-order incentives for the console versions of the game.  For example, if you buy from Amazon, you’ll get a different pre-order pack than if you ordered from Best Buy.


With all of this, we haven’t even mentioned yesterday’s announced Season Pass yet, adding even more packs and 3 additional hours of gameplay.


If you don’t want to deal with figuring out which pre-order DLC pack you prefer, PC gamers can make life easier by just throwing money at the problem (hmm…). Ubisoft has bundled everything into the Gold Edition, which includes all 6 different pre-order DLC packs offered at the 6 different retailers, an additional “Aveline Pack” which was supposedly a PS4/PS3 “exclusive”, and the aforementioned Season Pass.


Cost of admission? $79.99.  But hey, this wouldn’t be a deal post if we didn’t mention the deal prices we’ve found for Assassin’s Creed IV. Currently you can get the base game for $47.99, Season Pass for $15.99, or Gold Edition for $63.99 – which isn’t too shabby of a deal considering it’ll be bundling the Season Pass plus all those freaking DLCs.


Links to the deals are listed below along with all the other decent PC deals for the week. Whew. Let’s hope that’s the last time I’ll have to dissect DLCs for Assassin’s Creed IV


Start End Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
Oct 7 N/A Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag Gold Edition
$79.99 20% $63.99
Oct 7 N/A Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag (Uplay) $59.99 20% $47.99
Oct 8 N/A Call of Duty: Ghosts (Steam) $59.99 20% $47.99
Oct 4 Oct 11 Total War: Rome II (Steam) $59.95 25% $44.97
Oct 4 Oct 11 Batman Arkham Origins (Steam) $49.99 25% $37.50
Oct 7 Oct 11 Thief (2014) (Steam) $49.99 32% $33.75
Oct 4 Oct 11 Rise of Venice (Steam) $39.99 25% $30
Oct 8 N/A Shadow Warrior (Steam) $39.99 40% $23.99
Oct 8 Oct 11 Payday 2 (Steam) $29.99 25% $22.50
Oct 4 N/A XCOM: Enemy Within (Steam) $29.99 28% $21.59
Oct 7 Oct 11 The Wolf Among Us (Telltale) $24.99 32% $16.87
Oct 5 Oct 11 War of the Vikings (Steam) $19.99 25% $15
Oct 8 N/A Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians (Steam) $14.99 60% $5.99
Oct 8 N/A Foul Play (Steam) $14.99 60% $5.99


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  • Demandred

    Don’t they usually release this sort of edition a while after a game’s release?

    Ah, well. Gotta get it out there so they can turn their focus on ACV!!!!!11

    • Yeah Assassin’s Creed V: Fight for the Future Limited Extreme Deluxe Edition

      • Demandred

        Subtitles and menus exclusively in Pirate!

    • Mr_SP

      Depends… Mostly on whether or not they have DLC that isn’t included in the season pass. This is basically the “Wait, please buy the game now! Don’t wait for the Fight for the Future Limited Extreme Deluxe Edition! We need sales!” edition.

      …That probably won’t stop them from releasing the FotFLED edition, though.

  • I know this is an ACIV topic, but I can’t ignore what’s right in front of me. You say Batman: Arkham Origins is on sale on Steam atm, but there’s no such deal going on for me…wtf? Is it a US only promotion not available in Australia or something?

    • Rohan Viajar

      the deal isn’t on steam. You get a steam key which you use in steam.

      If you click on the game name on this article, it leads you to dealzon.com There, you can find the sale (the link goes to that sale btw)

      • Oh…now I feel stupid. Thanks. xD

        • Eh dont worry about it. I think it can still be a bit confusing because people still often don’t separate the Steam DRM from the Steam Store. Basically Steam keys (which are distributed by the game publishers, not Valve/Steam) can be sold at many other legitimate places – and most of these stores will often have cheaper prices than the Steam Store.

  • Chee Yang

    All these extra DLCs, extra gameplay hours…it’s a fucken turnoff.

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