Persona 4: Golden Ships 300,000 Copies

By Ishaan . October 10, 2013 . 9:01am

Atlus have shipped 300,000 copies of Persona 4: Golden for the PlayStation Vita to date, the publisher announced today. That figure includes both the number of download sales as well as number of copies shipped to retailers.


Atlus have not specified if that figure includes international sales as well.


The next game in the Persona franchise is an update to Persona 4 Arena, titled Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold for arcades. In addition, another announcement involving the Persona team is expected in November.

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  • Flamboyant Ass Nigga

    This game was so good.

  • Arizato

    Don’t regret getting a Vita just for this updated port/remake. It was a great feeling when I imported it from the US in January this year.

  • JuhRo

    Great game! <3 Platinum'd that beast of a game.

    I don't doubt that VGchartz is not completely accurate.. but they say it's 500k units..

    Which leads me to two conclusions about this: Either 1. This is Japan Sales only, which would mean only 30k digital purchases(makes sense.. 3.4 GB. O_O–makes me wonder why I bought it digitally..), OR 2. VGchartz has it way off.

    I'll believe either of those.

  • gerald

    Seems pretty low for such a great game, but maybe I’m just too used to seeing dumbed down games like shooters hitting the millions over here.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      well, I think it’s big enough..
      note that persona isn’t pokemon or mario main series or maybe MH

    • Pyrotek85

      The thing we tend to forget is that while it might be really popular on sites like these, we’re only a small minority of the total gamer population. Most of the millions who buy CoD never visit these places, and in fact might only buy a couple games per year, and just play CoD with their friends everyday.

      • Arrngrim

        The other thing to remember is that there are still many who do not own a Vita so they may actually want this game, but aren’t willing to buy the console for it…sadly. :/

        • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

          No game is worth buying a system for, worst a port.

          • Thrasher429

            Of course there is a game worth buying a system for otherwise nobody would ever buy one. It’s that very first game that gets you started and then you find more games that make it worth owning that system. I for one bought a Vita mainly for P4 Golden and then got Gravity Rush .

          • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

            I mean in the sense that you buy one game and dont have others in mind wich a lot of people seem to claim is the only reason they got the system.

          • mc3027

            Uhh, I actually did buy my Vita solely for Persona 4 Golden. Obviously I bought others game after I got it, but that game was the only reason.
            I also only bought my Xbox 360 for Tales of Vesperia. But again, I bought others afterwards.
            It wasn’t a problem for me financially so I could always justify the purchase.

          • Barrylocke89

            Actually my personal stance is the same as Oscars. Yes there may be a first game that I look at that makes I want, but I will never buy a console unless there’s at least somewhat of a backlog of games for me to get for it. That way, there’s always at least one game to look forward to.

            My general rule of thumb is that it needs to have at least 5 games worthy of me buying for me to consider purchasing it. And I actually do give less weight to ports/updates of games that I own, especially when the port is new. My thought process is usually “Why spend 40 bucks on an update to this game I’ve beaten, when I can spend the same cash and try a new game.” It usually needs to go down in price for me to want it.

          • Daru Titor

            I bought a Vita for Golden.
            Got the psp titles i wanted thru psn
            and even got Zero Escape 2 for free(PS+).

          • Dark Zerato

            I know a lot of people buying PS3 just to play PES.

          • Elfyra

            No. Most of my friend who play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate buy 3DS just to play Monster Hunter. They didn’t buy other games. There’s definitely some people who buy a system for 1 game.

          • Pyrotek85

            For most people maybe, but I think it depends on how much time and enjoyment you think you’ll get out of it. A game like CoD that you might play nearly every day for hours? Sure, you’ll easily rack up hundreds of hours if that’s what you’re into to.

        • I’m one of them, but my reason for not having a Vita is I’ve been fighting companies looking for a job.. I do plan on getting P4G as my 1st vita game as well.

    • Tenshiken

      Last year in Japan alone the sales were already exceeding 260,000 copies.

    • Shane Guidaboni

      To be fair, the original game came out long ago and a lot of people already played it. Also, it’s a long game. Maybe a lot of people don’t want to take the time to play it again, even though there are a lot of new features. Let’s not forget that the Vita in general hasn’t been the best seller either.

    • Lightthrower

      That’s only in Japan, doesn’t include NA numbers or Europe. So it’s pretty damn good for a port/remake :-)

  • porkiewpyne

    Glad to be part of that 300k :)

    • JuhRo

      You bought a Japanese version? :o

    • awat

      same here buddy, i got my sweet physical copy like 2 weeks ago P4G is so good Cmooon give us P5 already..

    • jujubee88

      I bought it digitally. P4 must be accessible to me at all times!!!

  • Croix Zapp

    yea nice, now gimme P5 =D

  • I really don’t see why shipping games is an important number, units sold seems to be more important.

    • michel

      Yes, but for how much tracking you can hope to do, selling figures are always an extimation, at best, and digital sales a total mistery. The right thing a developer can do (like Atlus did), is revealing the sell-in to retailers and digital customers: it’s hard data, and a paramter that helps you make estimation on sell-out. ;)

    • noctis_nox

      It is for the publisher that is where they get their money from.

      • Ah thanks

        • yomachaser

          Also stores wouldn’t keep ordering a thing that wasn’t moving so it’s basically also a soft “sold” number too.

  • Smooosher than ever

    The game that made me buy a Vita in the first place. 8^)

    • Make two :V

    • Holy_Angel_Kamineko

      Same here! *high five*

    • I bought a PS Vita for other PS franchises (Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed), but my friend bought a Vita specifically for P4G and got me into the Persona series at the same time. So the funny thing is while I got a Vita for other reasons, P4G is my favourite game on my Vita. xD

  • Lester Rat

    It is most likely Japan only because the sales tracking was near 250,000 almost a year ago. Although the numbers in the west may be smaller, someone has reported that a NPD report had it at 90,000 sales in retail only in US.

  • Raiger

    Yesss^^ i’m happy to buy it too and i really wish to be able to play Arena in my vita as well >_<

  • Lemski07

    still playin it exactly now

  • MyBodyIsReady

    This game may be my favourite game of all time, I was genuinely sad when it ended

    • Thrasher429

      That moment when the credits roll and you realise that you are never going to experience that game the same way again is always kind of depressing. Well at least I find it is.

      • Pdugna

        and then you get the secret final true ending after everything in Golden….that added time :D

  • Tenshiken

    These numbers seem kind of low actually, last year in Japan alone the sales were already exceeding 260,000.

    And now a year later with releases in the west, it only sold about 40,000 copies?

  • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

    YAY SMT 4 beat P4 Golden sales wise, now imagine if P5 ends on the 3DS? Lots of freaking money.


    • MyBodyIsReady

      Oh hell no

      • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

        Your body is not ready then.

        • ShawnOtakuSomething

          your not trolling right?

          • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

            No i mean people got a Vita for a port, Persona 3&4 are the worst looking PS2 Megaten games.

            If you think graphics is what makes people buy Persona then thats quite naive.

            P5 on 3DS is a no brainer considering the less known and popular main series beat a Persona game.

            ATLUS could release P5 on 3DS and despite everyone complains they will still buy it.

          • ShawnOtakuSomething

            hmmmm you have a point but persona has been on Sony systems from the start, so idk

          • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

            So was FF on Nintendo but brand loyalty doesnt help anyone besides the system of said platform.

            ATLUS need to be profitable if we want Sega to support localization, the more people it reaches the better.

          • Albert Calderon

            Atlus has been profitable. With all these comments you pass off as, 1. a troll 2. a fanboy.

          • yomachaser

            I’m sick of jumping around to get the series though so I’d rather they gave it a stable home.

          • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

            It doesnt have to be exclusive, i mean there are games made with 3DS in mind and have Vita version, at this point ATLUS doesnt benefit from one system (If P5 is on PS3 you can bet a 360 and possibly WiiU version there)

    • Isaac Newton

      So what are you fighting for?

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      I would love to see it on ma Dreamcast

      • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

        I think the DC still get games to this day, maybe Sega wants to release it there?

        • ShawnOtakuSomething

          oddly they do have new games but its underground stuff

    • noctis_nox

      Main game outselling a port from 2008 cool. :P

      • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

        Its Persona though, not even main Strange Journey or Main SMT 3 reached the sales of a Persona game.

        Sadly the main series is Persona now :/

        • noctis_nox

          It’s still a port from 2008. :-P

          • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

            Wich is still Persona wich brand grew even bigger.

      • What’s your point? Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, a port from 2008, outsold 99% of games in 2011. Quit acting ignorant. You know perfectly well that you’re making unsubstantiated arguments here.

        • noctis_nox

          I was just playing with him. Why so serious!?

          And please!! look at his reply.

          • Because your “playing” is a bunch of rabid, uninformed fanboy bullshit. You know we dislike that stuff in our comments, and you know full well that you do it. So knock it off.

          • noctis_nox

            What’s fanboyish about it? It is a fact. P4G is a port from 2008 PS2 game.

            Wow! I mean if you are acting like this makes sure that you are also responding to the one who derailed the topic. Talking about double standards.

            If you don’t like it warn me or even banned if you want but no need to be very rude about it.

          • Sigh. If you really don’t understand what you’re doing, let me spell it out for you.

            This is a sales discussion. It’s about hard sales figures and understanding the circumstances behind those figures so that people can figure out why things are successful and why they are not.

            Your argument is essentially attempting to skew things in favour of a theory that is in no way true, whatsoever.

            To use MH as an example again, MH3U, a “port from a 2009 game,” outsold other game that year, with the exception of MK7 and SM3DL—two brand new games which it actually came very close to outselling, too. Does that mean every game will do that? No, it doesn’t mean jack shit. All it means is that Monster Hunter is more popular than those other titles.

            Basically everyone in this discussion has attempted to make some kind of basic argument for what they say, save for your smart-aleck one-line comment that contributes nothing whatsoever. I’m not pleased with your commenting history either, as you know we’ve had these discussions in the past, and you’ve always attempted to skew things in a particular direction without any logic to back it up. And you’ve always been wrong.

            So, again, this is a fair heads up. Knock it off before one of the mods put you on the watchlist. Subtle trolling doesn’t get people very far on here.

    • Pdugna

      nope Golden outsold SMT4 on a less owned platform in Japan which these numbers are…soo actually its more worth it for Atlus to keep this series on Vita or other Sony Platforms.

      • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

        Even if its for a short ammount the fact that a main game will surpass it means that a Persona on a more popular system would sell like hotcakes.

        Dont you want ATLUS to make money?

        • yomachaser

          Not if they have to compromise at all to do it. I’m hoping it stays on vita and they port the fighting game to it as well so the whole series can be available in one place finally.

          • JuhRo

            Yeah.. 3DS has enough stuff.. quit being greedy. We’ll hoard our Persona games happily. :D ….

            Well.. I won’t mind either way.. cause Pokemon is coming out tomorrow midnight and I’m all over that.. but a 3DS persona will definitely gimp on quality. Bleh. Would probably end up like P3P.

      • Herok♞

        The question is it selling because of the game or because of the system its on? You are making the claim that it sold because its on Vita which is false. The Persona series is the most well known brand Atlus currently has and it will sell on anything, which is why they have a full range of Persona based products. SMT is the lesser known of the two and no matter what it is on it is going to sell less. Also keep in mind at this point P4G has been on the market for over a year while SMT IV has been out 5 months, so it is going to have a higher amount of units sold if you are being logical about it. Think of Monster Hunter 4 as a comparison it helped that it was on the 3DS(since more units sold means more buyers) but that wasn’t why it sold the way it did, it sold because it is a brand new main series Monster Hunter and they would have sold that many units on any console. What I am saying is that having it on Vita did nothing for its sales and you are being a fanboy if you think it did.

        • Pdugna

          yes but lets say if you think logically why hasnt SMT4 sold more then persona 4 golden when SMT4 is on a platform that is more then 6/7 times the size of all the Vitas sold even if the popularity persona is more then SMT does not excuse why the game has not sold as much as the persona series. Also to use another point you brought up in that with MH4 and if you look at current sales, it is not selling better then MH3P which was on the psp….basically showing what has been the case for basically every nintendo system…just because it has more units does not = more sales and keeping the loyal fanbase of what persona has now on the sony platforms actually benefits the overall sales of the series.

          • Herok♞

            So you just said you expect the less popular thing to see more units in less time because its on the more popular handheld. You just missed the point entirely…

          • This is the kind of BS theory that fanboys use to further their own agenda. The fact of the matter is that SMT is in no way as popular as Persona, nor has it been given the same treatment by Atlus in the last decade. If Persona were on 3DS, it would probably have sold the same amount. People are fans of games, not hardware.

        • DragKudo

          SMT 4 was hyped up more than persona 4 golden though. and less known? O’d say SMT is well known than persona since until persona 3 port they’ve used SMT in the title for U/S releases.

          • Herok♞


            Ishaan states hear they have been pusing Persona like crazy. They have things like plays, movies, consumer products etc, SMT doesn’t have that same stuff. Most people from America who claim to be fans really show understanding that P3 and P4 exist and they largely ignore the first 2 personas and other SMT games. I doubt most people who bought Golden for their Vitas even know what SMT IV is since Golden got a lot more people talking.

    • Chris Yuen

      I want P5 to be similar or better compared to Catherine in terms of graphics. E.g available in HD on a console. The 3DS can’t handle it. No thanks.

      • Herok♞

        it really doesn’t matter what fans want. Atlus will do what it wants just because you want it on an HD console doesn’t mean it will happen they could put it on anything from the 3DS to PS4 its all their choice.

        • DragKudo

          But it is unlikely to be on the 3ds unless they decide to piss off a majority of the persona fanbase who may or may not have a 3ds.

          • Herok♞

            I didn’t state what I wanted it on I was stating a range of things it could be on, also the whole pissing the fanbase off would really only happen to western audiences since except really inane things like BoF6 the eastern audience seems like it could care less.

      • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

        Nah as i said people bought a system for a port, you want P5 on HD? Would you buy P5 on 3DS with P4 graphics? Yes you would.

    • Lightthrower

      3DS? Really? Did you even play Catherine? It was their “test run” of the new engine for the new P5 game, no way in hell is it coming over to 3DS unless they went with another engine for P5. Will probably be for PS3 or PS4.

      • DesmaX

        Actually, Catherine runs on the Fallout Engine. P5 should use their new engine they made

      • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

        Easy they can make P5 for handhelds why the engine is mastered for P6 on consoles.

    • DragKudo

      Why would you want a big game like persona 5 on the 3ds?

      • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

        Because i dont care about graphics. Besides the 3DS is able to give PS2 like experiences, just look at RE: R.

        • DragKudo

          Ok when did you start playing megaten games because you sound stupid. Megaten games have never been about graphics. When i mean big game i mean content.

          P4g was originally supposed to be for the psp but because it had too much content added on they decided to make for the vita. Atlus didn’t want p4g to be like p3p where they had to take out the cutscenes and world exploration.

          I’d rather have persona 5 (a big game that millions of people have been waitng for for almost a decade) on the ps3/4 than the 3ds. Persona has always been on playstation and i hope it stays that way. Nintendo already has SMT and its other spin offs along with other atlus games.

  • Nice. I wish other company were as forthcoming as atlus with regards to their digital sales. I would like to know how PSO 2 did.

  • Arrngrim

    I bought 3! A premium edition and 2 regulars. ;) One of the best games ever made! Everyone should experience this masterpiece!

  • Isaac Newton

    Congratulations Atlus and Persona team :D

    • Detrimont

      worst. ending. ever.

  • noctis_nox

    It’s Japan only.
    IIRC the NPD leaks is 92K.

  • Dark Zerato

    It’s sad that the best game on VITA until now is a port of a PS2 game. They should focus on making new games for VITA before it die off.

  • Lemon

    What are the chances the next announcement is finally about Persona 5 for next and current gen consoles?

    • pimpalicious

      Next gen very unlikely. If P5 is announced(I won’t even hold my breath for that) I’d expect PS3 (maybe Vita as well but don’t see it being Vita exclusive) or 3DS.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I stol I mean borrow my friend vita to play this….once you play this one you kinda can’t go back to the ps2 version *nah you can*

  • yomachaser

    Is that a good number for a Persona game or a troublingly low number?

    • It’s a decent number. People act all shocked that a “PS2 port” sold that much, but what they forget is the amount of time and money Index have spent over the last five years promoting Persona. Concerts, anime, movies, stage shows. That stuff doesn’t come cheap. At this point, if Persona weren’t selling 300k or more with every iteration, it would be troubling, considering how much effort Index have invested in marketing the series.

      • Mr_SP

        Not that many of those haven’t already paid for themselves. The concerts keep happening because they attract *tons* of people, not to mention all the merchandise out there.

        But, yeah, 300,000 is a good number. The original game did better, but the *remake* is selling more than half, which is really good considering how low their investment must have been. In fact, assuming that my numbers are correct (which they might not be, but at least not too far off) P4Golden, a remake on the low-selling Vita, did as well, if not better, than SMT IV, a brand new SMT game, that needed to be made from the ground up, on this generation’s most popular handheld console.

        Golden’s done pretty well for itself.

        • Right, Persona is clearly Atlus’ main franchise now. SMT is nowhere near the same level in terms of scale or promotion. It’s been that way for nearly a decade. Atlus haven’t really done much with SMT until IV, whereas they’ve consistently been pushing Persona since 3.

  • easter

    Criminally low numbers for this masterpiece. Contributed with my super fugly Canadian dual language copy :) Thank you based Atlus, aka the Vita’s best friend.

  • MrJechgo

    Really don’t understand why they ported a PS2 game to ONLY the Vita instead of going with more platforms like the Wii and 3DS. It’s not like Persona is Sony-exclusive… Maybe that would have helped their sales a bit.

    • pomf

      For Japan only numbers that’s pretty good.

    • Lightthrower

      Persona IS Sony exclusive… the other Shin Megami titles are not.

      • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

        I dont think so, there was Persona 3DS slated long ago and while it didnt end with anything it proofs that ATLUS doesnt consider Persona exclusive (The P4A on xbox)

        • DragKudo

          Persona has always been on the playstation. That 3ds persona info was fake. Atlus never said or hinted anything about a persona game on the 3ds. They must’ve gotten it confused when they said a future smt game was going to be on the 3ds = SMT 4 and Desu 2. And you may know that some fans of atlus don’t know the difference between SMT and Persona

          • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

            Your source being?

          • DragKudo

            Everywhere. They would have said something about this. I mean go to the persona 3ds gamefaqs forums.
            Also the placeholder for SHIN megami tensei: persona 3ds was made in 2010 before the 3ds came out and in japan they don’t call persona SMT because it is not an SMT game.

    • Persona is successful, but it’s not THAT successful. You might see more sales, true, but would it be able to handle the costs of porting to additional systems? Eh. I bet that’s what they say too when they consider the idea.

      I mean, think of it like this. You’ve got this remake in addition to your company’s other projects. You can devote only so much of your team for only so long of time. In order to make additional ports, you either have to expand the team or give them more time. Now can you guarantee that the game will sell enough to cover that? Remember this is a remake of a game that most who probably wanted to play it, have probably played it.

    • Mr_SP

      P4A had the advantage of being on PS3, which is clearly pretty easy to port to 360, and Arc System Works have a great deal of experience in that. Not to mention that half of P4A’s target audience was “people who like ASW fighting games”, a decent amount of whom are on the 360. Otherwise, SMT doesn’t really do much on the 360.

      Beyond that, Wii, 3DS and Vita are all very different systems. You’d really expect that they’d need to port the game all over again. Though it might have been worthwhile. Persona 4 Golden has done better on a poorly supported system (no matter how much I prefer it over the 3DS, it really does need more users and games to be successful) than SMT IV did on the 3DS. And with no other Persona games available on the 3DS, I don’t know what sort of user base it would have, compared to at least one version of all of the Persona games being available on PSV.

  • Bojan Njegomir

    I am getting Vita in a month or two and this will be my first game for it, can’t wait! :)


    Chie <3

  • leingod

    It doesn’t sound like much, but I hope Atlus is happy with those numbers. I’d love it if they keep on pushing the Persona games and also the Vita.

  • ZekeFreek

    To give a bit of perspective, I believe D3:AoD sold about 100,000 copies worldwide. It was still considered a success tho.

  • incpdo

    Guys you should know… North America Persona 4 (PS2) – 110,000 (150,000 expected)
    Persona 4* (PS2) – 300,000 (180,000 expected)

    Persona (PSP) – 160,000 (50,000 expected)

    soo…300k it is not a low number at all considering the amount of users Vita has till date

  • Cursingcomet

    Hope the next persona game will be on both ps3 and vita. Likelihood of it getting a ps4 release is very low but if it ever makes it to the ps4 atlus will gain alot of money.

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