Seiya And Co. Don The Legendary God Cloth In Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers Trailer

By Ishaan . October 10, 2013 . 11:00am

Namco Bandai have shared a new trailer for Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers, featuring the series’ Hades Arc. The video shows Seiya and other Saints using the “God Cloth—armour made from Athena’s blood—in order to stand a chance against Hades’ army.



Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers will be available in the west this November.

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  • GVmanX

    It only shows Seiya using the God Cloth. At this point, I’m assuming the rest of the God Cloths will be DLC.

  • Lifestreamer

    God cloth? I thought the correct japanese term was kamui.

    Also, Masakazu Morita will pop a vein in the next trailer, such kiai is not healthy.

    • refrain

      No, It’s a god cloth. Kamui is something high ranking gods can wear. Like Hades, Poseidon, Athena. Even the twin gods only wear god cloth.

      • Lifestreamer

        You’re right, it has been ages since I read Saint Seiya.

        • Vash bane

          yeah god is basically right behind kamui

      • Thanatos and Hypnos don’t wear Cloths, Cloths are the armors of Athena’s Saints. They wear Surplices, the armors of Hades’ Specters. Strong ones, but still.

        Poseidon’s Mariners wear Scales, A nameless god’s (but likely Zeus) Angels wear Glorys, and we don’t know the name of what Artemis’ Satellites wear yet.

  • Raoni Marques

    Please, ffs, give us the Steel Saints!!

    • Pinwheel

      I know this should probably be a given, but you (and others) need to understand you can only pump so much money into one game and make a reasonable profit. There will most likely be a sequel if this sells well. Not everybody can fit into one game.

    • leingod

      If the Asgard arc isn’t in, I don’t see them putting the Steel saints in either, since both are filler content.

      • Nice Boat Quatro

        The Steel Saints were in the PS2 Sanctuary game. From what I understand even the Steel Saints were far more popular than the Asgard warriors whose story arc made the TV series’ rating really low.

        • Aoshi00

          I think Steel Saints were DLCs in Battle Sanctuary as well, so were some God Warriors. In retrospect, I thought Asgard was done better than even the last Poseidon arc which was really rushed in the end of the TV series. Asgard was very beautiful too.. the old Steel Saints figures were also very rare!

          Maybe Morita doesn’t have the cosmos after all, his voice cracks since he yells way too loud lol.. I prefer his Tidus voice more.. can’t wait for this and Beyond Two souls.

          • Nice Boat Quatro

            In my case I got really bored with Asgard. All fights had a determined formula:
            1. Bad guy has the upperhand
            2. Saint takes the upperhand
            3. Bad guy has super long flashback
            4. Bad guy is killed.
            Now repeat for 30 episodes

            On the other hand, most of the Marines didn’t have a backstory similar to the Gold Saints and most fights didn’t last for long.

          • leingod

            Isn’t the whole series like that? XD … nah but really, I enjoyed Asgard more than the Poseidon arc personally… although it does stray away from the greek mythos SS is known for.

          • Kevin Schwarz

            Right! The Asgard arc was charming, and the battles, although they were long, they were also epic! Like fighting inside a volcano, or under an avalanche. The Odin cloth was one of the most badass clothes Seiya ever don.

          • Aoshi00

            Many old anime were formulaic like that, that s one of the reasons I liked them :). The gold saints actually had a lot of backstory and connection to the bronze saints one way or another, that’s what made the fights so exciting as you care about them, whereas Isaac and kanon were the only ones with any backstory or connection. And since the figures weren’t selling as well at that point, Toei and Bandai just got the Poseidon anime over with really quickly with ten plus episodes… And at that point hades ova was dropped as well until 13 years later.. so I liked it all the god warriors had backstory and their reasons and ideals to fight, otherwise they would be just forgettable chars.. Maybe the next game we’d get them, other as dlc, just like poseidon now :)

          • Nice Boat Quatro

            Actually even the Gold Saints had no backstories. Mu, Aldebaran, Aphrodite, Milo, Mu and others had nothing to tell. The only ones who had something to care were actually related with other important characters such as Kanon and Isaac. On the other hand, the Asgard warriors came and died which is why I found their stories really pointless.

          • Aoshi00

            But the gold saints were all unique and are connected to the Bronze saints in some way.

            Mu is the only person who could repair Cloths and taught the Bronzes the concept of the 7 th sense and did not fight against them in the first palace, never shown his fighting ability much later until in Hades, later revealed as the disciple of Shion the original Pope. Aldebaran was the first wall of the Sanctuary. Aphrodite killed Shun’s master. Milo was a close friend of Camus so it was hard for him to fight Hyoga, etc, there were relationships and feelings btwn all the opponents. The rest of the gold saints as well all played very different roles.

            Most of the Marina Generals (as cool as their Scales looked) were just plain protectors of the ocean pillars and blocked the path, nothing more, while the God Warriors were chosen to protect Hilda, yet we were reminded how human they are because of their touching backstories. You could find them boring and that is your opinion..

  • pimpalicious

    This looks better than any of the DBZ games this gen(except for Burst Limit maybe) so I’ll probably pick this up.

    • Lifestreamer

      All of them, except DBZ Zenkai, SSBS tops everything else.

  • Demeanor

    GOD CLOTH! The deal is sealed, friend! ^ ^ Can’t wait to see the other 4. And now all that’s left is to pray for Athena to be playable :P
    It would be cool if they included a “real” mode where power is scaled according to characters, I couldn’t bear a match where Unicorn goes against Hypnos and wins XD

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Dat fluid animation. As soon as more cash flew my way, I’ll get it. ^^

  • Minos

    I would buy the Game day one if Saori were on it. She has her Kamui, there is no reason for her to not to be a playable character…

  • leingod

    I may be the only one, but I kinda wish there was an Arcade mode.

  • Jonas Sampaio Santiago

    Now, just give us some “The Lost Canvas” characters! =D

  • Nice Boat Quatro

    Whenever Seiya yells I keep thinking “Morita intensifies”

  • Vash bane

    so were we right about god cloths being awakenings? but I cant really say that since from what im seeing th gold cloths have ultimate attacks them selfs so might be separate characters ?

    and my prayers have been answered the twin gods…I now need to know the price lol

    • zaidandzhadow

      60 bucks

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