Power Up Full Power Frieza Beyond 9,000 In Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Z

By Spencer . October 11, 2013 . 3:02am

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z makes forms like Super Saiyan Goku and Perfect Cell separate characters instead of having transformations. So, it’s possible to have four Friezas fighting on a team against four different Gokus. However, "Full Power Frieza" really isn’t full power.


Players can customize characters by equipping cards that boosts attack power, life or energy recovery. Characters can also equip a Limit Jewel that enables their ultimate move and while it won’t make you a more effective fighter, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z also has a color customization feature just in case you want to paint Frieza green.


customize-1 customize-2 colorcustomize-5


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is slated for release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PlayStation Vita in early 2014.


Full Power Frieza

Frieza-1 Frieza-2 Frieza-3


Perfect Cell

Cell-1 Cell-2 Cell-3 Cell-4


Teen Gohan

TeenGohan-1 TeenGohan-2 TeenGohan-3


customize-3 customize-4 colorcustomize-1 colorcustomize-2 colorcustomize-3 colorcustomize-4  LimitJewel-1 LimitJewel-2 LimitJewel-3 LimitJewel-4

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  • evilmajikman

    What about alt costumes? I really hope Goku’s final DBZ episode costume makes a return. Mainly because I want to recolor it into the DBGT costume.

    • WolfDuo

      ^This. People have also been asking for Trunks’s Bojack movie costume since Tenkaichi 2.

      Also, am I the only one who thinks it’s a bit cheap that they separated all characters forms… They kept boasting about their being so many characters, but in actuality there isn’t that many.

      • British_Otaku

        Yep, I remember both the Gohan and Trunks costumes from the Bojack movie being highly demanded as well. :P At least, Gohan in Turtle School wear got into Tenkaichi 3 which had a really good line up of costumes with only Trunks’s Bojack movie costume being the one which sticks out as missing (I could have lived without 2 or 3 of Goku’s costumes).

        Tenkaichi counted forms separately and managed to make characters feel distinct and fun. I’m hoping that this game manages to do that, even if it is definitely going to be missing out on someone who should never be skipped… Super Vegito… >_> Preorder DLC which may be unlockable/playable normally or not, I don’t have much respect left for the game after that.

        • WolfDuo

          Was surprised to hear about him being DLC. Him and Broli have a big character fan base (no clue why).

          I personally I don’t mind though. Pretty much everything I like about dbz finishes around android saga.

          Also, I would of rather they did separate characters like they did in Tenkaichi 3 and made db era, mid and late. Thats the only time I felt they were actually distinct.

          • British_Otaku

            One of the people that likes the story mostly up to the Android Saga eh, I guess it’s okay for you. I watched through DBZ and GT before Dragon Ball as a child, but Dragon Ball (as in the first 16 volumes or original anime series) is about where I stop caring much about the story now… >_>

            The only reason why Early, Mid and Late Goku (or Saiyan Saga, Mid, Majin, Late and Baby Vegeta) were distinct was because the developers put in a lot of work, to the point where people would good reason to choose Mid SSJ Goku over Late SSJ Goku who on paper sound similar and would have be the same character in any other game.

            If they could do that or wanted to, they would have, so we are probably getting less than Tenkaichi 3 again in that sense.

            On Broly, I like him because the Japanese voice performance is really strong. He kinda sticks with me for that reason out of many movie villains who are mostly lame.

  • Pdugna

    woot looks quite close to Tenkaichi 3 quality….hope the gameplay holds up

    • Sardorim

      Maybe in looks but dat roster sure isn’t BT3 quality at all.

  • Bobby Jennings

    It looks great!

  • Spirit Macardi

    Okay, I can NOT look at those Frieza screenshots without thinking: “I own YOUR planet! I own THIS planet! In fact… F**K THIS PLANET!” x3

    • Pdugna

      “stuff crust” man TFS has made me love DBZ all over again.

      • Spirit Macardi

        I honestly think LK is the best voice actor that Frieza has ever had. He manages both the faye, aristocratic personality as well as the downright frightening nature that lies beneath. You can totally buy that he’s an insanely cruel tyrant who delights in the suffering of others.

  • Dakota

    Why can’t they just make more transformations? There’s already a ton in Dragon Ball Heroes.

  • Vash bane

    well since they are going that route will they also have team moves? like in heroes

  • SageShinigami

    Wait, you can’t transform? Interest lost.

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