Spice Up Your Android Phone With A Sword Art Online Launcher

By Eugene . October 11, 2013 . 1:38pm



Because so many people seem to be enjoying living the fantasy of light novel/anime/manga Sword Art Online, we thought you might like this little SAO Android phone launcher application by developer Xlythe for your weekend tinkering.


Similar to the way the in-game launchers work in the universe of Sword Art Online, Android phone users (Again, sorry iPhone guys!) can simply swipe down from the upper left or right of their screens to access all their functions such as contacts, messaging and applications. It opens on top of whatever application you’re currently running, making it more of a nifty quick-access option. The launcher is free (with ads) and you might need to do a little tinkering to have it play nice with other programs that ping up notifications such as SMS messages. It even has its own SMS mini-program that mimics the messaging screens from the fake MMO. Cutely, it also has a HP bar up top!


As a side note, this will probably work with the Neptunia-themed sets if you picked those up—but do note that you will probably encounter odd clashes with notification sounds.


While some might dispute how good or how really scary Sword Art Online’s I’m-stuck-in-an-MMO-and-I-might-die was, I was one of the few who kept a general running tally in my head whenever the author rang up a figure of the latest number of players who perished. Think about it, 14 people will never wake up again after facing The Skull Reaper (WARNING: SPOILERS) and that doesn’t include the first 10 scouts who went in either.


The initial story arc sets trapped MMO players in a virtual world where they must clear the game’s entire 100 floor dungeon/castle world to escape. It took them two real-world years in the series to finally do so. That’s pretty heavy stuff, and author Kawahara Reki hasn’t been letting up with the rest of the series so far either.

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  • Kaijumaster

    To the Play Store!
    Also…. SAO rocked! All of it!

  • RichyGaming


  • ShadowDivz

    Wait that’s the plot for sword art? that actually sounds pretty good.
    Also, the app looks really good. I haven’t even watched the show(YET) and i think it looks nice.

    • Demeanor

      Watched the anime (on your recommendation, thnx guys!!!!) and there’s a second arc too with a different kind of plot, and imo much more intriguing, subtle and satisfying ^ ^ it’s an evolution, it’s more… mature. Definitely watch it!!!
      Also, check out Shingeki no Kyojin if you haven’t yet, it’s beyond awesome (tho WAY more dark and violent than SAO).

      • ShadowDivz

        WHo hasn’t watched Shingeki? And i actually heard the second arc is complete garbage.

        Your actually the first person to tell me something positive about it.

        • Eilanzer

          nah forget the second arc…is horrible!
          The next arc in the LN is the real stuff…

        • Demeanor

          My advice is to watch it yourself, people have wildly different opinions; it could be that I am easily pleased, or it could be that all those naysayers focus on select things they wanted out of the show and didn’t have, I honestly don’t understand how it could be considered crap. Maybe the general opinion could be shaped by the massive amount of anime they watched, I admit my anime culture is somewhat limited.
          I can tell you that I had a BLAST watching it, the overall atmosphere was more cheerful, more focused on the plot without excessive sidetracking, there were a ton of new elements that didn’t replace, but built upon the first arc, and the confrontation with the villain, the motives behind and the final battles were certainly far better imho, they were not “vague” but very real and very pragmatical.
          It’s up to you now ^ ^
          (and the tons of cosplayers for the 2nd arc I see at conventions might be proof enough that SOMEONE enjoyed it XD lol)

          • I personally enjoyed both ARC in SAO. The only thing I didn’t like about the second ARC would’ve to be where some of the characters are left out on purpose from the first arc in story-line just to introduce some new characters and of course, the new antagonist sorta was mixed with the way it was handled. Other than that, I enjoyed the series thoroughly.

        • darkbartz

          The flaws of the second arc can be traced back to the LN, I admit so. But I too really enjoyed. Might have something to do with reading the second half of the second arc in one-sitting, but ALO is still pretty good stuff. If I have to point a flaw that greatly weakens it, it’s the expectations of the viewers. First of all, it’s not SAO, which already gets people mad. Second, it’s not a death game anymore, it’s a time limit mission. With such a swerve of premise, everyone would understandably hate it.
          Once you get pass these points though, the arc is nowhere as bad as it’s reputation says it is. Then again, the anime does leave out a mini-arc in ALO that has character development for the two main characters that is a misstep in my opinion. Jotunheimr where, A-1?

    • Heropon

      Don’t bother with that Anime . Go watch Log Horizon of this season instead

      SAO started out with an interesting premise: ten thousand people are locked into a virtual reality game, with no law or order. They must beat the game in order to get out. At the forefront is Kirito, a skilled player and one of the original players of the game. It sounds good on paper.Despite having a strong premise. Go up a hundred floors beat the boss, leave the game. But what about leveling? Or getting better equipment? Interactions between guilds? Friendly duels? Anything normal that you’d expect from an MMORPG? None of that is present

      Kirito is a borderline Gary Stu. He picks up a lot of skills that become more and more often deus ex machinas. He steals the spotlight from every other character so everyone else, even our female protagonist, Asuna, can only stare in awe off to the side.

      Asuna went from a powerful, pretty awesome character to the love interest that every anime requires. Her powers and skills as co-leader of the best guild in the game gradually dwindle until she’s little more than a plot point. The romance between the two is nonexistent, I’m not sure the author knew how romance works and that this was wish fulfillment. News flash guys, girls don’t hang out with you, eat with you for a few episodes, and then decide they want to marry you. That doesn’t happen.

      The other characters, especially the female characters, all fall in love with Kirito. Why? I don’t know; it isn’t revealed. It’s as if just being there is enough to charm everyone in sight. Poorly written harem story.

      Not to mention SAO have the worst Villian of all time .



      • Dark Zerato

        People don’t really care about MMO stuff when they watch SAO. It’s more like a fantasy world. I’m sure that people don’t want to watch grinding scenes that much. But the boss fights are awesome.

        • Heropon

          So what is the point about being stuck in the MMORPG world if nobody care about it

          • Dark Zerato

            If you watched Lost, you’ll know what i meant. The story focuses on how they survive the situation than the game itself. Kinda like people don’t care how Kirito trains his lv or gets his gears, they only care about his fighting scene and love story. In fact, he is a solo player so watching him all alone would be boring.

      • quasadra

        as i read all the LN that is published so far, i just want to add that the anime really do cut out substantial material(due to time constraint i assume). and it did hurt character and world building somewhat. the anime also arrange all the side story and flashback back to its chronological order. that is what i think hurt it the most. and for information sake, Kirito starts out as a high level player right in the very beginning of Vol 1.

        and for those reason i consider the anime version to be poorly made.

        i do agree Kirito is a Gary Stu though. maybe that’s why i enjoy Volume 7 the most, when the main focus is on Asuna. and i just feel all the earlier volume is simply a build up to the final arc in the series.

        • Heropon

          You know nobody care about the final arc or whatever when the author mess up everything in the building the main storyline

          • quasadra

            at least i still care. all that i can say is that it is unfortunate that you didn’t find this series to be enjoyable. and you remarks about it storyline got mess up got me thinking that one of the problem with SAO is that the main story didn’t really start until the final arc.

            still, i suggest you might want to give Accel World a try. it is by the same author at a later date. i find it to be more coherent.

            lastly, i forgot to mention that i agreed with you on it being a wish fulfillment story. and i was very skeptical to it(i was expecting plot holes after plot holes) initially. but as i read on, i found my complains is just nitpick at best. in the end i actually respect the author to be able to write a wish fulfillment story without it becoming a complete mess. then again, your opinion may differ.

          • David García Abril

            I think it depends. Some of the side stories didn’t really belong in a chronological-order narrative, but some of them actually improved it over the LN.

            Silica and Lizbeth’s stories, except for some world building, were definitely padding and wish fulfillment, but the rest are OK.

            Sachi’s storyline was definitely necessary, since it establishes Kirito’s motivations. Actually, I think they should have extended that storyline to two episodes, at least. Just one episode felt rushed.

            And the other side stories contributed to the world building and to make Kirito and Asuna’s relationship more believable. We see them becoming closer in those episodes, and the anime heavily states that they keep meeting off-screen for at least 5 episodes before hooking up. In the LN,however, their relationship comes completely out of left field.

            It’s still not a perfect romance by any means, but still it’s better than the constant cock-tease that you usually find in this kind of anime, and more believable than, say, a Disney-love-at-first-sight romance (or the “romance” of any other of the SAO girls, for that matter).

          • quasadra

            still, they make the anime jump around everywhere and that can be a little confusing when watching it without knowledge of the LN before. but this is not a matter that can be easily fixed though(due to the nature on how the LN is arranged). im sure the anime production team had their own share of lengthy discussion on this

        • ShadowDivz

          Wouldn’t everything in chronological order be a good thing?

          • quasadra

            normally, i think that would be good. but SAO is originally a 1 volume LN that the author puts up on his website after his missed opportunity to enter a contest, and it is structure as such. the side story are honestly(at least that is how it feels to me) just filler material to stretch out the book release. and all the early episode are exactly that, filler material. when anime put them in chronological order, they sorta ran out of episode to properly do the later portion(which is Vol 1) since they gonna cover ALO as well. that i think, is not a very good idea in hindsight.

          • ShadowDivz

            What’s ALO?

            What do you mean “originally 1 volume Light novel”? Isn’t there like 15?

          • quasadra

            Alfiem Online, the second part of the anime.

            it was back in around 2005, when the author wrote the “first vol” to enter the dengeki lightnovel competition. but iirc, he wrote it too long and exceeded the length limit. so he puts it up on his website and expanded on it over time. a few years later, he enter the competiton again. the work that time become Accel World and his editor asked him if he want to publish SAO too. and the rest, was history.

    • David García Abril

      If you haven’t noticed yet, this anime is one of the biggest “love it or hate it” in anime in the last few years.

      I’m on the “enjoyed the first arc, hated the second arc” group.

      The anime is definitely flawed, but it also made some very good things as well that balanced it out.

      Well, in the first arc, at least. In the second arc everything that was good in the first is abandoned, so only the bad stuff is left behind.

      For example, Kirito, the main character. He always had Gary Stu and wish fulfillment traits, but he also had some redeemable qualities and character flaws that made him at least likable. In the second arc his flaws become a non-issue, so his Gary Stu persona is all that remains.

      My suggestion is that you watch the first arc (which is the first 14 episodes) and stop there. Just be prepared for some padding in the first few episodes.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Even with the mix reactions of extremes, just check it out and see for yourself. Can’t be any worse than School Days ^_^

  • FedeChart

    The truth is that if the signal of your phone drops to zero, the phone will explode and microwave you

    • Shady Shariest

      That kinda phone would make things exciting for Nordic users :3

    • s07195

      If you leave your phone battery dead for an hour, you lose all data in your phone. :P

    • Exkaiser

      Well, they give you like half an hour to reconnect, right? I don’t want to get killed by bad coverage…

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      I thought cellphones already sent microwaves…? If Old Snake can handle a giant microwave oven then so do we.

  • AkiraScare

    Would i like to be trapped in a MMO (-_-‘) Yes for a while until the servers get full (0_0)

  • Great.

    Now I’ll never be able to shut off my phone.

    And the place where I do so will scroll ‘Hahahah hahahah ha ha ha………ha’

  • neocatzon

    Looking at the screenshot, I just realized Sword Art Online’s HUD suffers from bad font just like most MMO out there (not good for speed reading, need more attention).

  • PRGamerCub

    looks nice but shitty sounds

  • InfectedAI

    Ads on the launcher unless you pay 2 dollars. Don’t think I could stand ads on my main phone interface. And charging for something you don’t own the IP for is a good way to get a cease and desist/sued. Looks cool though.

  • Luke Blackwood

    Damn, not compatible with my phone ;__;

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