Phantom Breaker: Extra Fixes Some Of The Problems With The Game

By Kris . October 15, 2013 . 2:01pm

The original Phantom Breaker was scheduled for US release on Xbox 360 in 2012 by way of 7Sixty Games. While it was never released, I was sent a review copy of the game. It was not a pleasant experience. Aside from being incredibly slow, certain attacks didn’t quite work properly, and the localization in place seemed very machine-translated.


Phantom Breaker: Extra looks to fix some of those issues, particularly the speed. The franchise’s four-button setup returns. You have light, medium, and heavy attack buttons (on X, Y, and B on the Xbox controller) accompanied by a special button (on A).


This button works a bit like B in Smash Bros. It has different special attacks mapped to the button and each direction. According to producer Masaki Sakari, this is to allow beginner players to focus on the systems at work so they can be a match for more experienced players, or alternately, so both could enjoy themselves. Apparently this gambit worked (or he was just being gracious), because I won my match against him using new character Ende, a young girl who brings a giant robotic hand that she uses as a chair into battle with her.


While her lighter attacks were pretty quick, most of Ende’s heavy attacks involved her smacking her opponent with that giant hand of hers. I quickly grew fond of how her forward and B attack put her robotic hand in front of her (which had super armor on it) and fired a laser at my enemy.


Of course, I was given three options for how she could play: Quick, Hard, and Extra. Quick, true to its name, allows you to run (by double tapping forward) , dodge attacks with a well-timed forward tap of the stick (or d-pad), and press all four buttons simultaneously (when you have enough meter) to activate Overdrive and slow down your enemy to wail on them with an extended combo. Hard is a bit slower, with your run replaced by a forward dash, your dodge becomes a parry, and Overdrive still slows down your opponent, but your attacks do more damage instead of linking as easily.


New to Phantom Breaker: Extra (naturally), is Extra style. Extra is for those who like the best of both worlds. It’s not a type as much as a toggle. You’ll play in Quick mode until you press all four buttons, and at the end of your combo, you’ll switch to Hard.


This was the style I chose for Ende, and while I was curious to experiment, I found that I preferred using Quick mode, so whenever I was in Hard mode, I’d try to switch forms as soon as possible. Quick mode just made more sense to me, but I could see Extra being advantageous for people who understood the advantages of each type more thoroughly.


Perhaps because of the minimalistic control scheme, a lot of Sakari’s and my attacks of equal strength clashed with each other, cancelling each other out and resulting in a flash. With each clash, the “Tension Gauge” at the top of the screen filled. When it hit max, there was a length of time where attacks would do more damage.


Naturally, this was an optimal time for me to slow Sakari down for a combo (I was in Extra’s Quick mode at the time), so I jumped in, started bashing him with Ende’s giant robotic hand and took the match.

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  • Freakmasta

    You know Ende is a boy…MORE YOU KNOW

    • FitzpatrickPhillips


    • Leon_Tekashi

      Gotta love traps.

      • 愛憎

        That’s really not an appropriate word.

    • HAHAHA.


    I never played this game. but judging by the article with styles stuff…they went MBAA route?

    • NeoStrayCat

      They have since the 1st PB, Battle Grounds not included since there’s no style choice. (But its still there in-game…)

  • Lynx

    Hope we actually get this one.

    By some one not named 7Sixty.

    Yes, I’m still upset.

    • VietKnight

      Yeah more hope Atlus takes over it instead.

      • NeoStrayCat

        Yeah, hope for a localization from some other publisher instead, on the upside though, the game is region free on both PS3 and 360.

        • Tyler Beale

          But not in English. Yes, I do play the Story Modes in fighters.

          • NeoStrayCat

            But there’s hardly any “Story” to begin with, since the Situation Battle mode focuses on the 4 new characters performing certain tasks, so yeah, like I said, pretty barebones. >_>

          • Tyler Beale

            I was referring to fighting games in general, not just PB.

          • NeoStrayCat

            I see…

  • Freakmasta

    This game is bad btw. As an avid fighting game fan, I tried it out. Boy did I come out disappointed. 1st off, the new characters looked to have been made from 3D models while the old roster had 2D models. 2nd, the gameplay was so awkward from running through each other to a time slowdown mechanic which can be HEAVILY abused. It only sold 3000 copies in Japan and on top of that, reviews are not surprising. AND THERE’S NO GALLERY MODE! Where are my character ending pictures?!

    • NeoStrayCat

      I wouldn’t call it “bad”, just an “average” simple fighter. And yes, PB: Extra is pretty barebones in terms of content (other than unlocking characters).

      • colorblindnightmare

        It’s bad because it’s barebones, easy to abuse and frankly it’s as boring to play as it is to watch. Why should I pay for this when I could just as easily get chaos code which is actually enjoyable?

        • NeoStrayCat

          I don’t really have to answer that, since, of course, people have their own taste it games/titles/etc. And yes, opinions too.

          • colorblindnightmare

            And of course I will respect your oppinion. Didn’t mean toake my comment sound pointed atbyour oppinion dirrectly. sorry about that.

          • NeoStrayCat

            Nah, its alright, anyways, hope to one day get this anyways, even if there’s isn’t much to it, PB: BG won’t give me much to do than Extra, more or less, lol. :3

  • Astrotrain

    Ende is male.

  • Jesse

    I guess we can hope the updated version gets brought over. Maybe they were waiting for it to be released so it can?

  • ZekeFreek

    Can someone tell me why fucking Musubi is in this game?

    • NeoStrayCat

      Who’s Musubi? (Yes, I dunno who this is), but you mean a character in the game that sports his/her likeness in the game you mean.

  • hypersk

    Isn’t that Rimi from Chäos;Head???

    What is she doing there, and how did I miss it???

  • kepgamer

    Vanilla PB was too slow? attack didn’t work as they were suppose too? I understand their design choice for being not as fast as other fighters because their a lot nuances that need to be manage in game play and speed makes that process constitutive. Still not getting these “attack that didn’t work”.

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