Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Trailer Has A Load Of English Voices… Including Edgeworth

By Ishaan . October 24, 2013 . 8:30am

Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies will be available in North America later today via the Nintendo eShop (it’s already available in Europe), and Capcom have shared a new trailer for the game in commemoration of its launch. Watch it below.



Buying Dual Destinies before November 7th will avail you a free costume pack for Phoenix, Apollo and Athena. After November 7th, the pack will cost $1 to purchase.


Additionally, an additional sixth DLC episode for the game will be released in the weeks to come. This will take place prior to Dual Destinies’ story and will see Phoenix regaining his badge as a defense attorney.

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  • Klarktastic

    This is less than good!

  • Michael Connell

    Is that Liam O’Brien doing the voice for Edgeworth?

    • Lynx

      Doesn’t sound like his normal voice.

      Could be though.

    • Guest

      It’s Sam Riegel.

    • Zoozbuh

      No I don’t think so, to me it sounds like someone else.

  • Izzy Miyake

    Not huge on the english VA’s, BUT I am looking forward to the game.

  • GaiunxWolfenX

    finally downloaded can’t be happier this week!

  • YoshEE

    I am downloading now!!! Man I have been waiting for this day to play!!!

  • Zoozbuh

    Sweet jesus, Edgeworth’s voice… *jaw drops* :O

  • surakian

    Downloading when I get home! Going to have to get over the fact Haruhi Suzumiya = Athena but I’m glad the dubbed this trailer (even if it was kind of sketchy…)

  • MrJechgo

    Love the voices… except Apollo’s. Sorry folks, but it feels too forced and unnatural.

  • Tenetan

    Almots no dialog in the game is voiced so don’t keep your hopes up to much, Some cutscenes have it specially the anime ralted ones but thats as far as it goes.

    That said game is really good so far, go grab it.

  • Junko Enoshima

    but the judge

    he doesn’t have a voice…. :(

    • Slayven19

      He objected to be voiced by the person who was said to voice him.

  • $61526767

    Already downloading mine. Can’t wait!

  • Freud_Hater

    Edgeworth is voiced by Kyle Hebert, he said so on his Twitter and Facebook.

  • I kinda don’t like the voiceovers…

    Phoenix sounds as young as Apollo… although maybe his characterization is to blame, almost feels like Phoenix never lost his badge at all and never went through the pain in Apollo Justice. I always felt like Apollo would have an stotic young voice so I dunno, Athena is eh…

    Well, Fullbright is funny at least.

    • Savage Sui ♥

      Yeah, I can’t say I care for the voiceovers too much myself. Phoenix’s is a hit or miss for me; at times I thought it was okay, but others… it sounds too young, as you said. Apollo’s sounds a little forced and Athena’s is… eh. I don’t think that there’s any other way to describe it ^_^” Fullbright’s and Edgeworth’s are the only ones I don’t have any major objections for .w.

      I guess I’m just used to the characters being silent for the most part; I formed an idea of what they would sound like in my mind and these voices simply don’t match with it very well. They’re not *horrible*, but they’ll certainly take some getting used to… ^_^”

      • Aoshi00

        There s actually not much voices other than the ones they did for this trailer and a few lines for some anime cutscenes, other than that the game is still mostly silent :). After playing it, I thought the anime cutscenes are even a bit jarring and unnecessary. Yeah the eng voices aren’t too great compared to the Jpn ver.. They hardly speak in the game though, so..

  • Alexander Aubert

    another story DLC *sigh…..

    • Aoshi00

      I finished the Jpn ver, despite them saying the dlc being a bridge btwn 4 and 5, there’s minimal main story that you would miss. It’s a good case though. It really should’ve been in the game since the artbook has all those arts. It might be on sale for the first few weeks like Jpn for around 4 to 5 bucks. Gonna get the us ver tonight ;).

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    -Sigh- well that’s what i expect from capcom

  • Aerii

    Phoenix and Apollo are perfect, but Edgey… er, not feeling it. He doesn’t sound very… natural. And he sounds sorta old…? Hopefully he grew into his role after recording that or something. I just expected something more like the sound clips we’d heard of Edgeworth.Or this (minus the illogical British accent).

    Whatever, I know everyone pictured his voice differently.

    • Zoozbuh

      I actualy think Edgeworth sounds the right age… Phoenix should have sounded a bit older too, if anything. But I can understand why they kept his previous actor (less work finding a new one..)

      • Aerii

        I think if he was playing Phoenix the jaded poker hobo father, he should sound older. But because Phoenix doesn’t look like that anymore (and probably will show no indication of having been through such a stage/phase), I think his voice is appropriate. Besides, I know more than a few people that age (mostly just teachers >_>) and they have voices like Phoenix’s voice there. It really depends on the person.

  • Helepythia

    Why, I must say the adverts on the right side are working in concert with what I see on this page. The Nintendo eShop is telling me that this game is available for only $29.99? Hmmm. Interesting. Aren’t 3ds games generally more expensive than that?

    • BossBullet

      Capcom priced it that way.

    • Zoozbuh

      They knew fans were pissed about the digital-only release, so I think they made the price lower to sweeten the deal. Personally I think it’s pretty refreshing, it’s waaay cheaper than most eShop games in my region :)

  • I want dual audio please even if it’s a paid DLC, I will pay!

  • darkbartz

    I wasn’t fond at all of Edgeworth’s new voice when I just heard his Objection, but hearing this now… It seems incredibly fitting. Like it was very right for some reason. I will miss his Britishness, but this works pretty well too.

  • eli-boo’s waifu

    I already bought and downloaded the game, but this trailer got me so pumped it made me want to download it again! IN JUSTICE WE TRUST! :D

  • Lisa Fraulein

    Now I’m looking froward to hear Klavier’s voice. I mean, he was a rock star… and the lead singer…

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