Fang Is Back In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, And Here’s A Look At Her

By Ishaan . October 28, 2013 . 8:30am

As previously reported, Fang is back in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and Square Enix have shared a couple of screenshots of her in the game, along with a brief summary of what she’s doing in Lightning Returns.


At the end of Final Fantasy XIII, Fang and Vanille defeated Orphan and transformed into a crystal pillar, separating the worlds of Cocoon and Pulse to prevent them from merging. A few years prior to Lightning Returns, the two awoke and lived under the care of the Order. Then, Fang set out to the Dead Dunes in search of a long-lost relic.



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  • Freya2012

    Nothing new here…

  • KingGunblader

    I was kind of hoping that the original characters would have a bigger role to play in the overall story. But aside from Hope, it seems like it’s mostly just LIghtning interacting with each character as they go through their own arc.

  • Wait what

    Did you guys really need to start putting massive spoilers for past games in the text of your articles without any warning? It’s bad enough Square is spoiling so much of Lightning Returns itself. I know some people who come here and haven’t beaten FFXIII yet, you know. Spoiling the ending is lame.

    • midgard229

      they constantly freaking do that! they always put spoilers in the headlines, Like WTF is their problem…..bout to stop coming here.

      • Lynx

        How is…just saying a character is reappearing in a sequel without context a spoiler?

        I mean, come on.

        • midgard229

          Are you serious??? So if I said this character had a baby, thats not a spoiler? if someone died and came back, thats not a spoiler? Lol!!!!

          So in advent children when sephiroth comes back, thats not a spoiler considering his was dead and shouldnt be back?

          “I mean, come on.”

          • Lynx

            Did you miss a line?

            -without context a spoiler?
            -without context

            Take it up with Square then if you don’t like people reporting on things that have been known for months and are currently covering new screenshots.

          • midgard229

            doesnt matter if context is there or not lol. its still a spoiler. Square is dumb for it too, but I mean the headlines could atleast say Spoiler first

          • Kelohmello

            if this is the kind of thing that gets you upset you shouldn’t be on a gaming news site period. Clearly square doesn’t consider it a spoiler if they’re putting the info out there. But whatever, stay sad I guess.

          • midgard229

            well for ff13 and ff13-2 there were no spoilers, Suddenly they are just spoiling everything, so yeeeaaaaah.

          • Wait what

            Well, I was talking about the paragraph describing the ending to XIII for no reason, but the spoiler of telling us Fang is back bothers me too. The context is the first game. She was, as the article tells us, in permanent crystal stasis as a sacrifice to save everyone else. Her walking around is something I’d rather not have known months before the game came out.

          • midgard229


    • Godmars

      Its how Square is doing their press releases, so any site reporting items like this is going to give things away. Either in the title, the body of the article or just the thumb pic.

      Really, better to blame Square for the initial error of making FF13 the mess it was, then repeatedly trying to regather interest in these later installments.

    • Guest

      “I read news related to the third entry of a game, hoping not to see any spoiler.”


      • Pretty much this.

      • Wait what

        So what is the point of putting the spoiler in there to begin with? Why have a paragraph describing the ending to XIII? It’s a pointless spoiler.

      • What’s DSP?

  • DrakeClawfang

    Fang: “So, Light. How come now you’re dressed like a Matrix dominatrix fantasy?”
    Lightning: “Why do you know what they dress like?”
    Fang: “Vanille gets bored easily.”

    • EinMugenTenshin

      lol. That’s it, your good jokemanship has convinced me to get this another try since the first XIII.

  • AoNoise

    Cocoon and Gran Pulse weren’t merging.
    The crystal pillar wasn’t made to separate them so much as to keep Cocoon afloat.
    That’s a FFXIII spoiler (a wildly incorrect one).
    This is not news.

    I mean, seriously

    • I’d like it twice if I could.

    • Crevox

      Merging as in, Cocoon was about to crash into Gran Pulse.

    • JohnThackr

      You ruined it! Having a wildly incorrect spoiler in there was a way to avoid actually spoiling people by putting what really happened.

  • Loli Summoner

    lightning x fang <3

  • EinMugenTenshin

    Speaking of which, Agarest Generations of War on Steam was awesome and really gave me an old FF feel. + you get 5 games in one. :P
    (sounds like I am getting payed to say that)

  • The Watcher

    Was hoping for some dramatic new looks. Everyone still looks the same.

    • Daniel


      I was thinking that too but then I realized for Fang and Vanille it made sense, considering they haven’t really changed for about a millenia now. They wore the same clothes before the first time they went into stasis, wore them through XIII, and now wake up in them again. Same with Noel (slightly different now, but not much at all) and Caius and Yeul. Must be a Gran Pulse thing.

      As far as Sazh and Dajh still wearing the same stuff, or why Hope is a kid again with the same clothes when he was clearly an adult at the end of XIII-2 is a mystery to me.

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    Recycled Resources: The Game.

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