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By Spencer . October 31, 2013 . 12:23am

Yes, Namco Bandai is making a strategy RPG with anime heroines, but they didn’t forget Super Robot Taisen fans. Super Robot Taisen OG Dark Prison is a traditional SRT game with enemy character Shu Shirakawa as the protagonist.



Super Robot Taisen OG Dark Prison will be included with the limited edition of Super Robot Taisen OG Infinite Battle, a fighting game with mecha from the Super Robot Taisen series. Infinite Battle comes on November 28. Dark Prison will be available as a standalone download for 3,000 yen ($30) in spring 2014.


  • Just Tim

    Correct me if I’m wrong: is Dark Prison a prequel for the La Gias stories?

    • Mugen555

      It’s one of three route in SRW EX.
      OGs2 only cover Masaki and Ryuune, Dark Prison cover Shu route.
      Both Ryuune and Masaki route dealing with La Gias civil war, while Shu route dealing with Volkruss Cultist

      • Just Tim

        Thanks for confirming the the last part.

    • Lynx

      In the original EX, they were three routes. Shu, Ryune, Masaki.

      Shu’s route let you use antagonist units as Shu trolledâ„¢ the Volkruss cult. This is that route.

  • Tiduas

    So far, I guess that I will skip Infinite Battle and wait for Dark Prison to become stand alone DLC. Infinite Battle is probably fun but right now my budget doesn’t really let me.

  • Masa

    Shu Shirakawa as the protagonist?….HELL YES!
    Looking forward to the game even more now.

  • We need the Standard Crossover SRT/W title, where we are instead playing on the opposing team! Let the Villains take over for once!

  • fqc

    Funny how Dark Prison is supposed to be an extra you get with the game, but for almost everyone it’s going to be the main dish and the only reason they buy Infinite Battle.

  • MrTyrant

    *look at granzon attacks*

    Holy cows! what that hell! that amazing animation wasn’t present in the original OG2nd for Granzon.

    *look at Gesterbein&Selena*

    boner stop!

    • VenerableSage

      Further goes to show that Banpresto must have run out of dev time on 2nd OG with regards to new and dynamic animations, given all of the simple upscales it had…

  • VenerableSage

    Oh snap, a red Grungust Type-2? Perhaps an MP version?

    EDIT – Infinite Battle Updated Roster:
    1) Alteisen Riese (OGs – OG2)
    2) Soulgain (OGs – OG2)
    3) Thrudgelmir (OGs – OG2)
    4) Gespenst Mk-II M – **NEW**, Multi (Katina added) (OGs – OG1)
    5) Fairlion S (OGs – OG2)
    6) Cybuster (OG Saga Masou Kishin ~ Lord of the Elemental – Part 1 / OGs – OG1)
    7) Dygenguard (OGs – OG2)
    8) Aussenseiter (OGs – OG2)
    9) Vysaga (OGs – OG2)
    10) Gespenst RV – In the Promo Image (OGs – OG2)
    11) KoRyuOh (OGs – OG2)
    12) Siegerlion (OGs – OG2)
    13) Grungust Custom (2nd OG)
    14) Wildfalken (OGs – OG2)
    15) Valsione (OGs – OG1)
    16) Gespenst (R) (OGs – OG1)
    17) R-2 Powered (OGs – OG1)
    18) G Compatible Kaiser (OG Gaiden)
    19) R-1 (OGs – OG1)
    20) Giganscudo Duro (OGs – OG2)
    21) Altairlion (2nd OG)
    22) Gespenst Mk-II M Custom (Type-N) (Kai’s) – **NEW** (OG Gaiden / 2nd OG)
    23) Wildwurger – **NEW** (OGs – OG2)
    24) R-3 Powered – **NEW** (OGs – OG1)
    25) Rein Weissritter – **NEW** (OGs – OG2)
    26) R-GUN Powered – **NEW** (OGs – OG2)
    27) RyuKoOh – **NEW** (OGs – OG2) (Possibly counted with KoRyuOh?)
    28) Exbein – **NEW**, Multi (Normal + Red) (OG Inspector / 2nd OG)
    29) Grungust Type-3 – **NEW** (OGs – OG2)
    30) Cerberus – **NEW** (2nd OG)
    31) Aile Chevalier – **NEW** (2nd OG)

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