Orchid And Spinal Return In New Killer Instinct

By Ishaan . November 1, 2013 . 1:31pm

Orchid is back as a playable character in Killer Instinct for the Xbox One, Microsoft have revealed via a new trailer. Additionally, the end of the trailer appears to indicate the return of Spinal to the game as well.



Killer Instinct will be available as a launch title for Xbox One.

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  • evilkaz

    This game still isn’t on my radar. And will likely never be, and not even because of Xbone. It just doesn’t look interesting.

    • Agreed. I don’t plan on ever getting the Xbone, and KI is certainly not going to be changing my mind anytime soon.

    • Odin

      You guys don’t sound like you’re fans of the series… Ever played a KI before? It’s always been another option over MK.

    • disgaea36

      Hater! The game looks fun it’s just a shame it’s on the xbone.

  • NightzeroAX
  • David García Abril

    Can’t say I like her costume design.

    I can see why they’d like to move away from the green spandex of the original games but this… I don’t know…

    Plus, is it me or Spiral sounds like a clicker from “The Last of Us”?

    • disgaea36

      it’s a fighting game so you will likely get more choices in that department but spiral def. sounds like a clicker

    • leingod

      I bet they’ll add even her classic spandex costume eventually.

      And yeah, he does sound like a clicker… although skeleton-ish characters have always sounded kinda like that. Without going too far, in Skyrim they make a similar sound if I remember correctly.

    • ShinobiBrown

      In comparison to her old design? I can definitely say I like it. A lot. So far, all the character redesigns have been improvements and that’s mostly because most of the old character designs were down right awful and laughable, but acceptable considering the era in gaming they were from.

  • RaineNythra

    Now the question is will she still have that fatality where she flashes the opponent?

    • Unfortunately, I doubt the fatalities and even the ring-outs are coming back if her stage is an indication. Why, FGC, why must you take out all the nice things?

  • hazelnut1112

    I hope they end up porting this to PC and releasing it for 360.

  • leingod

    She looks solid, although that excess bloodspray was kinda weird. Oh, and Spinal looks insane!

    I just hope Fulgore makes the cut … I’d love to see him on launch day.

  • xAKUM3TSUx

    The game looks fast paced and fun as hell! It’s a shame that because of my console choice I wont be able to enjoy it :( I wish I could afford both PS4 and X1 but I’m not that luxurious. Maybe when my tax income arrives…

  • Göran Isacson

    I like that they actually look like they’ve added some muscle to her arms, and the design is… pretty much like her regular outfit, so yeah. I’m okay with it. Also hello Spinal, looking pretty neat and a whole lot more clothed than last time.

  • Xaltmas

    Most anticipated launch title for either platform.

  • All the characters are fugly

    • Guest

      US and A can’t into female characters.

      • Guest

        There are some exceptions

        • Guest

          I liked her design, kind of.

  • hadjimurad

    backgrounds look awesome, but characters…not really…and their animations seem off to me.

  • TrueDefault

    Maybe I’m too used to Tekken or SC and the likes, but the animation doesn’t look very natural.

  • Yan Zhao

    I hate her goggles, rest of the costume is fine. And I still hate how the screen freezes everytime someone lands a hit, its really annoying and distracting. I wish they would fix this hit-stop issue.

    • GuyAlpha

      What’s wrong with the goggles?

  • GamerKT

    What song is this?

  • UnderstandingIndustry

    DAT MUSIC. They knocked it out of the park. Seriously considering an Xbox One now.

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