Here’s Everything You Can Look Forward To In God Eater 2

By Sato . November 4, 2013 . 1:32pm

Now that Monster Hunter 4’s been out for a while, it’s PlayStation Vita owners’ turn to get their share of hunting action, once God Eater 2 comes out later this month. Namco Bandai recently uploaded a new trailer showing off the game’s new features in anticipation of its release.



The trailer starts out a with little note about the God Eater franchise having sold over 1.3 million copies thus far. We then get a look at some of the new Aragami we’ll be seeing in the post-apocalyptic world of God Eater 2.


Next, they give us a glimpse of the new Blood Arts skill system, which increases in level the more times you use it. There will be over 300 skills total, and you’ll get to mix and match them to your liking.


Namco Bandai also show some of the enhanced character customization we’ll be seeing in the game, which lets you pick out of many hairstyles, accessories, hair and skin colors, and also voices.


In multiplayer, you’ll be able to use the Link Burst ability to power-up your allies, and the Link Aid to share some of your health to recover the fallen. The Link Support system allows you to select various supports prior to the start of a mission.


After playing with another player, you’ll get to exchange cards, then use each other’s characters as NPCs when you play solo.


At around 2:55, the trailer gives us a look at some of the story mode in God Eater 2, where you’ll get to develop bonds and friendships between various characters. We also get a look at some of the new characters who’ll be playing a role in the main scenario.


Finally, the trailer ends with a look at a special character set and Fenrir outfits, that will be available for early print copies and preorders of the game. Namco Bandai also announced that God Eater 2 will continue to receive free monthly DLC post launch.


God Eater 2 will be coming out on November 14, for PlayStation Vita and PSP.

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  • Logan Moll

    Anyone think there’s any chance at all that we’ll get this game in the US?

    • revenent hell

      I certainly hope so but I don’t like to presume we will because on the off chance we don’t I’d be sad.

    • Jesse

      Well, since I’ve seen people’s interest in the series go up after Project X Zone’s release, including my own, I’d say the chances are higher. ^^

    • Lynx

      They had GEB on PS+ a while ago, as while as X Zone.


  • revenent hell

    Sometimes I wish designers would take physics in to consideration when designing clothes for character’s…

    • neogeno

      Give it a few more handheld generations. DOA style physics shall then become standardized in every framework.

      • revenent hell

        While this made me smile its become a pet peeve of mine over the years.
        I honestly don’t mind or care if they want to show skin or have their characters wear slutty or sexy clothes but I wish they would take some time to consider if its plausible.
        A girls top if fastened in that manner wouldn’t hug the contours of her body like that without glue and being able to see under the loose edges of it proves its not the case here.
        Above the boobie fasteners, loose and yet somehow skin tight simply …. It wouldn’t work. For the size of her bust shed either flash nipples, if they wanted to keep it snugly fit around her body without the use of glue or the shirt would drape around her without appropriate closures to keep it tight fitting..
        While I have seen worse clothes on a character, and I get the fantasy aspect and all, it would just be nice for them to take in to account of if the clothes would be able to be worn like that.
        In most cases while the attire may have been ridiculous at least I could see how it actually could be worn. Its like they couldn’t decide if they wanted it skin tight or loose and flowey

  • Arz

    Genuine question:

    why do people like this game? I personally think it’s a fail rip-off Monster Hunter.It’s feels like anime game-fied of Monster Hunter and it plays like a mediocore anime game.Other MH rip-off like Soul Sacrifice and Toukiden plays well so why do people give this the most attention?

    • Well let’s just say each person have their own taste, imo MH is kinda bad since it’s very slow pace and the lack of story, I don’t feel connected with the world. This game on the other hand is very fast pace, have storyline, and awesome characters that you can get to know the characters over them, Also, what fo you mean by it plays like a mediocore anime game? The gameplay is like u said a MH’s so does that mean MH have a mediocore anime gameplay?

    • Lynx

      Because GE has plot.
      It has characters and development.
      It has SCIENCE! (Not to be confused with science.)
      It’s faster paced and frantic.

      Stop that.

      I could say that’s hypocritical if I wanted, mainly for the fact that Phantasy Star exists.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      1. Fast paced combat, MH is exquisitely technical but not everybody wants to go hardcore hunting 30 minutes per mission. In that regard, GEB provides a solid experience but that it doesn’t require you to sit for long periods of time. Something that I surmiss most people want in their portable games~.
      2. GEB has a plot. Whether you like it or not, that’s a different story but it has a plot. You aren’t just some John Doe tossed into a World to grind your ass off endlessly. It has a plot and it makes sense. In that regard, it’s giving people something to enjoy other than ad infinitum grinding for materials~.
      3. Setting is amazing. MHs settings are all pretty cool but an apocalyptic setting where humanity is on the path to extinction + Monster Hunting == solid fun~.
      4. The art is as solid as MHs, if you don’t like anime then sure, not for you. But it doesn’t take away from it~.
      5. The musical score is superb and it goes hand in hand with the setting / plot~.

      So those are five reasons off the top of my head why we like GEB. To each their own, doesn’t mean it’s a game you should like but just because you are rather closed minded about MH doesn’t make other games any less valid. On that note, let’s get something clear: SS and GEB may follow the formula of MH but MH itself started from “ripping off” the formula of games such as Phantasy Star Online and Diablo. Rip off is such an ugly, fanboy worthy, word. Let’s not use that word to define games that belong to the same genre~.

    • I upvoted you because I hate when people get “downvoted” for sharing their opinion with respect to discussion — you weren’t blatantly bashing the game.
      Correct me if I’m wrong, but he wasn’t trying to poo-poo the game but get another perspective to what people see in it.

      • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

        Asking an opinion is one thing. A different one is to spew your own bias towards a game simply because you favor another one. If he just wanted to ask a legitimate question he’d have been like: “Why do people like this game? It doesn’t seem to have as much depth as MH”~.

        • People won’t like every game you put in front of them; there’s a fact of just about anything. I think the whole system of “down-voting” just sounds silly when people are expressing themselves; it becomes a popularity contest of popular and unpopular opinions measuring their egos based on emotional fan reactions. He gave his view and your rebuttal was a good fight in favor of it. That’s all I’m looking at here, downvotes to me are just dumb (unless it’s a clear troll being completely inappropriate and off topic).

          • M’iau M’iaut

            But the only thing we know for certain is that in their opinion, hunting games are simply MH ‘rip-offs’. What does a mediocre anime game mean? What makes the game play in the games the poster does like better than game play he doesn’t?

            Most of the responses have at least bothered to explain the reasons the ‘downvoters’ — if they are even the same folks — appreciate the title in question.

          • revenent hell

            Oh ive had my share of down votes who here hasn’t? It is a silly thing and rightfully should be ignored BUT people should give valid reasons behind their hate or dislike.
            For example its like me saying… I hate ….Fighting games because they are stupid.” in compairison to ” I dislike Fighting games because I can never get the combo’s out and the story lines tend to be bare bones with not much to keep me interested in an offline capacity” (this is an example only I do actually like some fighting games :])
            The poster really didn’t explain his dislike so it read more as a bashing than a question.

          • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

            He didn’t give a view. He gave a bias opinion. I quote “it plays like a mediocore anime game”. How is that a view? Based on what did he reach such a conclusion? “I personally think it’s a fail rip-off Monster Hunter.” Again, based on what? There’s nothing useful about pure bias spewing~.

            If he’d have tackled the issue providing actual facts, even if fueled by personal opinion and / or bias, that’d be a different thing and your cause’d have a shred of merit. As it stands now, he’s just some John Doe saying nothing of use who is getting facts shoved down his throat~.

          • neogeno

            Yeah, that would have been a discussion I would have enjoyed participating in but there honestly wasn’t anything to legitimately discuss after I read that so I just sat this one out.

          • Arz

            well the game feels clunky and mobility IS anime game-esque(the dash and air dash).Kinda like how Castlevania Laments Of Innocence feels compare to DMC 3.

          • xavier axol

            let me put it very simple, one thing is to criticize a game’s shortcomings and another is to dismiss it because of something that you don’t like.

      • Lynx

        Sure as hell seemed like it to me.

        Especially considering he used the word ripoff incorrectly too.

        Seems like it was intentional or really uneducated.

        • Arz

          geezuz,i really wanted to know why people like this game

          • Ferrick

            lesson: lay off the words “rip off”, then you MIGHT have a legitimate discussion

          • Arcana Wiz

            and you got you answer, but try to not use words like mediocre anime, rip off(by your claims, MH is a rip off, cause it isnt the first monster hunting game), and saying that dont play well, maybe it isnt your taste, but saying that dont play well is saying that the game is bad designed.
            In the end you had a good question, we already answered many questions about GE, but by your bad luck you used many words wrong….

      • Never

        Oh doll, you’re adorable but stupid. I assure you I meant stupid as an opinion with respect to discussion of your mental capacity.
        I know, I know. You can upvote me now.

        • revenent hell


        • Arz

          hey man,i really wanted to know why people like this game. so why are you being such a dick?

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Understood. Plenty has been said in either direction. Let’s all move on folks.

      • Ferrick

        ummm yeah, no, opinion is one thing, but saying it’s a huge ripoff from his ripoff is bashing

      • revenent hell

        I generally don’t mind “negative opinions” about things when reasons beyond “Its s*** because its s***” are given because everyone doesn’t like the same thing…..

        I upvoted you because I think you had good intentions. Im not a fan of people being bashed because they have a different view of something or dislike it but the poster here really didn’t give any reasons for dislike other than saying it was a “rip-off”

      • Arz

        thanks man, i really wanted to know why people like this game. I guess it is my fault for using the word ‘rip-off’

    • Ferrick

      1. GE has plot, and a good one at that

      beyond this is my opinion:

      2. better music

      3. much more challenging

      4. better npcs

      5. faster paced than MH

      6. It actually makes sense on why we kill the giants

      and let me ask you this, why do people like you have the tendency of going around and calling all hunting games a MH rip off ? I could say for certain that after playing god eater, it’s definitely not another MonHun

      and if you REALLY want to see what a ripoff looks like, this is it

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Again folks this is why we ask for thinking before posting and not to be rude. This thread does not devolve into instant frustration without the stereotypical net comments about the genre. Multiplayer hunting games precede Monster Hunter and yes even PSO. Where the ‘ original ripoff’ is comes somewhere before them.

    • Dark Lord Ash

      Same reason why people play other platformers besides Mario or other RPGs beside final fantasy. God eater is in many respects Monster hunter’s opposite, it addresses many of the “complaints” some people had about monster hunter, such as lack of lock on, no story, being “too slow”, etc. Having God eater as another alternative hunting game is a good thing, both for MH fans (because it means that the series won’t get bogged down to accommodate) and for those who want the Monster Hunter experience, just not with Monster Hunter.

    • Sentsuizan_93

      As someone who actually likes Monster Hunter, I find calling God Eater Burst or any other hunting action game, like Soul Sacrifice or Toukiden a “Monster Hunter rip-off” a bit… how can I put this kindly…. Retarded. Really, I like Monster Hunter, but even I think it has a few issues, like movement speed, and weapon use. God Eater Burst has better movement. Smoother camera too. And I really enjoyed God Eater as well as Monster Hunter. When it comes to story, God Eater actually has a story, whereas Monster Hunter’s “story” feels almost non-existent.

      Honestly, I can like and enjoy GE and MH equally despite their flaws, but to be honest, calling GE a rip-off is a bit far… You don’t hunt Aragami in MH, and you don’t hunt Rathians or Deviljhos in GE. No MH designs are used in GE and the same as no GE designs in MH. And no same soundtracks used in either game too. Really, it’s fine if you don’t like GE, but going all fanboy and calling it a rip-off is down right annoying. And this excuse of “X is a rip off of Y” is getting tired. Like the excuse of “Sengoku Basra is a rip-off of Dynasty Warriors” or the excuse of “Pro Evolution Soccer is a rip-off of FIFA”. Really, this is getting old and tired. And it’s despicable…

      • Ric Vazquez

        Amen to all this

    • Lester Rat

      Which Monster Hunter games have you played?

      • Arz

        i played all except 2,Portable 1&2 and 3 Ultimate. also,i’m not trying to bash anything here.i just think GE isn’t a good game and wanted to know why people like it.

  • アティ

    Heres everything can look forward to in God Eater 2:

    >:D ALISA!! ~dies happily~

    • Glad someone else understand lol
      ~Alisa~ <3<3

    • TheExile285

      You can have Alisa. Nana has stolen my heart :/

      • TheBlackRabbit


        • ekibyougami

          Oh you masochist, you! xD

          But I am digging Kigurumi. I just hope he/she is a girl xD

          • shuratan

            Ciel anybody? Mamiko Noto’s voice is <3

          • TheBlackRabbit

            Aha….this is true she does shoot me quite a bit, but she is spunky an i like that, XD. Kigurumi? looking up now! *RUNS*

    • xavier axol

      you forgot alisia’s side boob, it will probably play a major plot TWIST!.

    • Arcana Wiz

      Alisa! ^o^

    • Sentsuizan_93

      Alisa, eh? Yeah… There’s plenty to look forward to with her ;)

  • Jahred Down

    Here’s everything I’m looking forward to:


    • TheExile285

      I’m hoping it gets announced a week or 2 after the Japanese release.

      • nororu

        i want it now :(

  • TheExile285

    Looking forward to playing my import copy on Vita when I get it.

    Also, is the trailer not working for anyone else? Pretty sure I’ve seen this one already but still.

  • InfectedAI

    So is the no online play official?

    • TheExile285


      • InfectedAI

        Ah, what a shame. Thanks for the response.

  • Ryujin

    You know, I think I can honestly say I’ve never been as hyped for a game as I am now with God Eater 2. I sincerely hope this gets localized and I hope there’s enough people who share in my excitement to make this into a success story.

    • Ric Vazquez

      I almost feel the same way, very hyped fo this as well

  • Arcana Wiz

    What i can look foward in GE2? Alisa! i mean there is Alisa…and Alisa, oh there is Alisa too…. and i cant forget bout Alisa!…
    i already wrote about Alisa?
    and Kanon, Sakuya, Elisa…

    • Ferrick

      and nana ! =D

      • Arcana Wiz

        and every other girl Npc! actually GE do a good work with male npcs too, so i usually put male npcs in my team too, you cant say after playing the story that you dont feel attached to Lindow or Kota, even the other squads grew on me cause of the messages.

        • Ferrick

          Ren ;_;

          • Arcana Wiz

            Shio ;_;

          • Ferrick

            daed ton s’ehs

    • TheExile285

      Just keep your grubby hands off Nana and we’re good

      • Arcana Wiz

        and Nana! All neko in the world are mine! go to your squirrel girls exile!….

        • TheExile285

          Don’t make me hurt you Arc….

          • Arcana Wiz

            You cant hurt me, i’m a endless wizard! BUahaahahaaha


            and lets stop here, we dont want to derail the article like the last time XD

          • TheExile285

            You know what they say about “wizards” ;P

    • ShadowDivz

      Sweet. Gina is all mine then.

      Because i love me a bad ass with an eye patch.

      • Arcana Wiz

        ….and sadistic… but she is mine too!

    • Ric Vazquez

      I know that feel

  • nororu

    i do not know anything about god eater, i would to buy this one. do i need to buy the first one?

    also i want to know if i can play with those character, i mean those with personality, alisa for example or only with a created character, i dont have any problem of course :)

  • Cursingcomet

    Yeah! Social links.

    • TheExile285

      If this game has legit SLs, it will be the best game ever (for me)

  • Lemski07

    damn… Im overhyped. the only thing that lacks is the online multiplayer and it will go down as one of the best hunting game in vita. but never the less it got a bunch of improvement from the last one.

  • $61526767

    Better get a vita and hopefully they announce a localization. I must play this and do a little under shirt with Alisa. >.>

  • gophinobi

    So now that I’m in Japan (on a year exchange program), should I get the game next week or should I wait until I return to the States? I really want the game, but my Japanese skill is just below decent (i.e. struggle with reading Kanji and listening)

  • Crevox

    This game gets a lot of news and attention, yet when I played God Eater 1, I didn’t find it very good…

    • TheExile285

      different strokes for different folks

    • Arcana Wiz

      well god eater isnt for everyone, first if you dont like hunting genre, well you wont like it, two if you dont like grinding you wont like it, three if you dont anime things you wont like it.

      But god eater is a very good game from the hunting genre, and it is more fast and less grindy than other Monster Hunting games, it have a plot and likeable npcs, a sci fi and distopian story and cooler weapons IMO than other Monster Hunting games, so it has received a lot of praise in the multiplayer hunting universe…. and it’s a good game, the devs did a good work.

      • Crevox

        I played Monster Hunter a lot, and I play a lot of action games.

        The game just felt clunky and poorly designed. It wasn’t very fun.

        • Ferrick

          then the game is definitely not for you, easy as that

          • Crevox

            Correct. I don’t know why that makes me deserve downvotes for not liking a game.

          • Ferrick

            because you chose the wrong place, the wrong time and the wrong words to express your disdain towards this game ? (and look below)

          • revenent hell

            At least you gave a reason or two for your dislike of the game. Which is all that really matters to me.
            Frankly I think if people dislike something they should state it, and their reasons for it, games wont get better if people just accept it, not that I think most developers listen but if a person finds a game poor and articulates why, they have just as much right to speak up as the people who love the game
            Though ive pretty much found anyone who dislikes any game gets down voted. Hell ive seen people get down voted, who by the way liked a game, but had critiques for it~ oh the horror!
            Though in all fairness buy you could have went in to better detail about what you found clunky and what to you was poorly designed about the game.

          • Crevox

            I just remember playing it and going through the bullet customization/weapons/etc. The whole game felt very confusing and not well explained. I didn’t care much for the story or characters, nor did it feel like they had a lot of depth to them. The game’s player growth system just felt annoying.

            I also didn’t feel like the whole sword/mouth/bite the monster thing was very interesting. The game felt easy and repetitive. But, it was a long time ago, so I might be foggy on some things. I honestly didn’t know this many people even liked the game; it felt like a bad monster hunter rip off. I just heard it got lots of DLC. It feels like they’re just trying to appeal to people who want to play a monster hunter style game with anime characters.

            I could always try it again if they decide to localize a demo. I could try the JP demo, but meh, I don’t care about it enough to put forth that effort. I liked Monster Hunter because of the difficulty, the diverse gameplay of different weapons, the skill customization, and the multiplayer. God Eater felt lacking in all of those departments.

        • Snipyro12

          I’ve played a lot of Monster Hunter, and I love it. However, I don’t see how you could call other games clunky and poorly designed when Monster Hunter suffers from the exact same issues – clunky controls, no lock on, lots and lots of grinding.

  • Strid

    I friggin’ hated the first game, it is way, way too easy, but the PS Vita T.V. releasing the same day has me wanting a shiny new game… I feel like I’m about to do something stupid.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    and I’m sold, so give me localization and take all my money!

    • YoshEE

      I am with you!!!!!

    • ಠ_ಠ

      yeeeeeess this really needs to be localized

  • ShadowDivz

    Can i finally make a FeMC with long hair?

    I don’t know why that’s not possible in hunting games! The long hair would be impractical? So is wielding a giant sword the size of my torso, but that works out fine doesn’t it?

    • revenent hell

      Ive wondered this myself.
      While I think long hair would more or less be in the way unless pulled back, I never understood why games like this only give me short hair options.
      If you give me the option to create my own character give me options beyond a bun/short pony/pigtails or hair that barely reaches the shoulders……. Its almost comical in a lot of these games they will give your female MC options of a shaved head or a Mohawk or a fro but you cant get hair past your shoulders…. mhmm

    • Bacon_n_Lettuce

      I’m pretty sure it would be clipping issue with the character models. You can see in the trailer that the custom female character’s pigtails clip through the table when she turns her head, so just imagine what the cutscenes would look like with longer hair! Of course, this could all be solved if they worked on giving the hair some particle physics…

    • Skeptika Crediblus

      it does, but what if the monster grabs your hair and gives it a yank? You’d want to bun that up under a stylish hat…

  • Great trailer makes me excited for the game even though I have not played the first one.

    On localization: I think the game has a pretty good chance since the first one was received well in the west and it’s competitor toukiden is already launching here next year.

    vita-> psp cross play is a brilliant move. I hope they patch in a regular wifi multiplayer at some point though.

  • Kornelious

    This game needs a localization. We need more good Vitas games….and ALISA <3

    • mike dickson

      u dont need to ask dude the first one came here so this has very high chances to come here so wait and play malicious rebirth like everyone else lol

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