Shin Megami Tensei IV And Dragon’s Crown Are On Sale Along With DLC

By Ishaan . November 5, 2013 . 11:30am

Atlus USA are holding a discount sale on downloadable content for Shin Megami Tensei IV and Dragon’s Crown on the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Network, along with discounts on the games themselves. Here’s what you can pick up at a discounted price:


Nintendo 3DS

  • SMT IV Full Game – $39.99
  • SMT IV DLC – Experience of the Afterlife – $1.49
  • SMT IV DLC – Underworld Money-Maker – $2.24
  • SMT IV DLC – Death Has Its Applications – $2.24
  • SMT IV DLC – Overlord Equipment – $1.11
  • SMT IV DLC – Clipped Wings 1 – $1.86
  • SMT IV DLC – Snake Scale Equipment – $1.11
  • SMT IV DLC – Clipped Wings 2 – $1.86
  • SMT IV DLC – Ancient One of the Sun – $1.86
  • SMT IV DLC – The Eternal Youth – $1.86
  • SMT IV DLC – Radiant Equipment – $1.11
  • SMT IV DLC – For the Past… For the Future – $2.24



  • Dragon’s Crown Full Game – $39.99
  • Dragon’s Crown DLC – Storyteller Voice Pack ­- $1.49
  • Dragon’s Crown DLC – Theme – $1.49


PS Vita

  • Dragon’s Crown Full Game – $29.99
  • Dragon’s Crown DLC – Storyteller Voice Pack ­- $1.49


The Shin Megami Tensei IV sale ends on November 11th, and Dragon’s Crown on the 12th.

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  • Dsvkb

    Very nice, I might pick up some of the SMT DLC I’m missing.

  • See why I never buy anything right when it comes out? There’s always going to be some kind of deal in the future. Of course, I did buy SMT IV right when it came out, but I got a discount on that, plus I really wanted to play it.

    I might get some of the story and boss fight DLC. I don’t need the grinding or farming DLC because I’ve found ways in the game to do that already.

    • Mike Pureka

      Why buy it now when you can be sure it’ll be even CHEAPER later? :P

      Sooner or later, you just have to bite the bullet and buy stuff.

    • Minos

      My free $30 say otherwise :P

      • Lumi

        Although in this case the discounted item is the dlc, so it’s perfectly possible to get both the $30 and discounted dlc. Good thing I waited to get the dlc

    • thaKingRocka

      There needs to be a balance between saving money and supporting the art you love. I wait for sales on the bigger titles that are more likely to sell well, but niche titles usually get my early support.

      • Aoshi00

        There are some bigger titles I can’t wait to play day 1 though and the quality and experience is worthwhile to pay full price for.. like GTA5, AC4, or Remember Me.. I really like the big scope and ambitious design and storytelling.. I feel like it’s worth it to pay full price $60 to support it even though I know it’s a million seller and many others buy it and in 2-3 months it might drop to half price.. for me it really comes down to if I want to play it right away.. and if they wow and immerse me, then I won’t regret paying $30 more to enjoy it earlier..

        Some games I bought new but still haven’t touched them, like Zelda HD, just not really in a hurry to play but got doped by the figure lol.. I also got Wonderful 101, dropped $10 in days.. didn’t really play it either.. I guess I don’t like how the Wii U control pad runs out of battery so soon every time I pick it up.. and it was hard to draw w/ the Wii U Pro..

        Also game length to me is not a factor either, and I always spend extra to buy artbooks and soundtracks for the games I like anyway lol.. So yeah, hard to save :(

        • thaKingRocka

          Game length is a huge factor to me, but I tend to go opposite to most folks. I heavily favor a shorter, tauter experience. I regularly visit howlongtobeat to determine which game to play next. Time management is key. I don’t have a lot of it.

          I buy some games day one of course, too, but I was making it clear that the support of our favorite art needs a balance between personal fiscal responsibility and the fiscal needs of the medium to survive.

          I bought Revengeance for $60 and it proved to be the value of the year for me. I absolutely loved that game. I felt like I was taking a risk after Bayonetta was such a mixed bag for me and Anarchy Reigns was so miserable, but I went for it, and I was very very happy.

          • Aoshi00

            I preferred shorter games too that I could finish. I meant usually people say games are short and are not worth full price, but it’s the experience that counts.. I just started playing Beyond Two Souls, it’s amazing.. GTA5 could be a long game, but I only play single player and the side missions, definitely more streamlined and diverse than GTA4, which I still couldn’t finish.. yeah, there’s always too many games and too little time.. there’s Drakengard 3 and FFX HD coming..

            Yeah, need to support some niche games and developers like shmups.. I loved Bayonetta but didn’t really like Anarchy Reigns. Revengeance is great of course (actually played only very little of it, my plan was to finish Peacewalker HD and replay MGS4 w/ trophies first, but that proves to be a hard task), just kinda sucked I bought the DLC so soon and now they’re free lol..

          • Göran Isacson

            Kinda curious now: As someone who’s first Platinum game was Bayonetta and who loved that game, but hasn’t yet played Revengeance (because I was waiting for the version with all the DLC to be released and sold in stores, AND LOOK WHO’S SITTING PRETTY NOW)…

            What would you say Reveangence does better than Baoynetta? I’ve seen that the “push forward to block attack” system that was a bonus feature in Bayonetta (and Wonderful 101, humorously enough) is a MAJOR part of Revengeances gameplay, was that or some other gameplay mechanism part of the draw?

            … Ooor was it that Revengeance (at least SEEMS) to be far less over the top ridiculous than Bayonetta and it’s “Punch God into the sun” final boss? I mean I LOVE over the top ridiculousness, but I know it’s not everyone’s bag.

          • thaKingRocka

            Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance takes top honors as the best third-person melee action game since Ninja Gaiden on Xbox. This game surpasses all in the genre. I ignored the story. I ignored the nonsense. I went right for the absolutely glorious combat system. It is the purest of action titles. There is no block. Offense is your defense. It is beautiful.

          • Göran Isacson

            … Ah, A question of semantics: I consider the “parry” feature in Revengeance a form of block, since I heard it’s a main factor in beating your opponents. deflect enemies and then beat them while they’re reeling. Fun fact, that same mechanic IS in fact in Bayonetta, but it’s been relegated to a support feature, a trick you can only do if you buy a certain artefact.

          • thaKingRocka

            In Bayonetta, the standard block is there. In Revengeance, it is not. You have no choice but to play by the rules of pure offense. The parry has risk and it requires skill and timing unlike traditional blocking, so it makes you play very differently. If Bayonetta had taken out the block, the button mashing, and the weird shifts in play style, it would have been a better game. Offering the parry as an option was a mistake. Revengeance corrected that.

          • Göran Isacson

            Bayonetta has a block? That’s strange, I must have played the game without ever using that feature… I know it has a dodge, but to my memory the only way to repel attack is with a parry. I can’t even recall there being a button TO block.

            You got a point in the shift of playstyle, though. I suppose they wanted it to be varied, but the motorcycle racing and the rocket ride was… not handled very well.

            Also on the button-mashing, Revengeance doesn’t have that whole “push the attack button three times, then either quickly push it three more times OR wait like half a second and push the button for different kind of attack?” Does it have something more like say, Ninja Gaiden where the combos are a mixture of different attack buttons instead?

          • thaKingRocka

            My memory may be failing me about Bayonetta. It was a long time ago, but it just didn’t do it for me the way Revengeance did. Grab the demo, and give it many plays through. The combat is not quickly accessible, but it is so gratifying once you get the hang of it.

  • Demandred

    I’d really like to play SMTIV.

    • fireguardiancoty

      It’s pretty great!

    • Sardorim

      When you guys do get it save Neutral Route for last. It has the best ending by far and takes the most effort to unlock.

  • Would anyone like to recommend any of the SMT IV DLC to me? :)

    • I was about to ask the same question. What’s the most worthwhile of the DLC available?

      • Dsvkb

        Clipped Wings 1 & 2 are nice if you’re playing for the chaos or neutral ending. They add a couple boss battles that I think should have been in the game to begin with.

    • revenent hell

      Since its all so cheap, and because I never used the money back I got from Nintendo for registering Fire emblem and SMT IV, I just went and bought it all…. I haven’t even started the game yet and I honestly have to admit I kind of forgot it even had DLC.
      As far as DLC goes I very rarely if ever buy the costumes but I did get the story related stuff

  • Vitor Duarte

    Please Atlus, just bring SMTIV to the Vita… please.

  • DragKudo

    DAMN IT., every single time i run out of money there is a sale for dragon’s crown. Why atlus why are you doing this to me!

    I still love you.

  • SMT

    Meanwhile, in Europe…

  • Ric Vazquez

    I have already bought both games so this news ain’t useful to me but to those who haven’t I recommend buying them ASAP, worth it.

  • Sardorim


    I already have all the SMT IV DLC. Oh well.

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