Atelier Escha & Logy Anime Series Coming In 2014

By Ishaan . November 6, 2013 . 1:39am

Atelier Escha & Logy is getting an anime series, Gust announced at its 20th anniversary celebration today in Japan. The anime series will be produced by Studio Gokumi and will air in Japan in 2014, according to a 4Gamer report.


Atelier Escha & Logy was released in Japan earlier this year, and will be released in the west in early 2014. The game features two protagonists with interconnected stories. While Escha’s campaign follows in the footsteps of traditional Atelier games, Logy’s story is focused more on exploration.

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  • They’re making an Atelier anime to celebrate the company’s 20th… and it’s NOT based on the Salburg series? The series that made them famous?

    Dammit, Gust.

    • IS | 桂木

      Milk the more well known stuff in recent memory? I don’t get how companies think, sometimes.

    • Audie Bakerson

      Do you want the west to know Salburg for nothing more than badly drawn reaction images?

      • Granted, this is also a concern. I’m talking more conceptually.

      • Theob Vious Choice

        Well, more or less if we were to know a game series it’d be nice to know the games as the games, and not just an anime based on a game. It’s doubtful the west will ever see the Salburg series, considering we never saw it as a PSP title. I mean, it’s possible; but highly, highly doubtful, unless Japan goes for a full 3D remake of the trilogy. Or we get the Windows version; I dunno, it’s also doubtful considering games from back then (Saturn, Playstaion, etc) are not difficult to fan-translate, so that also decreases developer incentive over here for a direct port.
        We’ll never know Salburg, and if we were to know Salburg as an anime adaptation rather than a game; it’s probably better we do not know it at all; since it’d just be a tease. (Not to mention the modern Atelier art style looks like it’d probably translate really, really well to full animation.)

    • Ladius

      That’s not so surprising considering the Salburg series hasn’t seen a new entry since ten years ago and its latest updated ports on PSP have sold poorly compared to the new PS3 entries in the Arland and Dusk worlds, which are the ones most fans are invested right now.

      All things considered, I’m pleasantly surprised they’re going with the Dusk world considered its richer and more interesting setting when they could have had an easier time with an Arland anime adaptation focused on comedy, slice of life and moe interactions.

    • LM009

      dunno that’s kinda old from wayy back? I haven’t even played that far back

  • JonathanisPrimus

    Kind of surprised it’s not on Vita then, since it seems to kind of be a trope for that to happen.

  • W-what!? WHAT? I’m. i’m shocked.

    And severely looking forward to this now.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Uh.. Remind me: When was the last time condensing 60+ hours into less than 20 sub 30 minute episodes produced a good result?

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      Tell me about it. if it doesn’t have 30 hours of episodes of grinding for materials, I’m out.

    • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

      That didn’t work for Robotics;Notes, did it?

      • Audie Bakerson

        Or Valkyria Chronicles, or Disgaea, or Persona 4: The QUALITY, and I haven’t heard entirely good things about the Neptunia anime either
        Hell, only game anime I can think of that doesn’t suffer from that is Pokemon, which managed to make an event that is over in less than 10 minutes in the games take over a dozen episodes.

        • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

          They’ll probably make any of these:

          1, A one-cour show with half of the cour dedicated to Escha and Logy.
          2. A two-cour show to flesh out both.
          3. A one-cour show with a new adventure.
          4. A one-cour show with cute alchemists doing cute things.
          5. They turn it into a shoujo-esque anime. Shippers love this.

          I don’t mind the last two.

          • SerendipityX

            I’m praying for the anime to be number 5 but I know its gonna be number 4.

          • Slayven19

            I have no idea what you are talking about.

          • SerendipityX

            lol I’m talking about the list the poster I responded made.

        • Shippoyasha

          I thought Robotics;Note was alright. Not Steins;Gate level but it was fun enough. Valkyria Chronicles was fairly good for what it is and a certain crucial plot-twist was arguably handled a bit better in the anime (in my opinion) and was pretty well made and bolstered the game sales.

          And I thought Persona 4 anime wasn’t that terrible. It was alright and it got people interested in the game as well. Which is the point of most of these adaptations.

          • Audie Bakerson

            Plot wise, sure, but the animation is ALL over the place.

          • Shippoyasha

            I definitely agree. It’s like they ran the show with middling budget really.

        • Slayven19

          Tales of the abyss was good, and honestly nothing was really wrong with persona 4, people just be hating on it just cause. VC and Disgaea weren’t even really faithful to the games they were portraying.

        • DyLaN

          Neptunia TA and P4tA is pretty OK/nice IMO :V Neptunia did a more or less good job at abridging mk2 and Victory plot. Danganronpa is at the very least is faithfull to the game. DeSu2TA is mixed bag but I like it enough to stick until the end.

          And QUALITY doesn’t bother me tht much anyway except for Two Chie but tht was LOL.

      • Keksus

        Robotics;Notes turned out pretty well. And do I have to remind you about Steins;Gate where the anime was even better than the VN?

        • EtherealEarth

          I’ve watched and read Steins;Gate, and I’ve got to say I love VN version much more with all the many details that unfortunately and understandably are left out in the anime version.

          They make the characters more alive, and the story more intense and touching.

          Don’t get me wrong, I really like the anime too.

          But I do not quite agree with your words implying that the anime version is better than VN as a general truth. :/

    • Ladius

      I don’t see why we should be so negative, we have had decent to good jrpg and visual novel anime adaptations in the past like Steins;Gate, Persona 4, Tales of the Abyss or Higurashi, just to name a few. Of course part of those fanbases dislike them simply because they are adaptations, but that is beside the point and even then no one would compare them to something like the Chaos;Head anime.

      Also, even if Atelier Escha & Logy was a 60 hours game, a lot of screentime would be devoted to in game activities that can’t be directly reproduced in another medium rather than dialogues and events.

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    I.. what?

  • PlatinumMad

    So, how will they keep the game’s gorgeous art style?

    • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

      Have you seen the anime segments for the game?

      • PlatinumMad

        Well, no. The game is still Japan Onry. I don’t want spoilers.

    • Audie Bakerson

      Same way they did for Valkyria Chronicles! There’s no doubt this anime will be top QUALITY.

      • “VC anime QUALITY”
        [Dies on the inside again]

      • [S]unjΔy of Equestria

        Valkyria Chronicles sucked xD

    • DyLaN

      Well, SHAFT proved tht Hidari style can look nice on animation with Sasami-san @ Ganbaranai.

  • Niyari

    very cool. studio gokumi is known for their moe stuff, so i’m looking forward to this

    • Shippoyasha

      Aye, their recent Kiniro Mosaic was a true feast for the eyes. Very well made visually. They know a thing or two about doing good moe animation.

    • PlatinumMad

      Koe de Oshigoto was so moe.
      It looked so pretty, same with Kiniro Mosaic.

  • TurtleOmlette

    They should have done a comedy mash up of all the Atelier games, similar to Carnival Phantasm. Instead we will probably just get another un-inspired game/anime adaption.

    • Marie and Elie having to deal with Astrid would be some of the best television of the decade. If only.

  • Cool. Another one on the list of things to look forward too next year =)

  • bigboss09

    now I want to see a Ar tonelico anime seriers not the ova

    • Kai2591

      Seconded. But only if its a side-story about new characters and not the game characters, which expands the lore.
      But that’s just me.

    • lesangpro .

      Me three , but i want the first Ar tonelico story , please . The 2 and 3 is kinna all about holy maiden , I love Ar tonelico 1 really much .

    • Totally agree with this =^_^=

  • Dark Zerato

    I’m quite surprised that they’re making Escha & Logy into anime. I thought it would be the Arland series.

  • I hope it doesnt suck like shining hearts

  • Slayven19

    Linca in animation(especially the new linca)? Count me in dawg.

  • Jesse

    Wait, wouldn’t it make more sense to do an Atelier Ayesha anime first due to continuity?

  • Nitraion

    Considering P4 got animated ealier than P3
    and now Dusk series got animated before Arland series


    • TheBlackRabbit

      but my…..totori daawgg…….

    • [S]unjΔy of Equestria

      Meruru deserves to be on the big screen! Or maybe a manga :( </3

  • anarchy_panty

    >Studio Gokumi

    Welp. :(

    • DyLaN

      I dunno, Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge art was OK.

  • ivanchu77

    I guess it makes sense that the anime is about the last game, so it can promote it, but Salburg or Arland deserved it much more

  • Joshua Myers

    This will be awesome definitely going to watch it might buy it too

  • Theob Vious Choice

    As I have not imported this yet; I’ll probably buy it when it goes west, I don’t quite know what to think though. Personally I’d love to see a series based on the Arland trilogy; that’d make for some fun slice of life scenario. To the people who imported this game, how does it stack up by contrast to Arland, and do you think this would make a better anime?
    It’s cool that we’ve gotten some long due game anime lately, Neptunia, Blazblue and now the Atelier series; this is a great time.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      I’ve beaten it. There’s definitely more material to work with here than in Arland.
      Though I wouldn’t mind a totally original anime with the Arland characters.

      • Theob Vious Choice

        Ah! Cool stuff, thanks for the input; sounds like goodness! :)

  • Neckbear

    And here I was thinking that a Totori anime would be like the anime of the decade, the Aria of the 201Xs…and it could be done so well.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Holy crap, this is awesome

  • Ladius

    Considering the Dusk world is one of the more interesting and fascinating in Atelier history, I’m fine with their choice for the series’ first anime adaptation. The soundtrack and art direction alone should make this worthwile, provided they stay faithful enough to the source material.

  • LM009

    ehh? I figured they would’ve done arland since they are rebooting rorona…. plus I would’ve liked to see 3 generations lead up to meruru

  • artemisthemp

    Looking forward to watching how, they pull off Atelier in Anime

  • Bell

    I was expecting an Arland series anime, but I’ll gladly take the Dusk series, as it’s the more story-oriented series. However, I am disappointed at no anime Sterk. Oh well. I can still dream!

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