I Hereby Pronounce You Bird And Queen In This Wedding on the Battlefield Trailer

By Eugene . November 11, 2013 . 2:36pm


In the opening movie for Wedding on the Battlefield’s men-versus-women wars, we get an awesome preview showing off voice acting from the game as well as several characters you’ll be able to either recruit or have to beat down in the RPG that lets you marry practically any two male and female characters together, be they man, demon or elf.


Amongst them are shown several possible pair ups including Cactus the Avian and Lydia the Queen.


If you missed our earlier report, the game will star players alongside Bishop Hugo, who espouses peace through marriage for the war-torn lands. “Make Babies, not War!” Hey, that’s catchy. Players can capture both males and females and then marry them together to get a superior child with skills from their parents. Now I want to see what happens when we marry that bird and tsundere queen together! This will get epic. *popcorn*


Wedding on the Battlefield will be out for iOS and Android some time later this year. Early signups get “Twin Bishop Annie and Elle” as special promo characters.

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  • Ganali Castillo

    I have mixed feelings about this game and dont know how to express them.

    • Demeanor

      I too have mixed feelings, but I DO know exactly what’s wrong: ***I*** would want to marry all those cute bishoujo including blonde loli princess <333 pink-haired angel, twins etc. XD not give them to some… BIRD! Or other pretty boys! XD
      LOL this game has found a permanent solution to all wars, wish it was applicable irl too :P too bad the opposing parties are usually not a plethora of royal guys vs an army of superhot cosplaying chicks XD

  • Warren

    i want it…darn localization

  • Nas

    Prinny, What have they done to you :(

  • ZnTxn

    Basically we conscript people of both armies, force them to marry and conceive a child, after which we toss aside the parents in favor of their child so we can capture even more people?

    Sounds like an extreme version of Fire Emblem (4 & 13) marriage system… now I which I had an android D:

  • RichyGaming


    • Demeanor

      Anikissu!!! XD

  • Tobias Johnson

    Is it me, or are none of these main characters getting any sleep?
    Those bags under their eyes..

  • wererat42

    So, yeah, I have to wonder how exactly the twins thing would work out.
    Do they both get married to the same guy? Does the bishop approve of polygamy?

  • Artraira

    She looks like a blonde Petrarca.

    (Yeah, I don’t know how to embed pictures into my comments.)

    • FlyingPony

      I watch that show.. its quite good.

  • JohnNiles

    Nobody leaves this room single. Nobody!

  • I loved the random baby floating by XD

  • Nana


    So let me get this straight. The mere *possibility* of us icky homos thinking that the focus on male/female couples is not great (before anyone had even said so!) was SO evil that you had to pre-emptively diss us in the last post on this game. Because offspring, and the game’s sooo realistic and thus only m/f is possible! Lol at them homos thinking otherwise, lololol!

    In a game where *birds* and *humans* can have offspring.

    Just wow. Eugene, your issues have the size of a small moon. I’d think it’d be far easier to create magicbabies between two people of the same sex than between a bird and a human. Especially since human science can already possibly do it – while we couldn’t ever do so between birds and humans. And magic >>> science for stuff like this.

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