This Week In Sales: Vampires Return To Akiba In Akiba’s Trip 2

By Ishaan . November 13, 2013 . 1:35pm

Period: The week of November 4th – November 10th (2013)

Top-seller: Battlefield 4 – 121,699

Nintendo 3DS sales: 28,627 | Total sales: 8,952,925

Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 53,190 | Total sales: 4,704,886

PlayStation Vita sales: 21,764 | Total sales: 2,004,285

Wii U sales: 17,737 | Total sales: 1,154,048

<< Last week’s software sales chart


Last week saw the release of Battlefield 4 in Japan. The game sold close to 122,000 copies on the PlayStation 3 and nearly another 11,000 copies on Xbox 360, making for a very respectable launch.


Also released last week was Akiba’s Trip, which didn’t fare as well, selling 33,476 copies on the Vita and another 20,230 copies on the PlayStation 3. That amounts to a total of 53,706 copies sold, which is lower than first-week sales of the original Akiba’s Trip, released in 2011. That game sold 58,150 copies in its first week.


The lower retail sales are intriguing, as Akiba’s Trip 2 probably cost more to develop than the first game and was released on two platforms as opposed to one. Perhaps Media Create will provide further insight regarding the game’s sales in their supplementary report later this week.


Other new releases for the week included Exstetra, Rocksmith 2014, Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva and J-Legend Biography.


The top-20 chart for the week was as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Battlefield 4 121,699 New PS3 Electronic Arts
01. 02. Pokémon X and Y 115,630 2,847,101 3DS Pokémon Co.
04. 03. Monster Hunter 4 40,205 2,912,310 3DS Capcom
New 04. Akiba’s Trip 2 33,476 New PSV Acquire
02. 05. PowerPros Baseball 2013 30,875 167,584 PS3 Konami
08. 06. Grand Theft Auto V 28,413 559,679 PS3 Take 2
05. 07. PowerPros Baseball 2013 24,675 98,856 PSP Konami
New 08. Akiba’s Trip 2 20,230 New PS3 Acquire
New 09. Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva 17,867 New 3DS Kadokawa
New 10. J-Legend Biography 17,675 New 3DS Namco Bandai
06. 11. Wii Party U 15,969 53,341 WiiU Nintendo
New 12. Oneechanbara Z Kagura with NoNoNo! 15,686 New PS3 D3 Publisher
03. 13. The Little Battlers Wars 12,333 62,551 3DS Level 5
12. 14. Sentouchuu: Survival Battle with the Legendary Ninjas 12,186 87,323 3DS Namco Bandai
New 15. Rocksmith 2014 11,599 New PS3 Ubisoft
New 16. Exstetra 11,376 11,376 PSV FuRyu
New 17. Battlefield 4 10,547 New 360 Electronic Arts
New 18. NBA 2K14 10,390 New PS3 Take 2
07. 19. Gundam Breaker 8,897 42,672 PSV Namco Bandai
13. 20. PowerPros Baseball 2013 7,976 45,173 PSV Konami


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer, Media Create and

  • sangokas kakarotas

    Now it’s even less likely for AT2 to be localised :/

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Exstetra did so bad…damn. Was thinking of skipping Akiba’s Trip 2 and play that since it is kind of disappointing.

  • taekk

    Just goes to show my type of games are niche even in Japan. Don’t worry Acquire, FuRyu, and Kadokawa, I will buy those games eventually.

  • Ticktockman

    How’s Metal Max doing compared to the previous entries of the series? I’d kill to have that one localized

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    The drop the Wii U saw is pretty deep, until the next Mario game it will only drop further. I’m pleasantly surprised with the PSV though, keeping its hold on the 20k mark with next to no releases. Next week hopefully will give it a spike with the PSVTV and GEB2~.

    • British_Otaku

      No one expected the price drop increase to stay stable or increase further without another high profile Wii U games or price drop this week. The PS Vita is pretty safe and solid now, it isn’t a god in Japan like the 3DS but it is consistently sharing the library with the PS3, PSP and to a lesser extent 3DS while selling just as well or better on top of exclusives.

      I won’t be surprised if the Vita outsells the older 3DS model next week, but I’m not sure if these guys collect sales for that system (Vita TV).

      • ronin4life

        No, Vita sales have maintained themselves below 3ds original this whole time, even during Vita 2000’s launch week IIRC.

        • British_Otaku

          I recall the Vita outselling the 3DS when Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus released distinctly.


          3DS Vanilla: 27,174
          3DS XL: 50,265
          Vita: 62,543

          It was a perfect storm with a great line up, a price drop and all.

          • ronin4life

            I wasn’t thinking back that far admittedly: Just the last few months. And perfect storm is right: That was Vitas first game in months and came alongside a huge price cut.

            And with GE2 releasing, it could get ahead again, but I don’t see that holding for long if at all past week 1.

          • Herok♞

            Thats not really outselling seeing as 3DS still sold more total units in that week

          • British_Otaku

            My initial proposal was that I thought the Vita might outsell one SKU and ronin4life’s response was that the Vita was never passed the “3DS original” (the “vanilla” as I called it).

            It is still the original 3DS SKU being outsold… >_>
            If the question was both SKU being outsold, the the following week has the answer with 61K (Both 3DS SKUs) and 63K (Vita).

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          The PSV outsold the 3DS XL / original 3DS combined when SS was released: ~.

          Of course, it’ll never become a long lasting thing; but these spikes have happened before~.

    • ronin4life

      Not really… Vita has seen at least 1 new release weekly since the 2000. WiiU literally has had next to nothing released and very little before then as well.

      Both saw +50% drops the week following their revision/repackage.

  • ZnTxn

    Just wait until the end of the month O’ Mighty Kissing RPG, I’ll definitely buy you.

  • British_Otaku

    J Legend Biography did better than I would expect given that it is effectively a collection of roms… >_> I hope Namco Bandai are taking some sort of note on what games people are playing or what licenses people want to see, so they can do some remakes of their great SNES (HYPER DIMENSION) and GBA (ADVANCED ADVENTURE) games for the eShop as 3DSWare or something. I’ve got two copies of the DB:AA and would triple dip furiously to play it on a current system.

  • OMG I’m SuicuneSol and I’m posting as Rob 1610… man Disqus is really screwed up this time. :X I wonder if someone else is posting as me…

    Anyway, uhhhh… Wii U are looking better than usual. Curious to see holiday sales and if the new Mario has any effect.

    • Arcana Wiz

      this happened with me and a poster here some time ago, we both logged out and then we loged in one after another and it worked, try to contact the original user.

    • s07195

      Freaky Friday switching, huh? Next up is reality warping. XD

  • Göran Isacson

    Come to think of it, I don’t even know what kind of reviews the first Akibas Trip got. Maybe it didn’t create enough hype for a sequel to sell well? Also poor Exstetra… wonder if the game itself isn’t any fun, or if it is and it’s just so unknown that it isn’t getting much in the way of sales… here’s to hoping it pulls through, if it deserves it.

    • almostautumn

      Akiba is a game that is blatantly constructed commercially. It’s you, running around Aki, which is the Otaku’s paradise, stripping people (mostly girls), which is the otaku’s dream.
      Even the most raunchy of Otaku’s probably feel like they’re being exploited with that game. Its commercial design is more than obvious, and to be honest it’s pretty tasteless. Reason stuff like moe is so popular is because it at least pretends to engage other male interests like masculine dominance and chivalry (the hero is always a “protector” of sorts), and not solely the core perversity that fuels both the social phenomenon and its surrounding markets.

      • Servant BerserCAR

        Don’t forget about “your cute little sister as a shop owner” and “various cosplay girls as your sidekick”. This game is the very definition of “otaku”. ( -‿-)

        • ShadowDivz

          Yeah…It’s totally a game for losers…

          Hatsune Miku Project Diva f
          Akiba’s Trip 2
          Freedom Wars
          Soul Sacrifice Delta


          • s07195

            You know you want it… XD

      • QueuedDisappointment

        Have you played the game?

        From what I’ve heard it’s a lot like the first, which in turn is nothing like how you are describing. You spend more time stripping guys than girls, by far, and it’s all treated as an absurdity/joke rather than sex appeal(despite the marketing.)

        Perversity of the otaku culture is a running joke in the game, and depending on your choices you can both take part and half-mock the otaku culture.

        It’s not just a mindless attempt at a cash-in on the moe market. There’s a ton of otaku references here, but it’s all done as a tongue-in-cheek parody and if anything actively makes fun of the more hardcore bases. Especially the perverted ones, considering how many “beat up creepy otaku stalker” side missions there were.

        • almostautumn

          Not this one, but I have played the first. And as far as I’m aware it being satirical has nothing to do with the audience a game like this is clearly targeting.
          Games where you run around molesting people is not going to suddenly become universally beloved just because it has some tendency to mock its culture. As far as I’m aware Aki is akin to the Welcome to the NHK anime, which butchered the original novel it was based upon and instead created a highly romanticized vision of otaku and hikikomori sub-cultures while simultaneously “ridiculing them,” although the latter is of course not the selling point. It’s bullsh*t, is what it is, and everyone knows those life-styles are commercial/sensational trending no different than Emo and Vampirism in the States. The only people who are interested in products such as Akiba Strip are those who embody entertainment-habits that include molestation, perversion, and otaku materialism, all of which is blatantly apparently in Akiba Strip.
          It’s a tasteless, commercially designed entertainment product, and even those it is targeted towards can see through it’s thin veil and realize it’s exploitation of a trend.

          • QueuedDisappointment

            I cannot believe you actually played the first if you honestly believe half the shit you are spewing.

            Molestation is a pretty heavy charge, and not really accurate considering you cannot even fight/try and strip people unless they attack and try and strip you first. Also highly romanticized vision of otaku? If you played any of the first game’s story routes and actually came out thinking that, I have to wonder how much you actually understood of the story.

            I wouldn’t really consider myself an otaku, I haven’t watched anime in nearly five years, never collected any memorabilia when I did. A lot of aspects of the culture creep me out really, especially the loli/waifu stuff. But I loved the first game. I think you are taking it way too seriously and reading into something that isn’t there.

  • Go Akiba’s Trip 2! (Vita) >_<

  • Impressionnant

    It’s crazy how popular the Battlefield series is (for a western game) with the Japanese.

  • ReidHershel

    It’s really nice to see a cultural blend in Japan’s sales :D
    Still, it’s strange when I see a bunch of articles on a game on Siliconera and it ends up selling poorly, it makes the game lose relevance.
    Whatevs, I bought E.X.Troopers based of Siliconera articles and I have no regrets, that game is amazing.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Indeed it is.
      If they’d localize it I;d buy it again

  • $77496739

    Also released last week was Metal Max 4: Moonlight Diva, which didn’t fare as well, selling 17,867 copies on the 3DS, which is lower than first-week sales of Metal Max 3, released in 2010. That game sold 46,984 copies in it’s first week.

    The lower retail sales are intriguing, as Metal Max 4 probably cost more to develop than the first game. Perhaps Media Create will provide further insight regarding the game’s sales in their supplementary report later this week.

    Other new releases for the week included Exstetra on Vita and 3DS.

    • Metal Max 4 is a game with little to no advertising, developed on what is clearly a tight budget. I don’t think anyone expected it to do “well”. It was kind of just thrown out there. Even on Siliconera, very few of our readers actually seem to care about it.

      Akiba’s Trip is a different matter. It’s being aggressively pushed, albeit to that same small otaku niche; is on two platforms, which takes more time and effort to do; and looks like it had a large enough budget to at least give the game decent visual quality.

  • komiko12

    It’s a shame that the 3DS version of Exstetra didn’t even chart here.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      just like Conception II, ppl prefer Vita one

      • komiko12

        It has a very animu look so I can understand if more people picked the Vita version for superior graphics.

        • Renaldi Saputra

          could be true

  • Jesse

    Well, at least one version of Exstetra got in the top 20.

  • ShadowDivz

    Akiba’s Strip 2 is doing better on vita. Interesting.
    Maybe they actually go on location and play the game.
    (that’s what i would do)

  • Aristides

    Man, I hope Akiba’s Trip 2 and Exstetra sell more once the VTV launches in Japan. It’s pretty heartbreaking to see Vita titles under perform like that in Japan X_X.

  • leingod

    That’s weird, Akiba’s Trip 2 looks awesome.

  • brian

    I guess this may be pointless now, but you put the wrong region at the top.

  • no one

    Shame about Exstetra, hopefully FuRyu breaks even on it. I did my part; one of the 11,376 Vita copies sold went to me.

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