You Can Unlock Mega Man X As A Playable Costume In Dead Rising 3

By Ishaan . November 14, 2013 . 2:36am

You’ll be able to unlock a Mega Man X costume for use in Dead Rising 3 after completing the game, Polygon reports. Furthermore, if you complete the game in Nightmare mode, you’ll get to use the X-Buster, which is Mega Man X’s main weapon.



While Mega Man hasn’t received a new game in a while, he’s certainly been appearing as a guest-star in other titles rather frequently of late. He’s a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken, a playable character in the new Super Smash Bros., and now a selectable costume in Dead Rising 3.


Dead Rising 3 will be available on November 22nd for the Xbox One.

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  • PABLO Rapetti Perez

    Let us hope all this appearances are the working ground to a new Megaman game.

    • Ecchi Pantsu

      Mighty no. 9

      • Kaihedgie

        No. 9 isn’t Mega Man

        • Mike G. Moran

          It has the brains behind Mega Man working on it, so it’s as good as you’re gonna get. When Inafune isn’t involved in the creation of a Mega Man game you get sub-par stuff like Mega Man X7.

          You really want that?

          • Kaihedgie

            Yeah, no it isn’t. Mighty cannot replace Mega Man no more than Blazblue can replace Guilty Gear.

            Just the fact that people keep clicking on to Mega Man articles despite claiming they’ve “moved on” to Mighty pretty much confirms that he cannot replace what they grew up with.

            “When Inafune isn’t involved in the creation of a Mega Man game you get sub-par stuff like Mega Man X7.” We also had X8 and Command Mission without him.

            We even got stellar games like the Star Force as well as, yes, the Legends series. Both series which had nothing to do with Inafune whatsoever. In fact, a great deal of Mega Man games don’t even have him in a directing position such as the Zero, Battle Network and ZX series.

          • Mike G. Moran

            You’re joking, right? Mega Man Legends was Inafune’s personal project. Despite what position he holds on a game, he helps in a significant way with a lot of them. Considering you never heard about Inafune’s constant attempts to get a next gen Legends 3 I question how familiar you are with this.

            And the Zero series? Seriously? You think the series revolving around his personal favorite character didn’t have his involvement? Zero was going to be the protagonist of the X series. He was the one specifically saying to end the X series at 5 because he was busy with the Zero series.

            And Command Mission was a pretty mediocre RPG compared to everything else available on the PS2, and X8 was hardly an amazing game even if it wasn’t garbage.

            You’re grasping at straws if you want more games along the same quality as ZX, which was an average game at the best.

            Mighty No. 9 can’t replace Mega Man, partially because it hasn’t been released yet. Wait a little while before you make such claims.

          • Kaihedgie

            I looked up info regarding Legends and he isn’t listed as the director for any of those games.

            “Considering you never heard about Inafune’s constant attempts to get a next gen Legends 3 I question how familiar you are with this.” Maybe the reason I hadn’t heard of them might have something to do with the fact that, I dunno, he wasn’t at Capcom anymore? Must’ve not cared all that much if he didn’t even stick around to make sure it got past the greenlight stage. No, he was too busy criticizing the Japanese gaming market at the time.

            Aren’t you the one kinda grasping at straws? Cause now you’re talking about personal preference instead of what’s been said and done and whether or not other fans liked those games, only taking into account what you personally like and dislike. People happen to actually like/love the ZX series (me being one of them). People also liked X8 and Command Mission.

            The only real involvement other than being the producer of the Zero series was him requesting there being a series about him. That’s literally it. Everything else was handled by Inti Creates, including the story itself.

            What you like or don’t like is your own personal problem and isn’t really all that relevant in the grand scheme of things. These games were made without Inafune’s involvement and a lot of people liked/loved them, simply put.

            So yes, I would like an “average quality game like ZX” because ZX happens to be one of my favorites and I still want there to be a continuation of that series.

            Of course Mighty can’t replace him, yet there are people here constantly saying they’ve moved on to him while posting images and videos of Mighty on just about every Mega Man-related article.

          • LaserVision

            What are you getting at? I’d rather have people saying they’ve moved on instead of the 185,426,328,655th insipid “Capcom sux” comment.

    • Superior Spider-Man

      I really hate to be a downer but, it won’t. He has been appearing in games for years now and all it has gotten him is cancelled games and a fan-made that Capcom decided to endorse.

  • Whoa…. whoa! That was sugoi!

    Man, a Mega Man suit with the Buster weapon? mmm…

    I’m still getting a PS4 but I’m thinking of adding the XB1 too.

    I can imagine it now: Co-op… two guys with Mega Man suits and a Buster weapon… explosions, explosions everywhere!

    • Shady Shariest

      Just wait until it comes to pc a year from now :P

      • Superior Spider-Man

        Has Capcom revealed that this isn’t a timed exclusive?

          • Superior Spider-Man

            OK thanks. I wasn’t sure. So Wii U Monster Hunter, PS4 Deep Down, Xbox Dead Rising; all’s fair and I will have them all… Xbox late 2014, though.

          • Yup. Exclusives.

            But Namuro made a good point above. She said there WAS a DR1 on the Wii. It was a sort-of watered down version since it didn’t have the open-world aspect but well, DR1 still made it out of its exclusivity. But who knows right?

            I’ll just get XB1 too. PS4 as well and the Wii U. No problem for me. Microsoft published it so they have the freedom to do whatever they want with it.

      • Capcom said once that it’s an Xbox One-only game.

        Remember how we all wanted Dead Rising 1 to come to the PC? Yeah, well, that didn’t happen. Only 360.

        Maybe in the near future, it might happen seeing as how Microsoft published the game themselves so they’ll re-consider it. But until then, I’ll just go buy an Xbox One and get the game. No problem for me.

        • Namuro

          Dead Rising 1 eventually went to Wii (even if it’s a watered down version), so it might be heading to the Wii U in the future as well! LOL

          • Ah right! The Wii version. I forgot about that XD Gomen, gomen.

            All right, all right. Yeah, I guess it can happen.

        • Shady Shariest

          …So it will be a special version or a spinoff…

        • Nitraion

          Umm DR3 off the record?

          • Namuro made a good point about DR1, even if it’s a watered down version. It might happen.

    • MXC

      Co-op with two MegaMan Xs? Naw. Co-op with Megaman X and Zero? That would be epic!

      • Ooooh. Yeah, THAT is more epic. Maybe this is just a teaser that there’s a ZERO costume in the game :-D

  • Chaos_Knight

    I knew the Mega Man outfit would return! :D


    That is amazing. :)
    Now I started thinking about a Megaman X Prime for some strange reason -_-

  • Superior Spider-Man

    Capcom really delivers on the Mega Man stuff we desire! Yep!

    • Learii

      is just sound like Capcom quit making Mega Man and use him as a tool now

      • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

        Pretty much…I dont want to see megaman being used liked this shit! I want a MEGAMAN GAME… not megaman “part” of another game… WE WANT MEGAMAN LEGENDS 3

  • Ferchenko

    That costume just needs Dash and I’m owned

  • TheExile285

    So just two attacks……?

    • The Watcher

      That’s all you need

    • Anthony Birken

      Maybe they could throw some Dash in there?

  • Chido55

    Absurdly awesome, I must say. XD

  • Namuro

    That’s really cool! The buster shots sure are powerful too; I really want to try blasting around the town with that. I wonder if Zero will get his turn someday; just imagine the buster and Z-Saber combination!

    Really nice, really nice… Though, I wish they would have used a music from the X series in this trailer. Oh well, I’ll just go and put on the Spark Mandrill theme, and watch this again.

  • Zonic505

    Cool to see the tradition of a Mega Man/Capcom related costume being included returns for DR3. DR1 had Mega Man (X), Chop Till Ya Drop had a Roll Caskett outfit, DR2 had Arthur from GnG, Off The Record with Protoman, Case West with Dr. Wily, and now this with MMX’s complete armor. Not to mention the Servbot heads being in each game.

    If that X-buster makes the same 16-bit charging sound, that outfit will be complete.

    • Chaos_Knight

      It needs Dashing (Foot Parts) and increased defense (Body Parts) then it’ll be complete.

  • Jettythesunfish

    I guess we’ll just have to deal with the fact that Capcom will only try to stick in Mega Man cameos everywhere and not even bother with a new game for the blue bomber.

    But at this point, I’m not surprised. Go ahead, Capcom; keep messing with us.

    • LaserVision

      Oh brother. Mega Man suit have been in Dead Rising since the beginning, back when you know, Keiji Inafune helmed the series. Don’t take it personally. No one is messing with anybody.

  • Alexander Marquis Starkey

    I would be perfectly fine if a Megaman game took place in third person view like this. It actually looks really good.

    • Strongarm Thunderbeard

      >a Megaman game took place in third person view

    • EverEndingStory


  • Zertan

    A Megaman/Crossover Costume in a Dead Rising game is pretty much the standard for all Dead Rising game. I don’t think It would bother me even if they put Bad Box Art Megaman from Streetfighter x Tekken as a costume.

  • Sardorim

    But Mega Man and Mega Man X aren’t the same person! This articles confuses me!

    • EverEndingStory

      Narratively speaking they arent the same, but as a symbol/icon they are. Its like Link in Zelda, though Zelda is more extreme with it: all the Links are different characters, narratively, but they all register symbollically as manifestations of the same iconicized uni-character. Same here with Megaman and Megaman X.

  • Ronldbx6


    • Kaihedgie

      It’s the First Armor, of course it is

  • Sergio Briceño

    Awesome Megaman content that is NOT DLC? Capcom? Whatever is going on with you, keep it up!

    • DanteMasamune

      HOLY SH*T I just noticed this is actually UNLOCKABLE within the game and not as a paid DLC or even a preorder bonus or as a bonus in an expansion game. In this generation that is quite the shocker let alone coming from Capcom….but its certainly not enough.

      This game has quite the plenty of unlockable stuff and not a single trace of DLC (pre-order bonus, day 1 DLC, season passes) so far. Perhaps its because its a launch game on a brand new console for a new generation that could be the reason.

      • Slayven19

        Resident evil 5 and 6 had plenty of in game costumes and the other 2 DR games had unlockable costumes as well. They mainly charge for costumes in fighting games.

        • DanteMasamune

          Oh I see your point.
          Although DmC only had like 3 unlockable costumes but those were barely costumes since it only changed one thing (one changed his hair color, one just took of his jacket, and other made his blacker) and left the costumes costumes as DLC.

    • evilmajikman

      Well… special guest character costumes were always unlockable in the DR series… DR1 had X, DR2 had Arthur, OTR had Proto Man, not sure about Chop Till You Drop. Personally I would have preferred Ultimate Armor X, but First Armor is good too.

  • Learii

    that just funny I feeling like I watching mega man shooting zombies lol but ya I think the costume don’t suit him

  • kenshinx13

    As cool as this is I’m not a zombie fan and i’m not getting an Xbox. so just have to say is this SERIOUSLY the closest thing we get to a free roaming megaman game (like legends) x.x I mean the one time capcom does something cool looking for megaman it’s in a zombie game (no offense to you zombie lovers out there)

  • GuyAlpha

    Everyone’s as spiteful as usual. Looks like a pretty cool addition following in Dead Rising tradition (having a costume that’s a reference from a classic game).

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