Unless You Love PS4 Streaming, There’s No Reason To Get The PlayStation Camera Yet

By Spencer . November 17, 2013 . 11:44pm

image Sony sent us a PlayStation Camera along with the PlayStation 4, but the accessory is mostly limited to the Playroom tech demo. The Playroom demonstrates how the PlayStation Camera can be used for augmented reality when you interact with Asobi, a flying robot that you can "touch." The image captured by the PlayStation Camera in The Playroom is shaper than the PS3’s PlayStation Eye, but is still a little grainy.


The camera can also track the light bar on the DualShock 4 which you can test out in AR Hockey. This is basically Pong, but you control your paddle using the touchpad and can bend the game board by moving the controller. Since the Playoom isn’t a full game you probably won’t spend much time with it and right now that’s the only software that utilizes the PlayStation Camera.


The PlayStation Camera also can be used for voice commands which you can activate by saying "PlayStation." You can start games this way, but you can’t browse through Netflix’s library using voice commands. The only time I found it useful was when taking screenshots.


Right now, the only good use you’ll get out of a PlayStation Camera is if you like narrating videos while streaming gameplay. Since the accessory is sold separately in North America I wonder if developers will support it. Japan and other regions in Asia have hardware bundles with the PlayStation Camera.

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  • Lucky Dan

    I think either 2 companies will get together next gen and produce 1 proper console, they are both bloody the same thing.

    I just don’t see how they could do it next gen, if mircosoft and sony are sensible they let mircosoft create the console and sony create the handheld and make them compatible and cross play with every game with this i think they’ll have a winner.

    I just don’t see the benefit of producing 2 consoles that do the exact same thing and with the Steam box coming out I would be less inclined to get either if they repeat the same thing they do this gen.

    • Bobby Jennings

      They thrive with competition. That’s how they themselves get better. In the end it’s all about the games, not the rig.

  • PreyMantis

    Don’t bash me on this, guys, but I still don’t see a really good reason for me to get a PS4.

    • AnimeRemix

      Why would we bash you for your opinion…?

      And I agree as well, I still don’t see a reason for me to buy a PS4 either, but that’s just mostly because it currently has no games to my liking. For now, I’m just content with my Wii U.

      • Luis Ibal

        Yep, I want more a Wii U than a PS4 right now

    • Christopher Nunes

      I’m inclined to agree with your opinion as I don’t see a reason to get the PS4 just yet as there isn’t any games I want yet (until FFXV and KH3 comes out) and will wait.

      • leingod

        and those also come out on X1, so it’s not really a good reason to get a PS4 in particular.

        • Christopher Nunes


          • leingod

            Xbox One

          • Christopher Nunes

            Oh… still can’t believe they called it that. -_-

    • leingod

      I love my PS3 and Vita, but I agree with you. There’s just nothing interesting going on with the PS4… yet. Even the X1 seems like a more attractive choice, right now.

  • bushin

    Im waiting till next year before I get one, let the hype from both consoles settle down and the launch bugs are fixed.

  • I’m enjoying the voice commands

  • Death Saved

    Personally i wait until the slim model (or whatever they are going to call it) comes out, as it will be cheaper and more reliable, for the meantime i will be buying any interesting games that will come out so that ill have a decent backlog to burn through when i get my next gen console.

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