Dragon Quest X Shows Glimpses Of Its New Expanded Storyline

By Eugene . November 20, 2013 . 5:02pm


When last we looked on yonder land of Rendashia in the upcoming Dragon Quest X expansion The Slumbering Hero and Sworn Guiding Ally, we were deep in the mountains and the town of Serado pondering the meaning of the online RPG’s oddly titled expansion name. It seems one of the town’s characters, Rizerotta, will have a larger role to play in the story than we thought, if the latest promotional video is any indicator.



Meanwhile, Crows is front and centre and looks set to be the main mover of your quest to uncover just what is going on in this once fog-shrouded continent, ever seeming to push you to awaken something in your memories. Mishua, the amnesiac, also looks to be playing a larger role than her first appearance might suggest, with a shot of her and someone looking eerily like her twin in the video. Shades of body swapping?


There are other characters who haven’t been introduced before as well, including what looks like a mechanic-style girl with a Killer Panther as a friend (Maybe she’s a Beastmaster?) above, and a very brave, very foolish young boy with naught but a tree branch who charges in after Mishua is downed by a demonic grabbing hand (below).



Dragon Quest X: The Slumbering Hero and Sworn Guiding Ally will be out on PC, Wii and WIi U December 5th.

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  • leingod

    Does DQX have a storyline? I thought it was just a plain MMORPG

    • revenent hell

      Yeah but its in the vain of “The protagonist of the story is a “heaven sent child” who has a mission to perform. He or she is guided by the village’s guardian” until such and such occurs. Kinda vague and kind of like a few DQ games ive played so I think if you have played a few you could probably assume the base story line
      Apparently at a certain point in the game your character transforms in to another race in the game because I hear at the beginning you start out as human…

    • AuraGuyChris

      They want us to beat an MMO.

  • GH56734

    Maybe I could tolerate that this is not localized IF NOT for the fact that Square Enix blocked non-Japanese IPs as well, which due to the always-online nature of this game, makes it impossible to play on consoles for the average Joe. (Same block applies for PC version but dunno if it’s localized… yet)
    It’s like they are trying too hard not to have my money.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    Square or Nintendo should do a cross releas on PC and Wii-U.

  • WolfDuo

    Considering Dragon quest sell considerably well in the west, I’m suprised they haven’t just relased the game already…
    I know a few people who brought a Wii and WiiU just for this.. Seems a real shame to be honest.

    • Pockystix

      I think it has less to do with actual good sales figures, and more to do with over-expectations from SE. If it’s not AAA or selling like a AAA they tend not to do it. Handhelds; and maddeningly iOS games, have seemed to be unaffected. . . except SE seems set on not doing anything with the DQ franchise at all.

      We’ve missed a lot of DQ this year, and I’d love it if SE got off their high horses and hurried with some word on localizations.

      • Anthony Hadow

        handhelds are effected there are several DQ games on handheld systems that have not been released in the west. We have missed a lot of DQ for quite a few years

    • This is the same company that was “disappointed” with Tomb Raider selling 3.4 million in the first month. I want this game to hit the west as well, but the idiot executives at SE are probably too busy sniffing gasoline or something.

  • Brimfyre

    Again, Nintendo drops the ball in America.

    They had a chance to be like, “Nintendo will be the first ones to bring MMOs to your living room successfully thanks to our new unique controller!” Didn’t have to be a Dragon Quest thing, just the idea of a MMO in the living room, would have sold it to the masses in the same way casuals bought DQIX.

    Way to have your finger on the pulse of gaming trends Nintendo. It’s why the Wii U is selling so well.

    And before you call me a Nintendo hater, I own a Wii U and don’t plan on getting a PS4 or X1.

  • Steve Raineault

    Why don’t you folks send SE an email to complain? No guarantees, but instead of just talking, send them a direct message and go down fighting.

    Go to operationedenverse.com and use the take action button.

    • ElAbuelo69

      Please post it at reddit.com/r/dragonquest

    • Anthony Hadow

      i am one of the people who actually has talked to them about this I went to nintendo as well because most of the games i want are released on there consoles.

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