Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers Is Out Now In Europe, Next Week In U.S.

By Ishaan . November 22, 2013 . 2:03pm

Anime fighting game Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers is out now in Europe and will be available in the U.S. next week on November 26th. In commemoration of its launch, Namco Bandai have shared a new trailer for the game, which you can watch below.



Brave Soldiers includes over 50 playable characters from the series’ Sanctuary, Poseidon and Hades Arcs.

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  • fairysun

    New Zelda, Phoenix Wright DLC, Senran Kagura, Dragon Dogma, and some cheap PS3 games that I will pick over Black Friday sales, and now this …….

    Do we have new console release recently? XD

  • Ganali Castillo

    I ask why remove the Japanese voice from the songs in these games. I mean
    come on most of us saw these in japanese before they where brought to the US. Looking forward to the game.

    • xAtKx

      Licensing issues most likely.

      • Ganali Castillo

        Its really stupid. I mean they got the game right. Should all game content even the intro song be considered part of the game ?

        • Brion Valkerion

          Nope, music laws don’t extend the same way they do in North America/parts of Europe. In Japan songs, even ones made for shows/contracted by them, are still owned by the record company and artist first usually. Hence why when we get anime games, the music is pretty much always removed/altered. They can get the music for international releases, its just a major hassle and usually requires a new contract or clause in said contract.

          Thats the gist of it anyway.

    • Aoshi00

      Hmm..there are no songs in this game or dialog in this intro even in the Jpn ver, its an instrumental.. There are stills with dialog used btwn fights plus old screenshots from the TV series.. no full CG cutscenes like in sanctuary battle…the voices you heard are from the game edited into the previous trailers. I don’t think anything s cut or altered.. The games okay if you like Naruto ultimate storm.. I found sanctuary battle to be much more fun, fighting small fries like musou games and then facing the gold saints like bosses like the famicom rpg..the big bang attacks do look cool though.. The voice acting s good even by the new cast, just that the stills feel a bit cheap. I must admit fighting the Marinas in a saint seiya game for the first time is really something. Lots of cards and models to be unlocked

      • Koibito888

        I personally didn’t like Sanctuary Battle. The musou type game engine used in this, while fun for a little while, was more half-baked and just became repetitive after a bit.

        I do like the Storm games but biased aside, I think this is the way to go with Saint Seiya. I mean the first job of an anime based game is to replicate the experience of the anime, to pull you into the series and make you feel like you’re playing as the characters from the series, not playing a game that just happens to have the brand on it. Musou is just not going with that, because it is a common misconception but Saint Seiya characters never fight hordes of bad guys. Like twice in the series do the in training Saints/Mariners even show up let alone do anything. Most of the time it is just that, 1v1 or so with named characters in big epic battles and a fighting game is just the way to go to get that experience. A 360 degree fighter more specifically (like the storm series) is best to express the range of motion these characters have. It just needs it’s version of Storm 2 and Generations to come along and perfect the gameplay and maybe by a third game add the big type of cutscene based story that Naruto Storm has. Without the exploration mode though, Saint Seiya characters don’t really explore, they just kind of go from battle to battle with nothing happening between journeys to those places. I hope this series gets to continue and that we get to really feel the Saint Seiya experience.

        • Aoshi00

          yeah, the Bronze Saints never actually fought the foot soldiers going thru the Sanctuary, but it was still satisfying to see them blow hordes of small fries away w/ their special moves in Musou mode (I don’t even play Dynasty Warriors) . Also running up the long flight of stairs from temple to temple did replicate the feeling of racing against time to save Athena w/in 12 short hrs. somehow fighting the Gold Saints felt more exciting in Sanctuary Battle. Sanctuary Battle somewhat felt like a throwback to the Famicom RPG Golden Legend, each temple is separated by a side scrolling segment w/ platforming and fighting off the small fries..

          I think Brave Soldiers’ Storm-like gameplay is not bad, but really repetitive, like I was just going thru the motion (and I even liked Asura’s Wrath), you fight almost every opponent twice literally in round 1 & round 2.. It’s mainly the lack of cutscenes that made this game feel a huge downgrade from the last one. w/ Naurto Storm or Asura’s Wrath there’s epic cutscenes to look forward to before and after a fight, here’s just a static still talking head.. and several still shots from the TV series (they randomly picked out some ugly ones at that lol)..

          I’m actually not a huge 3D fighter fan myself. I think it would be cool if they make a 2D Saint Seiya like BlazBlue or Persona4. Brave Soldiers was actually quite poorly received in Jpn and most liked the previous game better. I found it very repetitive too, I’m just playing it for the trophies and unlocking the cards and models lol..

          • Koibito888

            And I can get that. I’m just saying first and foremost anime games need to strive to feel like the anime. Brave Soldiers (or just 360 degree engine in general) is the first step towards that. And I mean it’s a fighting game, it’s gonna get repetitive since even arcade and 2D fighters do that. I feel like with a 2D fighter though the scale would just be so downplayed, it wouldn’t feel as epically powerful or fast as Saint Seiya characters are. In my opinion it should focus on making this kind of game less repetitive OR perfecting it to make the fighting fun enough that you want to play it over and over and over and over again lol.

            I mean really it’s a fighting game first and foremost as far as genre so (though it’s a shame) it doesn’t have a solid story mode. The fun comes from playing as the characters, pitting them up against others, getting all the character specific dialogue, and setting up your own fights (in which you can make it one round I believe), then followed by playing with your friends. Naruto Storm is a game that looks outside the box and makes a great story (which this game needs and could get someday if they keep this up) but for what it’s doing now I think it’s perfect.

            Sanctuary Battle was not this for me. Talk about repetitive; I couldn’t set up my own fights, if I wanted to fight a Gold Saint I had to get through the god awful musou mode. Plus since those randoms never show up in the series, and getting through the musou parts of the game is so much more present and longer than the boss fights, you had like 70-80% of the game consisting of things that don’t happen in Saint Seiya. So not only was it repetitive and boring, it didn’t feel like I was playing Saint Seiya, I felt like I was playing a game they slapped the brand on. That’s not what anime games are supposed to be.

            Oh and the story mode of Sanctuary Battle… Yuck. They had scenes yeah, but they were horridly summarized making every single scene feel like “last time on DragonballZ” so it didn’t even feel like I was at the part of the game the scene described, I felt like I was already past it. I’d take underwhelming text/image based story over that any day.

            I think to truly use the potential Saint Seiya has, this game needs to be treated like Storm 2. In that Sanctuary Battle can be like a lesser Storm 1: a sub par game that started the idea, this can be Storm 2: a very decent game that plays fun and for those that like pure fighters to get in there and get the Saint Seiya feel for battle as it goes down in the series. Next we need a Generations to come by and not necessarily focus too much on the story mode, just add a bit to it, a few characters, then spend all the rest of the time and money on perfecting the gameplay so much so that it’s impossible to go back to Brave Solders just like Generations did to Storm 2. This would be a great step and then by a third game they could tweak the gameplay a bit, add the rest of the needed characters and just bring in the story like bam, all within realistic margins of advancement that the company has and has proven they have before, no silly ideas like eight hundred different game modes, this is realistically the perfect way to do so.

            The story mode would also be easier than Storm because there shouldn’t be an explorative mode. Saints never have anything happen to them mid journey, it’s all about the boss fight at the end of the road, that’s why in Sanctuary in the manga there is just one white staircase between each temple – there’s no inbetween, just big fights. That said they could just do the action timed cutscenes like Storm that not only cover the anime, but make it better so that the scenes almost feel like the true anime, just like Storm. It would be less costly (since scripted action timed scenes would be easier than anything else and probably cost less) and would make a better game that would make them more money. It really is their best course of action. Especially since making a new thing again would just make them start over again and it wouldn’t be a perfect game since it’d be new and not a sequel that builds off it’s predecessor.

          • Aoshi00

            I hear you, even though it was a brand being slapped on a genre (I guess most anime games are, but I like Saint Seiya and not One Piece), I had a lot of fun w/ the last one. Not sure if another game would be made though, lots of Jpn fans alrdy regretted their purchase and they’re not crazy about Bamco, the review is not good, 2.5 out of 5 stars on average, it’s alrdy over 50% off on Amazon shortly after release. I really don’t feel like playing the same game over and over w/ slight improvement on each one.. why I haven’t played DBZ games in a while..

            This game is OK, but after I fulfill some requirements to unlock stuffs I don’t think I would play it again, I still need to finish Hades.. yeah, the cutscenes in Sanctuary were a bit of a digest ver like Storm, it could never be 100% faithful.. the dialogue in here as well, w/o watching the anime, player would be like “what?” lol.. they didn’t even show Cassios’s face, you could only hear a line or two from him during the Aiolia fight, poor Cassios *.* Oh, other than the stills, one more thing felt really cheap, no new music at all.. it’s the same music from the PS2 games and Sanctuary Battle. It’s not a bad soundtrack, but it really felt cheap, which added to the repetition… at least in Sanctuary Battle, they used Pegasus Fantasy in the Saga fight which really pumped up the players. so yeah, this game leaves quite much to be desired, and many are not as kind to think “okay, maybe next time I fork over another $60 to Bamco it would be slightly better”. I do like this game for what it is, and the Poseidon story mode is cool enough (they didn’t show Thetis :P)

          • Koibito888

            See if they did make more it’d end up like Storm where the improvements are either vast or in the background yet very helpful. The sales have been good though, and if they get a bit more and it’s supported there will be another game. We both seem to agree that yeah it’s a good game. It’s basically like Storm 1 – it’s okay. Which is what we need for a good start so they can just improve it vastly the next time. I hope more games come, but really this is the kind of game it needs to be. Anything else just wont feel like Saint Seiya.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      it’s Namdai

      their games are usually like that for Jump series related games IIRC

      and from Bandai itself, that thing has been implemented since long time ago

    • hazelnut1112

      I was first exposed to Saint Seya in Mexico before anywhere else.

  • leingod

    I am jealous. Gonna get this next week, but still… jealous.

  • hazelnut1112

    Definitely going to get this next week. Not everyday you see a Saint Seya game getting localized. Buying this to show my support and thanks for bringing this overseas.

  • Vash bane

    sigh -_- why do overseas trailers always suck compared to the original?

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Once Seiya and the others don the God Cloth it was apparent that Hades Permanent downfall would begin there.

    • Lelouch Vi Britannia

      oops sry for the spoilers.

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