Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Coming To Phones With Remastered Graphics

By Ishaan . November 26, 2013 . 12:29pm


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the latest game in the series heading to mobile platforms. While a release date hasn’t been shared yet, Rockstar announced this morning that San Andreas will be available for mobiles sometime in December.


For its mobile release, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been updated with remastered graphics, including dynamic and detailed shadows, better draw distances and a richer colour palette. Car and character models in the game have been enhanced visually as well.


The game will feature touch controls, including contextual options to display certain buttons only when you need them. There’s also a revamped checkpoint system in the game for “easier progression”. The game will come with full controller support, too.

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  • ElAbuelo69

    Controller support on iOS, nice nice. I hope the trend picks up.

    Question people…

    Would controller support change your perception of mobile gaming? I mean, knowing you can play games like GTA:SA.

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

      A controller wouldn’t change my views on mobile gaming at all. I like playing a very rare select of games on my phone but honestly the most kick I get out of gaming on my phone is when I emulate GBA games on it.

      A lot of people are very vocal about mobile gaming and a lot of the time it is justified in my opinion but at the end of the day it’s just another one of those ways for people to play free/cheap games. I personally will pick handheld/pc/console gaming over it but that’s just me (and probably a bunch of other people too).

    • PreyMantis

      No. Controller is one thing, but quality games is another.

      • ElAbuelo69

        How is GTA:SA not quality? How are the SE ports of existing DS and PSP titles not quality? Even a game as critically acclaimed as Final Fantasy Tactics exists for mobile. Same goes for Chrono Trigger. Hell, they even look better than their handhelds counterparts believe it or not.

        Not FFV tho lulz.

        Of course a lot of developer go for the cheap route with casual games like Angry Birds or FFATB flooding the market, but that doesn’t mean quality games can be done as well.

        There’s Bastion on iOS…that game is beautiful.

        • PreyMantis

          True, but is that all? Most of the good ones are either ports/remakes of older games or short games. They’re just not cutout for heavy and demanding games because of the cooling system and its architecture.

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          FFT on phones is terrible compared to FFT on PSP / PSV. Same goes for FFIV. Why play on a phone when you could play on a handheld console that has the controls incorporated into the equation of portability (whereas for a phone you have to carry the grips in addition to the phone) and no additional processes running in the background that can threaten resources~?

          Sorry, but a phone will never be anything but just a glorified attempt at gaming. 3DS / PSV > latest version of iPhone / Samsung Galaxy S~.

        • yomachaser

          I’m starting to get the vibe that no logical argument will start a reasonable discussion on this site. Before controllers were prevalent in mobile the argument against it being a game platform was that touch was a shitty type of control.

          Now that controllers are here that’s not good enough the empty argument that it’s not meant for gaming (what the hell does that mean?) is popping up so I’d save my breath.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Some games are dimply too ambitious for phones. Deus Ex the Fall comes to mind

        • PreyMantis

          Right. It would just melt on you with you without a cooling system.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      No. Phones arent for gaming.
      They’re mini computers, that you cant upgrade, that dont have cooling and will interrupt you because their primary use is as a phone.

      And no I wouldnt use a tablet either. They’re too big, and too inundated with superfluous rabble

      • ElAbuelo69

        This is actually an interesting argument. Can’t debate you here.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        marry me…

      • FlyingPony

        Console and handheld is technically a computer/mini computer that can’t be upgraded either..

        But I agree with the tablet, its too huge for my gaming needs on go.

        • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

          Well yes. They’re all computers.

          But at least they arent terribly inefficient

          But whats the point of having a PC you cant upgrade? They use X86 in the first place for backwards compatibility and that architecture is terribly inefficient

          Phones run on Arm anyway

          LIke the Vita. Which is mainly off the shelf like the PS4
          Which is why they;re so cheap.

    • Suicunesol

      No. The reason why is the same reason that mobile games are doing so well right now. Most people don’t want to carry multiple devices with them when their one device (phone) can do everything they need. Remember that a controller is another device to carry. A person who loves his favorite controller and wouldn’t play games in any other way might love it. But for everyone else, it is inconvenient to carry a controller (that would be bigger than the screen you’re playing it on, no less). And to play games like GTA on the go–the meager battery power on your phone would simply not make it worth the trouble, especially if you’re going to use your phone for it’s primary purpose (ie. make calls/texts).

      If a company wants to remedy this issue, they can create a new type of controller that has its own rechargeable battery that helps to power the phone when you connect the two.

      In my opinion, though, if you’re going to carry a second gaming device at all, you might as well make it a real handheld gaming device.

      • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

        Mobile and social are on downturn now though

      • FlyingPony

        Xperia Play in concept was genius in my opinion, just the execution fall down. If Sony put better hardware inside it and put more games for the Play, I pretty sure it will become a popular phone among gamer.

        Too bad the amount of games for Xperia Play was sparse, games itself is not optimized and filled with lags and bugs, the battery didn’t last very long and the analog stick was replaced with the bad choice circular touch pad. All this make Xperia a not desired gaming platform.

        I believe if Sony manage to fix all this problem, Xperia Play 2 will be a hottie among gamer.

    • FlyingPony

      The controller support is a important addition for mobile gaming, I appreciate that. Although frankly, I prefer built in controller phone like Xperia Play so I don’t have to carry both the phone and the phone controller.

      But for me to take mobile gaming seriously, it requires:

      1. More high quality games to be available.

      2. Battery must last longer than 3 hours

      3. Support for older OS must continue — I don’t want my Android 4.3 Jelly Bean phone to not able play any new games when Android 4.4, KitKat is released. Or IOS 8 games is unplayable on IOS 7 iPhone..

  • Dav Dabz

    I’d rather a GTA:SA on Ps Vita remake/remaster. Than a game that would drain my phone like a vampire who has starved for a week.

  • CartmanKusanagi

    And here I was, scared that they were waiting to do this until next year for the 10th anniversary! This definitely made my day; San Andreas is my favorite GTA game (with V and Vice City both tied at second ). Heck, I recently finished my first 100% run on my old Xbox last week!

    With a new mobile phone port of the GTA III era games coming out annually since 2011, here’s hoping Rockstar will also release Liberty City and Vice City Stories next year!

  • Caleb Kinkaid

    Since it’s on Android with full controller support, does that mean it runs on OUYA? I’ll totally buy an OUYA if it does. The better graphics will be nice but the checkpoint system is what has me most interested. Some of the later missions are nearly impossible.

  • Balalaika

    Why cant this come out on the PSVita.

  • hazelnut1112

    Nothing says portable while carrying a controller with your phone to play games.

    • yomachaser

      That clips to the phone in seconds so it works like a DS and recharges it to boot? Yeah those are super handy and portable.

  • Lynx


    I’m not the biggest GTA fan but San Andreas was one of the first M rated games I ever played, next to ZoE2 and the original Red Faction.

    Might look into this for nostalgia purposes.

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