• KuroNathan

    So dragoons have a potency 200 attack on a 60s cooldown, a 170 with 2s stun on 180s cooldown, and an AOE 250 potency on a 180s cooldown

    Bards have a potency 150 on a 15s cooldown, that has a 50% chance of resetting on the 2.5s ws cooldown timer.

    Dragoons are just so heavily outdamaged by bards its insane, in addition most bosses are heavily unfavorable to melee classes and bards can also support others

    • VWinds

      Sorry, but you’re incorrect. Bards parse at the lowest damage in Coil, having the weakest gear scaling out of all the dps classes.

      Not saying Dragoons don’t need love (especially as their main utility is inferior to an AoE caster version and doesn’t work on most high-end enemies), but they clearly do more damage than Bards currently.

      Pre-2.1 patch, Monk and Summoner are the Kings of single-target DPS. Black Mages and Dragoons behind them. And Bards at the end. And Monks are only going to get even more powerful come patch.

      The reason your opinion might be biased is that Bard has a smaller gap between skill floor and skill ceiling compared to most dps classes. Hardest to easiest to master DPS classes is currently as follows: Monk > Summoner > Dragoon > Bard > Black Mage.

      This is why some people think Monks and Summoners suck. It’s because the good ones can put out over half again the output (easily) as the bad ones while even terrible Bards and Black Mages can do comparable DPS with good ones.

      Similarly, Warriors are a much more complex class than Paladins and thus there is a larger and more obvious disparity between a shitty Warriors to a good Warriors compared to the same for Paladins.

      • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

        Never thought of the MNK as good STDPS, but maybe my MNK in my FC just sucks? I know when I am on my SMN I dominate, but then again it could be that my Tanking is better with my FC than the PUGs we come across. WAR is getting a huge buff in 2.1 because they just dont compare to a PAL in T3-5. Ive come across many parties that refuse to have a WAR, even a better geared one over my PAL. WAR needs all the buffs theyre getting, but I am worried that since PAL isnt beimg touched, it might turn out that WAR is preferred after 2.1 since they also do more damage and hold mob threat better. But I am glad you are one of the smarter players that doesnt think SMN sucks. Though I agree they totally can. Love me SMN Burn runs of WP, fum stuff.

  • riceisnice

    Buffs instead of nerfs. Alrighty~

  • Lucky Dan

    and now Square-Enix has run into the same problems as WOW did back into Vanilla :)

    • Ferrick

      please stay away from future FF14 articles

  • Lilith

    “Q: I feel that black mage is a bit overpowered” That’s more of a statement than a question…

    • The Watcher

      YOU DON’T SAY?!

  • http://epiclyamazing.wordpress.com/ AzureNova

    This Dragoon is happy about the increased damage =^_^=

  • Seven of The Scions

    Ow yeah!!!

    Need more damage!!!

    But seriously, the cooling down need to be faster.

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    And the mighty Summoner gets no love, which is fine, we are beasts already. But the limits of amazing Single Target DPS is our drawback since our AOE is terrible. SO…I’ll take best ST DPS, and suck at aoe. Glad we aren’t being touched.

  • Monterossa

    No problem, as long as white mage still awesome.

  • PRGamerCub


  • Vash bane

    I avnt bought the game yet (for obvious reasons) but from the way forum sites make it sound. the made it seem the classes were getting nerfed. honesty i’m no export to MMO’s but these sounds good

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