Phantasy Star Online 2 Celebrates Christmas Starting Next Week

By Ishaan . December 6, 2013 . 9:00am

Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting another update this month, the Phantasy Star Fan Blog reports. On December 18th, Sega will release a multi-party emergency quest of high difficulty, where the goal will be to defend three towers from an invasion of Darkers. The Darkers will come in waves that will intensify as the quest progresses.



The update will bring new enemies, which will be included in the quest, but will also come with new Photon Arts. Additionally, a separate Christmas event will go live starting December 11th (through January 15th) and will be accompanied by new scratch items.

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  • Genjo

    mean while in U.S we STILL waiting for pso2 to come out….

  • dboyz

    meanwhile the rest part of the world……

  • Byron Kerrison II

    Already went ahead and bought a Vita copy on Play Asia. :P

    Should be here by Monday. <3

  • I think I like the abuse. I keep clicking on these articles lol =P

    • Ryomou

      Yeah…it’s bad when you know you’re gonna get upset clicking on the article, but you click on it anyway, if just to see other people suffering with you lol

  • Christopher Nunes

    So… are we ever getting this game in the US? It looks good and they promised, but at this point they’re just dragging their feet. If you’re not going to release just say so to release us from our agony, we’ll be sad but at least we’ll know.

  • drac96

    Yes, but when does PSO 2 celebrate COMING TO THE U.S.!?

    Come on SEGA.

  • HerosLight

    That is a lot of new updates.

    Haven’t played it in months, I should get back into it.

  • Chaos_Knight

    Ishaan sure loves to tease us.

    And its taken too far now.

  • Tyler Beale

    I hope presents are being given out at that event!

    Becuase here’s my wishlist:
    -The game to be released in English
    -Same for Valkyria Chronicles 3
    -Phantasy Star Portable 2 to be put back on PSN
    -Sonic to not appeal to kids so much (and/or to feature multiple playable characters and/or to return to the Adventure/Adventure 2 style of gameplay)

  • Crevox

    Time to get festive

  • Ferrick

    hmm wonder if the new katana arts be as good as sword’s Over-end PA

  • roockie112

    they probably released this game by 2020 lol..jk but really I think they will released this after they are done throwing all the dlc in japan or once people in japan get bored of this game .. they might need a few bucks and that’s when it gets released in the U.S

  • sharpshot909

    A better way to celebrate Christmas is to bring the game to the West…

  • Kaitsu

    It’s almost the 1 year anniversary of this game being delayed in the west.

  • 하세요

    Glad I hopped back online. I love the holidays on PSO/PSU/PSO2.

  • Hound

    I played the game without patching it to English just fine. But, I realized rather quickly that playing in a party led to many “lost in translation” moments on my end. haha,

    An official English release would be nice. Or if that “language” option in the game files was able to be done so that an official English patch would allow AUS/EU/US players play in the Japanese server as a default by registering on PSO2’s English website.

    And when pigs fly, I’d like to be able to play Kantai Collection without needing to do silly Japanese proxy nonsense…

    I’m just as well off mailing my wishes to Santa (*ァ *)
    or Atlus =./

    • 하세요

      Phantasy Star is SEGA, not Atlus.

      • Hound

        I was talking about the futility of it all..

        Atlus is currently under sega since Index was taken over following their bankruptcy (and Sega is planning on allowing them free-reign over some of the projects they’ve left on the back-burner.) But either way, I compared mailing my wishes to Atlus to mailing the same wishes to Santa Claus. So, I guess Santa is very effective in localization efforts o.o

  • Lulz I dont see why the people complaining bout a US release just dont go make a Jp Sega account and play the game with a translation patch. Its pretty easy to do.

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