• DanielGearSolid

    When… Will… They… Localise?

    • Isaac Todd

      Seems unlikely at this point. Most of the game has been fan translated now anyway.

      • mojack411

        Is it now? I played way back when it first started up and the fan translation hardly had anything. Are skill, item, and quest descriptions translated for the most part now? That’s all I really care about for an language patch.

        • Brandonmkii

          Item descriptions? Mostly no. Item names? Mostly yes. Quest descriptions? Mostly yes. Skills? Most of them.

          • Isaac Todd

            Pretty much this, though sites like Cirnopedia have item descriptions in English.

          • gk2012

            Isn’t it the other way around? I’m pretty sure they couldn’t translate the item names because those are stored on the server.

          • Brandonmkii

            The PSO2 Tweaker utility found a way around that, probably through some kind of memory hack. it’s not 100% stable and not every single item name comes up, but most of them do.

          • gk2012

            Interesting. I’ve been gone from PSO2 for almost 6 months so I had no idea they found a new workaround.

      • DanielGearSolid

        Tell me more…

    • GOLD

      I honestly don’t think they will.

      • DanielGearSolid

        Its up to us… Lets Localize it!

    • flufftime

      AsiaSoft is publishing PSO2 in several Southeast Asian countries early 2014.

      As for the West, there’s been no news for a long time now…

    • brostar

      I think the problem really lies with Sega. Not the company itself but the fact that they’re trying to localize an MMO with a stream of updates. What they should do is license it out to a company that specializes in MMO localisations so they can devote their time to it or set up a “SEGA ONLINE” subsidiary which can dedicate it self. Sega of America has a lot on it’s plate and I don’t think they can keep up with an MMO.

      Which is fair considering Shin Megami Tensei Imagine had to be managed by a separate company because Atlus USA had a lot on their plate. Hence why it was with Aeria games and later Atlus Online.

      Sega needs to let someone else do it and focus on it or a set a company to do that for them.

      • 60hz

        doubt if that’s the problem. that’s more of a symptom. my feeling is that they don’t believe they can make money on this in the west, so it doesn’t warrant investing in (part of cost is of course localization but it’s not the root problem)… i wonder if it’s japan making the call or the west… my feeling is it’s japan.

        • brostar

          Surely though if Sega Japan doubted it they could just check to see how many users are connecting to the game from outside Japan.

          • 60hz

            who knows… it may be a combination of both japan and the west? Either way there may not be enough foreign users to be an obvious mandate… but i’m just guessing, it is truly a mystery… it may be the west is really only an outlet for sonic games and ports of old classics, and that’s that. i’m not sure what their direction is nowadays, and i haven’t been keeping up with their stock holder reports neither…

      • gk2012

        Letting another company handle it carries the risk that the game would end up being Pay2Win.They could just add an option on the Japanese servers to officially play it in English and add more payment options like Paypal so players outside Japan can easily throw them their money.

        I know that the game already urges you to subscribe to take full advantage of its features, but PSO2 is one of those rare gems that is still fully playable even if you don’t give them any money.

    • Anthony Birken

      Honestly, I’ve given up and moved on. They crushed my hopes. Had my PC (and vita) ready.

      • 60hz

        my body’s ready.

  • HerosLight

    I hope getting the ingredients won’t be too hard to find.

    I’m always poor when I want to buy new equipments because I always waste them on Costumes.

    • Draparde

      Same here lol XD

    • 하세요

      I just got a new outfit like…3 days ago. “Now I can focus on- ooo that outfit is cute. Okay NOW I will get a better weap- ohshit that top is even more adorable! OKAY OKAY NOW I WILL GET A FANTASTIC WEAP- holynuttballs that’s a cool looking mag.”

      Blazed through 1mil just like that.

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  • Tenabrus

    And the localization is still nowhere to be found.

  • Luis Camargo

    How I read:

    Phantasy Star Online 2 Is Getting A We…….

    Western Release ?


    Weapon Crafting System

    Why, Sega, Why ?

  • Renaldi Saputra

    no wonder whether they will localize or not, I will stay on JP server
    since they have no region locked

  • Triplicity


  • Kornelious

    Stop, just stop :’(

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