PlayStation 4 and Bundles in Stock at Best Buy for Christmas!

By Viet Do . December 16, 2013 . 10:00am


Update 12/19: Sony’s online store finally has a few PS4 bundles in stock, but take note as they don’t ship until the end of the year – after Christmas.

Still looking for a PlayStation 4 because you want to surprise that special someone in time for Christmas? (e.g., yourself?). Best Buy has various PlayStation 4 bundles in stock¬†from $399.99 to $559.96 and while it appears stock level is large (else they won’t offer them in big bundles), these¬†most likely won’t last long.


Best Buy is of course limiting purchase to one unit per person. We’ve been looking at the next-gen console stock levels in the past week after Black Friday and Cyber Monday — and thus far whenever a PS4 creeps up at regular price, they disappear within the hour.


PlayStation 4 Bundles Price
PlayStation 4 500GB Console Only $399.99
PlayStation 4 + Extra Controller $449.98
PlayStation 4 + Call of Duty: Ghosts $449.98
PlayStation 4 + PS Plus 12 Months $449.98
PlayStation 4 + Controller, PS Plus 12 Months $509.97
PlayStation 4 + Controller, PS Plus 12 Months, CoD: Ghosts $559.96


When you buy the bundles with Ghosts you get a small $10 savings, but considering the PS4 is still going for 2x the price on eBay/Craigslist this is very much a deal. Shipping is free and this deal is NOT available for store-pick up. US only.

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  • ecoutercavalier

    Great. Can’t wait to play all those games…

  • harmonyworld

    I can’t get a hold of ps4 YET!
    It’s been a month!

    • castillo

      go to instocknowDOTus. They alert you when ps4 is in stock. Thats how I got my bundle from walmart.

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    Now when’s that Final Fantasy XV bundle coming….

    • Vesperion

      The upcoming game I’m looking forward to the most. Playing on the Ps3 gets pretty frustrating at times.

      Edit: oh darn I read that as XIV

    • Arcana Wiz

      well, please be excited.

      • Skeptika Crediblus

        About an FFXV bundle, I will.

        • Leptis Magna

          As with all previous FF releases from 12 and on (excluding LR), the bundle should come with a custom-designed PS4 and additional goods. :)

          • Skeptika Crediblus

            Yes, yes it should.

    • Leptis Magna

      Totally getting this.

  • Vesperion

    And I bought one…….like a sucker

    • Good move because the console only is sold out already

  • DanielGearSolid

    Still holding out on the Ps4+Vita bundle

  • PreyMantis

    I’ll wait a year until more games are out with better bundle.

  • Wait a minute, it’s not April 1st! This is for real? THIS selection would make it worth the purchase? Aha..hahaha.

  • Fango

    Buy even if you don’t want one. Lots of suckers on kijiji willing to pay more than retail.

    • Anthony Birken

      I don’t understand about that…I’d rather wait.

  • I won’t be able to get one till next summer :(

    • Ronldbx6

      Hopefully more games will be out by then, cheer up.

  • Yan Zhao

    So wait, both the controller or PS+ bundle cost 50$ more, but having BOTH controller and PS+ cost 110$ more? Nice math Sony.

  • Aoshi00

    I remember getting both my first 360 and PS3 around xmas back then.. I imported the Jpn blue dragon bundle, had no hdd and had to go buy a 20gb for $100 from Toysrus in the middle of the night, they were still open around the holidays lol..the PS3 was more of an impulse buy since it was out of stock in Nov, and when I saw one in Dec I just grabbed one only to play folklore :( the original sixaxis with no force feedback was so light.. this time I would wait till FF 15 I think like getting the PS2 for FFX..i’m curious how it is using the touch screen on dual shock 4 with assassins creed 4 BF to scroll the map of the Caribbean ocean

    • Wake

      At first I wasn’t really impressed with the touchpad. After playing Killzone though, I’ve changed my mind. It’s basically another dpad. They managed to put 5 more buttons on the controller because of it. Swiping vertically, horizontally, and pressing it. It’s such a simple inclusion, but pretty ingenious.

      • Aoshi00

        That’s cool..I heard the touchpad made navigating the sea map and looking for treasures in AC 4 BF easier.. The xb1 has smart glass features with dead rising 3 and ryse as well, but I was too lazy to try lol..would be nice if this could be used on vita TV to play games that require touch like gravity rush on the big screen..but yeah the more buttons the better,u know know when they might come in handy

        • Wake

          I haven’t played AC4 yet but navigating the map using the touchpad does indeed seem like a no-brainer.

          I’m still iffy about Smartglass though. My gripe about it is it might takeaway content that should be accessible on the main game. I’ve played Ryse and I ended up really liking the game, the issue I have with it was the collectibles – artwork and stuff that expands the world – are only accessible via Smartglass. There’s no option in the main game to view the things you’ve collected. It’s such an odd design choice.

          Yep. The Vita. That would be awesome. Maybe they’ll enable it down the line, it’s such a missed opportunity.

          • Aoshi00

            Yeah, I don’t like the idea some contents not accessible thru the main game either, I was scrolling thru the menus and wondering where the heck I could see the vista and documents I collected in ryse, turns out it’s on smart glass only.. I didn’t even realize u could get the app on iPad,I thought u need a windows 8 tablet or something.. it’s not convenient u can’t just view them in the main game.. Which is why I still haven’t checked them..I didn’t care about the critical reviews either and enjoyed ryse a lot, couldn’t stop playing.. So u’ve gotten both new systems so soon huh.. I would wait till more exclusives

          • Wake

            Haha yeah new consoles tend to get to me. I understand the risk, but a part of me just wants to get them all just so I won’t always think about getting one. Man, does that makes any sense? XD

          • Aoshi00

            It kinda makes sense.. to get it out of the way so you’d be ready once good games come.. but I wish I had waited for the 3DS and Wii U since there are better deals later.. I got the Wii U and only played Mario, haven’t played a long time until Mario 3D world comes out now (I have picked up Pikmin 3, wonderful 101, & Zelda WW HD too but haven’t played them yet).

            I actually pre-ordered both PS4 & XB1 from Amazon originally, thinking I scored a deal w/o the sales tax, but NJ started charging sales tax since July.. w/ 2 systems together the sales tax was a lot.. I don’t play Killzone so there’s nothing for me on the PS4 yet, also not a huge Infamous fan.. so far Dead Rising 3 & Ryse made the XB1 quite worth it.. I guess now w/ Dream Club being free to play, that would be one reason to get the PS4 lol… Dream Club & Zero were actually pretty hard dating sims..have them on the 360..

          • Wake

            The last console launch might have played a part with my decision to get all consoles immediately. The 360 was easy enough to find, but the PS3 and Wii were always out of stock. The whole uncertainty of when I could buy them was annoying to say the least.

            I really should’ve waited at getting a Wii U too, but I don’t regret it that much. Playing Mario Chase with friends was one of the best gaming moments I’ve had this year. Pikmin, W101, Zelda and SM3W were unique experiences that I also truly loved. You’re in for a treat with those games. Be patient with W101 though, it’s a pretty complex game that you really need to dig in to enjoy. There’s also Earthbound. Getting to play that game again was something else.

            I kinda regret getting a 3DS early though, especially with that looming feeling that an XL version was an inevitable. I eventually sold my hardly used 3DS to get an XL.

            I kinda get what you’re going through with the tax. I used to live in the US but moved a couple of years back. Ordering online can be brutal at times, especially with the overseas shipping and tax.

            I actually ended up not liking Killzone that much, but surprisingly I ended up liking Resogun and Knack. Maybe it’s the retro elements of both games that won me over.

            Heh. I haven’t played dating sims for a long time, I might check that out XD

  • Jay

    Alas, this poor Canadian gal is a bit on the poor side presently. I’m hoping that I win the PS4 we have up for draw from work! Otherwise, I’m gonna start saving some money to buy one!

  • Settsuo

    Waiting on a good PS4/Vita Combo with a healthy amount of games, and by games, I mean RPGs.

    • Leptis Magna

      JRPGs in particular?

      • Settsuo

        Yes and no, there are a good amount of RPGs in all shapes and sizes that are going to grace current and next gen, but yea mainly JRPGs >:)

  • Kornelious

    I think i’m gonna wait on this….Not enough games or content to justify buying this just yet.

  • Nexus

    Looks like everyone’s down on playing the waiting game. Eh, I guess I’ll wait until the eventual ‘slim’ version comes along.

  • John Galt

    where are these best buys located? I’m in New York, we don’t have any.

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