Don’t Worry, Square Enix USA Haven’t Forgotten About Drakengard 3

By Ishaan . December 19, 2013 . 8:30am

Square Enix USA have released a batch of screenshots for Drakengard 3, to coincide with the game’s release in Japan. You can view them below.


Drakengard 3 is a prequel to the original Drakengard, and features six sisters called the “Intoners” who have the ability to manipulate magic through song. Zero, the eldest sister of the bunch, is out to murder her younger sisters, however, and while you play as Zero, part of the mystery is learning her true intentions along the way.


Drakengard 3 will be available in the west sometime in 2014.


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  • MagisterXII

    Sweet, the game looks great, can’t wait ;)

  • … now how about not forgetting Dragon Quest VII.

    Though this game looks pretty cool, too. Sure people will enjoy it when it comes!

  • Warren

    Yeah can’t wait to hit Five! :)

  • Bigabu Beaze

    No way! This is so awesome!!!!! When was it announced? I never knew it was being localized.

  • almostautumn

    Very excited for this. This looks like a videogame that is all about being an actual videoGAME. Lots of action, combat, and impossible excitement.
    Definitely going to be a refreshing experience in this time of cinematic, novel-script AAA stuff. So tired of a game trying to make me care: I just want to play and have fun, and that’s exactly what Drakengard 3 is looking to do.

    • boink

      In Drakengard-games the emphasis is on storyline and characters instead of gameplay and fun, so I guess it’s pretty much the opposite of what you just said (even though I’ve heard that the gameplay has been improved in this one).

      • Romancer Ecclesia

        The entire interactive experience is always something to look forward to when it’s from Japanese studios. I almost always play for the story. Though gameplay is part of the whole picture as well, I tend to find the sentimentalities of believable writing, good scripts, and really good music more enjoyable.

        • boink

          I’m with you 100%. I couldn’t get through some great games like Red Dead Redemption because the story didn’t interest me.

          • Romancer Ecclesia

            Me too, maybe it was too western. I certainly can appreciate a lot of people enjoying it though. Different vibes perhaps.

  • César H. Sandoval

    So, is it true that the only way to get a Retail Disc in America is to preorder at the Square-store?

    • nathaniel


    • Ladius

      Still better than Europe, where the game will be sold only as a PSN title.

  • Bur

    I want a DATE, Square-Enix. A DATE.

    • crimsonidol

      With whom of the six sisters?

      But Square Enix should really tell us an exact release-date. And confirmation for a retail-version (EDIT: for Europe).

      • KoRLumen

        Harem route pls xD

        But yeah, a release date sure would be nice.

      • nathaniel

        I thought the retail version was confirmed already.

      • Scipio

        Five is best girl.
        Dito doesn’t know what he’s talking about..

        • Rick

          I hate Five. Zero is the best. If not counting Zero then Three.

          • Kevin Schwarz

            Preposterous! Five is the BEST! <3

      • Bur

        Two. Definitely Two.

        • Tom

          I’ll take Three.

      • Servant BerserCAR

        No love for the dragon?
        Sorry, I’ll take my leave now.

    • Joshua Myers

      I also want a date played 2 and my god it was awesome

    • You don’t need a date, just go pre-order it on their web store

      • Bur

        I did! The day it was announced even. I just want to know when I can have it. And “2014” spans a long time, y’know?

      • Romancer Ecclesia

        Just a passing thought, but pre-ordering does seem a lot like backing a kickstarter.

    • Brotato Chip

      They will give you a date to another date of the announcement knowing square haha

  • Tenabrus

    That’s what they said about Type-0 and look where that got us…

    • LightZero

      I don’t quite follow. Type 0 was never outright stated to be localize. Drakengard 3 is.

      • GH56734

        “stated to be”
        you meant “officially announced”. There were trademarks, “we’re working right now on the overseas version” in a Japan-only guide book, and the fact it was indeed localized and dubbed, just not released.

        • Anime10121

          But the difference is Type 0 was never officially announced for localization by SE the company itself, whereas Dgrakengard 3 has. Indeed there were trademarks, info in the Japanese only Ultimania (emphasis on Japanese only), and announcements by Voice Actors. But none of that was an official announcement from the company to western audiences.

      • Heropon

        Games On PS3 are easy to sell than PSP in the west

  • I want this but they made the game exclusive to their store which uses Digital River who are just awful. I can’t believe they didn’t at least give it to Gamestop like Nintendo did with Xenoblade. Exclusive only to Nintendo’s Online Store and Gamestop.

  • ztype

    Still loving my PS3 just for games like this

  • bogcsa1013

    “Manipulate magic with song” Isn’t there same like Reyvateils from Ar Tonelice series?!

  • Glad to hear this is coming, I hope it comes out around April, we already have a lot of games coming out on February and March, my wallet will need a break.

  • Pockystix

    and yet they still keep forgetting about Dragon Quest

  • Your two options are murder them or murder them lol

  • Is Kanda

    Yup! They wont forget to ruined it too with an ear bleeding English dubs! :D

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