More Info On The Celebi That Comes With Pokémon Bank

By Ishaan . December 19, 2013 . 10:30am

Yesterday, Nintendo and The Pokémon Company announced that downloading the upcoming Pokémon Bank app for 3DS before September 20th, 2014 would net players a Celebi with a special moveset. We now have more information on this Celebi.


In addition to Hold Back—which is similar to the move False Swipe in that it leaves your opponent with at least 1HP—Celebi will come with Recover, Heal Bell and Safeguard. It will be at Level 10.


Pokémon Bank will be available in North America on December 27th.


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  • Makes me wonder how viable Celebi is anymore since Talonflame is a common threat. Even bulky, that would be tough.

    • Brian

      is talonflame that common? It has the same issue as charizard though, one hit with stealth rock and its down to half it’s health.

      • Per Showdown, it currently ranks on top this past month. Its Gale Wings ability is top-notch because of that +1 priority to moves like Brave Bird and Roost and I’ve used it on the actual online battles to make a deadly early-game sweep. If you use it as a suicide lead of sorts, which bypasses Stealth Rock worries unless Roared out if possible, you can make a killing. Essentially Brave Bird to death and have it lead off. If you think the opponent will switch on the first turn because it has something weak to Fire or Flying, use Swords Dance. After that point, destroy everything.

        • Guest

          I didn’t know about the hidden ability, very interesting. I would try the little guy out but I can’t get the hidden ability unfortunately.

        • Brian

          Thank you for informing me about how cool this guy is. I would try using him on my team but I don’t have access to his hidden ability unfortunately.

          • I actually got mine in a Wonder Trade weeks ago…in fact, I have SEVERAL. They are EXCEPTIONALLY prevalent there. Just roll the dice and you’ll eventually find one or if you know someone who can breed properly, they can always send you one.

            Your other option otherwise is finding it in Friend Safari. I don’t think it has a horde encounter that allows you to get its hidden ability.

            Better, the one I use competitively was 31/31/31/x/31/31 for IVs (aka 5V) off the bat and I have a second similar one like that. Japan breeds near-perfect pokes religiously.

    • Sergio Briceño

      I don’t really see it’s competitive use, but having a level 10 pokémon that has a move equivalent of false swipe and plenty of recovery options would help a lot when trying to catch other pokés, except by now most people interested in the pokébank have a catcher poké already in their team with stat change moves, probably…

      It’s still nice to be given a lvl 10 legendary though. XD

      • It’s good for its use as a cleric and being specially defensive back in B/W. Outside of that, though, it’s hard pressed to find a spot in teams for OU…and considering how fast-paced and offense-driven the competition is right now, you’re better off pushing for an offensive lead and considering all its stats are 100, it’s an awkward situation for it in terms of speed.

        I’d much rather play it bulky after killing off the sweepers. Maybe pair it with a defensive juggernaught like a Rock type of sorts (Tyranitar comes to mind).

  • Suicunesol

    I’m a little surprised and disappointed that Celebi didn’t get a type change to Grass/Fairy, or perhaps Fairy/Psychic. Appearance-wise, it seems very suited for a fairy-type change, and its original typing–Grass/Psychic–has been to its detriment.

    Celebi has always been my favorite of the bonus legendary Pokemon like Mew and Jirachi. It’s always been hard to obtain one, so I’m glad they’re offering it this way. The only better thing would be to make it “catchable” so I can give it a nickname and everything. That’s my only gripe about promotional Pokemon; I can’t make them my own.

    • KiTA

      The next major shakeup will be three-typed Pokemon, at which point Celebi will be Grass/Psychic/Fairy. But that’s 1-5 generations away.

    • SlickRoach

      I feel like all legendaries in the likes of Celebi give off a Fairy-type vibe, especially Mew and Manaphy.

  • the question is what type is hold back

    • s07195

      Sounds like a Fairy move to me.

  • Eric Harris

    I’m curious, will we be able to soft reset or will it be like dream radar, where if you get a bad nature, your just out of luck?

  • artemisthemp

    Looking forward to getting my Celebi :)

  • LastationLover5000

    Is this still gonna happen, what with the whole delay and whatnot?

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