Siliconera Has 1,000 Closed Beta Keys For Aura Kingdom To Giveaway [Codes Gone!]

By Spencer . December 22, 2013 . 2:38pm

Aeria Games wanted to give Siliconera readers a head start on Aura Kingdom and we have 1,000 closed beta keys to giveaway.




You can get a key by clicking here to go to our new code giveaway page. There are no entry forms, just register for Siliconera Code Giveaways and click on "Get your key" to receive a code. The Aura Kingdom closed beta starts on December 23, but you can redeem keys right now. Enjoy!


All of the keys are gone, but if people want more keys post in the comments. If there is enough demand we’ll see if we can do another giveaway.

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  • Bakano

    Thanks a lot guys, you guys are awesome! >:3

  • tolbkni

    Where is the “get your key” button? I’ve registered to both the giveaway page and Aeria game page but there is no key for me to enter on their site.

    • Right below the video.

      • tolbkni

        Thank you. It still doesn’t show up on Firefox, possibly because of adblock. I used chrome and was able to see the button and got my key. Thanks again for the help and the key!

        • TheGreenHobo

          It showed up fine for me on Firefox, with adblock running.

  • Not interested in a F2P MMO, but THANK YOU for making a proper key dispenser. Should save everyone tons of time when you do key giveaways, and no more chance of bots sweeping them up.

    • This key dispenser will only be used for large giveaways. We won’t be using this for smaller giveaways because as you can see, we gave out over 100 codes in less than an hour. The other codes will be gone in 10 seconds.

  • Crevox

    You keep pushing this aura kingdom game

    • InfectedAI

      It’s almost as if gaming websites are sometimes paid to promote gaming related things.

      • We’re not paid to promote this or anything really. We try stories to see if people like things and if they like it we do more with that game. If readers don’t respond we drop it and Aura Kingdom has had a good reaction on the site.

    • We wrote three posts about Aura Kingdom. We also wrote the same amount of posts about Examu’s Hello Kitty music games.

      • Crevox

        This is random Aeria Games MMORPG, there are tons of these free MMORPGs going up all the time, and yet this one suddenly gets huge attention

        • Three posts is huge attention? OK!

          • Crevox

            It actually is, with one being an interview, this one being a completely new giveaway system… and with the past track record of 99% of other free MMORPGs getting a total of 0 posts

          • All of the Aura Kingdom posts had a good, if not great response, with readers. That includes this post. We have covered other free to play MMORPGs in the past and the code for the new giveaway system is something I’ve been working on since the Skullgirls PC beta giveaway. We just haven’t had a chance to use it for something large scale.

          • Kaitsu

            It’s by a good company and is a hyped game of this late year. The more news, the better. And all of the other free MMORPGs probably didn’t look good or even good from the start. I mean, it can’t be a coincidence Siliconera posts about the only MMO I look forward to this year.

        • XypherCode

          Most of X-Legend’s MMOs are pretty good and kinda special. A bit famous globally. Not just your typical anime-inspired type of MMORPG. I’ve already played Grand Fantasia all the way to Eden Eternal. I’m pretty excited for Aura. If you’ve played their past games it’s normal to get hyped for their next big thing especially if it has lots of improvements from the previous ones.

  • Raharu95

    Wow, thank you ^^

  • Neodymium

    Thanks for the key.

  • Seizui

    Thanks or hosting this, you guys.

  • TheExile285

    Awesome, thanks!

  • Kamakuma

    Indeed, like others have said before me thanks a lot! ^-^

  • Natat

    Ooh this is pretty nice, thanks a ton!

  • Holylifestar

    Thanks~ Now lets see if I can download it before tomorrow morning, and hope it runs on my computer. xD

  • i got a key successfully, but my fiance, who lives in the same house, keeps getting a message that says that he already has a key(mine). is there any way he can get a key(before they are all gone D: ) so we can play the beta together?

    • DanielGearSolid

      For the ppl like me that were too lazy to get one… Tell us how it goes

    • The giveaway is IP locked to prevent people from taking more than one key. I’m fine giving up my personal key if you want it. Send an email to the tipline and I’ll see what I can do.

  • Hinataharem

    Thanks for this!

    See? I’m grateful!

  • Siluse

    Thank you!

  • Just missed it, the time it took me to register for WordPress, the keys went from 70 to 0 :(

    • Kaetsu

      That sucks.

  • Rey

    The “Registration Verification Email” never came… :( I want to play this game so bad. Anyone? can give me a key? :(

    • It may have fallen into your junk mail did you check that?

      • Rey

        Got it just 3minutes ago, came in too late.. Just a bad day for me i guess. Please give more beta keys :)

        • If people want more keys we’ll try to get them. I guess post here if you guys and gals like these kinds of things.

    • XypherCode

      Try their Facebook page I think they’re giving away some. Not sure now though.

  • ヴァルラシュ

    Can’t seem to play for some reason, keeps saying “account inactive”

    • Closed beta doesn’t start until Monday, I believe, but you can download the client now.

      • ヴァルラシュ

        Oh, okay then, thank you

      • Chris Cruz

        Can you specify what time exactly will our accounts be active?

  • Kaetsu

    Here’s a free key :) AU-PXWL-WF6C-ATVY-7MRV

  • Thank you Siliconera =^_^=

  • We’re all out of keys, but if you guys want more keys post a comment of poke us on Twitter. That way we know people actually want codes.

    • MaximDualBlade

      I don’t posses a twitter account, may I request my key through other means?

  • Guest

    More Keys Keys Keys please!

  • Reginaldo Estremera

    I’d love a key.

  • Dkmariolink

    I’ll take a key! If they become available!

  • XypherCode

    Already got a code in an email from Aeria. But this is cool too I should’ve snatched one for a friend. :))

  • Steven Higgins

    I got my key ^-^. But my friend had trouble registering :(
    So I’m commenting in the hopes that you’ll be able to he more codes so he can get into the beta too.

  • Zachary Poletsky

    ! It sucks I was waiting to bata this game lol but to bad I missed thr code huh :p

  • TheBlackRabbit

    i would like one

  • RinaDawg

    Please do more key giveaways! I missed it. xD

  • Razwolf

    Oh god!! keep pushing pple :P

  • Ratutz

    Oh man im late, giff me keys plz

  • QuanChi Natalie

    Keys!! Please more keys! I liked the page on FB and waited for 48hrs and got nothing….i want a key sooo badly!

  • Richard Ongko

    more keys !!!!!!

  • Sakota

    Wow. There was like 300+ keys while I registered to even be able to claim one. Unfortunately the password never came and I’m still waiting even now…

    such wait
    much worthe

  • masterC

    WE Needs moar keys

  • sam

    i still haven’t got any keys through email adress i’ve signed up through the facebook page but still haven’t got one :(

  • Aetheus

    I want a key! Plz?

  • Faivon

    I would like to try one too please

  • Josh Kim


  • MikuruX

    Would be nice if you guys can supply some more keys. I would really like to try this game out before I cave in on their founder packs.

  • TempestTwin

    Any idea when servers will be up? I keep on getting an “inactive account” message when I try logging into the game, and I’ve completed all the necessary steps.

  • TicTacx3

    More keys please! :D This game looks like convincing. I like their different classes.

  • Danile

    I hope to have one

  • ImSorryImBad

    MORE KEEYYS PLEASE.. I NEED JUST 1 KEY!!! PLEASEE I WANNA PLAY :D sorry for caps.. just want to…

  • anonymous

    the keys already gone like flushed shits

  • Jap Vincent

    i need key :(

  • DanteJones

    The keys are gone already? Crap. I didn’t notice this until just now. :(


  • Rita Tong

    NOOO I MISSED IT PLEASE ANOTHER ONE (preferably maybe when the other side of the world is awake)

  • Siegrefrain

    More key please :'(

  • Dolkey

    Please, sir, I want some more.

  • noone

    more keys please and thank!!

  • Vincent Tham

    More key please….

  • Sinastra

    Keys… T_T

  • Sean Sjahrial

    More more more!!

  • ayeyofrigggs

    more keys please

  • Vyce Lee

    more key please!!! T^T

  • Zalin

    T.T SNIFF SNIFF T.T no keys left…. T.T

  • shazow

    moreeee keeeeeyyyyyyyssssssss

  • EJ Solomon

    keys keys pls :)

  • EJ Solomon

    please more keys please :)

  • Miss_Madness

    All I want for christmas is a beta key, please

  • sheepz

    more keys !!!!!

  • DanMahBoy .

    In mother Russia, keys… give you! In other words, key please.

  • MelonLizard

    Yes! More keys please! (^u^) Thank you.

  • Dung Tran

    please more keys :((

  • Quinnjdq

    I’d love a code!

  • HellMuT

    For people still looking for keys. Just a warning, it may take a day or two to receive them.

  • xeonsega

    more keys please!!!

  • xeonsega

    more keys please!!

  • Advan David Trindade Oliveira

    pleeeeease gimi a key [email protected]

  • greavah

    when i try to log in it says my account is inactive.. hmmm…

    • noone

      you need to wait for the closed beta to start– its around late afternoon PST

  • I’ve one! Can’t wait~ The game looks so lovely and colorful. I love the chara design.

  • Hizami Wakamimi

    MOAR! pwetty pwease~

  • CDThunder

    More keys please !!

  • Flic

    pls pls pls pls pls great Santa ……I was a good boy this year…. give me pls a Beta Key….

  • Flic

    pls pls pls pls pls great Santa ……I was a good boy this year…. give me pls a Beta Key…. :-)

  • ice

    keys pls.. T_T pls… we’re begging you.. huhuhu… plssssss… huhuhuhu!!!

  • AnimeGuy


  • Tyrael_Galahad

    Need some CB key…. I have a bad connection for awhile but now im back online and didn’t get any key….. T-T so close to get some key that time….

  • Lyy

    More keys plox

  • Jose Espinoza

    plz more keys D: t.t

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Well I’m itching to try it out. If you have some to spare, it will be nice. ˇˇ

  • Aw D: I missed it! Was hoping to give the game a look see (> < )

  • Kariboo Nubalo

    More Keys plz

  • Jaden

    more KEYS please

  • Rolex

    Key key keys, I need one D:

  • Luiz Gustavo

    More keys!!!

  • Nicky Werner

    Key please

  • Coco Alcontin Hugo

    would love a key.. thanks!

  • Ferrick

    -Goes in
    -Gets free key from other member’s post
    -logs in aeriagames

    Aeriagames: You have been banned for breaking TOS

    -key taken by other member

    me: welp…

    • Captain Levi

      I lol’d.

  • dumrongnunt

    More keys Plz… T^T

  • Christian Dagnoni

    Hey Spencer, i got a problem, i got a key, activated it and stuff, but when i went to play today the game opens a window saying Account Inactive, am i the only one?

  • Shady Shariest

    Hmhm…Didn’t know people were this eager to play this…
    (Got a key yesterday from

  • Dougie Dudenstine

    Keys please!

  • Hyorin

    More keys for the win I guess.

  • Solbenzern

    key please..

  • RickyMack

    more keys :D

  • More keys, please :D

  • NickStrife

    more keys!!!

  • F.Umi

    More keys plsssss… T_T

  • F.Umi

    More keys plssss.. T_T

  • Borislav

    KEYS PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick Ladouceur


  • koko

    more keys please

  • Dip Syed

    I need this in my life :/

  • Mario Jimenez Iniesta

    I have signed up days ago and anything to my email… lot of friends signed up after me and they got the key, why? just started and still waiting… 24-48h? never got it u.u nomore keys here right?

  • Dicy Ovarino

    i need more key pls T.T
    [email protected]

  • Riella

    More keys pretty please!?

  • Jerome Indefenzo

    give me a key please T.T

  • Ghostcoll10

    More key key and key please

  • Zeta Tran

    More keys please TT^TT

  • Zeta Tran

    Keys please :c

  • Need More Key

    more keys please T_T

  • m3ssy

    Totally, get new pack of keys :D

  • Yoyo

    Keys Keys Keys!!! I used my first key and it works but in the game says Account Inactive

  • Beejay Mundoc

    More Keyyss please :(((

  • Coleen Zamora


  • Nancy Nguyen

    Please give out more keys.

  • lordxraval

    more key plz

  • quy10mat

    more keys pls

  • Aelozore

    Hello gimme keys please :D

  • Aelozore

    any key out there?

  • leon phang

    I want more key >_< i missed it !! Thanks ~

  • Kimberly

    More Please I’ll Give You My Heart

  • yosh

    more key pleasee

  • yosh

    More key pleasee

  • yosh

    More keys please!

  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Alex IsayLeh UsayLah

    More keys please My ID:Bason40 Email:[email protected]

  • june059

    will there be another key give away? or is there still some left? :(

  • Angel

    more keys

  • xDianasaurx

    More keys pleasee ><

  • Lindele

    I’d certainly like a key. c:

  • Fidora lala

    Keys please T.T

  • K4M4_NZRiiZ3

    Can I have a free key please I wass on holiday and I got back too late to get a free cbt key for Aura Kingdom :( .. I do not have twitter but I have an email which is [email protected] please send me a new working cbt key..

    Thanks heaps load if a cbt key comes through

  • chris

    i would love some more keys lol this game looks pretty good

  • Kassio

    U can send me key ? [email protected]

  • Steven

    Gimme a keeyyyyy !! MOREE KEYS PLEASE ; [email protected]

  • felix

    keys pl0x

  • Atticus_Lee

    More KEYS pleaseeeeeee! T_T

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